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One single father looking for love among several attractive women. But he will not be making the choices.

Can his daughters choose the right woman to be their prospective stepmother?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

: Scott Satin (based upon "Meet My Folks")
Bruce Nash, Scott Satin
Packager: NBC Universal Television Studio, Nash Entertainment, Satin Productions
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 2.2 - June 28

Last episode - we started with 13 contestants, and now we are down to 10...er...9, since one of them is a spy for daddy. The spy will be revealed...

...but not before we have the recap. Lets' go back to last week's recap and see who I profiled ...

Reality Dating Contender #10 - Lola, short black hair. Her strategy is to keep her eyes and ears open and remember everything that she has learned. Note she doesn't say anything about love. Could she be the villainess of the show?

VIllainess? No. Spy? Maybe - especially since there was nothing about her in the show except for that. That's my guess. We'll see how accurate I am later...

...as for right now, the remaining women are making dinner for the family. The women think that Marilyn, Stacy and Suzanne are in the lead for Marty's heart. Sharon has the hots for Marty, and she's hoping that Marty has the hots for her - but Marty does not have the hots for her aunt, who is hiding as one of the contenders.

The women aren't making mole either, but it is being served up, as they find out that one of them is a spy for dad. The women immediately go after Marilyn, who admits that she is uncomfortable with that suggestion. 'I was caught like a deer in the headlights.' Sharon thought it was scary and once again we have almost no conversation during dinner. Marty? 'I must say that the meal was the most uncomfortable meal that I have ever had.'

Nicole reveals to everyone after dinner that the real mole is going to stand up. Marilyn stands up - but quickly sits down. We have some false starts of people standing up, but the person who stands up is...


And I am 2 for 2 for guessing. Whoopie!

The women giggle as Lola explains that she is here to make sure that Marty's heart isn't broken. She has taken notes - and she said that neither Marty nor the kids will be happy. She calls up Nicole and says that she wouldn't marry someone because he was allergic to cats. She did admit that and she refers to t he cats are like her children. 'That cost her some points with me' says Marty.

Next up - Melanie - who refers to older men as 'old' and who wouldn't date an older men. She denies that she said it - but the video tape says that she did and Marty wasn't happy about it.

Sharon is up next - and Lola says that Sharon wants kids of her own - but Marty doesn't want kids. She says that she would swear on her father's grave that she didn't say it - but her dad must be watching the show, because there's that tape flashback again, saying that she'd want kids. The children don't think she is being honest and that spells trouble.

Sarah says that some of the women were squirming pretty damn hard - and it's her turn to squirm. Lola was shocked at her potty mouth. Sarah said that she felt comfortable with talking like that. I don't see anything wrong with that - but her saying that her career was more important than a guy. She does admit it, but she said that she would drop everything for the right guy. The girls aren't buying what she is selling, and Sarah, who already is in trouble with the lie detector, may as well pack her bags...

...and she may be packing in around 5 minutes, because the women get a message that they have to eliminate one of the women now. What's even worse for her is that Lola doesn't have any more bad things to say and she says that she thought that three of them women would be perfectly compatible.

The women decide that it boils down to two women who they feel don't have a connection. One of them has to be Sarah, while the other one is someone who we will probably be finding about come Lie Detector time, since Sarah will indeed be leaving. 'If Sarah thinks that men are a waste of time, then obviously, she is not looking for true love' says Nicole the daughter, while Sarah didn't realize that there would be so much emotion involved. Also leaving along with Sarah is Lola, who Marty hugs. Sarah doesn't strangle Lola as they head off in separate cars. 'Life is a game' says Sarah, 'and I lost at this one'.

Marty gets to pick the nightcap - and he selects Suzanne. The rest of the women head upstairs for the evening, while Suzanne is talking about how she knows the kids well. Meanwhile, the aforementioned kids get a fax stating that they can watch Marty's little nightcap on closed-circuit tv. They, of course, do, and they see dad rubbing Suzanne's knee - and then planting a big lip-to-lip kiss. They react like you would expect a bunch in screaming teenagers to react - screaming. 'I haven't seen dad kiss anyone besides my mom...I didn't need to see that kind of visual.' says Nicole. Well, it wasn't like anyone held a gun to your head and forced you to turn on the tv set...

Marty tells the ladies at breakfast that since everyone wants some privacy, he gives all the daughters money to go to the movies. The kidlets leave while Marty tells the women to put on their bathing suits. They will be going swimming - and hanging out at the hot tub while the girls are out.

Well, you don't expect the girls to be at the movies, do you? Well, they are at the movies, but the film that are watching is called 'Let's Spy on Daddy in the Hot Tub.' The girls each parade for Marty in their bathing suits, as they see Marilyn go after dad with an aggressive kiss. 'Now I know how Hugh Heffner feels like' says Marty, who invites each of them for one on one time by a swing.

Suzanne thinks that Marty is perfect, but it's Melanie who gets the first date. They share a smooch, which disgusts the kids watching in the van. Melanie says to the other women that they were too busy kissing to learn anything more about Marty, and that gets a barrage of pillows thrown at her.

Nicole (contender) for her date says that he has wonderful kids, and that has them smiling. What has them less than smiling was that she was promised a back massage from Marty, and he proceeds to disrobe. 'How many years of therapy are we going to need after watching this?'

On a lighter note, Suzanne starts her date by throwing dad in the pool, and the kids applaud. He said that he had feeling about her, which had the kids wonder when dad started to be a player. They wind up in a kiss and the kids think that they are both on cloud 9.

Machel isn't going to be aggressive and try to make out and kiss with Marty, but she does think that the chemistry is there and the kids think she is old-fashioned. That changes when she plants a kiss on Marty, and the girls are stunned, bordering on ticked, that she would be the actress. 'I'm surprised how the feelings are coming strong with Marty.' says Machel. Maybe not nearly as strong as the feeling of the kids against you...

Tammy has her date - and it turns into one big talk fest. She yaps about living in Phoenix, and being up at 6am, and going to bed at 10 pm, and she doesn't drink or smoke, and.....zzzzzzzzz.......HI I'm awake. That willpower may be all that kept Marty awake as well, but he gets through with it and gives her a small peck on the cheek. Chemistry? Zero.

Sharon comes in, and the psycho music is starting. 'I'm going to make Marty fall in love with me by inserting secret messages in our conversation.' said Sharon, and sure enough she starts by saying 'you love me' to him. She says this the first two times and it's cute - but she says it for every sentence and Marty thinks that she is a bit looney. Sharon thought that it worked perfectly - but the girls thought that 'I thought Sharon's strategy...failed miserably...was pretty good.'

Stacy is next, and she brings Marty to the fireplace. They both find the other person intimidating, and each of them let their guard down. The kids are happy - and they are happier when she is indeed old-fashioned and doesn't give him a kiss. 'I don't Marty tonight because I would have been just like the others to him. I want our first kiss to be special.'

The last date is Marilyn, who is tearing up as they talk. There is some strong emotions, 'like two souls falling in love again.' Marty drags the covers over them, and that gets cries of bewilderment coming from the daughters.

After the last date, here is the quick recap -
Favorites - Suzanne, Nicole, Marilyn
Contenders - Melanie, Stacy
Lie Detector Time? - Machel, Sharon, Tammy

Speaking of the Lie Detector, the girls have to select two of the women and send them to 'The Laundry Room' to get some clean towels. The girls make their decision and come in to tell daddy - who is still in the hot tub with the girls. That must have been some long movie. The night will be even longer for the two people who are selected to take the test, and they are...Machel and Sharon.

Machel goes first, and she wants to make sure that she shaved her pits before being hooked up tot he machine (she did). She says that she is not good balancing a checkbook (TRUE), that there is nothing about dad that she doesn't like (LIE) and that the kids haven't been boring her this week (LIE). She also says that she hasn't been making fun of them behind their backs this week (LIE).

Sharon seems like a psycho - but she doesn't seem like a liar. Of course that changes when she says that she hasn't lied to them this week (LIE). She says that she has borrows money from her significant other without asking (TRUE) and that she hasn't cheated on a boyfriend (LIE) and she tops if off by saying that she doesn't want to marry a man who has children (TRUE).

The good news is that she is less of a liar - but the bad news is that the truth is damning to her. That being said, they are 'both busted', and whoever makes it this time is probably gone on the first elimination opportunity the next time around. I think Sharon telling the truth will save her bacon for this episode and Machel will be gone - though Sharon's stay probably won't go past next episode.

The women start by saying that this time around, this elimination would be easier because thy feel like they have been lied to. 'Frankly, I would like to eliminate both of you (OUCH!!!) but fortunately, one of you will have the opportunity to redeem themselves tomorrow'. The person who gets the chance at redemption is...Sharon, as Machel gets the boot.

There is no hugging this time around. Machel was very upset and she talks to the girls before she leaves. She says that she hasn't lied to the women the week and she does mask her feelings, but she has always been honest. She ends it by telling the women that they would never know what they would have had. With that, she leaves and Marty stares at her leaving. 'I just like Marty too much...he'll never know.' The girls realize that they may have made a mistake, and even Marty says that under the circumstances, there isn't going to be a night cap tonight.

Did the girls make the right choice? I think that the answer is a blatant no. The lie detector did Machel in, but Sharon's testimony has already said that she is the wrong choice for Marty, so why keep her around? This may have been a producer's suggestion (since Sharon has been the more 'interesting' contestant) that may have royally backfired...

...but according to next week's promo, the bad decisions have only begun, as the girls royally blow another one. We'll see who it is next week.

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