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Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban is putting $1,000,000 out to anyone who can pass his tests of skills needed for survival in the real world. But this test, like life -- and Mark himself -- promises to be one spontaneous move after another.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Mark Cuban
Creator: David Young
EP: David Young, Clay Newbill, Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban, Mike Beale
Packager: 12-yard, Dogfight Industries, 2929 Entertainment
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"Three Hours With Mark" - September 13

Last week, we met billionaire Mark Cuban, a man of principle. We also met sixteen people, three of which - Rich, Laurel, and Grayson - could not live up to Mark's principle in a single night. What unexpected wrenches will Mark throw in to the remaining 13 as they venture for $1,000,000 of his money?

We begin day 2 in the control room as Mark watches the rest of the players feel each other out to figure out which one exactly has a good shot of being a millionaire. Mark emerges from the control room to single out Linda, Dominic, and Shawn for... picking teams for today's test. Mark Cuban life lesson #4: "It's not whether the glass is half-empty or half-full, it's who's pouring the water. The greatest responsibility comes with controlling someone else's destiny." The idea: Linda, Dominic, and Shawn are great team players, but haven't stepped up to bat in the leadership role. Will that change with today's test?

Oh, and lest we forget to mention... the last person picked is going home.

Linda's team: Chris, Kevin, Spencer
Dominic's team: Tiffaney, Femia, Christine
Shawn's team: Latane, William (the loud mouth from last week), Mario (citing sacrifice)

So like that, Kathy is left out in the cold. Mario now says he owes Shawn a big one. Shawn says that this is part of her strategy to be the last catty woman standing. "You put me in a room filled with men and I will beat every one."

Leading us into Mark Cuban life lesson #5: Your most valuable possession is time. Each team will get three hours of Mark's time and $2500 to do with what they wish. Linda's team will get him in the morning, Dominic's team will get him in the afternoon, and Shawn will get the evening for her squad. Mark leaves the teams with one piece of advice. "Do not waste my time."

The next day (I know this because the little captions tell me), Team Linda (Linda, Chris, Kevin, and Spencer) start things off with a little breakfast, where Kevin admits to his Oprah-fixe. He breaks out the picture, which, of course, is blurred because she in her evil mindset didn't get clearance forms from ABC. But on the other hand, the lady is paying off dividends for Kevin personally. Additionally, the team goes with Mark to a hospital to drop off toys to sick kids. What the kids didn't know... it's not Mark's first time. Mark's taking notes...

... Which he will share with the team now. Mark wasn't pleased that a) no one asked if he'd been there before, and that b) no one really shone there. The team regroups and thinks about how they could've done better. Truth of the matter... they couldn't have done ANY better.

It's noon, and time for Team Rockstar (Dominic, Tiffaney, Femia, and Christine) to have some fun with Mark. First thing... the limo, where Mark is now thinking about a book. Title: "No Balls, No Babies." The team arrives in an arcade. Mark is fired up over skeeball and Daytona USA. The plan: if they won the game, they choose the next game. Mark's choices: some horse shooting thing and a DDR/Exceed dancing stage.

Evaluation: "I would pay somebody to force me to do this. That's how much fun I had." They stepped it up. Mad props.

Finally, it's time for Team Shawn (Shawn, Latane, William, and Mario) at 5pm. They pick up Mark in an SUV... which compared to the limo version is an SUX. William starts asking Mark what advice he would give to the winner... with some rubbing from Mario. From there, it's off to Malibu Speedzone. See above comment on not having enough time to do it but sorely wanting to. Mark came in first on the race ahead of Mario. It was personal. So they head to the drag zone. Again, Mark comes out on top. "They did NOT let me win. At least I hope so."

One more thing... Bungeeball! "There ain't no f(^_^)ing way." Mark's deathly scared of heights. Immediately the team scrambles for a backup plan. Not there... Not good... So they end up going home early... with nothing to do but veg. He doesn't waste their time (told you he was a man on principle), and lets them know that he did enjoy the things he never got a chance to enjoy, BUT in terms of time management... not good.

Decision time, as Mario reveals that his bags are packed. Mark will eliminate two people. But first, he reveals that Team Shawn was least effective in this task. So they will be drug into his office. All will be chewed up, but only two will be spit back into the game.

Analysis: Linda was going for strength. Dominic was going for ease of comfort. Shawn was going for three people that she could manipulate. But how will that stack up against...

... three academically advanced privately-schooled second graders? Enter Mark Cuban life lesson #6: Sometimes road blocks come from the unlikeliest of sources. These three - Stuart, Katie, and Mary - will interview each player, and Mark will return with a full report. The two they don't like are going home.

William is asked about sports, plans for the million, space, and candy. Interesting. Latane gets the same questions, including a mosquito question that isn't really related to anything. Mario likes video games as a sport and has two Star Wars tattoos... Okay. Shawn, still the teacher, has the same questions. If she was to get cut, this would be the ultimate retribution.

Everyone seems to be "good with kids". But who were the kids good with? William was "weird and nerdy". Latane was "awesome". Mario was "odd". Shawn was "pretty over the edge" and "a Mash fan."

Mark lets the kids go with the promise that he'll choose one of them to run one of his companies. Hmm.. Funnier than when Andy Dick did it, really. Then Mark comes back to the grownups with his decision... Mario and William... are gone. Shawn was THIS close to being eliminated as well. Latane learns from the early candy episode and Shawn from the Mash episode Mark Cuban life lesson #7: Luck plays a role.

As for Mario and William, Mario was losing his grip, and William had a charade going on. But he's still confident that one year form now, he'll have more money than the winner of the show.

Yeah, good luck with that. We leave the remaining players with dinner at Chili's as the others are pleasantly surprised (Tiffaney) and pissed (Linda) at seeing Latane and Shawn. "Here's to the top 10!"

Next week, the game gets more cutthroat as the friends-not-friends get their first individual challenge: 12 hours and $1000.

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