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One single father looking for love among several attractive women. But he will not be making the choices.

Can his daughters choose the right woman to be their prospective stepmother?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

: Scott Satin (based upon "Meet My Folks")
Bruce Nash, Scott Satin
Packager: NBC Universal Television Studio, Nash Entertainment, Satin Productions
Airs: Mondays at 10:05pm ET on NBC

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Episode 2.6 - August 2

Last week we saw the figurative marriage between Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards. This week, we may see a literal one between Marty and either Suzanne or Stacy. The girls seem to like Suzanne, while Marty clearly wants Stacy. Unfortunately for Marty, the girls have the final call. Which side will get what they want?

After the recap that tells us how we got to this position, we see the position of the two women left. Suzanne and Stacy are prettying up in their room while dinner is being prepared downstairs. Suzanne is telling Stacy that it's the last night and she wants to talk. Stacy says that if it's going to be ugly, that she wants no part of it and she is going to go for dinner. Suzanne needs to know if she is in it for love, and she confronts her about it. Suzanne tells Stacy that she wants to know if she really loves Marty. That is like trying to dunk a cat in a hot tub and the fight is on. "You want to sit in a lie detector? Don't question me." says Stacy, who adds that she isn't going to tell Suzanne everything about what she's feeling. This goes on for the next 5 minutes as the claws FINALLY come out.

This continues during dinner as Stacy and Suzanne continue their war of words, with Stacy capping it with saying that she hopes for the best if Marty picks Suzanne. Marty admits that he has his favorite (Stacy), but he has feelings for both women. The girls

The fax machine rings, and tells the women that their wedding rings are outside. The doorbell rings and when each woman answers the door, they are greeted by a little girl with a wedding ring. They share kisses and hug as we say AwwwwBarf. The door then rings for the third time. They should know better than to answer it, but they do, and out comes, in his best tux, the Polygraph Man. Stacy - "Sorry, wrong house.", and she slams the door on him. Nice.

Unfortunately, they let him in anyway, and Stacy has to go first. She says that she would gnaw off her own leg in a bear trap to get help for dad (TRUE), that she would love them as stepdaughters (TRUE), and that she would give Suzanne her blessing if she lost (LIE) and that she has fallen in love with Marty (TRUE).

It's Suzanne's turn, and she says that if everything boils down to a lie detector test, then she's ready. We can tell that right off the bat as she says she doesn't like Stacy, and the girls are aghast when it says TRUE. She says it's ok if they cut her off after a year and she says yes (LIE) and she says that she does not expect dad to finance the shopping sprees (LIE). She says that she has fallen in love with Marty (TRUE).

The girls are wondering how to make this decision, but it seems based on the Lie Detector, that the decision has been made for them - all signs point to Stacy. Will the girls agree?

It's the last day n the house, and Marty thinks that it's the last day as a single man. The girls ask the women for a final plea for Marty. Suzanne starts it off, and she says that she found a family that exceeded her expectations. She then asks Marty to help her finish it, saying that she can't believe that she fell in love with someone so quickly. She says that all she wants is his happiness, and Marty told her that he thought that she would be there since day 1. Suzanne calls and gets a group hug.

Stacy has nothing to give but her love. She says that she has come in logical - and she is now full of love and hope. She says that regardless of what happens, she wants to be a part of their lives. This time, it's the girls who want a group hug - and they get it. Marty says that he has no doubts that she loves him - and that he has no doubts on who he wants. You can tell on his face - but he's not making the decision and the girls think that each women is perfect in different ways.

It's Marty's turn. He calls them all down and thanks the women for sticking around and the girls for making the tough decisions. "I love you more than you can possibly know." They all get together in a big hug and you all know what's coming next. AwwwwwBarf.

Brooke tells the women that the girls and dad will be making the final decision. They send the women away, telling them that they will be in separate hotels - but only one of them will be leaving with them.

The girls then get a heart-to-heart with dad. They ask him about a preference, and he says Stacy. That doesn't sit will with the girls, because they have decided on Suzanne. Dad leaves, and the girls are really torn, because they think that dad's making a grave mistake. Do they make a choice that dad wants for now, or do they make one that dad won't like for now, but may understand that it's the better choice later on down the road?

We'll see that choice as we fast-forward to that night. Dad is anxious to know who the girls picked. We will find out as we see the first person to come out of the limo. We all know that the first person to come out is usually the runner-up, and that person is... Suzanne. She walks down the outside steps to a scene that looks like a bridal scene out of The Waterlillies - whole all over the place, up to the altar area where Marty is in his tux. Apparently, Marty doesn't know that the first woman called down is the bridesmaid and not the bride, as he astonishingly looked at the girls and asks "You picked Suzanne?" The girls are stone-faced and Marty thinks that he won the booby prize.

The girls now talk their spiel to Suzanne. They loved how she could put a smile on anyone's face - and they wanted her to be one of the last women standing. Uh-oh. They also talk about how nurturing she is and how she fit in perfectly. Here it comes... "You mean the world, Suzanne... but... we did not choose you to marry our dad. I'm so sorry."

Suzanne covers her mouth with her hand and she looks like she's going to throw up. While she is crying on Marty's shoulder, Marty is looking at the girls, amazed and beaming. She cries on Marty and she s escorted out by him. "It hurts, but regardless of why, everything happens for a reason. Someday, the right man will come along." Now it's Nicole who wants to throw up, as they relent for dad. "She would have been the perfect mother - but dad wasn't in love with her."

Before Stacy shows up, dad tells the girls how he appreciates the decision, realizing how tough it must have been on them. They get another reassuring group him while they wait for Stacy to show up. With Suzanne's loss, that means Stacy wins - but she doesn't know it yet. She has butterflies in her stomach and she is bracing herself to be eliminated. As she comes down, she gets a welcome hug from Marty. The girls don't know how to start as they notice that she is clearly worried. They said that she has beauty that is breathtaking and that she has amazing presence. She said that the look on her face speaks volumes more than anything she has said for the past 3 weeks. (That's all the time they spent and they are looking for love? Sheesh.)

The girls say that she has always been a wonderful person - but that her vows to Marty sealed the deal. They pop the question and ask her to marry their dad. Stacy just sits there looking stunned. She says that she is unworthy of this, and she thinks she is going to wake up in around 10 minutes. She winds up babbling and hugging Marty, who says that he finally found true love. Marty then gets down on one knee and proposes. She, of course, says yes and everyone's happy.

Marty, who feels that he finally found happiness and love in his life again, slips the ring on Stacy's finger. They wind up swapping saliva while the girls watch on. They say how happy they are, as the girls say how well Stacy and Marty complement each other. Stacy - "The future holds so much promise - more than I thought was possible." We finish with that - and a montage of Stacy and Marty through the season. Fade to black. End of series.

My take? Well, it's the same show that I am used to seeing - nothing new or too exciting that shows up here. In this case, that works, because you don't mess around with something that works. The ratings show that people agree and we'll probably be seeing a third version of this show next summer. This gets a solid B from me, as this has once again been a fun and entertaining series.

Unfortunately, we have to part from the series, but I hope you enjoyed the recaps.

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