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One single father looking for love among several attractive women. But he will not be making the choices.

Can his daughters choose the right woman to be their prospective stepmother?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

: Scott Satin (based upon "Meet My Folks")
Bruce Nash, Scott Satin
Packager: NBC Universal Television Studio, Nash Entertainment, Satin Productions
Airs: Mondays at 10:05pm ET on NBC

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Episode 2.5 - July 19

Sometimes in this business, we make oversights. For example, I thought that the series ended with this episode, because I didn't see another episode next week - however, the series will actually end in 2 weeks, as next week's finale will get bumped because of the political convention coverage.

Here's another oversight - the three women who are left go out with Marty to the horse races, as they believe that they are having a fun day at Santa Anita racetrack - the home of Seabiscuit. Suzanne is viewing her opposition as oversights, as she 'knows' that she is going to win. Suzanne doesn't remember that Seabiscuit was a longshot, too...

And they're off! The horses, that is, but Stacy is betting on her, while Marilyn thinks that she will cross the Finish Line first. She cringes in dismay, though, as both Stacy and Suzanne pick the winning horse.

Here's something that will make all of them cringe - the ex-boyfriend stakes! This is a race the women better win, because if they lose, their ex-boyfriends will reveal a bad secret about them. The women first laugh - and then are visibly concerned. Stacy picks #6 - Really Suspect. Marilyn picks #11 - Memo House, and Suzanne picks #7 - He's Gone. Marilyn's horse takes the lead - but Houston Astro wins, which means that we get to hear bad facts about ALL of the women.

Suzanne: "When I saw the winning jockey hold that envelope, I knew we were dead meat." Suzanne's dead meat comes in the form of their ex-boyfriends riding their horses to them. Stacy: "Please somebody, shoot me now." We can shoot Suzanne first, as her ex says that Suzanne is way too talkative - and not listening to what you are saying. The women aren't allowed to talk back, and her ex adds that it's killing her.

Marilyn introduces them to Mike, who says that Marilyn takes 90 minutes to get her hair done - and she dated more than one person at the same time - on the same day. Stacy introduces everyone to Stuart, who says that she passes gas frequently. He also says that she will buy win in the $200-$500 range - and expects you to pay for it. Stacy interrupts and asks how many times that she bought dinner for him, but Marty was already wondering if Stacy lives beyond his means.

After that horsing around, Marty is allowed to spend a full day alone with each of the women. He starts with Suzanne as they take a lovely bicycle ride. Marty says that she is fun to be with - and invites a violinist to play some music as they kiss. That's cute - as long as he doesn't replay it for the other two women.

The second date is with Stacy, They start out by frolicking in the snow, and then romancing by the fire. Stacy talks about a marriage happening soon, and they also get some smooching on. There is no violinist in sight.

Marilyn goes on a beach date as they massage each other while looking at the waves. "I can see our wedding taking place at the cliff", says Marilyn, adding that she would love to run away with him. AwwwwBarf.

While one woman and Marty are having grown-up time, the kids take one of the other women and have a play-date with them. This could possibly be the more important of the dates, since it's those three that need to make the decision. They go with Marilyn to a honky-tonk bar - but the date is far from friendly. There is a bucking bronco competition, and whoever stays on the mechanical bull for the longest will win an envelope. Inside the envelope - another bad fact.

If I remember correctly, this is the same Marilyn who couldn't do any shooting because the had a bum shoulder. I don't expect her to stay that long on the bull, either. She doesn't - only 6 seconds, while competitor Brooke holds on for 12.6 seconds. Here is the secret - Marilyn married and divorced someone in the same weekend. That's impressive. She said that she was 26 and she knew that she made a mistake the second that she did it, adding that she can't undo what she did. "Shots, please!"

Stacy gets to go to the track - this time, it's the auto track. They invite Stacy to race around the track, but it looked like she would be better off if they read 50 bad facts about her, so the girls didn't go racing. Sure enough - her comes the bad fact race, and she still looks like she'd rather have the bad fact read. Cut to her in the car, looking like she wants to get out. As expected he comes in last, or bad fact place. The bad fact - in order to get out of a relationship, she tells guys that she is a lesbian. Stacy does say that when she is in a bar, and someone is hitting on her, one of her friends will say to stop hitting on her girlfriend. That would have been fine, but then she adds that her girlfriend did kiss her on the lips and the antennae go back up again. She says that she wouldn't be going through all of this if she was a lesbian, and the antennae go back down again - for now.

The girls give Suzanne a 'Mrs. Okland?' t-shirt, which they thought was cute. Suzanne's reaction? "You got an exclamation mark?" Competitive, aren't we? Well, it's good to be competitive as they play a little roller-hockey. After some playtime, a guy in a bad wig drives a Zamboni towards the women, gives the girls a folder of bad facts, and gives Suzanne a helmet. The women will fire 60 shots at her. If she can stop 6 of them, then Suzanne gets the envelope. The girls think she is dead meat, but Suzanne stops all of the first set of shots. The girls then realize that they have to play dirty pool, as they suspect that Suzanne can't stop all three shots - at the same time. They are right, and Suzanne loses (though you'd figure that she would lose anyway). The bad fact - Suzanne blew $6,000 on a shopping spree and owns over 50 pairs of shoes. They ask her how much she usually spends, and she says "not often enough, which is why I had to make up some time on that trip." I honestly think that it's not that bad, as long as a) it's her money, and b) more importantly, it's Marty's money. Suzanne wants to spend money next on... a heating pad. Heh.

When they all get done dating, everyone goes out to do some sunning and ice cream eating. The women get a fax machine, which tells them to pick the 2 women least compatible and clean off by the pool. The girls automatically think that Stacy and Marilyn will be the ones to go to the pool, but they are stunned when they say that he wants Marilyn and... Suzanne to go to the pool. Hmmmm.... Marty wants Stacy, and tells them that he doesn't want to pick someone who he doesn't want to marry, while the girls say that according to the show, they all agreed that the kids pick who dad will go out with. He says that they have to come up with 2 names, while the girls correct him and say that they have to come up with 2 names.

The girls are arguing between Suzanne and Stacy, and it's obvious that the girls like Suzanne better. Jennifer says that Suzanne is ready to make compromises, while Nicole says that Suzanne is just looking for the next guy. They feel like they don't know enough about Stacy, and Jennifer suggests the lie detector test. "Nicole is trying to protect Stacy, while Jennifer is trying to protect Suzanne," and Brooke gets to make the final call. She decides that the two women going to the pool are Marilyn and.... Stacy. Suzanne is safe, and once again, she displays a smug smile. But Stacy is probably safe too, as we don't hear the word Marilyn once during the conversation of who to save. Marty, once again, feels slighted, as he says that the girls are once again, going against him. Marty excuses himself and says that he will go to his room - and that leaves Suzanne alone, not liking where this is going and maybe seeing the writing on the wall...

Marilyn and Stacy go to the pool - and they see Mr. Polygraph sitting in the corner, wading in the shallow end. Marilyn is there for the third time, and she's getting aggravated. She says that she is not falling in love with Pete the lie detector guy (TRUE, to laughter) she says that she can see herself being married to Marty for more than one weekend (TRUE), she says that she is a better match than the other two women (LIE) and that she will be faithful (TRUE).

Stacy is next, and she starts by saying "If they choose Marilyn or Suzanne to be their mother, they have made a big mistake" and she starts by thanking the girls for giving her an opportunity to say her side of the story. She says that this is a blessing and that she will be truthful. She said that she would not make them dinner every Sunday night (TRUE), she responds 'I Do' when asked if she will stay with her dad (TRUE), she says she likes Suzanne (LIE) and that she is falling in love with Marty (TRUE).

The girls thank Brooke for putting Stacy on the block, as they all make up (AwwwwBarf), with the realization that one of the women who really loves Marty will have to go. This decision, though shouldn't be hard, as even Marilyn's Lie Detector test came up that she may not be the best one for Marty.

The girls remind Marty that although they have his best interests at heart, but they have relationships with the women, too. She starts to blubber, and Marty interrupts them and gives them all a big hug. Marty goes back to his chair, and blubbering through her tears, Nichole says that they are eliminating.... Marilyn.

Marilyn says that she's upset, but she trusts the girl's judgment, while Nicole says that she wasn't the best fit. Marilyn says that she will never forget Marty, and she hugs the girls before going out and getting a final conversation with him. Marty tells her to take care of herself, and they share a goodbye hug. "I left my heart in that house - and I'm never going to be the same."

Marty forgives the girls, while Stacy is appreciative that she is still there, while Suzanne says that she loves Marty, and she is going to marry him. That's the parting words, and that ends the episode.

My take? Well, it's Brooke and Jennifer for Suzanne vs. Nichole and Marty for Stacy. I will reverse gears and say that Stacy will win this, though this one can flip either way. Join us in 2 weeks as we see where the final flip lies.

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