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Twelve teams of two, joined by friendship or relationship, competed in a frenetic race around the world for a pot of $1,000,000.

The only things that get in their way? Several physical and mental tasks, a few language barriers, and perhaps each other.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

October-December 2002, CBS
Phil Keoghan
Creator: Elise Doganieri, Bertram van Munster
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Prods., CBS Prods., Amazing Race Prods., Touchstone TV

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December 4, 2002

So this is the special 2 hour episode of the Amazing Race (or the OK - the ratings suck, this was a really lousy idea to put this against The Bachelor, let's burn all of these out and regroup for Volume 4 in the Summer). I happen to like this version a lot, and it pains me to see this cut from 13 weeks to 11, but I am not a TV exec - so here we go.

All five teams are close to each other as we start this lap. We have our first love connection brewing? Derek and Drew, first to leave at 4:45 am - and they have to go to the Gletstsherschslucht (oy) to find a key that will open up one of five cars. Flo and Zach leave a minute later, and Flo is flirting with the models. Teri and Ian, the old couple that won't go away leave at 5:03, Ken and Gerard leave at 5:07 and John Vito and Jill leave at 5:08.

'Our game plan is not to come in last again' says John Vito and Jill, but they don't have to be 0 they are the only team left that has the Fast Forward, which is a short cut to the end of the race, they don't have to worry about it - they get to the lodge first, since everyone else got lost.

Or did they? Flo and Zach and the models stay at a hotel instead and the alliance may be more than that. Ken and Gerard get to the Lodge second, followed by Teri and Ian. But it doesn't really matter, since the place doesn't open unto; 9am.

All of the teams follow John Vito and Jill - and they all go past the keys which are lying on a rack. Duh. They all realize it and they all turn around to get the keys. John Vito and Jill get it done first, and all of the teams have to go to a car train, which will take them through the Alps and to an adventure park.

John Vito and Jill, while in first, decide to use the Fast Forward - which is to find a cheese shop and eat as many pieces of cheese necessary to completely reveal the next clue. Problem - there are over 100 pieces of cheese. They take a few bites of cheese, don't come anywhere near finding a clue, and ponder that they may want to rethink their strategy.

Meanwhile, the other teams get to the car train and the other 4 teams chat with the natives - who say that the red bridge that they have to go to is a bungee jumping bridge. Everyone's sort of cool with that - except Teri, who looks like she'd rather eat all of the cheese. Speaking of cheese, John Vito and Jill finally find the clue, after around 4 layers of cholesterol later - and they go to the Pit Stop - the Steamship Savoie.

Back to the rest of the teams. Flo and Zach are first, but Flo goes to the back of the car to hang with Drew and Derek - something that doesn not make Zach too thrilled. Flo and Zach get out first, with the models, now squabbling because they can't figure out the directions, right behind them. ken and Gerard are right behind the models, and Teri and Ian are behind them - but they are not right behind them, as they get lost on the way. A Detour is awaiting everyone:

Extreme Swiss - take a 620 foot bungee jump. Very scary, but very short and will take them quickly to the next clue.

Very Swiss - Drive 8 miles to the Alps and search 75 goats for one of 5 keys locked in a box. Not terrifying, but could take a while.

The models decide to jump, while the brothers and Flo/Zach decide to go play with the goats. 'Don't Die!' gets yelled to models as they leave. Teri and Ian get there as the 2 teams leave to see the goats. Teri sees one look at the bridge and Teri and Ian decide to fool around with the goats too. 'I was going to skydive, but I am way too scared to bungee jump'.

'Oh my G-d, I need some water so bad' says Drew. No you don't, because you'll probably pee in your pants. Derek tells Drew to 'Own It', and he does. The models aren't scared though, and the complete the jump, putting them into second.

Here come the rest of the teams to play with the goats, and they are having a hootenanny of a time (groooan). Lake Geneva - the chateau de Choine, is the next destination - but the team can make one call on their MOBIL T PHONE - but they have to call before getting in the car.

So we get the warm and fuzzy moments of the series - awwwwwbarf. Zach calls his sister Ariel, Flo calls her friend Lindsay and Ken calls his family. Once again, Teri and Ian get there when everyone else leaves. Ken and Gerard escape first, followed by Flo and Zach, while Teri and Ian start with the goats.

The models get to use the phones too - and Derek calls his wife Rebecca. Everyone is headed to the Lake now - except for Teri and Ian, who are still butting heads with the goats. Teri does get the key to the next round and Teri calls the family. I guess they are not that ugly Americans - or until Teri says 'We're behind, I love you'.

John Vito are not behind - they are about to get to the steamship Savoie. They come in first for the race, and since they already have finished first, they now get a 7 night Caribbean vacation. That sure as hell beats a Kodak Easyshare Camera.

Ken and Gerard get there first - and it's a Roadblock. They have to create a Swiss bike (with a completed bike as the model) and then ride the bike to the next destination. They get to create the bike for a while by themselves, for 2 reasons - 1. Ken sucks at making a bike, and 2, Flo and Zach and Teri and Ian both get lost on the way. Ken and Gerard get the bike completed - and the last clue tells them to go to the Pit Stop.

The models get there next - as well as Flo and Zach. Teri and Ian are still in the car - and they get there as the models leave. But Flo and Zach are still there, and it's a race to get the bike done.

Ken and Gerard find the steamship - but Drew and Derek, in their lovable fashion, once again gets lost. They get the natives to help them find the way and they join Ken and Gerard on the boat - but not before the brothers come in second. The models come in third.

'Zach is feeling a little pressure' says Flo. He'll be feeling more of it - Teri and Ian get their bikes done first and away they go. Flo and Zach finally get the bike completed - and Zach stops to change his pants into shorts. Then Zach steers both of them in the wrong direction. Flo is getting very pissed at Zach. 'We lost. We lost this entire race' says Flo, as it looks like she will be ditching Zach and asking the models if she can be the honorary third member.

But she is not the damsel in distress - Teri is, as she falls off of her bike. That breaks the bike, and Ian has to quickly fix it before they go on their way. Teri and Ian find the Savoie first, and they are paddling off there. Zach gets to the boat and sees Teri and Ian paddling. They could catch up - but Flo gives up and whines and walks up to the boat.

Teri and Ian does get in fourth. 'It pays to have kids, you know how to create bikes.' says Teri. Zach will need to learn that as they finish in last. But for the second straight time, this is a non-elimination point, so they still survive.

Flo quickly realizes the error of her whining ways, and she apologizes to Zach, who would right now probably have no problems sending her over to the models in an exchange for Derek, or Drew, or heck, probably even for a soccer mom or a second season Gutsy Granny. But one thing is for sure - after the next lap, one of the teams will be joining the Gutsy Grannies on the sidelines as spectators. 

The second part of the episode begins as John Vito and Jill leave at 12:42am -They have to go to Geneva and find the tallest fountain in Europe - the Jet D'Neau. 2 Hours later is Ken and Gerard, followed by the models, ten minutes back.

John Vito and Jill get to the fountain first - and have to go to a country (signified by a flag) and fly to Kuala Lumpur and go to the tallest buildings there - the Petronas Towers. No one knows what flag that is - But Ken and Gerard's taxi driver knows that it's Malaysia. John Vito and Jill get to the airport - but it's closed, and once again, all of the teams will be able to play catch-up.

Teri and Ian and Flo and Zach leave around 30 minutes after everyone else. Flo and Zach continue to argue, and Zach does not want to spend money on the taxi. Conversely, Teri and Ian, who were squabbling since the beginning of the race, get there as a team. They show a tourist the flag of the country that they have to go to next, and they are told that they are on the wrong continent. Flo and Zach know immediately that the Petronas Tower is in Malaysia, and they are happy to go.

The airport is now open at 5 am - and it's a race to get tickets. Teri and Ian get theirs first and are out of there at 7:50 am. Everyone else gets the 9 am flight - which means that Teri and Ian have an hour headway on everyone else. Once again, Flo and Drew are hanging out together, and the puppy love symptoms are on. Watch out for fleas!

Once at the towers, teams have to get a tourist to take a picture of them in front of the tower, then go to a camera developer at the Ampang Sopping Park - a mile away - to get the film developed. Meanwhile, everyone else thinks that they are not anywhere near them - and they are right - sort of. John Vito and Jill get their pics done first, and they get directions. The models/Flo/Zach and the brothers are all behind them.

But Teri and Ian are having problems - they can't find anyone who knows where the Park is. Teri and Ian get to the Am Pang Park - but it's the train station, not the shopping center. The ticking that you are hearing is either the seconds of Teri and Ian's lead evaporating, or the gnashing in Ian's teeth as he looks like his head is going to explode - you decide. They do regroup and find the Fotomat first - gee, you think Kodak paid enough for these ads?

Next up - the Singapore National Orchid Garden and find Margaret Thatcher. The catch? Margaret Thatcher is actually the name of an orchid, which the teams have to figure out. Teri and Ian need to figure out how to get a good taxi driver, as the delay takes off even more time from their lead. John Vito and Jill are the first group in the second pack, followed by Flo/Zach, the models, and the brothers.

John Vito and Jill are amused by the fact that Teri and Ian are in first, but they catch them at the station., Flo is pissed that Teri and Ian out maneuvered them for the airplane tickets - and Ian is pissed that all of the teams caught up with them. It's a 5 team race as everyone gets to the train. More Flo and Drew mushy mush on the train ride, as they all play Gin, which is pretty much what Zach wants to down a lot of right now, as he once again is isolated by Flo.

The teams need to find a place to stay. Zach wants to stay at the YMCA, while Flo wants to stay at somewhere better. The models and Flo/Zach decide to split the rooms and the money, and Flo is happy again. Zach may be staying by himself in the room. John Vito and Jill decide to save their money and stay in an el Cheapo hotel.

Next morning, they all get to the orchid garden nice and early. Flo/Zach get there first - and they find a detour:

Dry - Take a car and drive to an apartment to find Richard Peng - A famous star who lives in a street in a city where all of the streets are the named the same.

Wet - Go to the Singapore Zoo and find Mermaids - Manatees, that is.

Teri and Ian and the models decide to go to the zoo, Everyone else decides to get lost. John Vito and jill are actually smart enough to get directions, but they get the wrong directions from the tourists - who send them in the wrong direction. They double back while the Brothers and Flo/Zach get there first.

Meanwhile, the models and Teri and Ian get to the zoo. Derek/Drew and Teri/Ian get to their skivvies and play with the manatee, while the brothers and flo/zach find the TV star - back to downtown Singapore they go - and they have to go to the Fountain of Wealth.

The models get through the manatees first, along with Teri and Ian.

Zach wouldn't trade the map with Ken and Gerard and Flo and Zach are once again sniping.. The brothers promise that they aren't going to lose them. and they get into an argument - again - while they are driving. But the sniping is doing much better than John Vito and Jill, who finally find the TV host, but need someone to get lost.

Ken meanwhile, is trying to be fair, but Gerard wants Ken to lose him. Ken is being nice, for now...John Vito and Jill know exactly where the Fountain is - and that's on step better than both Teri and Ian and the models - but the models figure it out and get there first.

There is no roadblock - the top of Mount Faber is the next Pit Stop - and there is no free lap this time. The brothers and Flo/Zach get there next - Zach takes the lead and the brothers are right behind them. Not behind them are Teri and Ian - but they do find a native who will get them there. They get to the Fountain next - and John Vito and Jill are in deep trouble.

John Vito gets the clue but by the time they get the clue, the Models come in first place. They get to win the same 7 night cruise that John Vito and Jill won the last lap. Ken and Gerard get there in second, and Flo and Zach are in third.

John Vito and Jill get a taxi to take them to the mountain, but it's not quick enough as Teri and Ian come in fourth place. The middle-aged couple survive for yet another mission.

John Vito and Jill don't - the rotten directions from the tourists cost them as they come in last and are eliminated. The couple find out the had way about the biggest drawback of not being in an alliance - there's no other team to tell you that you're going the wrong way.

December 11, 2002

We are down to our final four - and each of them have their own questions. Can the models over come their own stupidity - especially since they are no longer allied with Ken and Gerard? Can Ken and Gerard overcome their streak of bad luck in terms of transportation and short cuts? Can Flo and Zach overcome their own internal squabbling and get their focus back on the race? Can Teri and Ian overcome the fact that they are the oldest and slowest group left with savvy and determination? Can John Vito and they can't, because they didn't last week and are out this week.

We start out this episode where we ended the last one - in Singapore. Derek and Drew, the first one out of the gate, are told to fly to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, The flags will be yellow only, because the nationalist flags are yellow and red. The models - and everyone else - have to go to Bac Ho in Rex Square to find the man where everyone else knows as Ho Chi Minh.

Ken and Gerard leave second - but they are smart enough in advance to order a cab. But that cab has been found first by the models, who unsuccessfully try to steal it. The models scamper away with Ken and Gerard coming towards it. Unbeknownst to the models, Ken and Gerard ordered a second cab - and that one is taken by Teri and Ian, who are the last team to leave - 30 minutes after the models do.

Ken and Gerard get to the airport - and they get a flight to Kuala Lumpur at 11:08 pm. They are the only ones, as the rest of the teams get to the airport after the last plane left. Flo and Zach get tickets for themselves and the twins, and Teri and Ian realize that although the Models have broken the alliance with Ken/Gerard, they have a new one with Flo/Zach.

The brothers got to a flight to Ho Chi Minh city - but the quick lead that they took didn't amount to anything - they get stuck on the same flight as all of the the teams. Everyone's on even ground going into Ho Chi Minh City.

On the plane, Teri and Ian are sleeping, Flo is flirting with the models and Zach wants to be left alone. Zach and Flo split up on which line to take to get through customs, and that squabbling leaves them in last. Flo bitches some more. 'There's no reason to be in the back right now'. Zach probably wants to leave Flo in customs.

Ho Chi Minh City looks very familiar to Ian - he was there during the Viet Nam war. He's not too happy about being there - but he knows how to get around. The models get to the clue first, and they have to go to the floating market at Tai Pei. Ken and Gerard cruise into first, while the models and Teri and Ian are jockeying for second. Flo and Zach are in last, and Flo si still whining to Zach on why Zach didn't cut the line. Zach says he won't do it and if she doesn't like it, they can quit the race.

The non-whining teams get to the marketplace, and they have hit a detour:

Easy Buy - Go into the floating market and buy a water coconut

Hard Sell - Go into the market and sell $2.50 worth of fruit. The catch? Each piece of fruit is worth 6 cents.

No, Zach, you are not allowed to sell Flo.

Ken and Gerard decide to look for the water coconut. Teri and Ian and the models join them. Here comes the rain - which will make life miserable for everyone since all of the merchants have covered their wares with blankets, making it virtually impossible to see who is selling what.

Teri/Ian and the models pass Ken/Gerard - and they all think that Ken/Gerard got their clue - which they didn't. The brothers quit and go for the Hard Sell - and they run into the still whiny Flo and Zach. Flo and Zach join the brother into selling the stuff on land.

Teri and Ian find a water coconut hanging on a pole - and they find the route marker first. The models are right behind them. The brothers finally sell enough - 40,000 worth - and they get out of there. Flo and Zach are going to join them - but they have only sold 39,500 worth., Oops. Back they go into the marketplace, and Flo is whining some more and Zach wants to throw her into the river.

Fortunately for them, the other teams are having their problems. Ken and Gerard are stuck in traffic right after they leave to go to the next place, and the models overshoot it entirely. The next place, you ask? Go back to Ho Chi Minh city and find the route marker at the edge of the Saigon river.

Teri and Ian have no problem doing that first, and they encounter a Roadblock. One person has to ride a cyclo-bike (which is a bicycle-like carriage/rickshaw thingie) through an obstacle course, then over a ferry, to an endpoint. Then the team has to go to the Cafe Thu Thiem, which is the Pit Stop for the last leg of the race. The last team there does not advance to the final episode.

Teri and Ian have no problems and get to the ferry. All of the other teams have their own messes to deal with. The models, now with no alliance to back them up, are hopelessly lost - and there is no alliance to help them. Also lost is Ken and Gerard, who finally get to the Saigon River - but can't find the clue. Finding it before them are Zach and the whiny Flo - and they are now in second. The whining from Flo has now changed from 'we're going to be out, we should quit' to 'Zach, please don't kill me.'

The 2 little lost teams, ironically, are the now ex-alliance mates of the original AMA - the models and Ken/Gerard. Remember all the way back a few episodes where the models had a conversation with Flo? Let me fill you in on it if you forgot:

Flo: I don't like - I dont like to be so nasty
Derek: You're very good at's your nature to be nasty.
Flo That's not true
Derek: You're the dirtiest player left in the game...We can't trust any of you four, but we can trust Ken and Gerard

The models tell Ken and Gerard that the flag is not that way, and Ken and Gerard quickly run the other way - to find Flo and Zach on the ferry. For whatever reason, Flo tells the brothers where the clue is. The models find the brothers, who tell the models that they haven't seen Flo and Zach at all and are still looking for the location of the clue.

We all know that the models, with no teams to guide them, are clueless. So it should surprise no one that as the next ferry leaves, the models pull the dumb-ass move of the episode and hop on it - without their cyclo bike. That gives Ken and Gerard the time that they need to get to the clue and to start on their cyclo-path.

Teri and Ian get to the Pit Stop first, and like the teams before them, they have also won a 7 night cruise vacation to Europe. Flo and Zach come in second, as Flo is happy - until she realizes that 1. They are not last, 2. The models, who she thought were in first, aren't - Teri and Ian are, and 3. Flo gave Ken and Gerard the info that they needed to beat the models. A smiling Zach says 'This is gonna get ugly' while a very unhappy Flo watches as the twins come to see Phil, who says that they haven't completed the Pit Stop, so they can't check in. Flo directs them to where the cycles are, but it's too late, as the models get to the ferry which will take them back to the clue, they run into Ken and Gerard coming off of the ferry - with the cyclo-bikes.

The rest is a fait accompli, as Ken and Gerard do wind up in third, and the models get knocked out because they were betrayed by the team that ironically was the ones that they could trust, and even more ironically, the models stayed in the game to this point thanks to the person that was called earlier by her suitor, 'the dirtiest player left in the game'. Flo, albeit inadvertently, helped the models - to the exit.

And just to prove how air-headed these guys are, we are left with a parting quote that's almost a Yogi Berraism. 'To be fourth, among the top three teams that are left, that's a very proud accomplishment.' Dude, you came in last - that's why you're in fourth.

As they fade out, we see the other three teams talking about how they will win the race. All of those teams - including the Models, have won those silly vacations to take after the race - and Ken and Gerard just need to make sure that they don't take the same boat with the models, or else the cruise may be a one way trip.

December 18, 2002

So it all boils down to this 2 hour season finale - Teri/Ian, who are trying to be the oldest group to win the race, Flo/Zach, who are trying to be the first couple to win the race, and Ken/Gerard, who are trying to be the first brothers to win the race. It doesn't really matter about the leads, because we all know that they will be equalized at one point or another. This lap is described as ;jockeying for position', which means nothing really exciting will be going on for the first 90 minutes of the episode.

But we start with Teri and Ian in the first position. They have to go to the Imperial Palace in central Vietnam - Hue, to be exact. The old farts, I mean experienced traveling husband and wife team get to the train station - and find that the station doesn't open for another hour.

Flo and Zach are next - and Flo, the fragile one, looks much more serene - like Zach slipped 800 mickeys into her before starting. First words from Flo? 'My body is crying for food and sleep...I wish we had gotten eliminated...this is misery.' I really hope Flo doesn't win.

Ken and Gerard are third - and they are stuck on the ferry. Meanwhile, Flo and Zach get to the station, where Ian tells them that it's a 24 hour ride. 'Maybe we'll get first class tickets' says Zach, who gets a giggle in response from Ian. This starts the deconstruction of Flo.

Flo decides she does not want to go on the train, 'If they walk away now, it's certainly good for us.' grins Ian, 'I am going to have a breakdown o the train - do you want to watch that happen?' says Flo. I would like to see that. Flo and Zach decide to move to a different terminal - right when the ticket booth opens.

Ken and Gerard meet Teri and Ian - and the booth just opens. The teams that are there get first class sleeper tickets. Zach, who spent the time calming Flo, loses the sleeper tickets thanks to Flo. He does get first class sitting tickets, which makes Flo sort of happy.

'I feel horrible...horrible....I feel like I've been hit by a truck' whines Flo, who Im sure that Zach hopes that she gets hit by one. Angst aside, they do finally make it to Vietnam, and in a sign of almost resignation, Flo and Zach slow down and take their time to the car - but they are the first ones out. The brothers are second, followed by Teri and Ian.

The brothers get to the palace first. Flo ad Zach get there second - and Flo, continuing the role of Diva, wants to throw up. Teri and Ian are following everyone. The palace is 100 acres - so it takes a long time to find the Pavilion. The brothers get there first - and they have to find a route marker by a bridge in the town of Nam O Da Nang.

Teri and Ian get there first, followed by Zach and Flo, who finds something that makes her sicker than traveling - Ian. 'He makes me so mad that I want to kick his behind.' They both get taxis right outside the Pavilion, but they are still trailing Ken and Gerard, who get to the bridge first and find a Detour -

Basket boats - take the boat to the island and figure out to get there.

Basket Bikes - Take a bike filled with baskets and take a mile trek to the island.

Ken and Gerard take the bikes and they are struggling. Not as much as Teri, who can't get the bike out and gets laughed at by the local kids. Teri, under her breath, calls Teri a shmuck. The other four teams bribe the kids to help their bikes. Ken's pedal breaks and Teri and Ian catch up with the brothers.

Zach gets to the island first - yes Zach, while Flo is sitting in her floating boat, spinning around and now telling Zach that she gives up and wants to quit. Zach, who has to peddle back to help Flo, probably would take the $500,000 rebate if he could just drown Flo in the water.

The brothers get to the island first, and they have to find the Boat 'Quay' in Hoi An. Right behind them is Ian. Teri is walking here bike with the help of some natives. Flo is now paddling - the wrong way. She goes back where they've started, and for all intents and purposes, their involvement in the contest part of the race is over. Zach is trying to convince Flo to at least try the bikes as Flo storms off.

They would have gotten there before Teri and Ian - Teri walks the bike all the way over. Flo and Zach now get to the bikes - and now Flo doesn't want to ride it - she'll push it instead. 'There's not a chance in Hell that I can ride it' moans Flo, then curses out Teri and Ian as they pass Flo. Flo is still whining at the start of the basket bikes. Zach gets mega-points for Sainthood. 'Do you want me to get hurt?' complains Flo. To be honest, Zach wants you to be maimed to he can get another partner.

Flo is done - 'I want out....OUT! I want to go home.' The deconstruction of Flo is pretty much complete. The least Flo could have done was to give up her space to the models, who as dumb as they were, at least tried and would have competed their hearts out. Hell, all the teams have - this is the first time a team drops out of the amazing Race - and the biggest idiotic move since Joe and Cortland dropped out - while they were in first place - in the first episodes of the ill-fated Lost show. But they don't quit and back to the boats go Flo and Zach - and they get help from the natives to get across.

Teri and Ian drive past Ken and Gerard - and they get a bigger lead when their driver gets a flat. It was very quick for them to fix, but they are now in solid second. In what feels like length of the second Lord of the Rings movie, Flo and Zach finally get over using the boats - and for a reward, we get to hear more bitching from Flo. 'I feel like a dead rat.' Zach only can hope...

But in first is Ian and Teri - and they get a road block - one of them has to use the fishing net to catch a clue. Ian does it and Teri and Ian have to go to the pit Stop - China Beach. Teri and Ian get out while Ken and Gerard get there - and while they are there, Flo and Zach finally get a taxi and are on their way to

'During the 30 days, I have realized that I yell too much, but Teri is a strong woman - she can take it.' The softening of Ian is part of the change in the couple - but he still yells at her not to out run him when they get to China Beach. They come in first, and their reward is a 7 day cruise to Alaska. Lots of cruises to take after this.

Flo and Zach get to the marina - much later than Ken and Gerard (as seen by the lovely sunset in the distance). Before they get there, Ken and Gerard come in second, and Flo finally gets mellower - unfortunately for them, it's nightfall when they get there - and they need one big-ass equalizer to get back into it.

Of course there will be one - but right now, it's Teri and Ian's to lose if there isn't one - and everyone's to win if they do. Will Ken and Gerard escape transportation problems and will Flo get a dosage of sanity? Or will the places they finished in now be the same way after the last leg?

Teri and Ian leave at 5:35 am to go to the temple of Huong Min - and they have to go to Honolulu, Hawaii and get a blessing from the great Kahuna. The teams have to get tickets first in the city of Danang, before getting on a 17 hour train ride.

The brothers are right behind them, and Ian verbally harasses the woman at the counter. The brothers try to help out, but they piss off Ian and they have a verbal spat before Teri and cooler heads prevail - they all get tickets and they are all their way, which leaves Ken shaking his head. 'We have an alliance with Teri and Ian? how did that happen?'

Flo and Zach leave at 8:02 am. 'We did not go around the damn world to quit' says a visibly annoyed Zach. They get to the travel agency - only to see Ian and Kens name on economy class - and they are shut out. That spells game, set and match for Flo and Zach if Flo keeps whining - Zach does get the tickets, and they will try to switch them when they get there.

All of the teams meet on the 17 hour train ride - so once again the equalizer is in effect - but not for Flo and Zach 'We have a pair of useless business class tickets'.

Zach, not giving up, tries to use a strangers cell phone to try to change the tickets. They were able to swap tickets and get another flight, which is earlier. 'How does no one know about this flight? asks Flo. That should send off warning bells right there - but if Zach was right, then Flo should be giving Zach half of her money. Zach does meet the travel person at the lobby, and the tickets are exchanged. 'At this point I think we're destined to win' says Flo. Whine whine whine whine, and now she's happy? 'All of a sudden, we're the luckiest team in Vietnam.'

Ken and Gerard are getting suspicious about Flo and Zach's tickets, and they check with the travel people and get the same flight that Flo and Zach got - unbeknownst to Flo and Zach - and unbeknownst to Teri and Ian, who realize that there were earlier tickets too late. They don't make the 6:40 am flight, and they are now in the game, set and match position.

But here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a tragedy - for the other 2 teams, who see their flight delayed for 90 minutes. They get in at 7:55 am, while Teri and Ian get there at 8:10 - they then have to go to the Great Kahuna - but that doesn't open until 10am - more than enough time for all of the teams to get there at the same time.

Flo and Zach get there first - and now Flo is giggling. And now Teri and Ian are sniping - but they all get there at the same time and they all share the Kahuna's blessing. Now they have to go to Kauai and go into a little jungle maze to get the next clue. No problems at the ticket counter this time, as all of the teams get the same plane flight and get to the cars to drive to the jungle at the same time.

Ken and Gerard get there first - followed by Flo and Zach. Teri and Ian go the wrong way - and the police officers stop them and send them the other way. Oops. The brothers hit the detour first -

Quick Drop - take a 160 feet to the falls below

Slow Walk - Walk down, which will take much longer.

The brothers take the drop. Flo doesn't want to, but she immediately goes. 'Fine, fine, we'll take the quick drop.' The brothers find the clue, which takes them to their final city. The final destination? Seattle, Washington - and the first place they have to go when there is Kerry Park. Flo and Zach get there second. Ian is terrified of heights - but they do it and they are well on their way to the airport.

The brothers and Flo/Zach get there within minutes of each other - they get their tickets - and then call to get the quickest flights. Ken and Gerard get an 857 flight booked - same time as Ken and Gerard. The teams hope that they can leave Teri and Ian behind and make it a 2 team race.

That doesn't happen - as they also get the exact same flight. 'You really think we'd let you get away without saying good-bye?' asks Ian. The other 2 teams wish that he did - but 20 minutes later, it's down to three teams in a race around Washington.

The brothers are first, followed by Flo/Zach and Teri/Ian. Ken and Gerard go past the red light - and get stuck in the slow lane. Flo and Zach get to the clue first - and they have to go to the International Fountain by foot. Flo and Zach know exactly where it is - its by the Space Needle - but Ken and Gerard get there first - and its another foot race - this time to Lincoln Park. Flo and Zach get there last - and here comes the whiny Flo out again to yell at Zach. 'Stop giving me the wrong directions if you're not sure.'

Its now a race to see who can get the first taxi. All three get it at close to the same time - and the first team to get there is....Flo and Zach - and they find the final Road Block. The person has to spin a totem pole and recall the animals in the order that they met them during the race. Zach gets to the totem pole first - and Ian joins them.

Ken and Gerard don't wind up joining them - the slow lane, and the slower taxi driver does them in, as it has done in every single episode. The difference is that this time around, they do not have enough time to catch up.

Ian and Zach are now working the totem poles. Zach finishes it first - and it takes Ian a few minutes more to finish his, as Teri watches, realizing that she should have done this Road Block.

Teri and Ian leave right when Ken and Gerard get there - and they use Ken and Gerard's taxi to get to the park. The brothers get it down quickly too - but too much ground to cover and it's now a 2 team race.

Flo finally apologizes to Zach 'I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass.' and she gives Zach a hug. All three teams, each in their own taxi, are congratulating each other. But the first taxi to get there is....

Tense, Isn't it?

Flo and Zach. Flo still thinks that Ken and Gerard beat them - but they come in first. Teri and Ian come around ten minutes away from them, and they finish in second. Ken and Gerard's transportation problems do them in - again - and they come in third. Final words from the winners? Zach - 'I really think that if bad things happen, if we stay positive, that good things would happen.' 'The first thing would have been romance. The second thing would be this amazing friendship.' says Flo.

No romance - but a million dollars. Zach should get $999,999.50 of it and Flo should get 50 cents. But, thanks to Zach, they become the first co-ed couple to win the Amazing Race. Everyone celebrates Flo and Zach's victory, and the screen fades to black.

This was the best of the three so far - likeable characters and a great race. Fortunately, CBS gave this show a renewal - now lets see if they are smart enough to give the show it's own niche to grow in. Thanks for reading the recaps - we'll see you back for The Amazing Race 4.

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