EXTRA: Jeopardy! 2004 Tournament of Champions: FINAL
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Commercial real estate investor
Washington, DC
Fort Collins, CO
Graduate student

Jeopardy! categories: In Old Encyclopedias, PBS' Electric Company, Hodgepodge, Split Ownership, Starbucks, I Don't Give a "Whit"

Daily Double: $1000 In Old Encyclopedias. Arthur ($2000) wagers the level. Clue: In a 1989 Columbia, "many feel" this harsh system, formalized in 1948, "will end only by force" (many are wrong). Arthur's response: "What is communism?" Correct response: What is apartheid?; Arthur drops to $1000.

End of Round:
Arthur - $5200
Tom - $5200
Russ - $1600

Double Jeopardy! categories: African Capitals, Albums, Opera, Renaissance Art, Human Evolution, Search: Engines.

Daily Double #1: $1200 Opera. Tom ($6400) wagers $400. Clue: Eva has to marry the winner of a singing contest in Nuremberg in this comic opera by Wagner. Tom's guess: "What is 'Die Meistersinger'?" Correct for $6800.

Daily Double #2: $800 African Capitals. Tom ($14,000) wagers $1500. Clue: In 1993 18 US soldiers were killed in a fierce battle in this capital. Tom's guess: "What is Mogadishu?" Correct for $15,500.

End of Round:
Arthur - $7200
Tom - $16,700
Russ - $13,200

(C-Note: My sister got all of Renaissance Art right. She told me to type it in, so I did.)

Final Jeopardy! Category: Acronyms. Answer: Passed in October 2001, its full name includes "Providing Appropriate Tools Required...". Correct response: What is the Patriot Act?
Arthur's question: What is the ADA? (WRONG) Wager: $7200. Final score: $0
Russ' question: What is TSA? (WRONG) Wager: $3600. Final score: $9600
Tom's question: What is the USA Patriot Act? (RIGHT) Wager: $3000. Final score: $19,700


Jeopardy! categories: Science & Technology, Anagrammed West Wing Stars, Bird-Brained Ballets, Americans in Paris, English Lit, Take In Order!

Daily Double: $800 Americans in Paris. Russ ($2800) wagers $1000. Clue: Alexander Calder made one of his first wire sculptures in the image of this expatriate singer/dancer. Russ' response: "Who was Josephine Baker?" Correct for $3800.

End of Round:
Arthur - $2600
Tom - $1200
Russ - $5800

Double Jeopardy! categories: Calculus, Chart Toppers, Geography, Blogs, Five Easy Peaces, Word Origins.

Daily Double #1: $1200 Word Origins. Tom ($2400) wagers the level. Clue: This large triangular sail used on some racing yachts is said to derive its name from a yacht called the Sphinx. Tom's guess: "What is a mainsail?" Correct response: What is a spinnaker?; Tom drops to $1200.

Daily Double #2: $1200 Geography. Russ ($7000) wagers $3000. Clue: One of the 2 South American countries trying to claim Graham Land, part of the British Antarctic territory. Russ' guess: "What is Argentina? Correct for $10,000; Chile also would have been accepted.

End of Round:
Arthur - $6200
Tom - $8800
Russ - $17,600

Final Jeopardy! Category: Americanisms. Answer: Around 1900 Monroe Rosenfeld remarked that the music heard along NYC's 28th Street sounded like this. Correct response: What are tin pans?
Arthur's question: What are tin pans? (RIGHT) Wager: $6200. Final score: $0 + $12,400 = $12,400
Tom's question: What are tin pans? (RIGHT) Wager: $3000. Final score: $19,700 + $11,800 = $31,500
Russ' question: What are tin pans? (RIGHT) Wager: $10,250. Final score: $96,000 + $27,850 = $37,450

Second place: TOM WALSH - $50,000
Third place: ARTHUR GANDOLFI - $25,000

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