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One single father looking for love among several attractive women. But he will not be making the choices.

Can his daughters choose the right woman to be their prospective stepmother?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

: Scott Satin (based upon "Meet My Folks")
Bruce Nash, Scott Satin
Packager: NBC Universal Television Studio, Nash Entertainment, Satin Productions
Airs: Mondays at 10:05pm ET on NBC

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Episode 2.4 - July 12

We are down to 5 potential brides - and I can actually say brides, because one of them will be Marty's wife by the end of the series. We recap that little surprise - and what else has been going on for the series, and we start the action by replaying the last 5 minutes of the last show - up to the local Justice of the Peace promising a wedding. Marty - "It's not April Fool's, is it?" The daughters quickly retire for the evening before Marty has a chance to talk to them.

Why did the daughters retire for the night so quickly? Because they have a camera in which they can spy on the 5 remaining women and see their reactions. They notice that Melanie has already married in 3 weeks, and the daughters are amazed that she is serious. They talk about how wonderful Marty is and the women are impressed that the girls like him - though they may have wanted to mute the volume when they talk about being sexual. "I guess we can all consider ourselves engaged." At least the conversation is engaging...

The daughters come down and tell the women that the Justice of the Peace was really a test - and that the pressure to be married will be decided when they want to do it - not when the daughters want to do it. Marty is happy that all of the women are still there, but Suzanne says, "I know it was just a test, but I was ready to do it." Hmmm...

In honor of the stunt, the women will be trying out wedding dresses while Marty will be trying out tuxedos. They will then all convene and have pictures taken to see how they would all look like with Marty. At the bridal gown store, Marilyn feels like a princess, Melanie feels like a bride and Suzanne is hoping that she will actually get to use the dress.

The women, who are all in dresses, are driving in a stretch limo when they are pulled over by a cop. The cop tells them all that there are too many people in the limo, and the daughters have 15 minutes to make the car one potential bride lighter. That's harsh. "I can't imagine a worse nightmare," says Marilyn, "being eliminated in your dream nightgown."

Unlike the last time, the daughters don't have an easy decision - but if you remember, on the last episode, dad did mention that he had no chemistry with Nicole. Will the daughters remember this? As they line up the brides, all of them say that they don't want to go home - and they are confident that they are the ones going. The daughters tell Marilyn... to get in the car. They say the same to Suzanne and Stacy (who still hasn't kissed Marty). They tell Nicole... that she has been eliminated. Nicole and Melanie hug and cry in each others arms. Nicole has no regrets, but she says that love is out there somewhere for her.

That was an easy elimination to figure out - but it was still hard on everyone. "I don't believe that we left Nicole there in her wedding dress on the church steps. That's just wrong." says Brooke. Want to know what's really wrong? A taxi comes to pick her up, with cans tied to the bumper and a sign saying "Just Eliminated". That's wrong, but it was funny and even Nicole was giggling as she got into the cab of consolation.

The 4 remaining women are told to head upstairs and write their wedding vows and what they would do on their wedding day. The woman with the best vows will be spending a romantic dinner with Marty - and this could be a huge competition. The women notice that this tone is serious, and Stacy admits that the gloves are coming off now.

Later on that day, Marty arrives in a black tux and a light blue tie. The daughters relate to him the news of the day and Marty seems excited. "The last time I was waiting for a woman with a wedding gown to come in the room was 27 years ago." reminisces Marty, as Suzanne walks in. She says some very nice vows, and everyone winds up tearing by the end. AwwwwBarf. The tears aside, everyone can see why Suzanne is a threat. "Reading those vows helped me see how she would be a part of the family."

Melanie is next. She is less emotional and more philosophical, but she also breaks down in the middle of her speech. Marilyn is third, and Marty is stunned by her beauty. She is too terrified to talk, but when she does, she invoked G-d to help her to try to find someone, and he has and she is grateful, as she thanks G-d and the universe. Brooke was surprised at how heartfelt her vows was as she could move back into being a contender.

Finally, Stacy comes in the room, and Marty is also stunned (is there any time that he isn't stunned?). She wants him to take her hand as she wants to get to know him better and she finally gets her first kiss. The women were stunned and called it the most romantic moment ever. When Stacy is done, Marty asks where the Nicole is. Well, the daughters didn't tell him EVERYTHING. Oops.

Does the most romantic moment get the dinner? Suzanne doesn't want to think so, as she says in a side interview, "Hands off, ladies, daddy's mine." But the answer to the first question is yes, it does, as Stacy wins the dinner and Suzanne is stunned. She and the other two ladies will be having dinner with the daughters. The gloves may be coming off, and there may be some adamantium claws hiding under the knuckles...

At the dinner, Stacy toasts to things worth waiting for. They are served lobster, which they share - as well as share another kiss. The other brides share oily sloppy pizza as they are eating it while they are still in their wedding dress. "This pizza sucks," says Suzanne, as she resents that Marty and Stacy come out to share dessert.

They want to see a movie, but the fax machine interrupts the musical mood. The fax comes in and tells them to pick the two people least compatible with dad. They are told to send them both there, as a soloist is playing their song. We all know what that means, of course, as the polygraph man is waiting for them.

The daughters are allowed to ask daddy for advice, which of course they do. Marty is asked if he likes Melanie in terms of relationship or in terms of friendship. He says friendship and that pretty much dooms Melanie right there. She gets picked to take the lie detector test, and the person who joins her (which is probably academic) is Marilyn.

Marilyn, who has to take off her veil (poor baby), goes first on the machine. She says that she would not pay off the daughter's debt (TRUE), she has not gone on more than 10 dates on the last 2 months (LIE) that she meant everything she said in her vows (TRUE) and that she really wants to get married again (TRUE).

Melanie is next, and she has to be perfect. Even with that perfection, I am not sure if that is going to be enough. She says that she hasn't used her oven more than 5 times in the last month (TRUE), she says she promises to stay with their dad (TRUE), she prefers to date younger men (TRUE), and that she is falling in love with their dad (TRUE).

Well, this time around, no one screwed up in the lie detector test, and the women see that this time around, they will have to break a woman's heart. It seems to go back to Marty saying that he likes Melanie as a friend, and according to the show's title, we aren't looking for "Who Wants to Be My Daddy's Friend." I think Melanie is toast, and the daughters.... agree with me. As much as they don't want to do it, they send Melanie home.

Marty notices that Melanie acted quite elegantly, and Brooke says that she had a stronger friend connection with her than dad ad a stronger love connection with her. They do get dad's approval, as he hugs the daughters and says how much he loves them. The other 3 brides hug each other as Melanie talks to Marty. She tells him that the daughters have his best interests, though she doesn't know why - but she says that she will go on. Marty, on the other hand, knows exactly why - he orchestrated it.

We are down to three women as Marty wants to go to bed. Marilyn says that she has to show what she really feels, Suzanne thinks that she would be a wonderful wife and stepmother and Stacy loves Marty and his girls. The daughters don't know who is the right one as we end the episode in a AwwwwBarf moment.

My guess? I think Suzanne wins, but I could easily see Marilyn or Stacy sneaking it out. We'll find out next week.

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