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Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban is putting $1,000,000 out to anyone who can pass his tests of skills needed for survival in the real world. But this test, like life -- and Mark himself -- promises to be one spontaneous move after another.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Mark Cuban
Creator: David Young
EP: David Young, Clay Newbill, Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban, Mike Beale
Packager: 12-yard, Dogfight Industries, 2929 Entertainment
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on ABC

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"Shot Callers" - October 4

Last time, Mark gave each person $1000 and 12 hours to achieve their dream. Some people did. Others (namely Shawn, Christine, Latane, and Chris) may have, but for one reason or another, Mark didn't think that they did, so they were sent packing.

Meanwhile, the six begin to think that there are some that don't deserve to be here, and that they will weed themselves out with time.

Onto today's challenge, as Mark divides the six into Team Silver (Femia, Dominic, and Tiffaney) and Team Blue (Spencer, Linda, and Kevin). Their task: compete in a modified game of horse. BUT they won't be playing. They will have to use their persuasion, intellect, and confidence to go out and build a team from a man, a woman, and a child (12-and-under). No pros. They have until 12:30pm tomorrow.

Mark Cuban life lesson #11: On the road to success, you're going to have to delegate tasks based on your best judgment. These choices will control their destinies. It's what Mark learned in buying and building the Mavs.

Linda wants to hit a Boys & Girls Club for their kids (she was once a coach of a high school team). Kevin wants to make the call. Linda wants to make the call. Spencer... lets the two decide for themselves.  Femia, on the other hand, looks for regular play areas in Dallas. Her team follows suit as they start to case joints. Great use of teamwork. On the other side... Linda is playing the leader, much to the other two's dismay.

At a local gym Team Silver found their guy (Bernard) and their kid (Junior). Team Blue... is still looking... Team Silver finds their woman in the guise of Amy. So now all we need is a Team Blue. They head to the Premier Club, where they talk to Rhonda, supposedly the best woman there. From there, they head to FootLocker where they meet Keenan. He demos a bit for Linda, and he's in. Kevin and Linda are worried that Spencer may be scaring everyone off by a) his poor game skills and b) his knees.

Spencer isn't scaring anyone off, but he does pick up a kid in a squash court (wrong court, dude). But he's actually good, so congratulations to Lucas. Now it's just all on Rhonda. We don't get to see her play, but Team Blue figures that the resume proceeds her, so she gets the go-ahead.

So now it's the next day at the AmericanAirlines Center. Everyone's excited. Blue's excited. Silver's excited. The dancers are excited. Mark's excited. The dancers are excited... To recap, it's Team Blue (Keenan the street baller, Rhonda the mystery woman, and Lucas the kid - "How do you go into a shooting game without having seen your teammates shoot?") versus Team Silver (Bernard the man, Amy the ex-college star, and Junior the 3-pointer). The game is... LOSER. Played like Horse... "only better". First team to spell "LOSER" loses.

Round 1.1: the free-throw. Amy hits... Lucas misses. Blue L.
Round 1.2: middle of the key. Rhonda misses. Bernard hits it. Blue LO.
Round 1.3: the 3-pointer. Junior hits... Keenan hits... Silver L.

Round 2.1: Keenan misses. Bernard hits. Blue LOS.
Round 2.2: Junior makes the bankshot. Lucas... doesn't. Blue LOSE.

Bringing up Mark Cuban life lesson #12: There's no room for quitting. "You get exactly what you deserve if you quit."

Round 2.3: Rhonda makes the layup. Amy doesn't. Silver LO.

Round 3.1: The behind the back shot. Bernard misses. Keenan hits. Silver LOS.
Round 3.2: Underneath the basket, eyes closed. Rhonda gets it. Amy misses. Silver LOSE.
Final round: Lucas vs. Junior. Top of the key. Junior... AIRBALL. Lucas... misses again. Junior hits the second try... Lucas... misses. Blue LOSER. Linda's take: "There are good winners and there are good losers. I'd like to think of myself as a good loser." Her proof: "I just want to kick their asses. Not because of the money, just because I want to kick one of their asses."

So what happens next? Spotlights. Mark has chosen one person to leave, and has sealed away his choice in an envelope. But before he reveals the name, he has a bribe to leave the game. Mark Cuban life lesson #13: If you're going to be a success, you can't take the easy road. The bribe is... $10,000. Linda doesn't accept it. Kevin... doesn't accept it. Spencer... doesn't accept it either. Mark raises the stakes to $20,000. Any takers? No? Hard-asses. Mark kicks it up to $30,000. Takers?

Kevin: "I'll accept." Mark takes this as a loss of confidence in his abilities. Kevin believes that Oprah would be proud of his decision. But before he leaves... he reveals the name of the person whom he just saved... Spencer. He took the easy roads in recruiting Rhonda.

Mark takes the final five out for dinner and drinks. But there's one more hitch. Tomorrow's task revolves around two teams of two. They get to choose the teams, but the odd-man-out is left to go home. Linda and Spencer plot to pick each other, leaving Tiff and Femia to fight for Dominic. The deciding factor... Jenga. Again. Dominic lets the tower fall, so in the end, it'll be Femia & Tiffaney. Dominic takes the loss hard. So hard that he can't even get to sleep.

Next up, random acts of kindness.

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