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Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban is putting $1,000,000 out to anyone who can pass his tests of skills needed for survival in the real world. But this test, like life -- and Mark himself -- promises to be one spontaneous move after another.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Mark Cuban
Creator: David Young
EP: David Young, Clay Newbill, Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban, Mike Beale
Packager: 12-yard, Dogfight Industries, 2929 Entertainment
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on ABC

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"What Would You Do with $1000?" - September 27

Video games save lives. I know that. You know that. Dominic, Tiffaney, Femia, and Christine knew that, as their trip to the arcade saved their behinds with Mark. Not so for Shawn, Latane, William, and Mario, the last two victims of a counsel of second graders. They join last-man-picked Kathy on the loser bus, but what happens when Mark gives out $1000 and 12 hours to turn a success story? Read on to find out.

It's the first head-to-head test, as each player gets $1000 and 12 hours and Mark Cuban life lesson #8: "What separates the doers from the dreamers? The doing!" This is a big chance to stand out, so stand out.

But what is Mark looking for exactly? Something that makes him say "wow". Something that is going to push boundary, segueing into Mark Cuban life lesson #9: "Fear can be a roadblock, but it can also be an amazing motivator." So here're the answers to the titular question to this recap:

Shawn: Planning to write a children's book, FedEx it to publisher, and see if they can correlate releasing book with releasing this episode. So if someone could check the Barnes & Noble real quick...
Femia: Planning to start a business. Women's fashion, mostly.
Chris: Planning to play hockey for the Dallas Stars.
Latane: Planning to start a website: So if you're wondering whether or not Mark Burnett's lawsuit is founded...
Tiffaney: Planning to skydive... but it was closed.  NEXT!
Spencer: Planning to patent an idea for an air traffic controller software systems.
Kevin: Planning to write and produce an original song.
Dominic: Planning to jam with any band that will take him.
Linda: Planning a website for her mom. Precious...
Christine: Planning to become a dancer.

Mark thinks that Chris is going to separate himself from the pack and that Dominic is fearless. Dominic is willing to blow the wad on his guitar... although he hasn't actually learned how to play. But he has the 12 hours, so it's no problem. He might need all 12 of those hours just to a) learn how to play a guitar and b) learn a song.

Linda goes to take web authoring 101, as she is floored by the proposals the the professionals have up.

Femia, meanwhile, hits up a boutique to take clothes, tear them apart, and hopefully put them back together again.

Tiffaney finally sees a window of opportunity on her skydiving, but embellishes a little on the time limit. "I have until about... 4." LIIIIIIIIIES! Well, mission accomplished, but with an hour drive time and it being 2:07, Tiffaney had better put the foot down.

Spencer and Shawn talk on the way to their respective destination, as Shawn reveals that the last elimination didn't really put her on edge so much. Spencer discusses his patent, which may take longer to follow through than expected (and we're not just talking about red tape either. You ever see this guy speak?). Or so says his patent lawyer. Lawyer life lesson #1: always get the money up front.

The 8pm deadline is here, and everyone is ready to present their ideas to Mark. Needless to say, with the make-or-break aspect, nerves are riding high. "If you do it well, there's a whole lot more where that came from." Mark Cuban life lesson #9: The key to being successful in high-stress situations is taking control of your own destiny.

Some evaluative notes:

Tiffaney: Success in execution, points for tying into Mark's morbid acrophobia. Risky, but let's see what happens next with...
Chris: Turned from Alex, mild-mannered reality-game contestant, to "#27 for the Dallas Stars, Alex Harris!", playing a round of pond-soccer with the pro team. Would be better if Chris didn't get hurt so darn much. Oh, look at me! I'm hurting!" But he has played some before, so points for that.
Latane: He wanted to see who was going to be a star. Check out for yourself. In a word... Bleh.
Spencer: From "huh" to "zzzzz...." Yeah, it as that boring to the lawyer, too. But points for having QUITE an extensive plan. Patent pending...
Kevin: This song is called "One Scene Left." And I think he has more than one up his sleeve. The message: simply put, never give up.
Femia: Seeing a man in woman's designer wear... a wee-bit wrong. But The Shining Star Collection wows the crowd... as in "Wow, what the heck were you on?"
Shawn: The title of the book: "The Game Starts Now". I've seen Shel Silverstein draw up better illustrations. You can tell she's obviously playing to the "give me money". But an A for effort.
Christine: Ended up with the choreographer for the Dallas Mavericks dancers... My friend Courtney in Statesville is cheering from my cell phone as we speak.
Linda: The idea: connect her mom's accident with the perils of drunk driving (DON'T DO IT!). The execution: Four-oh-four. Oh wait, there it is. Not bad.
Dominic: Ladies and gentlemen, Bacchus! They perform "Maybe." I like the strap. "Police Line: Do Not Cross". Very CSI. Learned quickly he did... But then it all goes to pieces... as does a $1000 guitar, as, look out! Stage dive! Well, into the pool, but whatever. Shawn didn't buy it, though. "He wasn't the lead singer."

But it's the end of the tour for four people, as they get the cherry-axe... right now. But it won't be Femia (out of her comfort zone), Spencer (intellectual star), Kevin (personal challenger), Dominic (he stood out), or Tiffaney (pushes through comfort zone). These five will choose the final survivor from Linda or Chris. As for Christine, Shawn, and Latane, "you lost your shot at $1 million." Latane got confused, Christine wasn't wowing, and Shawn just got on Mark's last nerve by manipulating.

But back to the final five and Mark Cuban life lesson #10: In order to be successful, you have to be competitive. "I'm not going to lie, cheat, or steal, but I'm going to squash 'em like a bug."

So do you keep a friend or lose a competitor? Chris didn't go out of his comfort zone, but he went big. Linda did an honorable thing, but is she a competitive threat? Femia is the most competitive, as she eliminates her basic threat, Linda. On the other hand, the other four vote to keep Linda in the game. So Chris goes home, sure that he was going to win.

So we have our final six. Time to raise the game, as next week, game begets game. It's ABC Street Vol. 4, kid, and someone's taking an easy out... Remember, "There's one scene left, so don't you go."

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