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Hi… my name is Lee… and I'm addicted to game shows.

It all started when I was young, I guess… I would climb the stairs of my house and wait for Rod Roddy (God rest his soul) to scream "Come on Down!" Like the contestant that never was, I would sprint down the stairs and sit in my own contestants row… my living room couch.

written by Lee DiGeorge

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Episode 2 - "The Greatest Game Show Moment Stunk" (June 18)

Hello again, loyal (or first time) readers! Last week, during my discussion of our favorite ice cream truck driver, Michael Larsen, I posed an interesting question:

What is the definitive "greatest moment" in game show history?

After sorting through the e-mails, there are a few of note that are unforgettable moments. Kenneth Sokol chimed in to say that John Carpenter's million dollar lifeline was the pinnacle moment of game shows. Scott Hempler cited the 1980's Jokers Wild million dollar TOC. Bill Minovich feels that the best game show moments are based on their unscripted nature ("She has such cute nipples" – Gene Rayburn), and Jacklyn Simmons decided that Sue Hawk's impassioned speech at the end of the first Survivor was the moment that will forever stick out in her mind.

After giving the subject much thought, I have to declare, in the case of The DiGeorge Files, the greatest moment in game show history was the Daniel Avila $2,000,000 miss on the Chuck Woolery-hosted "Greed".

There were three left. Melissa Skirboll, although quiet, was confident in her knowledge, but wanted to leave after the $500,000 question was answered correctly. Curtis Warren, a seemingly arrogant, pompous jerk, was also ready to leave after the $500,000 question. However, neither of these two were the captain, so the choice was in the hands of the world's bravest man (or stupidest, depending on how you look at it), Daniel Avila.

Daniel felt the need for Greed.

They scored their million, and the crowd was uproarious. Everyone was incredibly psyched. Chuck game them each a day to decide if they wanted to go for the big jackpot… for two million dollars.

The game changed, though. It was no longer a team decision, so they could go or stop, based on their individual decisions. Melissa and Curtis, both with $410,000 in their pocket, ran like the wind.

What about the world's most dangerous man? He felt the need!

The topic was odors, and the question seemed simplistic enough.

According to Yale University, which four of these smells are the most recognizable?
1) Baby Powder
2) Peanut Butter
3) Moth Balls
4) Tuna
5) Coffee
6) Dry Cat Food
7) Chocolate
8) Cinnamon
9) Vicks Vaporub

The world's most dangerous man made his selections (He definitely wanted Tuna and Peanut Butter. He ultimately decided to go with Vicks Vaporub and Coffee as afterthoughts.)

Since he was the captain, he had no chance to go back as the answers began to be revealed… "Peanut Butter" – Correct!, "Coffee" – Correct! , "Vicks Vaporub" – Correct!

The Greed-watching world was out of their chairs. Could this man… this brave, silly man, beat the game on its fifth try? The world waited there with baited breath…

"For two million dollars, is it Tuna?"

The wait was excruciating. It even got to Chuck, as he waited, anxiously saying… "Is it?"

The box that had the word "Tuna" then turned red. The ominous "wrong answer" song played. America was just treated to the biggest loser ever on a game show… and the most memorable moment ever on a game show.

The web is a wonderful place as well. You can easily see this clip if you look for it for a few minutes (if you don't have it burned into memory as I do). It is well worth the watch.

After watching it, you may exhibit a nervous laughter. It's perfectly normal… or you can be like me, and crack up hysterically every time you see it. The immense pressure that he put himself through, the pressure that the game put him through, the pressure that the money put him through and the pressure that producers put him through gets portrayed very faithfully on the screen. It's almost like you laugh to release the stress that's building in your mind.

And… Daniel Avila left with NOTHING. HA!

For next week, please e-mail me your thoughts on the following question:

"Who, in your opinion, is the greatest game show host ever?"

Until next Friday, peace out, cub scouts!

Lee likes long walks on th
e beach, world peace, and e-mails to his address:

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