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Take one part WPT, mix with twenty-five parts celebrity editions of any game show and reality show you can think of... and you get Celebrity Poker Showdown, a six-part elimination tournament to decide who is the best home-game poker player in Hollywood and win part of a $250,000 prize pool. And it's all for charity, of course.

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Dave Foley and Phil Gordon
EP: Joshua Malina, Marcia Mule, Andrew Hill Newman, Bryan Scott
Packager: Bravo
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on Bravo

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No infringement of copyright is intended by these fan pages; production companies of shows this site covers retain all rights to the sounds, images, and information contained herein. No challenge to copyright is implied. 

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What follows is a televised-hand-by-televised-hand account.  Though this is only a two-hour show, they actually SHOWED this game almost hand-by-hand, so...

What's a "dealer button"?  What's "all-in"?  What the heck is this weird poker game they're playing?  Well, I'll do my best to give the rookies out there a run-down while maintaining the flow of the hands for the veterans.

Some time ago, CELEBRITY POKER SHOWDOWN started with 25 celebrities from all walks of fame.  From music, screen and television, they flocked to the Sands Casino in Vegas for a chance to play for the largest part of a $250,000 Prize Pool (donated by Cingular Wireless, mind you).  Well, after five single-table matches, 20 have been eliminated and five remain.  Before this special two-hour episode is over, one of them will walk away with $100,000 for his/her charity!

Let's meet the five lucky celebs who battled their way through four opponents each and walked away with the collectible silver chip that signifies their entry into this Final Table:


David Cross
playing for The National Gulf War Resource Center
This Arrested Development star defeated Carrie Fisher, Tom Green, Mimi Rogers and Scott Stapp when he was down to a mere $1,000 in chips.  Can he pull off another miracle?

Willie Garson
playing for the Children's Hospital of Denver
Stanford Blatch from Sex and the City managed to knockout Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, Emily Proctor and David Schwimmer one by one.  Can he make another clean sweep?

Paul Rudd
playing for Project ALS
The star of "200 Cigarettes" and "Cider House Rules" smoked through Coolio, Sarah Silverman, Shannon Elizabeth and Ron Livingston to be here.  Will this be another domination or will he actually have competition this time?

Richard Schiff
playing for the Weingart Center Association
Schiff outlasted four other West Wing actors: Timothy Busfield, Allison Janney, John Spencer and even "President" Martin Sheen.  Will he impeach the rest of the crowd this time?

Nicole Sullivan
playing for Alley Cat Allies
This King of Queens star took care of Hank Azaria, Michael Ian Black, Peter Facinelli and Mo Gaffney after being down to $2,800.  How will she handle the pressure of being the only female at the Final Table?

$10,000 worth of chips is given to each player and the game continues until one has all $50,000 of it.  First one booted out gets $7,500, the next one gets $10,000, third place gets $12,500, runner-up receives $20,000...and the winner gets the lion's share: $100,000! (I know some of you are adding it up and not coming up with $250G; the other $100G was divided among the charities of the 20 who lost in the preliminaries.) The winner ALSO gets a commemorative GOLD coin that signifies them the Celebrity Poker Showdown Champion!

The game is No Limit Texas Hold 'Em, the "Cadillac of poker" as they call it.  A dealer button will be passed around the table after each hand to show the dealer where to start handing out cards (to the right of the button).  The two players to the right of the button post blinds, forced bets to insure there's money in each hand.  Each player is dealt two cards face down, called hole cards.  They'll then either call the highest bet, raise the bet or fold their hand.  After the bets are in, three community cards, called the flop, are dealt face-up on the table.  After bets (and/or folds), a fourth card is turned up, called the turn or fourth street.  Then more bets (and/or folds), followed by the fifth and final community card, the river or fifth street, being turned up.  After more bets/folds, the best five-card poker hand (made of any combo of the five community cards and the two hole cards) wins the pot.  The game is called no limit because, at any time, any celebrity can go all-in and bet all their chips.  But, if they LOSE the hand they go all-in with, they're eliminated from the tournament.

Kevin Pollak and poker expert Phil Gordon will call the action out at the table.  The "Lounge Of Non-Winners" (guess they finally felt that "Losers' Lounge" was a bit harsh) has an ironic twist this time since everyone's already a winner.

It's time to decide a champion of Celebrity Poker Showdown!  Let's SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL!

Initial blinds are $100 (SB) and $200 (BB).  The Dealer Button (D) starts on Nicole.

Willie Paul Richard (D) Nicole (SB) David (BB)
????? A? 10? ????? K? 3? ?????
FOLD Raises to $600 FOLD Calls $500 FOLD
Nicole need only put in $500 because she already has $100 in the Small Blind.  Had David called, he would have only had to kick in $300.
FLOP: 6? 10? Q?

Nicole, first after the dealer to stay in, bets first ---->

Bets $400 FOLD
WIN $1,800


Paul Richard Nicole (D) David (SB) Willie (BB)
????? 10? 6? ????? Q? 4? Q? 6?
FOLD Raises to $400 FOLD Calls $300 Raises to $800
Calls $400 Calls $400 Raises to $3,100
FLOP: J? J? 2?
Calls $400 FOLD
WIN $2,800



David Cross $11,400
Paul Rudd $10,800
Nicole Sullivan $9,400
Willie Garson $9,200
Richard Schiff $9,200


Richard Nicole David (D) Willie (SB) Paul (BB)
6? 6? ????? A? 8? K? K? ?????
Raises to $500 FOLD Raises to $1,000 Raises to 1,500 FOLD
Calls $1,000 Calls $500
Willie's "cowboys" is the second-best starting hand in hold 'em...next to Aces, of course.  He's a 55% favorite to win the hand, mostly because of David's Ace.
FLOP: 4? 5? 2?
Bets $1,000
Raises to $2,000 Raises to $3,000 Calls $2,000
Calls $1,000
TURN: 8?
Richard has an "inside straight draw", needing a 7 to make a straight to the 8.  Willie's hand is still the one to beat.
Bets $1,000 Calls $1,000 Calls $1,000
COMMUNITY: 8? 8? 5? 4? 2?
David has "a set of snowmen", or three 8s.
CHECK Bets $1,000 Calls $1,000
Calls $1,000
8? 8? 6? 6? 5? 8? 8? 8? A? 5? K? K? 8? 8? 5?
WIN $19,700



Nicole David Willie (D) Paul (SB) Richard (BB)
A? 9? 6? 6? Q? 10? 7? 6? ?????
Raises to $400 Raises to $800 Calls $800 Calls $700 FOLD
Calls $400
The first time this entire tournament four players are in a hand before the flop.  David is a VERY mild favorite.
FLOP: 10? 5? 4?
Paul has an "open-ended" straight draw, needing either a 3 or an 8 to make a straight.  Willie has "flopped the top pair", meaning he matched one of his cards with the top-ranked card of the flop.
Bets $500 Raises to $1,000 ALL-IN
Calls $1,200
Calls $1,400 Calls $900
Willie is a 50% favorite to win.  A side pot will now be made that only Nicole, David and Paul and bet into and win.  Since Willie is all-in, he can only win the $11,000 in the main pot.
TURN: 3?
Paul has made his straight...and Willie is "drawing dead", meaning no card left in the deck can help him.
Bets $3,900 (Side)
Paul just takes a stack of chips and says, "I don't know how much that is.  I'll just put it in."  That is a blatant "tell", something you do or say that tells anyone who can pick up on it what you have.  Paul has all but broadcast that he has the straight.
FOLD Calls $3,900 (Side)
Before he bets, David rubs his nipple under the bathrobe he wore to this occasion..."for luck".  And he'll need it; all that can save David is a 7, which would split BOTH pots between them. 
COMMUNITY: J? 10? 5? 4? 3?
Paul most likely checked because there are three spades on the Board...and, if David had two more, that would have been a flush, which would have beaten Paul's straight.  Had David raised (and big), Paul would have been bluffed out of the pot most likely.  Fortunately for Paul, David checked. 
6? 6? J? 10? 5? 10? 10? Q? J? 5?   7? 6? 5? 4? 3?
OUT WIN $11,000 (Main)
WIN $7,800 (Side)

So Willie Garson, who smacked Lady Luck on the behind (as Kevin put it) in his qualifier, is out after a few hands and joins Kevin in the "Lounge of Non-Winners".  "Evil Willie" wonders how Paul stayed in the hand from the very start, since 7-6 was NOT a good starting hand...and berates himself for being "on tilt", or so frustrated that he made mistakes.  The GOOD news is that The Children's Hospital of Denver receives $7,500 on Willie's behalf.  The BAD news is that Ben Affleck was probably saying, "I lost to THAT guy?!?"

Back at the table, David asks tournament director Robert Thompson to get the "drink lady" over so he can have a second beer.  But the hands go merrily on, with or without David's booze...

David Paul (D) Richard (SB) Nicole (BB)
2? A? 6? 5? ????? ?????
Raises to $600 Raises to $1,000 FOLD FOLD
Calls $400
David has "Acey-Deucey"...but the fact they're both in diamonds also means they're "suited connectors", two cards of consecutive rank in the same suit, good for straight AND flush draws and fairly decent hands.
FLOP: 7? 4? Q?
Another open-ended straight draw for Paul.
Bets $600 Raises to $1,200
Calls $600
TURN: 8?
Paul did it AGAIN!  Another straight!  David is drawing dead.
Bets $600 Raises to $5,000
WIN $10,300
Paul, after his bet, leans back in his chair, as if relaxed.  That is another "tell" that he has a good hand.  Whether David caught it or not is unknown, but he made a good "lay down". 

After the hand, David gets his drink from Brandi, the "drink girl".  David pays her off with some paper money...leaving the table to wonder where in his robe he pulled it out of.  Director Thompson says out loud, "One minute left in the round."  Texas Hold 'Em tournaments are usually timed and, when the round ends, the blinds go up.  This will be the last hand with $100 and $200 blinds.


Paul Richard (D) Nicole (SB) David (BB)
J? 5? ????? Q? 9? ?????
Raises to $1,000 FOLD Calls $900 FOLD
Paul has "Motown" (Jack(s) 'n' 5), while Nicole has Quinine (Say "Queen-nine" REALLY fast).
FLOP: Q? K? J?
The flop comes "Picasso", named so because face cards are usually called "paints".  Nicole flopped middle pair and an inside straight draw (needing a 10) while Paul flopped the bottom pair.
Bets $1,500
WIN $3,700



Paul Rudd $24,900
David Cross $15,000
Nicole Sullivan $7,700
Richard Schiff $2,400

Blinds have gone up to $200 (SB) and $400 (BB).

Richard Nicole (D) David (SB) Paul (BB)
????? ????? 6? 5? A? 6?
FOLD FOLD Raises to $800 Calls $400
FLOP: K? 3? J?
Bets $400 FOLD
WIN $2,000
Oddly enough, David only had a 15% chance to win.  Paul "mucked" the better hand.

Willie tells Kevin and Phil that the winner of each of the prelims was the one that drank the most at the table.  Read into that what you will as we move on:

Nicole David (D) Paul (SB) Richard (BB)
????? ????? A? 3? A? 5?
FOLD FOLD Raises to $1,700 ALL-IN
Calls $700
FLOP: 5? 4? 2?
YOIKS!  Paul flopped a wheel (five-high straight)!  But Richard isn't quite dead yet.  A 3 would split the pot.  An Ace and a 5 or two of either will win it for him.
TURN: 2?
STILL not over.  Richard can still split with a 3 or win with a 2 or a 5.
5? 4? 3? 2? A? 5? 5? 2? 2? A?
WIN $4,800 OUT

So Richard Schiff evacuates of the "west wing" of the table and heads for the Lounge to join Willie and Kevin.  Richard says, "They're knocking the bald guys out one by one.  I hope David is next."  He couldn't use a cap given to him by Sarah Silverman.  Ah, well, $10,000 goes to the Weingart Center Association at the least.  Phil had Richard in the pool according to him...and Richard has a 6am call for West Wing that he doesn't expect to keep.

Back at the game, David tries to talk Director Thompson into changing "Shuffle up and deal" into the phrase he introduced at his prelim game: "Shuffle the @#$% up!"  But Thompson is too traditional and starts the deal the traditional way.

David Paul (D) Nicole (BB)
This is the very next hand.  Since Richard was to post the Small Blind had he stayed in, it is passed up.  Nicole STILL plays the Big Blind, though.
J? 5? A? A? ????
Calls $400 Calls $2,000 FOLD
Calls $1,600
Paul is WAY in the lead with "pocket rockets"...or "Joe Louis" since they're both black Aces.
Willie: "Paul...can win this thing in, like, 20 minutes." 
FLOP: 6? 9? 2?
 Bets $400 Raises to $5,000
David takes a LONG time to fold, explaining to the table that he knows where he screwed up, thinking that Paul was bluffing and missing the obvious tells.  Well, David DIDN'T screw up here, folding a hand that was a 96% underdog.
WIN $9,800

Nicole says she's learned NOTHING about poker or her competitors.  Yet Kevin says that two far more experienced poker players are in the Lounge before SHE is.

Paul (D) Nicole (SB) David (BB)
A? 10? K? 7? ????
Calls $3,000 Calls $2,800 FOLD
FLOP: 7? Q? 9?
Nicole flopped a pair.  Paul is a 70% underdog.
Calls $4,300
TURN: 4?
Paul needs to pair one of his cards to win the pot and knock Nicole out of the tournament.
A? Q? 10? 9? 7? 7? 7? K? Q? 9?
WIN $15,000
Nicole "doubled up", winning an all-in bet and essentially doubling her chip count.

Richard tells Phil that Paul must've been feeling VERY lucky after flopping TWO straights...and THAT'S why he was so aggressive while having next to nothing.


Paul Rudd $22,000
Nicole Sullivan $15,000
David Cross $13,000

As the cards are dealt, Nicole gathers her chips and says, "That's five more penises removed from male cats." (Her charity helps stray cats by spay or neutering them).  David retorts by saying, "Oh, those orphans...are gonna be psyched about that. 'No more milk?  But a cat got his @#$% removed?  That's all right...'"

Nicole (D) David (SB) Paul (BB)
????? K? J? ?????
FOLD Raises to $800 FOLD
WIN $1,200
Before he looks at his cards, David consults a small booklet typed up by Phil to help them play poker better.  It must have worked; he won with a "bachelor's hand" (Jack-King off-suit...think about it).  


David (D) Paul (SB) Nicole (BB)
A? K? 6? 6? ?????
Raises to $800 Raises to $1,600 FOLD
Calls $800
David has "Big Slick", the best non-paired hand in Hole 'Em...but Paul's wired 6s make him a fair favorite.  
FLOP: 9? A? 8?
David has become the fave with his pair of "bullets".  He studies Paul to see if he can pick up a tell...like him sitting forward when he has a bad hand.  Then, after arguing about Nicole drinking his beer and a "spit take"...
Bets $800 Raises to $1,600
Calls $800
Paul give ANOTHER "tell" when he slams his chips confidently on the table.  This is usually a sign of weakness.
TURN: 2?
Bets $2,500
Calls $2,500
Paul is bluffing...and Nicole knows it but can't say (that's against tournament rules).  Paul needs a third 6 to win.
COMMUNITY: A? 9? 8? 4? 2?
Bets $3,500
WIN $3,400
David played that last part very well.  He more or less said to Paul, "I know you have nothing...and you just gave me a lot of chips!"


Paul (D) Nicole (SB) David (BB)
????? Q? 6? 7? 6?
FOLD Raise to $1,200 Calls to $800
FLOP: 4? 3? 6?
Both flopped a pair of 6s, but David has an inside straight draw, needing a 5.
Nicole (to David): "When you look to your right, do you wish it was Shannon (Elizabeth)?"
David: "Del Shannon, actually."
Bets $600 Raises $1,200
Calls $600
TURN: 8?
Bets $600 Raises to $1,600
Raises to $2,600  Calls $1,000
COMMUNITY: 6? 6? 8? 4? 3?
Both have the "Devil's Hand" (6-6-6), but Nicole has a Queen "kicker" whereas David has a 8.
Bets $1,000 Raises to $4,000
Calls $5,600
6? 6? 6? Q? 8? 6? 6? 6? 8? 7?
WIN $29,200
In the course of the last two hands, the chip lead has gone from Paul to David to Nicole.

As Nicole relaxes after that big pot win (and Paul rubs David's nipple through his bathrobe), who should join Willie and Richard in the Lounge than Ben Affleck.  When Kevin mentions what he thought Ben thought after Willie got bumped, Ben couldn't agree more, although he admits to having some fairly bad hands in the heads-up match.  Then David Schwimmer, another of Willie's victims in the first game, shows up.  David admits to playing some blackjack after his loss and actually MADE some money.  Then Ben suggests making a side table amongst the four of them.  Kevin yells, "Get us some chips and a few decks!"  But things get a little nervous when PHIL says he wants in on that.


Nicole Sullivan $29,200
Paul Rudd $12,000
David Cross $8,800

Blinds are now $300 (SB) and $600 (BB)

Nicole (D) David (SB) Paul (BB)
????? 5? 4? 10? 5?
FOLD Calls $300 Raises to $1,200
Calls $900
FLOP: 2? A? A?
Paul has a "nut flush draw", needing another club to get the best flush possible.  David has an inside Wheel draw, needing a 3.
TURN: 3?
David made his Wheel...but Paul can STILL get a club and win the pot.
Bets $600 Calls $600
COMMUNITY: A? A? 7? 3? 2?
Bets $1,300 FOLD
WIN $4,900


David (D) Paul (SB) Nicole (BB)
K? 5? Q? 5? 7? 3?
WIN $900
Winning a pot by default like that is not very common.  Nicole had one of the worst hands in Hold 'Em, but David and Paul didn't think their hands would hold up.  All Nicole won, however, was Paul's $300 Small Blind.  Perhaps neither guy wanted to give Nicole more chips than she already has. :)


Paul (D) Nicole (SB) David (BB)
K? 9? ????? K? 10?
Raises to $1,200 FOLD Calls $600
Paul has a "dog" of a hand (K-9), but David has a much better hand in the "woodcutter" ("K-10" sounds like "cuttin'")
FLOP: 2? 3? 10?
Bets $1,200
WIN $3,900

Ben says that "Ruddsy's finished."  Once again, David yells, "SHUFFLE THE @#$% UP!"...and, as the applause dies down, Director Thompson adds, "...and deal."  David also complains about how Ben and David Schwimmer get preferential treatment when it comes to food perks.

Nicole (D) David (SB) Paul (BB)
5? 2? 10? 3? ?????
WIN $900
Another default win.  But, really, who WOULD play Nicole and David's hands?

Now Shannon Elizabeth has joined the fray in the Lounge...and Phil gets very distracted.

David (D) Paul (SB) Nicole (BB)
????? K? 4? 9? 5?
FOLD Calls $300 CHECK
Since Paul didn't raise (he MEANT to, but he put $300 in first and that constitutes a call; if you raise, you must but all the chips you raise with in at the same time), Nicole can just check.
FLOP: 10? Q? 2?
Both Nicole and Paul have open-ended straight draws.  Nicole needs a King or 8, Paul an Ace or 9.
RIVER: 10?
COMMUNITY: 10? 10? Q? J? 2?
Nicole COULD have made a bet to scare Paul out.  She can do that with such a huge chip lead.  As it is, she checks and Paul is only going to pick up the blinds.
10? 10? K? Q? J? 10? 10? Q? J? 9?
WIN $1,200



Nicole Sullivan $28,600
Paul Rudd $11,800
David Cross $9,600

As Brandi serves more drinks to the players, Nicole states, "I'm gonna wear that outfit (a golden two-piece outfit) if I win."

Paul (D) Nicole (SB) David (BB)
A? 6? J? 4? ?????
Raises to $1,200 Raises to $2,700 FOLD
Raises to $4,200 Calls $1,500
Ben catches a "tell" when Paul raises to $4,200.  Paul just stacked chips, but needed to stack more to make the minimum raise.  That's a sign that he doesn't know what he's doing anymore.
FLOP: 6? J? 10?
Bets $2,500
WIN $11,500
Nicole gave off a tell as well.  As she drank her drink, she kept looking at Paul, WANTING him to call her.  But Paul didn't.


Nicole (D) David (SB) Paul (BB)
A? K? 10? 5? ?????
Raises to $1,500 Calls $1,200 FOLD
Nicole has "Big Slick" and David has "Woolworths" (five-and-dime).
FLOP: 4? J? 8?
David has flopped a flush!  Nicole is already drawing dead!
Bets $4,000 ALL-IN
David did a "check-raise", feigning weakness to get Nicole to toss more chips in, then raising the bet to show he's stronger than she thought.  He went all-in just in case Nicole had a high club in her hand.  Here, Nicole rubs her OWN nipple under her dress, and then...  
Calls $5,700
David has doubled-up....and Schwimmer applauds it in the Lounge.
TURN: 4?
4? 4? A? K? J? J? 10? 8? 5? 4?
WIN $23,000
David has regained the chip lead...and Nicole compliments him on his excellent play.

Blinds go up to $400 (SB) and $800 (BB).  Ben, Schwimmer and Shannon have left the Lounge...maybe to start their own game, who knows.

David (D) Paul (SB) Nicole (BB)
K? 4? 6? 6? J? 7?
Call $800 Raises to $1,600 Calls $800
Calls $800 FOLD
FLOP: A? 6? 10?
Paul's turn to get the Devil's Hand...
Calls $3,200
...and he runs with it. Nicole thinks he's bluffing...but she learns when the cards are flipped.  Paul's a 96% favorite, and Nicole's only chance is running Jacks. running 7s or running Queen-King to make a straight ("running" = "in a row on Turn and River").
Ut oh...
6? 6? 6? A? K? A? K? Q? J? 10?  
OUT WIN $11,200
Nicole got "Broadway" on the River!  The odds of getting the running cards needed were 1 in 52.5!  Phil and Kevin call this a "suck-out", a good hand beaten by a lucky hand by someone who shouldn't have been in the pot in the first place.  It's so named because it just sucks the life out of the one who got caught.  It's also called a "bad beat".

NOBODY can believe that Paul Rudd got "sucked out"!  Paul sulks towards the Lounge where he is comforted by Kevin, Willie and Richard.  Kevin reiterates what Phil said earlier that Nicole had no hand to even call a bluff is Paul had indeed been doing that.  Paul knew he had to go all-in with the "trips".  But getting beaten like that...calls for at LEAST six or seven drinks.  Kevin would tell Paul later that his charity, Project ALS, gets $12,500.

So it's heads-up action between Nicole Sullivan and David Cross, the two "Cinderella stories" from the prelims.  Both were down to the felt (extremely low on chips) but fought their way back to make it to the Final Table.  They bring out the $100,000 which would go to the winner on a silver platter...as if they don't have ENOUGH pressure on them to win.  It's time, for the Celebrity Poker Showdown Championship, to SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL!

Nicole Sullivan $28,600
David Cross $21,400


Nicole (D) (SB) David (BB)
5? 2? ?????
WIN $1,200
Another default win.

David comments that he and Nicole are "the last two people America THOUGHT would be here...or that Bravo WANTED to be here."

David (D) (SB) Nicole (BB)
Q? 6? 6? 6?
Calls $400 Raises to $4,800
WIN $5,600
David "limped in", or just called.  That's usually an indication that the hand is weak.

Paul thinks Nicole is a better poker player than she let anyone think...but, in reference to charities, he has to root for David.  Richard and Willie agrees.  Here is where Kevin tells Paul about the 12.5Gs for Project ALS.

Nicole (D) (SB) David (BB)
Q? Q? K? 6?
Raises to $2,000 Calls $1,200
FLOP: 7? 3? 4?
David has an inside (or gut-buster) straight draw, needing a 5.  But Nicole's still a 74% fave.
Bets $800
Raises to $1,800 Calls $1,000
TURN: 6?
Bets $1,600
Raises to $3,200 Calls $1,600
Not too many would raise into a possible straight on the Board, but Nicole is confident her hand is the best...which it is.
RIVER: 10?
COMMUNITY: 10? 7? 6? 4? 3?
Bets $2,000 Calls $2,000
Q? Q? 10? 7? 6? 6? 6? K? 10? 7?
WIN $18,000
Nicole made a "value bet", a bet small enough that David might call even if he had a bad hand.  It worked; David lost $2,000 more than he should have.

Phil is thoroughly impressed how Nicole played that hand.  And everyone in the Lounge is REALLY starting to wonder if Nicole hasn't been hustling everyone into thinking she was a bad player.


Nicole Sullivan $37,200
David Cross $12,800

Nicole looks at her right thumbnail, which has taken a bit of a beating.  David could care less, going, "Dude, she was so @#$%ing hot...but then I saw her thumbnail and I'm, like, out of there!"

(This is the only time in the whole show that they seemed to skip a hand as Nicole is back as the Dealer Button)

Nicole (D) (SB) David (BB)
5? 2? ?????
Raises to $2,500 FOLD
WIN $3,200
Another default win for Nicole.  She used her position to bet David out and collect the blinds.

After David reciprocates while the boys in the Lounge were discussing Nicole's strategy...

Nicole (D) (SB) David (BB)
A? A? 7? 5?
Raises to $2,500 FOLD
WIN $3,200
Once again, Nicole uses the position.  Most pros would "slow roll" pocket Aces, but Nicole knows that David likes to stay in pots for the most part  Not this one, though.

David consults Phil's booklet again. and Kevin hopes he reads the part apart playing the player and not just the cards.

David (D) (SB) Nicole (BB)
Q? 6? J? J?
Calls $400 Raises to $1,700 ("that much")
WIN $2,500
Nicole is "grinding", slowly taking David's chips away.


Nicole (D) (SB) David (BB)
Q? 8? J? 2?
Raises to $3,000 Calls $1,200
FLOP: A? Q? 9?
Nicole's a 96% favorite (the same Paul was before his suck-out).
  Bets $1,200
Raises to $4,000 ALL-IN
Calls $4,200
David was trying to bluff having Aces...but Nicole didn't buy it for an instant.
TURN: 8?
This gives David an outside chance.  He needs a 10 on the river to make a straight or Nicole wins.  Nicole proved earlier that it can happen...
...but not THIS time.
Q? Q? A? K? 8?   A? K? Q? J? 9?  

So the National Gulf War Resource Center gets $20,000 thanks to David Cross...but it's Nicole Sullivan, the least likely person thought to win, wins the $100,000 first prize for Alley Cat Allies!

After getting mucho congrats from the other celebs and Phil, Kevin tells Nicole about how they felt Nicole was hustling them.  She didn't deny it, but she didn't say she was, either.  Kevin gives Nicole the gold chip that signifies her the first-ever Celebrity Poker Showdown Champion.  Nicole says, "Liquor helps.  Drink...because it makes you smarter.  Everyone else were greater players than me...and it was just luck.  But it's awesome...that every single person walks away with money for their charities.

This is Chris Wolvie reminding you (like Kevin did every episode), "It's not the size of your stack; it's how you play your chips!"

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