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Ten teams of two, joined by friendship or relationship, competed in a frenetic race around the world for a pot of $1,000,000.

The only things that get in their way? Several physical and mental tasks, a few language barriers, and perhaps each other.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

September-December 2001, CBS
Phil Keoghan
Creator: Elise Doganieri, Bertram van Munster
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Prods., CBS Prods., Amazing Race Prods., Touchstone TV

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November 14, 2001

So here we go again with another episode. Garth Brooks and Randy Travis are taking the plane to India, while the Dixie Chicks...wait a sec.

After a week away from the action (thanks to those gosh darned country and western folk), we are back on the race - and the race this time will take us to the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok. Team Greek get out ahead, but before they do, they tell Nancy and Emily that the Fast Forward is where the Buddha reclines, in Bangkok.

The reason why the Fast Forward is important is that in finding it, it will give you the destination of the final spot for the leg (the pit stop). it is even more important for Team Guido or Nancy and Emily to find it, since those are the last 2 teams, and the last team in this leg gets to watch the rest of it from their TV set, just like everyone else.

Frank and Margarita (Team FM) are out of the box second, with the lawyers in hot pursuit. The teams can get to Bangkok via a slow but direct bus, or a quicker train that does not go directly, so you have to wait to transfer. Only the Greeks take the Bus, which happens to be faster than the train and the Greeks increase their time lead.

Joe and Bill and Nancy and Emily both get out almost 3 hours after the lawyers leave. They both decide to take the Fast Forward, realizing that the team that doesn't win the Fast Forward is almost guaranteed to go bye bye.

At the train station (about to get their flights to Bangkok), the Greeks to get there first and take an 830 flight. Team Guido sneak on a 9 flight, and Frank and Margarita take a 10:35 flight. Nancy and Emily and the Lawyers take the 2pm flight, with the lawyers complaining that they haven't gotten any breaks during the game (poor baby - Nancy and Emily have bad luck too - they're stuck in the same flight as you guys.)

The Greeks get there just in time - to see the Temple of Dawn closed. All of the teams catch up, and once again, everyone is at an even start. But both the mom/daughter team and husband and husband team decide to go for the fast forward anyway. The rest of the teams stand by the temple - waiting it to be open.

At the temple of the reclining Buddha, both teas have to pick a bowl of pennies and put a penny in each of the 108 vases. They win if they have enough pennies - if they don't have enough or too much, they have to try it again. After a 10 minute montage of this competition, Team Guido does get the win, and they get to see the final destination for this episode - the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi.

Meanwhile, the rest of the teams are at a detour - either take a public bus or take a private car (that they have to find in the street) to get to the next destination - Kanchanaburu. Team FM find their private car almost immediately, followed by the Lawyers. The Greeks take over 2 hours to find their private car and are all by themselves in third.

Nancy and Emily get there while the Greeks are looking for their car, but can't take advantage as they too get stuck looking for their car for over 2 hours. Nancy then comes up with the dumbass move of the episode: since they think that they are completely out of the race, instead of getting a bus - they will do option C - hire a cab to take them to the next destination. But this is not an option they are allowed to have and the team has to take a penalty for their actions. This really comes into play at the end of the episode.

In Kanchanaburu, the teams have to get the instructions to the final place by getting past a piece of desert - no problem, right? The only problem is that the urn with the directions in it is surrounded by TIGERS! (Where are the lions and bears, oh my?) Frank, Drew, and Emily (don't they all look like giant Lamb Chops when they are wearing their red clothing monk garb?) all pass the tigers (amazing that when you get them into the same shot with the contestants that the tigers look like they are little baby tigers, eh?), get the final destination card and proceed to go to the Tiger Cave.

Meanwhile, Team Guido are relaxing themselves by hanging out in their hotel and waiting for the next direct bus to come - at 6pm. But aren't all the teams done with the final challenge before 5? Team Guido doesn't realize this. In the runner-up dumbass move of the episode, Team Guido assume that the other teams will run into trouble and take their sweet time on to getting the right bus to get there. Uh-oh.....

The Greeks, Team FM, and Nancy and Emily all take the train to get down to the cave, but lawyers Rob and Brennan hire a professional driver - and that makes all of the difference as they wind up in first. Frank and Margarita come in second, Team Greek come in third, and Nancy and Emily arrive in fourth. That would bring Team Guido into fifth and last place, which means that the overly smug team finally get their come-uppance, right?

Wrong. Remember when Nancy and Emily decided to take a taxi instead of taking a bus or finding their private car? Well that would be something called cheating, and therefore, they get penalized a whopping 24 hours. With the penalty, that brings them into last place, and they are the team that goes Iloveyoubuhbye. If they completed the detour, they easily get to the end before Team Guido, and it is the Husband and Husband team that gets to take the walk of shame. Ironically, Team Guido consoles them - but they are now on the skillet - since they are a bunch of hours behind all of the teams - and they have no fast forward to save them.

Does the "annoying life couple," as CBS called them in a promo, go home next week? Tune in and find out!

November 21, 2001

Last week, we had 5 teams - Lawyers, Greeks, A Lifestyle Couple, a potential couple, and a cheating group - I mean Nancy and Emily - as we get to see flashbacks of how the mother and daughter team got themselves DQ'ed as they let the evil Guidos back in the race - though the husband and husband team are eight hours behind everyone else - and they used the fast-forward short cut last episode. None of the teams have a fast forward left - so its now down to who can navigate the terrain the best.

Starting at the Tiger Cave - Rob and Brennan start at 10:12 am - they have to find 'The King' at Raile Beach - The King is actually King Climbers - which is a major adventure company. The Lawyers have never had good luck with the transportation, and this time is no exception - the taxi like thing that they are driving has stalled out and they have to wait for the taxi to repair itself.

Frank and Margarita are next at 11:06 - snickering that the last place Guidos can't get out of there until 630 pm. Meanwhile, the Guidos are eavesdropping on the group. The Lawyers are stuck getting gas - which allows Team FM to catch up and unsuccessfully barter for transportation - Margarita is a little miffed that the money they are saving is not being used on her - if you win, maybe he'll spend part of the money on you - or maybe not.

The Lawyers find The King first - they have to do some rock climbing and hiking for a half mile to get to the next road marker. Margarita is the only woman left - 'After the bungee thing, nothing really much scares me anymore' what about a half a mile hike with Frank?

Detour Time - either a long but easy hike or a quicker (but more arduous) rock climb. The Lawyers decide to go climbing and make it with relative ease -they next have to go to Sea land and trek - in Bor Tor Ao Luk - the company closes at 530 - so the teams better hurry. The Lawyers get down from the mountain just as Team FM start to climb the mountain. Frank is telling Margarita what to do and Margarita looks like she wants to repel Frank off the cliff - head first.

The lawyers get down the mountain, but not before one of them loses a chunk of flesh from his hand - and we get to see it on TV. Ewwwwwwww. Margarita is struggling up that mountain - Frank tells Margarita to get going, but Margarita's legs are shaking, and she is having a massive problem getting up the rock. Maybe if you spent some of the money you were saving on a bigger bowl of Wheaties and good climbing shoes for the woman, Frank. Margarita finally gets her booty up the mountain.

Margarita has much more fun repelling down and they make up a huge chunk of time - and are now right behind the lawyers - both teams want to get to Sea Land and Trek before it closes - then they would have more than a 24 hour lead on the other 2 teams.

The lawyers, after nursing their wounds - get to the Sea Land and Trek - where one of the members must paddle both team members to a cave to find the next clue. The lawyers get there first and find some snorkeling gear - and they have to Dive at Chicken Island - where at the bottom of the water is the clue with the location of the pit stop for this leg.

Halfway through the show, the Greeks finally make their first appearance at 3:03 pm - they have 2 and a half hours to get to the first stop before it closes.

Team FM find kayak-land at 3:18 - and Frank is bitching and moaning about all of the movement Margarita is making - meanwhile, the lawyers are just bitching and moaning about going upstream.

The Guidos are bitching about rock climbing - and about capsizing in the boat they need to get to the rock. With both of them combined over 400 pounds, they do make a hearty effort to sink the boat, as the boat shifts dangerously to one side, but they make it to the island without getting wet.

Team FM find the next clue - and its off to Chicken Island for them as well. The Frat Pack (though not as much TV Air time for their odyssey) go rock climbing as well, and make an idle small comment at a skimpily dressed woman. You can tell that they are serious - they would have spent an hour ogling her earlier.

The Lawyers get to chicken island first, followed closely behind by Team FM. The Greeks, meanwhile, are having massive difficulty getting up that first mountain, with Kevin and Drew using each other as foot holds. They do get the next clue - but they realize that they may not get there by 5pm. They have 15 minutes to make a 2 hour trek - they may be good, but they're not that good, and they are facing the prospect of getting caught by Team Guido. The Greeks get down the mountain, and off to Sea Land and Trek they go.

The Lawyers find the buoy with relative ease and start to dive. The have to go to Pai Plong beach, and fortunately for them, their boat person knows where they're going. Frank and Margarita pass them on the way to the snorkel - and pass them on the way to the beach, since the lawyers motor stalled out. The motor comes back on, though, and now its a neck and neck race to get to the beach. The Lawyers come in first, and Team FM come in second. They are hugging together - and they are both thinking that they have a huge lead on the other 2 teams.

Meanwhile, Bert and Ernie just leave at 6:13 pm - with the hours of operation closed at 5pm. They decide to get to the beach and hang out there right before it opens. That night, the rain falls and team Guido decides against sleeping on the beach. The Guidos find some shelter. They talk to a woman and realize that Team Greek just got past them. Team Greek are on their way to Bor Tor Ao Luk while the Guidos find a skanky hotel, right next to the rock climbing group. The Greeks get to the Sea Land and Trek - only to realize that both teams got there before they did, so they will be losing an additional 8-9 hours behind them. Would you like the third place moniker now or later? For their and Team Guidos sake, this better be a non-elimination leg, or next episode will be real anticlimactic unless one of the other teams does something incredibly stupid, or some weird things happen (they get attacked by a wild llama, they only have one flight that leaves every 48 hours, Mark Burnett decides to have all of the teams switch partners...oh wait, wrong show, sorry.)

The next morning, Kevin and Drew get the Kayaks - Kevin gets to paddle. Joe and Bill: "We can't get depressed just because the other teams are ahead." Like a full day ahead. The Guidos get the flag and do some rock climbing - which is not a problem for them - what is a problem is the very weak Kevin trying to paddle him and Drew in a kayak - and they are losing a lot of time to the Guidos, who after a heartfelt moment of the 2 old farts climbing up the mountain together and calling each other honey and other lovey dovey names (awwwww) have repelled down the mountain.

The Greeks finally get to the cave and are going to Chicken Island. The Guidos get to the Kayak, but its too much time to catch up. The Greeks take their sweet-ass time to find the buoy - but they do find it while Team Guido is kayaking their way back. Drew can't find the clue in the water, though - and we are treated to Drew and Kevin's bare upper torsos. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Drew and Kevin do come in third - but a good 12 hours later (at least) then Team FM and the Lawyers. But they are still in better shape than Team Guidos, whose runner-up dumb ass move last week (taking their sweet time to get to the pit stop) blooms into full fruition as they do come in last. This is the last non-elimination point of the race, though, so all 4 teams are still alive - and they do catch up to the Greeks - but the Lawyers and Team FM have over a 12 hour lead on both of those teams, and if something drastic doesn't happen, one of those said teams will be finishing the race in fourth.

November 28, 2001

So we are down to four teams - and after tonight, it's going down to three. This is the last elimination leg - its then a 3 team race down to the end and the one million bucks.

Last time we left the teams, we had the lawyers and Frank and Margarita wayyyyyy in front of The Greeks and the Life Couple. Team Guido is hoping for the airlines to once again equalize the teams, but the time lap (over 12 hours) is too much for the plane equalizer.

Top Paviliion in JinJiaing Park, in Beijing China, is the first travel destination for this leg. The Layers leave at 6:03 - Frank and Margarita at 6:15. Margarita: "We've been doing things pretty relaxed" You think Frank the human caffeine machine thinks so? Both Team FM and the Lawyers take a taxi to get to the airport - and miss the 830 flight. The next flight is at 12:15, which both teams worry will give the other 2 teams more time to catch up to them. Both squads will take a flight to Bangkok, and then go to Beijing from there. The lawyers get a flight the next night, while Team FM, realizing that they are stuck for a layover, switch bags and buy new, easier to carry bags. OK, so this is where Frank is using all of that money that they were saving - but they aren't spending any money on clothes - they leave close to half of their stuff in the mall.

11:35 pm - Drew and Kevin start out on their quest - and ignore both a party across the street and a house of ill repute - wow, they must be serious. They find a flight that takes them there overnight. 1:30 am - Joe and Bill start and get to Phuket Airport at 3:45 am to take an early morning flight - they catch the Frat Pack and they both wind up taking the same plane.

The Lawyers and Team FM take the same flight and get there before the other 2 teams. Team FM get to the Pavillion first - and hit a detour - Volley or Rally. Either score 5 points in a ping pong game against a local champion, or travel through the congested street using 3 types of transportation. Frank and Margarita decide to play ping pong - as does the Lawyers. Frank just realized that they needed to score 5 points - and he looked like he just ate the ping pong ball by mistake. Oops.

The lawyers think they can play well - at least Rob does - but he screwed up his finger and Brennan will be playing. Frank gets to play against the champ - a kid - and Frank quickly goes up 3-1 - the kid comes up 6-4 - but Frank gets the fifth point and they get the next clue - which is to get a shopping list full of strange stuff.

Brennan gets to play ping pong next - you start to think what sort of a challenge is that if Frank beat him that quickly? But the kid is actually very good as he is handing Rob's butt to him as the kid scores the first 13 points off of him.

The shopping list consists of 5 beetle larvae, one large squid, and 2 chicken feet - but its all in Chinese. This is not a problem to Frank and Margarita, as they quickly find a woman who is happy to help translate.

Meanwhile, the kid is giving Brennan a new bunghole and goes up 16-1. Rob (the one with the busted hand) finally switches places with Brennan - and does absolutely no better. Frank and Margarita gets to see the lovely squirming beetles as they continue their shopping spree.

Rob finally gets the team's fifth point - after the kid scores 24 off of him. Ouch. Frank was looking great compared to him. Frank and Margarita compete their shopping list and now go to the 57th cart to drop off their groceries. The lawyers get a guy to help them with the groceries - and they tip the guy for his efforts.

Roadblock - and both teams guess what it is they have to do with the food that they got from the market - Bon appetite! (munch munch munch) Margarita elects to do it since Frank has a stomach ache - and then realizes what she got herself into. D'oh! They are bickering - and Frank apologizes to Margarita - who calls him a jerk - but Frank apologizes to the camera first. Meanwhile, the lawyers get there while Margarita gets her food and balks at the beetles - but she gets them down. Brennan is eating it as well thinking that its not too bad, while Margarita is thinking college tuition. Margarita finishes first and gets the next clue, which is to get to the Temple of Heaven - that finishes this lap of the race. Frank and Margarita finish in first, and Margarita is only too happy to drink some of the tea. The lawyers come in second -so they are both in the finals. Meanwhile, both the Frat Pack and Team Guido are still waiting for their plane at the airport and one of them isn't making the finals.

Kevin and Drew get the first taxi as they try to get in front of Team Guido -and those teams have no love for each other. The Greeks get to the Pavilion first and decide to take the bus/motorcycle/rickshaw route - until their driver has no clue where the first bus is. Team Guido finally get to the Pavilion - and they decide to use the transportation too. Now its a 3 transportation race. The Greeks are singing Batman as they go on the motorcycle - but Team Guido catches the Greeks. The Greeks and Guidos are telling their guys to go faster -and down the stretch they go - the Greeks lean forward and pass the Guidos - they both get to the Supermarket at the same time - just to see the Supermarket close. Early morning shopping at 630, as both teams profess their mutual dislike for each other. No, you think?

The Greeks get an interpreter as both teams get in front of the supermarket - each armed with their own interpreter - and each team trying to slow the other down with people getting in their way -and both teams turn in the food at the same time. You would figure the Frat boys have the food advantage - as each team roots the other partner, and sure enough, the Frat boys finish first, but Team Guidos driver gets ahead in front. The Greeks get ahead - but the driver doesn't know where to go. Team Greek take a chance and run towards the park, not knowing which gate is the South Gate. That turns out to be the dumbass move of the episode, as they get to the East Gate instead. The Greeks find the South Gate - but Team Guido gets there first.

Team Guido spouts off Winston Churchill's success, while the Frat Boys discuss Buddha's teachings - and they'll have plenty of time to discuss the ways of the Buddha while they are looking for their luggage - which is still in the taxi. D'oh! So we're down to Lawyers, Gay Guidos, and a dysfunctional couple for the money - which will be decided in the next 2 episodes. Who wins the money?

December 5, 2001

Last episode - The Frat Pack get their charter revoked as they get taken out by Team Guido. Meanwhile, Frank and Margarita and The Lawyers both have a whopping 23 hour plus lead on the husband and huband team. So now we have three teams, and in thie episode, no one wins the million, and no one gets eliminated. So what's the point? Well, I guess we get to watch the episode and find out...

We start this episode in Beijing, where Frank and Margarita and the Lawyers are up on Team Guido by almost a full day, and Team FM leaves at 11:14. Tiantan Park and Kite is the next destination - which doesn't open until the next day. The couple, who are saying that they have gotten closer throughout the show, are arguing already. The Lawyers are next at 11:25, and they catch Team FM at the same hotel. The Lawyers try to be friendly, at least, but Frank and Margarita, already been burned by them earlier on in the series when the Lawyers stabbed them out of an alliance (all the way back in episode 3 - remember?)

Tiantan Park, known for kite flying, has the next clue concealed in one of three kites. The Lawyers and Team FM get to the park well before it opens up at 6am. Margarita sneaks in before 6 am and that makes all of the difference in the world, as they get the kite first and get the next clue - go to the Great Wall of China via Juyong Pass - and they must take a public bus.

The lawyers get stymied and lose time behind Team FM, but get the next clue, but by that time, Frank and Margarita are already on the bus. The cab drivier offers to take them there, but that would be cheating and the lawyers decline. While the lawyers are figuring out the bus system, Frank and Margarita are jumping over fences and entranceways to get into The Great Wall - but they go the wrong way and the Lawyers get to the detour first - climb either a short but steep hill, or an easier (but longer) flat pavillion. The lawyers go steep - and are hungry - but get the next clue - go to Anchorage, Alaska and go to Scotty Lake. The lawyers get going and are looking to win the whole thing - "I want to win - the adrenaline is going, and Im feeling it, and I know that you're feeling it too". Frank and Margarita, meanwhile, finally get to the right place, but lose the lead, and they both lose their cool as the couple once again bickers about where to go next. I sense a running theme this episode...

Margarita wants to leave her bags behind, which costs them even more time and they are arguing about which direction they are going - they decide to go the steep route. Meanwhile, the lawyers are trying to make a plane that would get them ahead of Frank and Margarita, but the driver is going exceptionally slow and is not getting the directions down (you ever wonder if CBS is paying the taxi drivers to make this thing more interesting?). Frank and Margarita take a taxi cab and are in hot pursuit.

942 am - The Lawyers get to the airport - and proceed to stiff the driver for his poor driving. Meanwhile, Frank is giving up as they go to the airport while Margarita is imploring Frank to act as a team. Margarita is telling Frank that there is an 11:40 to LA - while they are also griping about the taxi driver. The Lawyers cannot fly (or afford) business class (why, I dont know - probably in the rules somewhere). Team FM get there at 10:22, and Margarita is bitching Frank out for trying to stiff the driver by a dollar. The lawyers get a flight to San Fran - and they think that they have a leg up on Team FM. Frank wants to take the San Francisco flight, but finally relents and lets Margarita book - but Margarita sees that San Francisco gets there quicker - and they get business seats - at economy price. Margarita says that in order to win, they have to work like a team, and that it looks like theyre finally working as a team. Yeah, let's see how long THAT lasts...

Meanwhile, Team Guido discusses the art of rolling clothing as they are ready to fight, saying that 'Everyone likes to root for the underdog', but based on internet popularity, everyone wants these dogs to be squashed under a 12 foot fire hydrant. 10:51 pm is when the Guidos leave - and they get to hang out until 6am until the park opens. They get the kite clue and move to the Great Wall. They need both teams to make some mistakes for them to get into it - but it doesn't look like its happening as 4 hours beforehand, both teams get to Seattle and are waiting to go to Anchorage.

Team Guido decides to go steep as well - and realize that they have to go to Alaska. Meanwhile, the other 2 teams get there - and finally get a cabbie that knows English. Rob and Brennan got stuck at the back end of the plane - they're pissed that Frank and Margarita got the better seats, but since the lawyers have to wait for everyone to clear out of the plane before they do, Frank and Margarita take the lead. Team Guido get to the airport in Beijing and take the same flight plan that the other 2 teams took.

Frank and Margarita get the next clue - experience a native American Blanket toss - first come, first serve - at 8 am the next morning. Meanwhile, they get to hang out in a log cabin while waiting for the sun to rise. The lawyers get there a half hour or so later, and also go into a log cabin - but they open the one with Frank and Margarita inside - and with Margarita in her skivvies. Oops. The peeping Tom lawyers get their own cabin, and they are even going into the next morning.

We get some nice 'Northern Exposure-esque' footage as Frank gets to be tossed on a blanket - so he can see the next clue as the villagers toss them in the air. Frank finds the clue and he and Margarita proceed to the Glacier Park Resort at Matanuska Glacier - 100 miles away. Rob and Brennan are right behind them.

Frank and Margarita leave immediately, while Rob stops to get directions before they go - Margarita get to Wasilla and ask for directions there while they are filling up gas - though all they needed for gas would be hot air from Frank. The lawyers are behind them - and go ahead of them when they find out that the road to get there is closed. The lawyers get directions - and they say ignore the closed road signs. Frank and Margarita do the same thing, but the Lawyers take the lead.

Roadblock - climb up the ice wall, and get info at the top of the wall, Rob (he of the non-injured finger) decides to do it, as does Frank - and Margarita has faith and confidence thet Frank will take the lead back from the Lawyers. We get 5 minutes of teammates yellling at their partners to get the feet in the ice, but Rob gets up first - followed closely by Frank. Its time to ride a snowmobile to the pitstop - the second to last one of the series. The lawyers get to the snowmobiiles first, and Frank - recovering from the climb upwards - and Margarita are right behind them.

The lawyers get to relax in the lodge in the middle of Alaska - they are in first, with one leg to go before winning the million bucks. Frank and Margarita, non-surprisingly, come in second around 15-20 minutes back.

Where oh where are the Guidos? "We will kick and scream and bite until we get there." They are still a day behind, as they get to the blanket toss the day after the 2 front-running teams got there. The only thing team Guido will be kicking will be the third place trophy, unless both the Lawyers and Frank and Margarita pull a major dumb-ass move of the episode - and there will probably have to be a couple that are pulled. Frank says that they are destined to win, and the lawyers say that they will focus on winning the Amazing Race.

December 13, 2001

So here we are - the grand finale of the amazing race, between Rob and Brennan abd Frank and Margarita (Yes, Joe and Bill are in it, but they are over a day behind everyone, and let's face it, if they were going to do anything, A. Both teams would have to ake some massive mistakes, and B. They would have gotten more face time. This is the team that said that they would play to win, and ironically, it was that one point in time when they weren't playing to win that ultimately cost them. But this episode is full of ironies. Let's see what happens and who wins the million.

All of the teams are talking about how they will win and what the money means to them. Yawwwwwn. Frank and Margarita want the money for their kid. Joe and Bill...well, who cares what they think, they're not winning this. The lawyers are talking about how this will be a tough race, but how they are the better team.

Well, the better team once again has problems with their equipment, as after they start their final leg, their battery in their flashlight goes dead. Frank and Margarita, being the sports that they are, let the lawyers follow them on the first task - walk a half of a mile trail to Takosha Lodge. Frank reluctantly let them follow - although it looked like he wanted to club both of them with the blunt end of the flashlight and leave them both lying in the snow.

Oh look! It's team Guido! and they're doing the blanket toss - something that both teams in front of them did almost 48 hours ago. That's nice. NEXT!

After both teams get to the lodge, they run into a detour - either take a snowmobile and scoot 30 miles to Fish Lake, or take a slower dog sled but only go 11 miles. Both teams choose to take the route by doggie. After a neck and neck (or should I say paw and paw) montage of both teams going alongside each other, the lawyers decide that they can pass Frank and Margarita - and they do, thanks to the fact that the dogs (who obviously did not have a good early breakfast), were slowed down by the 215 pound mass of Frank. And these are the tough Alaskan Ice dogs? Yeah.

The lawyers get done first, and take an SUV over to Fish Lake for a detour - jump into the icy waters and get the clue for the next destination. They finish it with no problem, and as they are leaving, Frank and Margarita are coming. Frank jumps into the water, and also get it, but take a little longer shivering out of the water. You have a feeling that Frank doesn't like the
cold? While he is drying off - they find out where the final destination is - New York City. That's is where Frank and Margarita are from, and Frank is already spending the money.

Oh look - Guidos at the ice wall - thats nice.

Rob and Brennan buy a cell phone off one of the local natives and start to call for the best available flight. They find it - and realize that they can book the whole flight, effectivelly blocking Frank and Margarita. But they decide not to do that in the spirit of fair play, but wirh Rob saying, "Frank and Margarita, knowing them, would have done it (played dirty). Dude, if it
wasn't for Frank and Margarita, you would still be up in the lodge in the middle of the woods playing canasta with the local alaskans while trying to get batteries.

So Rob and Brennan spend all the time on the phone, but meanwhile, Frank and Margarita get to the airport and reserve tickets - and they get the same flight that Rob and Brennan was on. So much for all the research and spending $300 for the cell phone.

The route goes to Seattle, and then Newark airport, where they will be at 6am. Frank and Margarita are hanging out - the destination is Franklin Daniels Square - which is 6 blocks away from where Frank and Margarita live. The lawyers, meanwhile, have no clue as to where it is and start buying reference materials - which does them absolutely no good. So they have spent a ridiculous amount of money on stuff that has turned out to be completely useless. Wait, that's what lawyers do, dont they?

Team Guido finally get to Takosha Lodge - and say that they think both teams have made a huge mistake that will get them back into it. Well, unless the mistake is that all of the taxis in NYC have mysteriously broken down, it ain't happening. NEXT!

6am and both teams get to the airport. After a montage of both teams racing against each other, the Lawyers get the first taxi out of the Airport. Frank makes the million dollar dumb ass move of the episode right here and akes the exact same mistake that cost the Guidos - because they are familiar with the territory, Frank takes his sweet time - a good 5 minutes - on selecting a taxi driver, convinced that they know where they are going and the Lawyers don't. This turns out to royally bite them in the ass, because for once, the Lawyers actually get a driver that KNOWS where he is going, and the lawyers get to the square before Frank and Margarita do.

The last clue - Go to Flushing Meadows Park and follow the flags to the finish. The lawyers race to the subway, with Frank and Margarita a few minutes behind, But the few minutes Frank and Margarita lost turns out to be costly, as the next subway shows up. The lawyers make it, Frank and Margarita miss it, and that is game, set, and match.

The next few minutes is anticlimactic - the Lawyers find the area and run there, where they meet all of the eliminated teams, and there is much rejoicing. Frank and margarita take the next subway, and they think that they have won the race - until they see Rob and Brennan there.

Joe and Bill are playing with the sled dogs when they find out that the race is over. 'We have learned so much - this is fantastic.' I think Winston Churchill would be slapping you guys upside the head for using his quotes earlier and then finishing miserably in third.

Frank and Margarita say that they may have found something more important than the million dollars - true love and a relationship renewel - awwwww. As for the Lawyers, well, heck they don't need the money, but congratulations to them anyways. They were the best team and played that way.

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