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Twelve strangers enter the jungle, but only one will leave as King, with a chance to star in a one-hour Animal Planet special.

But in order to become King of the Jungle, they have to eliminate the rest of the Pride... one by one.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Madison Michele
Packager: Animal Planet
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Animal Planet

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Episode 4 - August 3, 2004

Lang the cobra king gets the first strike - but has he set himself to be prey for everyone else? Lang has successfully alienated almost everyone in the camp against him - except for Henry. That could be good if either of them win the next King contest - but disastrous if any of the other 7 win it.

Lang walks alone to the group - and Jacob is well behind him. Tony is happy to see him, as well as the rest of the group as Jacob tells everyone what happened. Cynthia is thrilled that Roberto is gone, as the saw him as the biggest competitor. That attitude may change later on in the episode..

Lang wants everyone to come out and play on some drums. He says that he would like to think that the two people who came in last in the event would be the two going to the pit. The guys don't mind it, while the girls, who think that Lang is singling them out, are seething - especially Lindsey. Tony reminds everyone that it is a game, while Bee was insulted by the idea. Bee hasn't heard anything yet - Henry comes up and says how the women haven't been playing the game because the guys have made all of the alliances. That really fumes the women and Henry is now enemy #1 with a bullet. The women swear that one of them will win the challenge this time.

Lang realizes that he successfully pissed the women off - "The challenge slipped away from me," while the women all agree that if any of the them win, Henry and Lang will be on the chopping block. What's not on the block? Calvin, a chimpanzee. Scott shows them all Calvin climbing around. He is an omnivore, which will eat both meat and fruits. Calvin runs to Cherry, who has to give him back to Scott. Chimps will use their knuckles and the pads on their feet, while their hands, teeth and tongues look a lot like humans. Chimps will grow to be 4 feet tall and weigh 120 pounds. IN the wild, the primate will live to be 40-45 years old.

We'll see if Lang's reign as king lasts for years as they get their next King of the Jungle Challenge. The players have to get up a cargo net and use the letters attached to the top of the net to spell out the answer to three questions. Here's the catch - the players will be divided into teams of three. Two of the players are climbers, the other person is the question caller.

The three captains, who get to select the teams, are the first three survivors of the Lion's pit; Jacob, Henry and Lang. Henry picks Patrick and Bee, Jacob picks Cherry and Lindsey and Lang picks Cynthia and Tony. Here are the questions - #1. Which of the great apes is the largest? #2. What primate is the closest living relative to humans? #3 What ape is solitary rather than social? The answers, in case you want to know, are Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Orangutan.

Lang's group goes first and Cynthia screws up the answer of the first question. That effectively eliminates them from the competition with a 17:58 time. Patrick flies through the questions and does a good job assembling the troops. He does an interesting strategy of getting the letters and filling them in, like Scrabble. It seems to go well, as they beat their time with a 15:40. Jacob lets Cherry call the questions, and they are very methodical - and with a 9:42 time, they blow everyone out.

The question now is who gets to be king? They solve that as the three people who win decide. They all decide that the King should be...Cherry! She is the new queen, and Lang and Henry may as well pack their bags now.

Cherry says that with the win, the weight has been lifted off of her. The women grab some of the leaves and create a makeshift red carpet for her. The four remaining women celebrate and Cynthia wants to make changes in terms of dynamics. Tony is the first guy to congratulate them, saying that they deserve the win. Cherry's first task? Get the tree mail, which tells her to pick 2 people to come on an expedition. Cherry selects the two people that haven't gone on an expedition yet - Cynthia and Bee, who are both happy to get away for the day.

Cynthia does not want to see an anaconda, afraid that it will eat her. Bee reassures her that it won't eat her, because anacondas would just strangle her to death. I hope Bee doesn't work during her free time as a suicide prevention operator.

The girls don't see any snakes - but they do see a water buffalo. They get to pet the huge cow-looking creature and Cynthia says that she has never petted anything that big. I'm not going to touch that with a ten foot pole.

While they are playing with a buffalo, Lang, Henry and Jacob do their own safari. They climb up vines and they now plan to combine to take out the women. Henry - 'We're going to win and eat the young - and there's a lot of eating to be done.'

The water buffalo is now eating, as Scott explains that it is the largest creature in its family. They will wallow in the mud to escape insect bites. We get a lot of backbiting at camp, as Cherry decides that it's time to play hardball. She decides that the random stuff is over and she will choose who goes. Henry decides to volunteer to go - and Cherry is impressed with that. He does, however, ask that no one else from his tent goes with him - and he's not getting what he wants. Lang is happy that Cherry has grown a backbone - but he's not happy that the backbone is being aimed at him.

Lang asks why, and Cherry says that she was insulted when Lang was talking about the two slowest people. Lang says that he accepts it - but he doesn't buy it and accuses her of being shallow. He says that he's a man of integrity and now the claws come out. Lang accuses Cherry of being fake. Cherry says that she doesn't hate him - but then she turns around and says that she has no respect for him. She better hope that Lang does not win the Lion's Pit Challenge.

Henry notes that regardless of who wins, they will still be at a disadvantage. Lang isn't done venting, so he vents at Cynthia, saying that he feels directly insulted. Cherry walks in at the wrong time, as Lang is still venting and they go after it again. Cherry accuses him of losing control and says that her 13 year old brother can take it better. She says that she is playing the game and wants to play straight up. Lang goes after her and still doesn't think that Cherry is being sincere. Cherry is definitely not playing the game correctly, though. More on that later...

Lang says that there is a good heart in Henry - and he wants to tear it out. Cherry admits that the King part wasn't as fun as it was going to be. We'll see who tears out what with the first question. Where do chimpanzees live? Lang says Chimpanzees, and he gets to take out a log - which is totemless. Cherry is thrilled as she sighs happily. Question #2 - What is the term for an animal who eats everything? Lang gets it again (Omnivore) and gets another log. He misses again and Henry says that he is one tough son of a gun. Cherry claps in approval.

Question #3 - What activity is essential for a chimpanzees social life? Lang says grooming and he is 3 for 3. This time, he picks the right totem and Henry is gone. Lang not only wanted Henry's heart, he wanted his other limbs piece by piece.

Cherry says 'Fiddlesticks' as Henry and Lang share one final chest-thumping. Cherry calls him a classy guy (NOW she does this?) and Henry leaves. Henry says that he has a great time and he apologizes to her. He thinks that he has accepted her apology.

Now Cherry has to return his pendants. She gives them to him, and then turns her back to him. Sure, she doesn't hate him. 'If I realized how fast Lang was, I wouldn't have sent Henry.' Cherry is in a world of trouble. Instead of pitting the youth group against each other, Cherry not only loses an ally (and someone who she probably could have beat), but now she has left someone who can't wait to put her up in the Pit.

Will Cherry pay the ultimate price? Or will the women's group win for the second straight time? We'll find out next week.

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