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Twelve strangers enter the jungle, but only one will leave as King, with a chance to star in a one-hour Animal Planet special.

But in order to become King of the Jungle, they have to eliminate the rest of the Pride... one by one.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Madison Michele
Packager: Animal Planet
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Animal Planet

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Episode 3 - July 27, 2004

After the first 2 episodes back to back, we see that we have the jungle alliance of Tony, Roberto, Jacob and Patrick in their glory. They want to start voting out the threats and there is no more mister nice guy. We'll see how everyone else in the jungle feels about it - and we'll see if the 4 Tarzans can successfully implement their plan.

The Tarzans aren't happy that cheetah has come back - and the look on their face is very visible. Cynthia comes over and hugs him, while he says that he screwed up the first question on the flamingos. 'How the flock would I know?' Him and Henry share congratulatory chest bumps and we are starting to see a counter-alliance being formed.

The counter-alliance continues as Cynthia tells Lang that Roberto is very nervous. He should be - Shannon told everyone about his alliance and how she doesn't trust him. Roberto says that he's here to play a game and he's not here to backstab anyone but no one is buying what he is selling and even Cherry knows it. Cherry sees that its Boys Vs. Girls Vs. Henry and Lang, and Cynthia says that it's time to get two boys into there. Roberto says it's survival of the fittest, while Cynthia tells him to continue the sexist talk and even Lindsey is put off by Roberto. The Tarzans better win this next challenge...

...but we won't see that yet. What we will see is Madison showing them all a Tamandoa - otherwise knows as a land anteater. He's arboreal, meaning that he lives in trees and has developed leg muscles. They have 4 claws in the front, 5 in the front and he will use his glands to mark his territory. They will eat ants, of course, as well as bees and termites and their tongues can move in and out 150 times a minute. Like a kangaroo, the baby will live in a pouch for 3 months.

NOW it's time for the challenge. In this challenge, they have to imitate an anteater. With that, Madison unloads a bucket of mealworms. Fortunately, they don't have to eat the worms, but they do have to use a straw-like device and use suction to stuck the worms into a cup. The person with the most worms in a minute wins.

Group 1 - Bee, Lindsey, Roberto, Lang and Jacob. Lindsey winds up eating the worms and the women look really bad. The second round has Cynthia, Tony, Cherry, Patrick and Henry. The person in the lead in this group is Patrick and...Cherry?

It's time to weight the worms. Lang - 537 grams, Jacob - 406 grams, Lindsey - 242 grams, Roberto - 495 grams, Bee - 332 grams, Patrick - 639 grams, Cherry - 562 grams, Tony - 459 grams, Henry - 335 grams and Cynthia - 432 grams.

And the winner is... wait a second. Some of the competitors accused the forerunners of 'scooping', which is to mean that they used the straws as a spoon instead of suction. The producers look at the tape, and sure enough, both Patrick (first) and Cherry (second) were scooping. "Cherry, you were also scooping instead of sucking." That has to be the quote of the night, right there.

So, the winner now is... LANG! Tony is upset, as well as the rest of the Jungle Boys. They should be, because they all know that there will now be a reduction in their members. 'It's every intent of mine to inject a little cobra poison into that group.'

Tony says that it looks like Lang is happy to be there, while Cherry congratulates him. Cynthia thinks that he may go random, but him and Henry talk strategy and they want to target the guys. Patrick comes over to Lang, and he tells him that he will exempt both Pat and Cherry from the Lion's Pit.

It's not Lang's turn to pick three people to go on an expedition with him. Lang picks Henry - and he decides that he will have everyone else draw cards to see who goes. That winds up to be Cherry and Lindsey, while Cynthia is sort of miffed that Lang didn't invite his fellow coffee-drinker. Seeding the coffee beans of discontent?

Cherry, Lindsey, Land and Henry get to see Scott hold down a 7 foot gator, reminding them all that gators are dangerous. They all pet the gator. Scott warns them that they have 80 teeth - and they all have replacements under the top, The average gator uses over 2,000 teeth in their lifetime. Henry gets to ride the gator, while the rest of them try to search for gators. They use Scott's friend Don to call out the gators. He makes the sound of a baby gator, and sure enough they all come running.

The gators go back to the swamp - but the King of the jungle returns to camp, saying how much fun everything was. Tony completely expects to go - though Lang is sort of weirding him out. He weirds out Cynthia too, but the women are exempt because two of them are knocked out. Henry (who has already been in the pit) and Patrick (because of the worms) are also exempt - which leaves Tony, Roberto and Jacob to play hoops to figure out who will be competing against each other. Not everyone is thrilled about this - including Lindsey. "I wish he would grow some b@lls and just pick who he wanted to go." Each baller picks a cheerleader - who can only root against the opponent. Well, at least credit Lang for being original.

They play bucket ball with a rag and a bucket. Who do you think wins - the vet's assistant, the painting contractor, or the Arena Football Player? The answer is #3, as Tony wins, which sends Jacob and Roberto to the Lion's Den. Or so we thought - but Tony protests and Lang and Henry talks about this. They now play another game, with Jacob automatically going. Tony and Roberto now compete, and it gets physical to the point that Tony runs down Roberto. It now turns into a shoot-out and even Tony wants Lang to pick someone. Tony eventually wins - again - and finally Roberto and Jacob go to the Lion's Pit. Lang has not only pissed off the guys, but he's now made enemies out of Cynthia, Lindsey and Cherry, who doesn't think that he's the brightest Barbie in the doll house.

Two of the dolls are up for discarding, as Lang, Roberto and Jacob all go to the Pit. Jacob and Roberto still say that they will be friends. Roberto says that his heart is racing faster than the birds, while Jacob is looking forward to this. Madison notes that last week, the tables were turned, and Jacob brought Lang to be eliminated. Lang says that it's a mixture of coincidence and strategy.

Question #1 - What does arboreal mean? Jacob says that they live in trees, and he's right. The first shot is a... miss. Question #2 - How many claws did the anteater have on its front paws? Jacob says 4 - and he is right again. Log #2 is.... a miss. Question #3 - Tamandoa will eat termites, ants, and what? Jacob is right with bees, and Roberto is now slamming the table, as he can't get in. He won't have a shot to, either - Jacob's third time is a charm, and the log with the totem falls. Roberto's grand plan is going to be 9 episodes short, as he is the third person to go.

Roberto wants Lang to tell Tony that he felt at peace, while Lang tells Roberto that he was a good hawk - but they were too dangerous for him. Roberto can blame his loss on Jacob, who's plans to get rid of Lang backfired. Roberto can also blame himself for playing to win way too early instead of laying low and not being an early target.

Lang promises that things will change, while Jacob thinks that Lang may be getting more power out of this. We'll see if the tables turn yet again on the next episode.

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