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VH1 is returning an American TV classic to the airwaves with a breath of the new millennium...

But first they need to cast it. That's where you, the viewing public, come in.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Todd Newton
Josh Weinstein, Nancy Matalon, Mary Jo Slater, Tim Palmer
EP: Jeff Margolis
Packager: Jeff Margolis Productions, Sony Pictures TV, VH1
Airs: Sundays at 9:00pm ET on VH1

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"Battle of the Dannys" - September 26

We have two Keiths for the finale on October 10, and we have three Lauries. Tonight, the number of Lauries will be reduced to two via your votes. But first, it's time to meet the princes of all-smart-ass bass-playing redheads... the Dannys...

Spencer Tuskowski; Plover, WI
Matt Vrchota; Southern Pines, NC
Peabo Powell; Dalton, GA
Keaton Savage; Burbank, CA
Clayton Griffin; Lake Park, GA
Chris Farach; Miami
Alex Oyen; Orlando
Blayze Dawson; Simi Valley, CA

Remember, one by one, the performers will wow first, then sing, then act. At the end of the night, the judges will cut the field to three. Those three are presented to you, the public, to vote via phone or via website ( on which one will be the successor to the guy that they brought on stage, Danny Bonnaduce. "Now there's an election we can all get excited about!"

Danny's joined by Todd, fashionably late as always, as we check out the footage from Boot Camp. Oh yeah, and David's here as well, because he's co-EP and we have to have him and such. During this time, Danny gets to teach his kids how to fake the bass and take his kids to work, Star 98.7 LA.

And, because he's weird like that, we also get a pool party. But after the party, the comedown. The first round is based the whole package, including boot camp and rehearsal.

Spencer: advances
Alex: advances
Chris: advances
Keaton: advances

That leaves four Dannys. Three of them are going home. Clayton... isn't one of them. Blayze, Peabo, and Matt are going home.

But now, it's time to sing. This time, it's personality that counts. First up, it's Spencer Tuskowski, who is described as "weird." Also, he's ballsy, hitting on his predecessor's daughter. That takes guts. His song, "Happy Together". He's a showman, but vocally, he needs work. Judges (with "New Partridge Family" EP Josh Weinstein pinch hitting for Bill)...

Tim: 7.0 Mary Jo: 8.3 Josh: 7.5 Nancy: 7.4.

Next up, here's Alex Oyen, who wanted to play drums... with a bucket on his head. He used to sing Hanson. His favorite song, of course, "mmmBop". He thinks Danny is a used car salesman trapped inside of a kid's body. Try selling us on "Respect". And that's what he gets from this recapper.

Tim: 9.2 Mary Jo: 9.2 Josh: 9.0 Nancy: 9.1.

And respect from the judges as well. And "respek" from Ali G. Next up, Chris Farach, who is a natural breaker. He likes to "drop drop drop it like it's hot." He drops "Hungry Like the Wolf" with all the moves of Michael Jackson. Or Justin Timberlake. Or something. 10 on the dancing, 7 on the singing.

Tim: 7.0 Mary Jo: 7.6 Josh: 7.5 Nancy: 7.2.

We now have a date for the sitcom drop... Later this fall on VH1. Next up, rocking the faux-hawk, product and all, it's Keaton Savage, who describes himself as "rock-slash-pop-slash-everything." Today, he gives it up to the Complex, "Burning Down the House". And he gives it up to Diana DeGarmo by saying "How y'all doing tonight?!" Oh gosh...

Tim: 8.0 Mary Jo: 8.6 Josh: 9.0 Nancy: 8.2.

Finally, Clayton Griffin, who says that ants are made of sugar and therefore could be eaten. Luckily, he has tennis to fall back on. Clayton thinks he can have fun with the role. He sings "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". He better start moving, because his stage presence and singing isn't doing anything for me.

Tim: 7.0 Mary Jo: 8.1 Josh: 7.0 Nancy: 8.0.

"Somewhere in that group is the new Danny Partridge, God help him." And God help up, because... it's time for the castoff footage. And now, the castoffs. Chris... is one of them. Alex... isn't. Keaton... isn't either. That leaves Clayton and Spencer. Clayton... is gone. Spencer, by 0.1... is moving on to the Blue Screen of Death round, where they have to prove, like Danny, that they're an H-U-S-T-L-E-R, hustler. Today's scene, Keith consoles Danny, as he's upset about Shirley going out on a date. Now Danny's a little older due to this being from the last year of the show, 1974. Spencer's first, as he's a little excited to see his mom getting action. A little TOO excited. Alex is next, and he's probably got it down. He did what he had to do. Finally, here's Keaton, a happy medium between the spectrum of Alex and Spencer.

There they are, and now it's on you, America. Personally, I think it's on Alex and Keaton. Heh. Alex Keaton. You can vote for two hours after the show, but since this recap will be up pretty much outside of that window, your best bet is to go to to seal someone's fate... and speaking of which...

It's time to see who out of Alana Allen, Emily Stone, and Alexis Mero will join Leland Grant and David Petruzzi in the finale showdown. Dramatic music, please... Emily... is through to the finals! Alexis... is also through to the finals! Alana is just plain through, as the other two are left to assault Todd.

One more round of casting to go, as we take on the Shirleys next week.

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