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One single father looking for love among several attractive women. But he will not be making the choices.

Can his daughters choose the right woman to be their prospective stepmother?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

: Scott Satin (based upon "Meet My Folks")
Bruce Nash, Scott Satin
Packager: NBC Universal Television Studio, Nash Entertainment, Satin Productions
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 2.3 - July 5

After the ending drama of last episode, we start off this morning - and episode - with some skeet shooting. Dad loves the sport, and he shows the women how to shoot. Nicole misses while Tammy hurts her face on the recoil. Marilyn busted her shoulder, so she gets a free pass. Marty then shows all of the women his shooting accuracy. He is a great shooter, but still fears the women, as Marty says, "I better be on my best behavior - these girls all have a deadly weapon in their hands."

It turns out that the producers have a deadly weapon, too; the ladies have to hit a target, or instead of a dog bringing back she skeet, the dog will bring back a bad fact that will be revealed about them. As the women were horrific shots the first time around, I would guess that there will be a lot of bad facts revealed. I was not disappointed, as the bad fact parade is about to make a processional down the street.

Nicole starts off - and misses. She spent a night outside of her boyfriend's house to see if her boyfriend was cheating on her. She admits to it, which worries Marty.

Melanie is next. She is as bad as Marilyn, though her secret is tame - she has been known to have nothing in her fridge but ketchup - and she has been known to eat only ketchup as a meal. Following her is Suzanne, who was forced to put up a fence to keep her neighbors from seeing her in her Jacuzzi - naked. "Three words - buy a robe," replies Jennifer.

Sharon can't pull the trigger on the target, or when it comes to marriage - she's been engaged twice. She admits it twice, as she was 19 and 24. She was asked if she would accept a proposal now from her ex-boyfriend, and Sharon says that she would consider it, which gets the girls wondering about if she is over her ex.

We continue the dog footage with Tammy, who says that she will not change her last name, regardless. She says that she won't, and she says that it's who she is. "Why is it that women are expected to do that," and asks Marty to change her name. That turns Marty off and the women are taking notes. Stacy has been divorced three times. She said that she married her second husband twice. Jennifer doesn't know if she could handle a mom who has been divorced three times.

Marilyn asks Marty to shoot for her - which he does. Of course, he hits the mark, so Marilyn is saved. Because Marty hits the target, we get a good note about her - she donates her time to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Everyone is happy about her, as we say AwwwwwBarf.

We have lunch as the doorbell rings. Jennifer opens the door and sees the dog back - with another message. This time, it's time to eliminate another woman. They talk to Marty about the choices, and Marty says that they can eliminate Tammy or Nicole. They ask him about Sharon, and he would prefer that they didn't eliminate her, but that seems like that's the person that they want to get rid of. In addition to that, Sharon really screwed up last week's Lie Detector Test, so she is clearly on the block.

Will Marty's plea save Sharon? The girls comes back with a decision, and the answer is... yes. Tammy is selected to leave, and everyone once again bursts into tears. Tammy makes everyone laugh - but they decide that she is too stubborn for dad. We get more tears and she leaves - but Marty tells the girls that he is proud of them, so he is happy. As for Tammy, she is convinced that Marty's woman is in the house - and she says that she will not give up looking for love.

With that, Marty had to choose another women for a nightcap. Since he can't pick the same woman twice, he selects Melanie. The girls get to watch on TV and they see that they are enjoying themselves. They get a little grossed out when they watch her eating ketchup on a dare from Marty, but a little disappointed when they don't end it with a kiss. Too much ketchup breath? Or is it something deep down?

Marty doesn't worry about that, since the next day is his birthday! Happy birthday! Everyone celebrates with drinks and a game, which features the women pretending that they are Marty's new wife, which includes using the Oklands' last name (take that, Tammy!). Most of the answers are silly, and everyone seems to be having a good time playing it, until the doorbell rings. "Oh my god - it can't be bad news on my birthday," says Marty. Sure it is - and it comes in the form of a new game. This game is called 'Pointing Fingers', and each woman writes on the finger the woman who they should eliminate next, and then point the finger at the person who they want gone. The girls explain that this game is there because they want the women to know the pressure that they have been feeling in terms of eliminating someone.

Sharon points the finger at Melanie. Marilyn points her finger at Nicole, just because she doesn't know her that well. Nicole points the finger to Sharon, due to lack of chemistry, while Melanie points at Marilyn due to being uncomfortable with him. Stacy also points the finger at Marilyn, who says that she was being mean to some women, and Suzanne also feels the same way - though we've never seen any sort of footage to suggest that she has done so. Marilyn feels like she was being ganged up on.

The girls go out to the kitchen to get coffee - and there's that wacky fax machine again. They had a sense of dread that another elimination was around the corner, and they are right, as they are told to select two more women to be eliminated and let them help the girls get the birthday cake.

They ask dad for advice on who he likes. He wants to keep Marilyn in hopes that she will open up more - and he likes Sharon. Marty asks the women if there is a reason to keep someone that he isn't attracted to. They say no, and they tell them to get rid of Nicole. Well, there's a surprise for the women, who really want to get rid of Sharon.

The kids have to make a decision, and they decide... that it's time to get the party going. They light up noisemakers, and then they asked... Sharon and Marilyn to get the birthday cake. It's a huge cake which is big enough for a person to pop out of, and sure enough, out pops a person. That person, instead of a showgirl, is the Lie Detector man, and he tells Marilyn and Sharon that it's polygraph time.

Marty was waiting to hear the name of Nicole, and instead, he hears two names of women that he wants to keep in the house. "I can't believe they chose Marilyn. My own daughters went against me." Well, it looks like they did, but it's actually a smart move by the girls for a number of reasons. We'll get to those reasons later on.

Sharon goes first - and she's getting upset with the kids. She said that she would be mad at Marty if he bought her an appliance for Valentine's Day (TRUE), hasn't been making fun of them behind her their back (LIE) that she would still marry dad even if he gained 50 pounds (TRUE) and that if her ex proposed, she wouldn't say yes (LIE).

It's Marilyn's turn, and barring her saying that she would wrap Marty's head with toilet paper and turn him into a Q-Tip, she's pretty safe. She says that the kids wouldn't be able to go on a honeymoon with them (TRUE), that she wouldn't try to change her dad (LIE) and that she wasn't rude to any of the women this week (TRUE). She says that she is here to find true love (TRUE).

Marilyn, who really didn't believe that she was rude, only had one lie and she really cleared herself well. The lie was a minor one, and I think it's an easy slam dunk to get rid of Sharon. The girls decide that they have to change the dynamics of the household, and they are glad that everyone realize how difficult it is to get rid of someone. They decide that they have to get rid of... Sharon.

"I thought that it was fate that brought me here... Fate has let me down again," says Sharon, as she hugs the women and leaves. She tells Marty that she will never forget his birthday as they exchange farewells.

My take? I don't think that the girls had any intention of getting rid of Marilyn. I think that they really wanted to get rid of Sharon, and they knew that if they put Nicole up against Sharon, and then got rid of Sharon, that dad would be upset. The only way dad would be remotely happy is to put Sharon up against someone who he really liked, so that when they cut Sharon, Marty would at least be relieved that the one he really wanted was still around.

So Marty seems happy, and they look like they will end the episode with a happy note - but there's one more twist. They women bring Robert Ringer in to see Marty and the remaining 5 women. Who is Robert? He is the local Justice of the Peace. The daughters remind everyone that the show is called "Who Wants to MARRY My Dad", so there will be no engagement ring. The winner, if she so chooses, will be MARRIED at the end of the show.


(Well, at least we know that this show will end in marriage. We don't know how long the marriage will last, but hey, you can't have everything, can you?).

We'll see more surprises next week

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