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Hi… my name is Lee… and I'm addicted to game shows.

It all started when I was young, I guess… I would climb the stairs of my house and wait for Rod Roddy (God rest his soul) to scream "Come on Down!" Like the contestant that never was, I would sprint down the stairs and sit in my own contestants row… my living room couch.

written by Lee DiGeorge

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Episode 3 - "The Legend of Barker" (June 25)

Welcome back, my readers, for another episode of The DiGeorge Files.
Last week, I left you with the burning question: "Who, in your opinion, is the greatest game show host ever?"
Again, loyal readers chimed in an gave their answers. Greg Seiden stated that "I believe Alex Trebek is the greatest game show host of all time.  Being a trivia buff, I want those 30 minutes to have as many questions as possible."  Loyal reader Bill Minovich decided: "I believe the greatest game show host goes to Bill Cullen. He is what, in my view, a game show host should be: a person you can feel comfortable watching and taking your mind off your problems for a half-hour." Scott Hempler remarked that "The Greatest game show host has to be the late Allen Ludden.  Ludden was very professional on camera, he enjoyed meeting people and never had a bad thing to say about anyone."
Although all of those choices are fantastic, I have to disagree (again?) with my fellow readers.
You all can quote me on this… "Game shows would NOT be as popular today without Bob Barker."
There, I said it.

When was the last time that you watched an episode of "The Price is Right"? Have you ever looked at the audience and seen the amount of T-Shirts that say "Marry me, Bob! or "I want you to be the father of my children, Bobby!" (Well… maybe not that far, but you get the point.)
The truth of the matter is… very few game show hosts ultimately get the spotlight as much as he does. Is Pat Sajak the definitive thought that comes into your mind when you think of Wheel of Fortune? What about Bill Cullen? (Sorry, Bill M!) The majority of the public doesn't even remember him.
Bob Barker took TPiR and turned it into a pop-culture phenomenon. It was, in this case, the host, not the game itself. That's what made the show last for, in this incarnation, over 30 years.
Bob consistently made the contestants feel like TPiR family every time they stepped on stage. He, as so it seems, truly wants everyone to win. Bob, as well, is quick with the one-liners. He's given zingers to quite a few contestants over the years, all of them memorable.
When Generation X and Generation Y are all grown up with kids, will they remember "Come on Down!" or "Is that your Final Answer?" That's still left to be debated. However, Bob Barker will always be known as the definitive game show host.
For next week: "What has been the WORST game show EVER aired?" You may be surprised at next weeks answer.
Until then, peace out, cub scouts!

Lee has never been in a fist-fight with Adam Sandler, but he does accept e-mails and "Marry me Lee" shirts at

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