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Eleven teams of two, joined by friendship or relationship, competed in a frenetic race around the world for a pot of $1,000,000.

The only things that get in their way? Several physical and mental tasks, a few language barriers, and perhaps each other.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

March-May 2002, CBS
Phil Keoghan
Creator: Elise Doganieri, Bertram van Munster
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram van Munster
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Prods., CBS Prods., Amazing Race Prods., Touchstone TV

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May 1, 2002

So here we are - with a potential non-elimination episode. So what's the point? We all know that no one gets eliminated, and the positions that they are going to be in will probably change come the end of next episode. So some teams are here, others are there, and no one gets eliminated, The end.

Well, since Jason's not going to let me leave the room with the 500 pound man that is currently eating a vat of baked beans in the corner until this report is finished, I guess I'll give you the recap. Thanks, Jay. (JE: Good move. I had an unlimited supply of beans at the ready...)

This year's Kevin and Drew (Gary and Dave) bit the big one last week, so we are down to four teams: the New double male team - though this time, instead of lawyers, they're bouncers (Chris/Alex), the New Team Dysfunction (Tara/WIl), the New Team Guido (Danny/Oswald) and the team that doesn't fit into any of last year's stereotypes, so they will probably be finishing in
fourth place (Blake/Paige).

We start from where we finished last time - the Australian Outback. And at the Aboriginal Camp, the Bouncers, who took the Fast Forward last episode, go first and leave at 3:35 am. The first clue has the teams going to Queenstown, New Zealands. But first, they have to get there in an 18 Wheeler half trailers and park their 4 by 4 in one of the trailers, so that they don't run into any of the nasty wildlife. Paige and Blake leave at 5:01, Tara and Wil at 5:05, and Oswals and Danny at 5:09. Both the siblings and Tara and Wil have not used their Fast Forwards - which will take them to the Pit Stop without doing any of the challenges. Will either of them take advantage of the Fast Forward?

They don't so far, and the teams get to Glendambo, where the teams have to get either an 10:30 or 11:15 flight to Adelaide, which will get them a flight to Queenstown. The bouncers use the phones to call Adelaide - only to find that 1. No flight is going to Queenstown, and 2. While they are on the phone, the other teams catch up. That 90 minute lead that the bouncers had? Buh-bye.

Blake and Paige get directions to get to Adelaide, and Wil and Tara follow. Chris and Alex take their sweet time, since they don't think that any flights will be getting out today. Blake and Paige decide to ignore Chris and Alex and go to the airport. Wil and Tara follow them, but Wil is convinced that they are going the wrong way and him and Tara turn back to the gas station in Glendambo.

And while he is there, Wil continues to lose his will. He and Tara start to get into it at the gas station - again. Tara gets consoled by the bouncers as she whips Wil back into shape, and away they go to the air strip. Chris - 'Is Wil losing his marbles or what?' Tara - 'Can I please have a new partner?'

Blake and Paige and Wil and Tara get a 2:05 flight, while the 2:45 flightees are the Bouncers and Team Cha-Cha-Cha. Unbeknownst to the teams, the Bouncers lied about the flight - there is one that is leaving that night. But unbeknownst to them, the rest of the teams get on that same flight.

After an extended stay in the airport, the teams convene - but Blake and Paige get on the plane first because they lie when they say that they are not bringing any bags on with them - and blatantly bring their bags on board. This, will get them out of the plane first, since they don't have to check out their baggage, and this, of course, does not make any of the other teams happy, as the siblings jump from last to first. 'If they want us to get nasty in New Zealand, we'll get nasty in New Zealand' say the Bouncers.

The other three teams decide to even the score against the siblings. The plane lands in Queensland - and the other three teams, in the front of the plane, block Blake and Paige, who are in the back of the plane, from getting off until the rest of the teams get their luggage. So it's all even ground as the teams get to the next destination. - Wentworth Station.

Feeling slighted by the rest of the teams, Blake and Paige decide to go after the Fast Forward. In order to get the Fast Forward, the team has to find the flag on a boat ride down the Shotover river. The other three teams are on the way to the station, and Wil and Tara take the lead over the bouncers and team 'Cha-Cha-Cha' (Oswald/Danny). All 3 teams get to the station within 30 seconds of each other - and the instructions are to go to the Nevis Highwire Platform. This is the sight of the worlds greatest bungee jump (400 feet) - which doesn't make Wil, who's terrified of heights, a happy camper.

This leaves the siblings all alone on the quest for the Fast Forward - and they get it. The Pit Stop is at the Inverary Sheep Station on the Canterbury Plains. Tara and Wil get to the Bungee Station first, followed by the Bouncers and team Cha-Cha-Cha and. 2 teams can go at a time, so Danny and Oswald get to wait by the sidelines.

At the top of the jump - there is a detour - both people at the same time have to Bungee Jump down for 400 feet, or hike all the way down, which, of course, will cost the team a bunch of time. Both teams decide to jump. Tara says don't look down, so, according to Wil, 'Of course I look down right away'. Wil wants to turn around and hike. Tara wants to nail Wil with an electric cattle prod.

Tara does convince Wil to jump, and they do it - as Wil turns purple. 'I thought that he was going to throw up' says Oswald. The next clue - go to the Inverary Sheep Station. Wil wants to try to get into Tara's graces, but Tara is not buying Wil's steaming line of monkey crap. 'Does that mean that we're back together?' 'No. Absolutely not.'

The Bouncers are next, and they jump. Danny wants to do this as much as Wil did. 'Ready to lose our lives?' Danny doesn't want to jump, but Oswald convinces him to. Meanwhile Tara, sick of Wil not knowing how to drive a four by four, takes over driving since she is tired of Wil screwing things up, and more squabbling ensues. Who is Al and who is Peg in this relationship?

'I screamed like a woman on the way down' says Danny, as he said that he wanted to go to mommy. Oswald convinces him to jump, by saying that he will get there quicker after they have been eliminated. They jump and make it, but they are in solid last place. The siblings get to the Pit Stop first - and they win a trip to Puerto Rico by doing so.

Tara and Wil get to the sheep station next - and they hit a Roadblock, where Wil says, 'Whatever the Roadblock is, I'm doing it. ' The person that gets the Roadblock has to corral three black sheep from the other 22 white sheep and get them into a small solitary pen. Wil is around as good at this as Pamela Anderson Lee is as good at keeping her clothes on.

But he is doing better than both Team Cha-Cha-Cha and the Bouncers are at directions. They both get lost and commit the co-dumb-ass moves of the episode. This paves the way for Wil and Tara to solidify second place, and since they are the only team that has not used their Fast Forward, they are a lock to be one of the final three teams.

Tara tells Wil to put all of the sheep in the small pen, and get rid of each white sheep one by one. Wil actually concedes to Tara, as he whispers 'You're right' under his breath, and they complete the stunt and take second place.

Chris and Alex stop for directions, while Oswald and Danny just drive around aimlessly. By the time Team Cha-Cha-Cha gets smart and asks for directions, the Bouncers are at the sheep station. They get it done very quickly with the exception of one stubborn white sheep. Chris becomes the sheep whisperer, but as Alex points out, 'the sheep can't hear you'. He does get the sheep in, and the bouncers finish in third.

Team Cha-Cha-Cha fail to fandango with the sheep. 'Come here little girl, or I'll kill you' says Danny, who has had a long tiring day jumping from heights and herding sheep. He does get the sheep alone in the cage, albeit cheating a little by letting the white one out of the other side of the cage, but who's counting? They're still coming in last. And as correctly pointed out in the top of the episode, this is a non-elimination lap, so all all four teams get to go on. 'We really have no clue how we've gotten this far' says Danny, and honestly, neither have I.

The only sure thing is that Wil and Tara, if they're not dumb and use the Fast Forward, will be in the final three. The question is which of two of the other three teams will join them..

May 8, 2002

Lots of questions to be answered - Will Tara and Wil be able to act as a cohesive unit? Can a team hold on to a Fast Forward and wait until the final round to use it? If that was to happen, wouldn't that be an incredibly anti-climactic episode? Will the Bouncers keep their alliance with the bickering couple? Will Danny and Oswald find love within each other? Will Blake and Paige last an entire episode without pissing anyone off? And most important....will Jason give me a raise for writing these columns??? (Well, no, that isn't the question, but it's sort of cute to squeak that in - tee hee hee). (Jason note: Let me think about that one. I'll get back to you.) The real question is who will be the final three teams left in the Amazing Race?

We'll find this out momentarily as we start this leg at the Inverary Sheep Station in Australia. Wil and Tara do have a Fast Forward - and they can use it now or save it for the last leg. But it's Blake and Paige that start first - and they have to go to the Arts and Crafts Institute in Mallory. The teams have to go to Picton first and get a ferry that leaves at 11:30 am. If you miss that, then you have to wait for the next one - 2 hours later.

Wil and Tara leave the sheep station, and the bickering continues. 'This is a stressful race - but so is our everyday lives' says Wil, who wants to stuff Tara in the trunk of the Motor Home that they are riding in. 'Being stuck in this race with Wil is driving me crazy' retorts Tara, and it looks like any relationship there is going to get run over.

The Bouncers go next, and Danny and Oswald leave an hour after everyone else, but since the first ferry doesn't leave until 11:30, that gives everyone time to catch up. But Tara and Wil's relationship is stalling - or in neutral, which is how Wil is driving the Car. They get it back together and drive back to Picton. Wil apologizes to Tara (finally)....but she is asleep when he does it and winds up apologizing to the camera. You are all heart, Wil.

'This is the make or break point of the trip for us' says Chris and Alex, who along with the siblings, make the 11:30 ferry. Blake and Paige get a special tag to be the first let off of the ferry when it arrives. Wil and Tara come in third, 'How did they beat us?' 'Because we got lost, Wil'. 'I didn't come here to make friends, I came here to make money and to win the race' exclaims Wil, who looks like he is losing his sanity along with the race.

Blake and Paige get on with the magic tag, but Wil and Tara weasel in by saying that they are all going in together and they blow past by the siblings, who call Wil and Tara a bunch of 'jackasses'.

Them, the siblings, and the bouncers all get onto the ferry, but Danny and Oswald don't. Their whole strategy was to take their sweet time and to hang out and not panic. By doing that, they miss the 11:30 ferry and are now a legitimate 2 hours behind everyone else. And since they already used the Fast Forward, unless some team makes a Dumb-Ass move of the episode, Danny and Oswald can now be called Team Afterthought.

Wil starts to bitch to the Bouncers about Tara, which pisses off both Tara and the Bouncers. 'If I was Tara's boyfriend, I'd punch him out' says Alex, who Tara winds up spending more time with than Wil. This is Tara's comfort zone, and you get that feeling that Tara and Alex may be an item when this thing is done.

All 3 teams are in Wellington, and they have to go to a village in Rotorura, which is inhabited by a Maori Tribe. Wil tries to suck it up with Tara, but she's having none of that. And none of the teams are having any of the Arts and Crafts institute, which does not open until 7am the next day. This gives Danny and Oswald new life and a chance to play catch-up, which they do, so all of the teams are all bunched up again.

And at the 7:00 horn (blown by the Maori tribe), the place opens, and all of the teams go in, where they are all stopped by the villagers, and after a ritual, they go to the next clue - go to The Lost World, which is in Waltomo cave. Teams have to take a 100 mile drive, and Tara and Wil, fearing elimination, decide to use the Fast Forward - which is a trip to Mt. Tarawara and a 'Scree Run', which is a sprint run down a volcano.

The other three teams continue on their path, with Blake and Paige in the lead of the three team clump. The Bouncers get lost, and Danny and Oswald take advantage, and move into third, with the Bouncers in the perilously last position.

Despite Wil driving 'Wil is driving - we are in trouble' Tara and WIl get to the volcano - and see that they have to make a run through volcanic rock. 'Oh My God!' screams Tara, as she realizes what exactly they have gotten themselves into. 'I knew that if we took it now, we would be set uo for the end' exclaims Wil. Actually, you would be set up if you held it, so you'd know where the final lap is, but I digress. Tara and Wil complete the run, and go to the Pit Stop - the Warbirds Hangar in South Auckland.

Blake and Paige get to Waltomo Cave first, followed by Team Cha-Cha-Cha and the Bouncers. The teams have to get on gear and do a little spellunking.

Detour time:
Drop - Descend into the Lost World Cave - its a 350 foot descent, but when you drop down, you will be very close to the clue.
Climb - Climb down a ladder for 100 feet, then walk the rest of the way, which will take a lot longer.

The siblings and the Bouncers both decide to repel. The Gay Friends also decide to 'drop'. The next clue has all of the teams having to go to '4 Track Adventures'. Coming out of the cave, the siblings come out first, the Bouncers overtake Danny and Oswald (whose fear of heights royally bites him in the ass here) to move into second. Oswald propels team Cha-Cha-Cha into

Meanwhile, we have more love moments with Tara and Wil:

Wil 'I want to fill up my hat with money. What do you want to fill up?'
Tara 'I want to fill your mouth with a sock so you can shut the Hell up'.

But, they do get to Auckland first, and by doing that, they win a vacation to Los Cabos, New Mexico. But do you really think that they want to make it together? 'This race confirms to me at Wil and I are different people' , says Tara. Wil agrees, 'I thought that there was some sort of inkling that me and Tara would get back together again. Now I've decided that it's time for me to move on.' You think, Wil?

And its off to 4 Track Adventures - well for the Siblings and Team Cha-Cha-Cha. But for the second time this episode, the Bouncers get lost with the maps, and this time, there is no Danny and Oswald to save them. But they get saved by Oswald and Danny, who also get lost and get to the 4 Track after the Bouncers.

The siblings get to the 4 Track - and hit a Road Block - which only one person can do, The person has to take an ATV ride to the beach, get the next clue, and drive it back to their partner. Paige goes first and the bouncers get there 5 minutes afterwards, who are followed 5 minutes later by Danny and Oswald.

(Jason note: Speaking of Road answer your earlier, G.)

Paige gets the clue first - go to the Warbirds Hangar. Oswald, who's been the goat of the episode, cements that status by pulling the dumb-ass move of the episode and getting his ATV stuck, and that's all the time that is needed for the other 2 teams to get out of there while Danny is waiting for his partner. Danny is trying to keep up the good fight, 'We're not out of it yet', but they are, as Blake and Paige comes in second. And another wrong turn by Danny and Oswald puts the Bouncers in third and makes Team Cha-Cha-Cha team Bye-Bye-bye.

So its down to Bouncers, Siblings, and Dysfunctional Couples, as all three teams talk smack about each other and in the words of the Bouncers, 'It's Hammer Time', or in this case, next week is Million Dollar Finals time.

May 15, 2002

Well, since we are in the Triple Crown country, it's time to rate the horses...

Tara and Wil: From an intelligence perspective, they've played the game the best, but from from a teamwork perspective, it's around as close to scrappie as possible. They can win if they stay focused - which is not a given.

The Bouncers: Certainly, the best team, physically, and the teamwork is vastly better than Tara and Wil's, but they're rash play almost cost them a spot in the finals. They must use their collective brainpower if they are to win the whole thing.

The Siblings: They have the best teamwork from the 2, and Paige's brain has more than once saved the team from certain disaster. But can she hold the team for one more week? And can she hold Blake in a 'Baltimore Quarterback (just don't do anything stupid with the football) mentality?

My predictions:
WIN: Wil and Tara (I predicted them from the start - you think I'm going to turn back now?)
PLACE: Siblings
SHOW: Bouncers

(Of course, now that I predicted this, if the opposite happens, it won't surprise me.)

So away we go....

Last time: We have a quick recap of the season, as eight teams fall by the wayside. The three teams left: the Bouncers are announced first (but in third), Wil and Tara announced second (but starting the final leg in first), and Blake and Paige announced third (but in second). Foreshadowing? Or do I get to read way too much into this?

We start at the Aircenter in New Zealand. There are 2 laps left. The first lap is jockeying for position. The last lap is for the money. There are no more Fast Forwards to be used, so no one gets any advantages. Tara and Wil leave at 1:03 am - and they to get to the tomb of Sir John Morgan Campbell - who is called the father of Auckland. The monument is on the top of One Tree Hill. 'Hopefully, we'll be able to at least get to the point where we can get along' says Wil, who has conceeded the marriahe.

Blake and Paige, who leave around 30 minutes later, think that they won't and are waiting to pick up the pieces of their combustion. But Wil and Tara get there first, and the next destination is the ruins of an old sugar mill in Hawaii. You get the feeling that since it's 2am, the great equalizer of the airport opening will come into play?

The bouncers get out of the gate at 3:56 am - and are desperately trying to make time up. They will make up the time, as WIl and Tara find out - all of the flights are closed for the night. Tara nerves are already shot as Wil takes the phone from her to schedule a flight - but he does get one at 7:30 am. Or so he thinks - the floights are sold out. Oops.

Blake and Paige try to get a re-router from Australia - and both the siblings and Wil and Tara are making plans next to each other once the store opens. Both teams are confident that they made the right trip - and as they turn around, they see a huge line behind them.

And that's a huge line that the Bouncers are not on, as they get out of the taxi and see the line. They unsuccessfully try to bribe to cut in front, but no one is buying their line of steaming monkey crap and to the back to the line they go.

Tara tries to console the bouncers, but Wil is having none Tara's line of steaming monkey crap and he tells Tara as much. Tara goes over to the guys and says to them 'Wil told me not to speak to the little maggots.' Wil, of course, sees Tara fraternizing with the enemy, and accuses her of telling the guys the best flight to get to Maui. 'Im not here to make friends, I'm here to make lots of money'. They continue to squabble some more, and you get that feeling that if they win, the money will be in separate checks - mailed to seperate time zones.

The Bouncers finally get their tickets - and all three teams wind up on the same plane. Tara - specifically her neck - is fraternizing with the enemy, and as the bouncers are talking trash, WIl looks like he wants to throw the Bouncers off of the plane. All 3 teams get to the taxi, and all 3 teams get to the ruins at around the same time. The next clue has them going to the Water Tower at a pineapple field. The teams have to drive themselves there, and at this route, the order is Team Disfunction, Bouncers, Siblings. They all get there at the same time.

Detour - Either mountain bike to find the one red pineapple, or walk and find one of four yellow pineapples in the field. All of the teams decide to walk Tara, 'I suck at mountain biking dude'. But not at piggyback riding, as she gets on Wil's shoulders, and in a minute, they find a yellow pineapple. The bouncers are next, with the siblings right behind, and everyone has to go to the Dock at McGregor Point - then take a boat to the ruins of Malakini Island. Lots of ruins to go to on this leg, but so far no team has been ruined. (Hyuk, hyuk hyuk)

All 3 teams do some boating to the ruins. Wil and Tara get to it first - and it's Sink or Swim' - one of the people have to go underwater and retrieve a clue in an underwater crate. Alex finds the crate first, as Tara sees that and directs Wil to the crate. 'I know Alex is going to beat that sissy Wil' says Chris, but neither team can get the crate out of the water, which gives Blake the chance to catch up.

After some struggling by all three teams, Blake gets the clue first, followed by Chris, and Wil, who started the Detour in first, is now in last. Wil is still struggling to open up the crate as the other 2 teams take off and Tara is letting him have it. Wil 'I'm trying my best' Tara, 'It's not good enough, as usual'. Ouch.

Huialoah Church is the Pit Stop for this lap of the leg, and the other 2 teams, who once they got on shore get to drive there, are well on their way, Good thing that it's not an elimination lap, Wil. 'Rip it off, Wil! Everyone ripped it off!' Idiot.' Wil finally gets the clue a good ten minutes after everyone else.

The siblings are in their SUV first, followed by the Bouncers and Team Dysfunction 2002. Wil wants to hear an apology - he ain't getting it. But he's getting help from both the siblings and the bouncers, who both get lost in trying to find where it is. The Bouncers once again get lost, and they need to get help from the local natives, who seem to get them even more lost.

Inexplicably, the Bouncers actually listened to the guys - and are stuck in a land of grass and volcanoes. They stop to watch the scenery and decide to rough it. 'Man, what are we thinking?' They do find some road - but not before being far behind the other teams.

Even more inexplicably, Wil and Tara get back into second - but Blake and Paige come in first by 15 seconds and they win the bonus trip - this one to London Paris. Tara and WIl come in second, while the Bouncers are in third by over an hour. 'Eliminate us, dude! Eliminate us!, but Chris and Alex stay in the race. Becuase of a pesky production bug, Tara and Wil get credited for a minute, and they also get the vacation to London and Paris (awwwwww).

It is the final lap of the race - and the teams get an additional $1 for this lap. Wow. The first clue takes them to Hana Bay, where they have to do some climbing - and then go to Anchorage, Alaska and find Rust's Flying Service. Wil and Tara and the Siblings get to everything before the Bouncers, who are behind by around 90 minutes.

Wil and Tara stay at a hotel and try to find flights from there. Blake and Paige go to the airport and attempt to find a flight there. The Bouncers also get to the airport at around 6am, and the closed airports once again has everyone neck and neck.

The Bouncers go on the safe (yet long) flight, while Tara and Wil and the Siblings are looking for the next flight - and Tara is looking for the next clue. They seemed to have lost the clue, and now they are asking the other 2 teams. Both Blake and Paige decide not to give Tara and Wil the clue, and Wil's nastiness to the other teams finally comes back to bite him in the ass. Wil went to go to the Bouncers - and any sort of alliance has gone bye bye. 'You wouldn't help us in this sort of situation, so we're not going to help you'.

Wil, of course, chews Tara out. 'You're so-called friends just dicked you.' 'They didn't dick me, they dicked you' Unless Wil thinks of something, Wil and Tara's chance to win the race has gone bye-bye, and Wil has just committed the million dollar dumb-ass move of the episode.

Wi goes back to plead with Blake, and Blake doesn't buy Wil's steaming line of monkey crap. 'You said 'I will never help you' Why in the world would I help you if you said that to me?' Wil is going to have to follow them to have any chance to win the race. The good news, is that he will have an opportunity to do so, as they are on the same plane to Anchorage.

Wil is trying to get a book on Alaska. The teams create a false clue for Tara and Wil - 'Go take a plane to Siberia and go to the most desolate place you can find'. Meanwhile, Tara is looking for a clue - and somehow remembers that Rusts Airlines is the place where the next clue is. Wil tells Tara that she's the best...uh...why not all the time, Wil, since she is the single reason why you're still in this? Wil, being a jerk, tells the other 2 teams, who think that it's a ploy for them to follow.

Both Tara and Wil and the Bouncers get to Anchorage 10 minutes earlier than Blake and Paige, and Tara and Wil get there first, much to the shock of the Bouncers. Chris and Alex get in the plane first, and because Wil and Tara don't have the clue, they have to follow Chris and Alex to Trapper Creek. The teams get to spend a night in an igloo and follow a trail the next morning to the next clue. 'It feels good to have this in our hands again.' says Wil. 'We have clues but we're not clueless.' 'Some of us are clueless, but we have clues...WIl, you're such a jerk. You have the social skills of a gnat. You treat everyone like dirt and you expect to be nice...I'd rather not win the race to that you won't get a penny...I've gotten you to every Pit Stop along the way.'

Tara couldn't possibly purposely throw the race....could she? Would she? Wil's reaction? smirk and 'Tomorrow's another day.' Dude, if it wasn't for Tara, you'd be stuck somewhere in Anchorage, and you'd better worry about a mutiny from Tara. Could Tara be so bent on this relationship thing that she would throw away $1,000,000? That seems to be the storyline right now - Wil and Tara's biggest enemy seems to be each other...

The night in the igloos once again acts as the great equalizer as they all get to the next clue - drive a Snow Cat (a snow tractor) across a frozen lake to the next clue. Tara and Wil drop into last, and here goes Wil's mouth again, ' You're roly-poly out of shape friends are We would have been up by 15 minutes if you weren't so stupid.' The next clue has the teams driving 50 miles to Homesteader's in Big Lake.

The Bouncers get there first and have to go to Hurricane Gulch - they first have to grab a bag of tools gotten at Homesteader's. Wil apologizes to Tara - sort of. 'I apologize for yelling at you but I wanted to show you how it feels to be yelled at - it doesn't feel so good, does it?' Uhhh...teaching Tara a lesson at THIS point in the race, Wil? They do, however, overtake the siblings, who are now in last.

Roadblock time - one of the teammates have to use the tools to free the clue, which has been frozen in ice. San Francisco City Landmark #97 is where the next clue is - and that's the final city of the race. The teams need to get to Oakland, then go to San Francisco. The Bouncers get the clue to go to San Francisco first, and gain time over Tara and Wil, who are squabbling over the frozen clue. But Paige looks at the squabbling differently. 'I've seen Tara yell at Wil - I don't think she's much better than him'.

The Siblings catch up to Tara and Wil and overpass them - but not by much as Wil gets the clue right afterwards. 'I was born and raised - fourth generation - that's my city.' New York was Frank and Margarita's city - and we all know what happened last season...

Back to the plane - and back to the plane equalizer. But which airport do you go - Fairbanks or Anchorage? Anchorage has the bigger airport - which means more flights - but Fairbanks is the closer of the 2 airports. In the words of Chris, 'This is the decision that will make or break us'. Truer words were never spoken - but for whom?

The Bouncers go to Fairbanks International Airport - and get a 1am flight. Tara and Wil and Blake and Paige both go to Anchorage - and they are within 30 feet of each other. They get a flight to get to Oakland at 9am. Wil thinks that it's just between 2 teams, but the Bouncers are already on their way - and they all meet up in Portland, where Tara once again fraternizes with the Bouncers, which pisses Wil off - again - for the 18,658th time.

So it's down to the last flight - and one last adventure. Wil is already saying about how San Francisco is his town - we'll see if it is, or if he is following in the footsteps of Frank, who thought New York was his town but let the money slip through his fingers. Oakland is definitely not Wil's town, as Wil gets into a fight with the Taxi Controller. 'We're on a race for a million dollars.' Taxi Controller - 'I'm not getting it' and neither are Tara and Wil, of they can't get a cab. The siblings get the first cab, followed by the Bouncers and Tara and Wil.

Unlike Frank's driver, Tara's taxi driver is 'hauling ass' and is making time, as Wil knows exactly where the monument is. But its not enough time for Chris and Alex, who get there first - they have to find Municipal Pier on the harbor, Tara and Wil and Blake and Paige get to the monument at the same time - and Wil knows where it is. The other 2 teams are asking directions to find it, but Tara and Wil get there first - and the final exit is Fort Baker - at Baker Beach - and Wil knows where it is. Wil, for once, may actually have the key to doing something right.

The Bouncers get there next, and Tara and Wil are desperately looking for a Taxi. The Bouncers are getting directions from a police officer when Blake and Paige get there. Its a race to find a taxi - and the Bouncers get one first - right at the spot where Wil and Tara were waiting for one. This turns out to be the million dollar dumb-ass move of the episode for Wil, who was inside when the Taxi showed up. Tara and Wil get one right after the Bouncers, but the Bouncers are smart enough to follow Wil, who knows where everything in the city is. The Siblings are still looking for a Taxi, so this is a 2 team race.

The Bouncer's taxi is following Wil and Tara - and they know that they can't beat the Bouncers in a foot race. Blake and Paige finally get a taxi. Tara and Wil are squabbling in the Taxi, 'Why can't you get some confidence? Run your ass out run your heart out...who's quitting now?' For once, we have a role-reversal. Wil and Tara do a desperate ploy - stopping the taxi and start to run out, and then take another path - and they fake Chris and Alex out, as they get to Fort Point, not Fort Baker - and they do lose Chris and Alex, who now have to go get directions.

But they don't fake them out completely, and it costs them a million dollars. Wil and Tara get there with a half a mile to spare on the final run, but it's not enough. The Bouncers, the most athletic team in the leg, make the million dollar push of the episode, and they pass first Tara, then Wil, on the final run. The Bouncers pass Wil and Tara with 50 feet left to go and they win the race.

Wil and Tara are still squabbling after the finish, but they make up - sort of. Blake and Paige come in third place. 'I guess second place isn't that bad' laments Wil 'I gave it my all...but it's over...I have to see things a different way. It's probably better if we (Tara and Wil) remain friends.' Tara -'I don't feel ashamed at all about how I ran the race - I don't think I could have run it any better.'

And for the winner? 'It's emotional, it's physical, it's a year's of travel in a month First you want to bang your head against the wall, next minute you're clapping your hands and celebrating. There's no other way to describe the race but amazing.' All the teams celebrate, then fade out. End of show.

My take - this series was much better than the first version, with more likeable teams. I can't wait to see the third season. I hope you can't either. Thanks for reading the recaps.

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