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Twelve teams of two, joined by friendship or relationship, competed in a frenetic race around the world for a pot of $1,000,000.

The only things that get in their way? Several physical and mental tasks, a few language barriers, and perhaps each other.

Recaps by Ryan Vickers, GSNN

May-August 2003, CBS
Phil Keoghan
Creator: Elise Doganieri, Bertram van Munster
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Prods., CBS Prods., Amazing Race Prods., Touchstone TV

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June 26, 2003

Racing in Le Mans! Fights in Marseilles! Descending the Gorges du Blavet! And Weezer/Geezer fall by the wayside in Provence.

(roll titles)

The Models (Tian/Jaree) are the first to depart at 2.26 am. Their first task? From Marseilles, fly to Amsterdam. Find the Magere Brug (a bridge), look for the clue box. And I notice the liberties taken by the show - since when is "the outskirts of town" (in reference to Ste-Remy-de-Provence) equal to 74 miles?

Mille/Chuck along with the clowns, both depart at 2.41 am. The clowns have decided to concentrate on themselves, not others. The Supremes leave at 2.45. They say they're getting along great, unlike the models, they say.

Cut to the airport. The models are first at the Air France ticket counter and park themselves on the floor. Reichen/Chip leave Provence at 2.54. And it's pretty odd when they decided to sightsee on route. David/Jeff leave at 2.57. Kelly/Jon leave at three bells. Kelly doesn't like that she has to read the maps.

The BFG are the last to go at 4.19. Can they stave off elimination three weeks in a row?

Chip/Reichen arrive at the airport and see the line. Chip decides to ask Tian to book tickets for them, and Tian says, "sure, I'll ask Jaree". Chip interprets this as "sure". We'll see. In any case, Millie/Chuck look worried. Millie calls Tian on it and she says they haven't decided. Chuck/Millie decided to go look for another possibility.

The clowns join forces once again with Millie/Chuck and head for the British Airways counter.

The models get their flight, and after threatening to punch Chip's eyes out if they cut, Kelly/Jon get theirs. Looks like Kelly/Jon will be looking around elsewhere. The models will be flying through Paris - Charles de Gaulle along with Kelly/Jon.

The clowns, the supremes, Millie/Chuck and Chip/Reichen all get a flight leaving at 6.50 am on British Airways.

David/Jeff and BFG get a flight - but it's to Orly, and then their connection is through Charles de Gaulle, and they only have an hour. Having been to Paris before, I can tell you this will NOT be easy.

6.25 departure for Kelly/Jon and the models. 6.50 departure for the BA group.

Cut to D/J and BFG arriving in Paris, and getting their taxis. And guess what kids? There's an accident, and they're stuck.

Kelly/Jon and the models hit Amsterdam first. Clowns, Supremes, Millie/Chuck and Chip/Reichen all arrive three minutes later. Millie/Chuck grab a taxi, everyone else gets a train, except Tian/Jaree who buy a map and have to wait for the next one.

Millie/Chuck are the first to find the bridge. Teams must now choose a boat and drive themselves to the Scheepvaart Museum. Although they are first, they're having problems, and everyone else catches up.

Back in Paris, David/Jeff and BFG finally arrive at Charles de Gaulle to find out the flight is gone. No surprise there! They are able to rebook on a KLM flight at 11.45.

Returning to our navigators, they're having problems with the route's canals. HA! I'm brilliant. The models arrive, and let the problems begin. And Millie/Chuck are arguing. So are Kelly/Jon.

The clowns are first to the DETOUR. If this was in a late night slot on a Saturday, and you know Amsterdam, you might be able to figure out a couple of choices. That being said, I'm happy it's not at 12.30 am on a Monday, so here's what it really is:

500 KILOGRAMS: carry cheese while wearing wooden clogs until you tip the scales at 500 kg exactly. 15 FEET: drive further than the first option, dig bare handed through cow manure for the clue.

The clowns decided to go for cow manure. Chuck/Millie, still on the canals, turn around, as do the Supremes. Both teams feel they need to regroup. The models look like they're going to self-combust. Especially after Tian grabs the map out of Jaree's hand.

Reichen/Chip are second to Scheepvaart. European cheeses for them. Millie declares that they should go for the fast forward. They have to get to the Molen van Sloten windmill in North Amsterdam and ride it! Ten revolutions each!

BFG and David/Jeff have finally arrived in Amsterdam. The clowns arrive at the manure pile first. Kelly/Jon decide to go for "poo".

Millie/Chuck get to the windmill. And they're off! They both feel the time along was some much needed peace. They can now skip the Detour and the Road Block (good call, guys!) and proceed directly to the pit stop in Muiden at the Kasteel Muiderslot.

The Supremes go for poop. The clowns seem to be having too much fun - they're slinging dung at each other. And one loses a boot! But the find the clue anyway - they have to find the smoker statue in the village of Monikadam.

BFG and David/Jeff get their Amsterdam clue. The models once again are fighting. They've lost about 90 minutes with the bickering. But they finally find it. They're gonna dig.

Kelly/Jon arrive at pooville, and instantly Jon finds himself knee deep in poo quicksand.

Chip/Reichen arrive at the world of cheese and start carrying. The crowds gathered around seem to enjoy themselves. In their first run, they've moved 72 of 500 kilograms needed. Better get used to those shoes, boys. Kelly/Jon have found the clue in the poo. Both BFG and David/Jeff arrive at the museum around the same time. The Supremes have found their poo clue.

Chip/Reichen finally finish. The clowns are first to the roadblock. They are to immerse themselves in the world of a Dutch fisherman, by transferring from a boat's floor to a box 25 eels with their bare hands. Al chooses to do it but he wished he hadn't.

Millie/Chuck are first at the pit stop - and they've won a seven day cruise as a bonus.

The clowns have found the eels and finished. They're off to the castle. The Supremes have just done pooville and they're trying to turn around when they get stuck. Thankfully, someone comes along and tows them out.

Kelly/Jon get to the roadblock, and Jon's doing it, and he does it quickly. The clowns are second to the pit stop. In the car, Tian is yelling at Jaree. Dave says that he looks stupid with his shoes on.

Kelly/Jon are third to the pit stop. Reichen/Chip and the Supremes have made it to eel town. Reichen and Sheree both do the task handily. The Supremes ask Reichen to help them, which he does. Tian suspects that Jaree is trying to sabotage them. David/Jeff finish the pooville challenge. Tian/Jaree want to throw it at each other. BFG finish. The models find a poo clue quite quickly.

Reichen/Chip are fourth, the Supremes are fifth. David is in and out quickly in regards to the eels. Jaree does it too - her first roadblock - way to pitch in, girl! Dave does it for the BFGs. David/Jeff are sixth.

Were down to two. Jaree says that although she shouldn't think about it, she wouldn't mind being eliminated.

But they'll have to wait another episode, as somehow, they end up coming in seventh. Tian's stunned. Jaree seems impartial. And that means the inevitable has happened, the BFG are the last to go. Dave says the one thing that he noticed the most along the race track was that he really misses his wife.

NEXT TIME: Racing through India, a very challenging road block, and a harrowing train ride.

July 3, 2003

Last time: Chuck and Millie are trying to get through in the clutch, Tian and Jaree can't stand each other very much, and the BFG's go Dutch, and are eliminated.

(Roll titles)

Millie/Chuck start the middle of the night race at 2.25 am. It's off to Mumbai, India (formerly Bombay) for our teams, and they have to find gate number one in film city. Time to get to the airports, then. Chuck says Millie and he are "super competitive". They're on the cell phone in the taxi to book a flight.

The clowns are next at a quarter past three. Kelly/Jon are next at 3.34. Jon says Kelly has stopped panicking so much. Millie/Chuck find a KLM flight for 10.25 but think they can do better.

Reichen/Chip are fourth at 4.26. The Supremes take off at 4.43. Sheree says they're becoming closer. They're taking a train to the airport to save dinero.

Dave/Jeff leave at 5.05, calling ahead like Chuck/Millie to get a flight. We see that that team and the clowns have got the flight on KLM. The models are last at 5.42 am. Tian has decided to bite her tongue and let Jaree do her thing.

Reichen/Chip are in a dilemma. Do they take the flight that gets in a half hour earlier but switches in Milan? They discuss it with the Supremes but the ladies are taking KLM with the others. R/C can't decide... but they'll have to quick, as they're running out of time for which to print out the tickets. They decide to go for it, and they make the connection no problem. Everyone else takes the KLM flight.

Reichen/Chip seem overwhelmed at the airport. Chip is overcome with the state of affairs in Mumbai - he wonders how it got to be so bad.

The pack arrives at 11.30. Kelly's worse nightmare is coming true - she's not a big fan of small spaces. The models enjoy the new culture.

Reichen/Chip are the first to find the clue box. They must find Studio 10 in the Bollywood film complex while riding on bikes. After they have a rest that is, as hours of operation don't start until 9.30 the next morning. Everyone else arrives shortly thereafter and they enjoy a big slumber party on a big slab of concrete.

And before you know it, it's morning. Jon (of the clowns) states that not very often you realize how lucky you are, after looking at the ruins all around him.

Now it's time for the Tour d'Inde. No, not really, but close enough. David/Jeff are the first to find the next clue, who leads them to a...


SUDS: take a bag of dirty laundry and wash it in an outdoor Laundromat. The clue is on one of the dirty articles of clothing.

DUDS: locate a hard to find clothing shop, search through hundreds of traditional "sarees" to find the clue printed on one of them.

Both detours can only be accessed through the jam packed public transit system.

Everyone is relatively close in Bollywood - and once they've got their clues, everyone seems to be running in different directions, whereas Reichen/Chip still use their bikes. Concept! They then take a bus to the city, along with David/Jeff, Kelly/Jon and Millie/Chuck.

The Supremes then miss that bus, as do the clowns, but Tian/Jaree manage to locate one.

Chip/Reichen are now at the train station, and they don't know what they're in for. They have to push like nothing they've ever seen. David/Jeff and Kelly/Jon are next, and they can't believe what's going on. They actually miss the first train they have a chance to take, as they've no idea how to get into what appears to be a can of sardines.

Kelly/Jon say they have to push - and once again Kelly's nightmare is coming true (small spaces). Speaking of which, Chuck is very hesitant to get on once Millie is in, but he does manage to beat his fear this time. Tian/Jaree shove in, and Tian complains that someone grabbed her boob. This is definitely a harrowing experience for all.

Tian/Jaree feel like they're second-class citizens in India. The Supremes are in dead last, and they're lost. The Clowns get a place in first class on the train but in the grand scheme of things, it's not much more space.

Reichen/Chip are first to SUDS. But they walk by the bundle of laundry... and have to go back to the beginning, and they do find it. Kelly survives the train ride, as she and Jon and David/Jeff start their Maytag course.

Reichen/Chip are first to wash the right cloth. They have to get to the Mundo Universal Engineering at Sassoon Docks.

David/Jeff are second. Kelly/Jon are falling behind but they find their clue (after Kelly gets soaked). Kelly/Jon get on a bus - which Kelly says is "much quicker than the train".

Millie/Chuck overshoot the bundle - and Millie starts washing someone else's clean clothes!

Models push through and off the train, and head for the cleaners, and arrive find the bundle about the same time that Chuck does.

The clowns start heading for Duds. Supremes hail a bus to the train station. Chuck/Millie find the clue and head for the docks. Clowns have major problems finding the shop, but they do eventually, whereas the Supremes aren't liking this leg at all - mind you, at least they're on the train now. The Clowns start the search. Models find their clue, and hop into a cab.

The Supremes make it to the Laundromat, while Al finds the right dud for the Clowns, and they can move on. Supremes go through the whole load, don't find it, and then have to go through the pile again.

After the ad break, they find the clue, and hail a cab.

Chip/Reichen and Dave/Jeff are first to the ROAD BLOCK. Smells fishy. They have to find 20 Palai fish in a pile with multiple types of fish.

Jeff and Reichen help each other find the vendor, and start piling fish into their baskets. Once they're off, Reichen comments how wonderful it is to be piled with fish guts. Chip/Reichen are first to complete. They must now find the Gateway to India for the pit stop. Dave/Jeff are second.

Kelly nominates Jon to do the road block, while Chip/Reichen and Dave/Jeff are drag racing taxis. In a foot race, Dave/Jeff are first to arrive. And they win a seven day cruise as a bonus. Chip/Reichen are right behind and are team number two.

Jon seems to be just tossing fish into the basket, but in the end, they're good to go. Next up are Chuck, Al and Tian. All three ask questions about their catch of the day. Chuck has to go back as he's only got 10/20. Al has 8, while Tian has done the best, with 14. Still, all have to return for their missing fish.

Kelly/Jon, after Jon's request for a hug, are declared third. Chuck and Al both have their new fish stock. Tian's a bit behind. Jaree's happy that Tian hasn't been yelling at her this much this leg. All three teams are off to the pit stop.

The Supremes finally arrive at the docks, and complete the fish task on the first try.

Chuck/Millie are fourth. Tian/Jaree are team number five, and they feel they've mead headway. The clowns are sixth, which makes the Supremes seven, and this time it's an unlucky number. They're out - and one can honestly say that it was just due to a slightly bad leg.

NEXT TIME: Kelly/Jon get nasty! And other teams get down and dirty! (If you've seen the promos, you'll understand...)

July 10, 2003

Last time: Chip/Reichen experience culture shock. Instead of the train, racing women would rather walk. The models civilly talk. A fishy roadblock. And the Supremes are too late at the docks - and are eliminated.

(roll titles)

In Mumbai, Dave/Jeff are the leaders, leaving at 12.51 am. Their first task: travel by taxi to Panvel, then onto Ernakulam Junction. Take the train - 860 miles! Jeff thinks he and Dave can win the whole lot.

Reichen/Chip leave an entire minute later. Reichen says he's made "significant blunders". Dave/Jeff realize that their train ride will last an entire day.

Kelly/Jon are third at 1.19. Kelly says Jon's selfish - and has to remember that she's part of thhe team too! They take a taxi to Victoria Station so as to link up to Panvel. Millie/Chuck are fourth at 1.34. Millie says they're going to try and work together a little better.

The daring duo of the models are fifth at 1.36. Jon and Al (go clowns!) are gone at 1.37.

The last three teams all depart towards Panvel, but the clowns find out it's better to go to Victoria Terminal. So they do. Kelly/Jon find out that the station doesn't open until four, so they and the clowns each find a hotel. Kelly/Jon fight over whether to leave at six am or seven; Kelly wins, they're leaving at six. She doesn't want to be squished.

Tian/Jaree have an ever so slight problem with their taxi driver: HE'S GOING DOWN THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! And his lights are off! But they're okay in the end.

Dave/Jeff end up at the OLD Panvel station (read: ‘wrong') and wake someone up. They then get to the NEW station, which while slightly rundown, is the right one. They decide to go to a hotel.

Millie/Chuck, Chip/Reichen and the Models all make it to the train station and decide to camp out in their space blankets.

Jon/Kelly make it to Victoria station in plenty of time to get a seat. They catch a 6.38 am train. The clowns get one about a half hour later, and have some thought-provoking commentary on the social system they are struck by.

Kelly asks Jon to watch her back, and as a joke, he gooses her. Jon thinks it's funny, Kelly doesn't. Big surprise there!

All teams are now on the 24-hour train ride. There are varying thoughts of how comfortable the train is. While on their journey, most teams upgrade to first class at a cost of $16 each. Save for Chuck/Millie, who decided to save some big bucks, and hopefully avoid the last place whammy.

The models enjoy the idea of doing nothing and watching the scenery. It's a nice time just to take a breather. Millie/Chuck like being in second class away from the other teams. Kelly/Jon go into their five-year-old insulting mode on the topic of Millie's facial features. Hey guys, the playground is on your left. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Finally, the train arrives at Ernakulam Junction. Everyone's out quickly and finds taxis. Teams have been told to search along Highway 47 and look for a billboard that give directions to their next clue.

Chip/Reichen are the last ones out due to the checking of gas levels. Reichen's telling him to just get in and go.

Teams can't believe how many signs there are - thousands, almost. Dave/Jeff are first to the route marker. They must continue in their taxi to the sports field in Alleppey.

We see the Models, Kelly/Jon and the Clowns all finding the route marker. But Chuck/Millie are out of gas. They've got to make a pre-pit stop pit stop. Chip/Reichen find the route marker, but they're still in last. Chuck/Millie's car overheats, and they're falling behind.

After the break, Chip/Reichen are out of gas. And unlike Chip/Reichen, they have to pay for it. Chuck/Millie's cab is finally going. Dave/Jeff are first to the next clue box, and the clowns trail them. It's time for a...

ROAD BLOCK: one person must be pulled through the mud by bulls. If they hang onto the end: clue received. If they can't: it's to the back of the line. David and Al are the first two to go.

Back in the taxis, Reichen feels bad that he didn't pick the right one. He sure didn't - the models and Kelly/Jon arrive at the road block. Tian and Jon are the next to go.

David is first through the mud pit. They must now find the marker on Beach Road. Al confesses that he didn't want to think of what was in the mud. Tian's first go... is a bust. She makes it about three feet. Jon does it no problem, and as soon as he gets out, Kelly is rushing him! Tian's second go... is a no go.

Millie/Chuck arrive in fifth. Tian's third go... is good to go, and now she looks like she's going to do her own poster spread. Tian says she's happy she's getting a facial. Chuck gets it on the first try. Chip/Reichen are last. Chip gets into the mud and gets it done.

The next route marker reveals... DETOUR.

BASKET: load ten live chickens into bicycle bearing baskets and teams navigate themselves to a chicken farm. TRUNKS: load two bundles of "coyer" onto an elephant and find the marked shop.

Dave/Jeff and clowns both take elephants. So do Kelly/Jon, although they say that it's not like riding a horse. David says it's not comfortable. The clowns agree. Tian is thrilled that they get an elephant ride. Millie/Chuck take elephants.

The models have left one thing out - their cargo! So they lose time. Chip/Reichen decided to go for chickens. Jon comments that two hours dragged by bulls is better than five minutes on the elephant. David/Jeff are still first, and they must find "The Finishing Point", where the pit stop is.

The clowns are second to complete. Chuck/Millie have got lost, so have Kelly/Jon. Reichen is trying to direct Chip (albeit unsuccessfully). First to the stop in Alleppey is David/Jeff. And they've won a cruise for their troubles. The clowns are second. Jon/Kelly are third to drop off their cargo, then Chuck/Millie do as well. Chip/Reichen are having major problems with their chicken bike. Maybe a call to Chicken George is in order? Then they're at the "Chicken House", which is not "Geogi's Chicken Farm". Tsk tsk. At this point, the models and Chip/Reichen are off to the races at the same time.

Kelly/Jon are third. Chuck/Millie are close behind and are fourth. Phil keeps saying "you are the __________ to arrive", so I suspect there's time penalties that we're not aware of.

It's a taxi race to the finish... and Chip/Reichen are fifth. Which means our models, Tian and Jaree, are last, and are eliminated. Which is a shame, because they're a good team. They comment that once they stopped fighting, they lose!

NEXT TIME: Jon buts in line. Millie gets pushed out of reservation. Jon gets his shirt in a knot. And Millie falls in!

July 17, 2003

Last time: A long train ride. A muddy bull ride. A short elephant ride. And for Tian/Jaree, then end of a wild ride - they've been eliminated.

(roll titles)

For the first time in a while, we get to see teams mingling in between legs. Chip/Reichen are celebrating their first anniversary, so they tell the remaining teams that they're a couple. Chuck doesn't seem amused. Chuck/Millie reveal that they've been dating for twelve years and are virgins. Kelly/Jon find this hilarious - they say they've been living in sin for years.

Enough of the small talk. David/Jeff are first off at 4.02 am. They must fly to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia and find the Monsopiad Cultural Village. Clowns are next at 4.06 am. Kelly/Jon are third at 4.16. These two teams get involved in the usual taxi drag race. Not far behind are Chuck/Millie at 4.16 (?) and Chip/Reichen at 4.17.

Dave/Jeff arrive at the Cochin airport. A porter suggests taking Jet Airways to Mumbai and then fly to Malaysia from there. They have to find domestics, though. Kelly/Jon catch up with David/Jeff, and so do the clowns - they're all at the ticket wicket waiting for it to open.

Chip/Reichen get directed to the Air India office to get a ticket. Millie/Chuck find Chip/Reichen at the office. Reichen doesn't like Chip/s work being stolen by Millie, and he tries to close the door. Millie's foot is lodged in there pretty good, so it really doesn't work.

Back at domestics, there's problems. The locals have been jumping line, and Jon (of Jon/Kelly) is not happy. They make it through anyway. Chip/Reichen are looking at booking Madrass to Kuala Lumpur but are told to go to a different domestic terminal.

Kelly/Jon, Dave/Jeff and the clowns all book an 8.30 to Mumbai. Chuck/Millie are getting upset at each other. They consult the clowns and get the same 8.30 flight.

Chip/Reichen are trying to book a Malaysian Air ticket through Jet Airlines, which surprisingly, they can't do. They get an offer from a travel agent to go with him to his downtown office where his boss will meet them and try to book them the ticket they want, but it's a gamble. As the other teams depart, the owner of the travel agency isn't there to meet them and C/R are getting antsy.

After the break, he finally arrives and tells them... there's no space.

In Mumbai, Kelly/Jon book a flight to Singapore, while Millie/Chuck get a ticket all the way to Kota Kinabalu. Same one in fact. The Clowns decide to go through Kuala Lumpur. Dave/Jeff will go through Singapore.

Back in Cochin, Chip/Reichen book a flight to Kota Kinabalu, but they're now several hours behind.

Kelly/Jon and Millie/Chuck both arrive in Singapore. While Kelly/Jon decide to crash on the floor in anticipation of their mid-morning flight, thus evoking memories for me sleeping in Buffalo en route to see "The Price is Right", Millie/Chuck go looking for a better flight. Through Millie's persistence, they land it. They leave at 8.40, a full two hours ahead of Kelly/Jon, and Dave/Jeff who are now in Singapore as well.

It turns out that Millie/Chuck, the clowns, and Chip/Reichen are all on the same flight to Kota Kinabalu. Dave/Jeff and Kelly/Jon are on a later flight.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, our out of flight entertainment will begin. Kindly put your headsets in the pocket in front of you, and put your tray table up and seat back in the full upright position before we land. Thank you kindly.

Millie/Chuck are first to the Monsopiad Cultural Village, where they receive a traditional cultural good luck blessing and their clue - they have to head to the village's boat jetty. The clowns are second. Chip/Reichen approach... no, wait... pass the cultural village, and have to go a mile down the road to turn around.

Kelly/Jon and David/Jeff have now arrived in Kota Kinabalu. Chip/Reichen are third to village, and Reichen feels that the ceremony was like getting married again.

Chuck/Millie are first to the jetty. They're on the way to a fishing trawler, which contains their next clue. Jeff says the lady at the ceremony looks like his grandmother but is very much with it.

Millie/Chuck are first to the DETOUR.

NET: catch fifteen fish contained in marked pens. TRAP: pull up a weighted lobster trap.

Millie/Chuck tell their boat to go to TRAP. So do the clowns. Kelly/Jon are the last to complete the ceremony, although Jon thought it was very slow moving.

For some reason, Millie/Chuck are driven to NET. They decide to stick with it. The clowns are pulling at TRAP. Millie/Chuck decide to physically get in the pen to help with the effort. In what might be the most brilliant bit of on screen graphics yet, it reads "MILLIE & CHUCK: 4 fish caught" and then changes quickly to "3 fish caught" when one jumps out.

Clowns are having problems with traps but they end up being first to complete the Detour. They are told to take their boat to Manukan Island for their next clue.

Reichen/Chip arrive at NET after requesting TRAP. Unlike Chuck/Millie, they do insist on going back to the right place.

Graphic: 8 fish caught.

"We've got to drain this water, Chuck!"

Graphic: 7 fish caught.


Chip/Reichen get their clue. They're in second.

SPLASH! Millie falls in. That would be a bummer, then. But somehow they miraculously complete, and are now in third.

The clowns have hit the island and they've hit a ROAD BLOCK. One person has to hit targets with bow and arrow, blow guns and spears. Survivor: Pulau Tiga, anyone?

Jon chooses to do it for the clowns. Once he and any other teams are done, they run down the beach to hit the pit stop. Chip/Reichen are second. Chip's doing it. And not surprisingly, Chuck does it for his team. All three are shooting at the same time.

Dave/Jeff and Kelly/Jon have hit the boat jetty. Chuck is feeling stressed. Jon completes target #1. Now Chip is done the first obstacle, but before he gets there, Jon's onto the final stage. Chuck's still having problems.

David/Jeff decide to go for NET. Kelly/Jon are trying TRAP. Dave/Jeff arrive but stupidly, they choose an UNMARKED pen. They get really small fish from the wrong bin, and have to do it again. Kelly/Jon are having serious problems with the TRAP.

Chip has caught up with Jon at spears. Chuck finally finishes bow and arrow. Reichen/Chip are the first to finish the road block, but seem oblivious to where the path to the pit stop is. Jon/Al are done almost immediately afterwards, which leads to Chip/Reichen realizing this, screaming "Jon, let's win it together!". The clowns are first, with Chip/Reichen pulling in second. The clowns pick up a trip to Mexico.

Chuck's done with the blow darts, and David/Jeff finally complete NET. Kelly/Jon are having problems with TRAP - they let it go. They end up going to NET. The trials of Millie/Chuck continue.

8 fish caught... 7 fish caught... the total is sinking for Kelly/Jon. Chuck nails the spear, and they're third. David/Jeff are done the first, then the second, then the third, and they're in fourth for this leg. Which means, after arguments in the deadly weapons challenge, they're last.

And they're bloody lucky too, as this is a non-elimination leg, so they're still in the race.

NEXT TIME: climbing to the top! Bad decisions rise to the top! And whose car will end up on top!

And a postlude: Up here in Canada, Outdoor Life Network has an "encore presentation" of AR on Sunday night, and we get the full credit crawl - how exciting!

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