September 27, 2006
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We watch the games so you don't have to...

Today is

Chain Reaction by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  9p ET/8p CT on GSN
Host: Dylan Lane
Mike, Ben & Tony (Jersey friends) Erika, Marcie & Kerin (rocker chicks)

Round 1 ($100 per word): connect GETTING with WAVE. Ben gets OLD. Tony goes on a CRIME wave. Kerin's a fan of old SCHOOL. Rest of the girls get BUS STOP to complete the chain for $300. Speed Chain: SAY - H - D - PARTON. "Hello Dolly" is right for $400 to the guy's $200.

Round 2 ($200 per word): connect RUBBER with OUT. Ben gets a rubber DUCK. Kerin ducks UNDER. Ben gets WALK out under the buzzer. Tony gets REVIEW BOARD for $1000. Speed Chain: COLUMBUS - D - T - PLACES. It's not "Discovered Trading." It's "Day trading." The guys still lead, $1000 to $600.

Round 3 ($300 per word): connect FALLEN with ORDER. Marcie is a fallen ANGEL. Angel gets angel FOOD. Mike gets food BANK. Kerin takes the lead with EXECUTIVE order. ACCOUNT finishes it out for the girls. Final Speed Chain: FATTY - A - W - TUB. "Acid Wash" is right for $2100 to the guys' $1300.

Round 4: connect FRENCH with DEGREE. Chain: FRENCH - CANADIAN - BACON - GREASE - MONKEY - BUSINESS - DEGREE. The girls win, $2400 to $1100.

Bonus Round: The girls get Nicole Kidman, ocean, allowance, claw, and tepee, doubling their stash to $4800.

Family Feud by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host: John O'Hurley
Felix (Gabriel, Elizabeth, Ernie, Elvira, Gordon) DeGree (Bill, Jenny, Justin, Dina, Kristen); $680

Round 1: 100 single women, something that's nicer to come home to than a man (5)? Bill gets a dog for #1 (that covers all pets). Dinner, family, and peace & quiet all follow. The Felix try to steal with a good book. Not there. The champs have 78. Other answer: clean house (said!).

Round 2: a reason you don't want to be a cow (7). Elizabeth is afraid of being turned into beef for #1. Smelling bad, being fat, getting milked, and being outside are also on the board. The DeGrees try to steal with being branded. Ouch. Not there. More ouch. Felix get 71. Other answer: too many stomachs, I'd eat grass.

Double: an expression that contains the world "blind" (full board). Ernie is "blind as a bat" for #1. Rest of the family blanks. The DeGrees try with "blinded by the light". Not there, giving the Felix 159. Other answers: blind date (said!), three blind mice, love is blind, blind faith, blind spot.

Triple: something a bad golfer frequently runs out of (4). Dina shags balls for #1. Kristen gets "teed" off for #3. Looks like the Felix are going with patience for the steal... and they're champs, 384-78. Other answer: strokes/swings.

Sudden Death: a reason someone might be on one knee. That's Kristen. "Propose." That's the win, 410-288.

Gabriel and Elizabeth step up to the Fast Money board, getting 205 in all 10 for $20,000.

In the nightcap, the Himenes (Justin, Kasey, Jeff, Jason, Roy; $770) have their lucky picture ready as they take on the New Orleans-based Suggs (Emma, Angelina, Steven, Mike, Gina). After three, the champs lead, 168-100. Triple: besides in bed, some place where people do a lot of sleeping (4). Mike gets the couch for #1. Gina gets #3, car. Emma gets #2, chair. Do the Himenes have #4 with the desk? No! Suggs win, 388-168. Other answer: airplane.

Big ones Steven and Mike take on Fast Money, earning $675.

Jeopardy! by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host: Alex Trebek
Eric Barela
Los Angeles
educational researcher
$36,002, two days
Lauren High
Reading, PA
catering coordinator
Ken Davis
Scotch Plains, NJ

A background in education seems to be paying off for Eric, but can he do it again?

He starts with $200 Old Names on the Map. At the TV time out, it's another two man race between Eric ($3600) and Brett ($2200). Lauren had some jack earlier, but the house took it back.

Ken finds the Daily Double under $800, Civil War Times. He bets $1500 on this: of the 11 Confederate states, this one was far north. "What is Virginia?" That... would've been right. He drops to $1500 on Kentucky. He rebounds to $3300, while Eric leads with $5800, leaving Lauren to start the Double Jeopardy! round with $2200...

... and she does so with $400 Bridging the Literary Gap, finding the Daily Double under $1600 Lizards. She bets $1200 on one of the two poisonous lizards in the world and the largest in the US. "What is the Gila monster?" Right for $5400. Last category in play is Firefighting, and the second Daily Double is under $1600. Eric bets $5000 to retake the lead. The clue: take the "U" out of scuba to get this full name of firefighting gear used to go where oxygen is scarce. "What is self-contained breathing apparatus?" Right for $16,400! But Ken takes the lead at the end with $16,900. Lauren is still very much alive with $9800.

Final Jeopardy! in "Famous Painters": he said "You could find me anytime at Fournaise's", a restaurant right on the Seine. Correct question: who was Pierre-Auguste Renoir?

Eric is the only one right, as he bets everything to win $32,800, giving him $68,802 for three days.

The Price is Right by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  11a ET/10a CT on CBS
Host: Bob Barker
If you're a webhead, then you know that this is the "Road to Price" episode of TPIR, as documented on the CBS innertube reality webshow "Road to Price". Go to for more info on that. The question now, now that the road ends at 33, will any of our New Hampshire teens see the light of TV day?

We start with Ashley Thornton, Connie Burton, Shirley Johnson, William Pelletier Jr., and a card/console table worth $195. Deliver it to William's spot, as William delivers himself to the stage for a treadclimber, a gas pump replica, and a wine bar. The game is One Wrong Price. The treadclimber is marked at $2999. The gas pump is marked at $3651. The wine bar is marked at $1451. Which is wrong? William goes with the treadclimber... but it's $2999. Should've fueled up.

Shirley wins a $700 metal detector as well as a chance at a Chevrolet Monte Carlo playing Pocket Change. Numbers: 2 4 3 0 1 8. First number... 2. Price: $21,340. It can be hers for $2.00, though. She starts with a quarter... then a nickel... then another nickel... then a dime... then another dime. Not even close. Sorry.

Flatware, $1185 worth, goes to Ashley, as she tries for a living room group in Cliff Hangers. The prizes she'll play with... a steam iron, a hot drink maker, and a pedometer radio. She starts with a bid of $50 on the steam iron. Price... $24. Don't need a calculator to figure out what happens next... MEDIC!

We'll see Shirley in the Showcase after her impressive Showdown run, as we go to round 4 and a GPS receiver. Stephen Jackson wins the $985 set and a chance at a trip to Savannah, GA. Drove through there, it's beautiful. The game is Pick-a-Number, and the board is $3_17. Is it a 2, 6, or 8 that's going in that blank? Stephen goes with 6... and it's 2. Darn.

After a not-rare-but-really-scarce scene of Rich doing what FremantleMedia pays him to do, Sarah Wiener is a winner with a $1399 LCD HDTV/DVD. Now let's go grocery shopping... for a spa? It can happen in the Grocery Game. The groceries: Citracal Creamy Bites, Chips Ahoy! cookies, Hot Pockets, Nature Valley granola bars, and Quickie Soap & Scrub. She takes 2 Hot Pockets... $2.49 a pop. That's $4.98 in the bank. Next, 5 cookies, 55¢ each. That gives her $7.73. The 4 granola bars put her at $20.89, no matter what the cash register says.

Connie finally gets out of Bidders' Row thanks to a $2940 grandfather clock. She gets a shot at a Ford Escape in One Away. The setup is $32,528. She goes with $23,619. We get one... honk. That's it. This one's a gimme. We switch to $21,437, and that's another win!

And that's not all for Connie. She, who gets over a game-time injury of one broken nail, gets $1000 on the Big Wheel and a spot in the Showcase as top winner. First up, a visit from the "slightly attentive" guardian angel, who bestows upon us the bounty of an electric range, a trip to St. Croix, and a Chrysler PT Cruiser. She bids $31,000. Shirley gets a dining room group with dinnerware, picnic baskets, and two off-road motorcycles. She bids $20,000. Actual price.. $16,819. Over Shirley goes...  Actual price of Connie's Showcase... $22,579. Over Connie goes. And we have ourselves one of them double overbid shows we hate so much.

Also, we get no face time in Contestants' Row for the Road to Price Nine, save for Alden, who's going to Iraq right after this. All the best and Godspeed from all of us at the 'net.

STATS: 2-4; $37,786; double overbid.

¿Qué Dice La Gente? by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7p ET/6p CT on Telefutura
Host: Marco Antonio Regil
Rodriguez (Mercedes, Magdalena, Margarita, Monica, Jorge)
Grijalva (Gabriela, Fernando, Martha, Elizabeth, Cesar)

The Grijalvas of Phoenix have risen to take the lead after three, 150-80. Double: something you normally tell your kids that they shouldn't take to school (4). Elizabeth's phone is #4. Knives (and all weapons for that matter) are #1 for Monica. Toys and candy round out the sweep for 278.

Triple: an animal that is hunted in the forest (4). Cesar hunts bears for #2. Deer, though, is the big one for Jorge. Lions are #4, but can the Rodriguez steal with lambs? No! The Rodriguez win, 524-150. Other answer: rabbit/bunny.

Dinero Rápido: Jorge is stowed away, while Mercedes picks up a big 192. That's a record for over 1000 broadcasts of this show and its predecessor, "100 Mexicanos Dijeron." All Jorge needs... is eight. Jorge gets... something right for $5000.

Guzman (Jose, Schannell, Alexandra, Fernando, Grisel); $1500, two games
Rodriguez (Mercedes, Magdalena, Margarita, Monica, Jorge); $5000

The Guzmans are pulling it together, but it's not working against the Rodriguez, as they trail 62 to their 145 after three. Double: something with which you eat beans (3). Jorge... with the swag on (he's got a QDLG hat)... gets beat by Monica, who gives #2, a spoon. Mercedes gets #1, tortillas. And rice does it for the win, 325-62.

Mercedes and Jorge play for Dinero Rápido. Mercedes draws extra points... not that she'll need them. Well, she gets 126, so maybe she will. Okay, she definitely will, becase Jorge craps out four times to get the family up to 145. The 30 extra points don't help, as they return tomorrow with $5500.

Stump the Schwab by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7p ET/6p CT on ESPN Classic
Host: Stuart Scott & Howie Schwab
Chris Brooks (from Trenton, NJ); $1000 Brian Sandalow (student at U. of Missouri from Skokie, IL); $2000 Chad Linden (account manager from Irving, TX); $2000
Schwab's Jackpot: $25,000

It's semi-final time! Last time, Chris Calogero came within one of stumping the big man. But still, he's in the championship show on Friday. Remember what's at stake here, $1000 and a spot on Finalists' Row for the win today, and five G's if you accomplish the titular task.

Leading Off: 20 Super Bowl MVPs since 1985. Chris is knocked out after 3. Brian is knocked out after 3. Chad is knocked out after 5. Schwab has 6. Next, 25 Baseball Hall of Famers since 1991. Schwab gets 12. Chris has 6. Brian has 10. Chad with 11. Finally, 22 NBA ballers with 800+ assists in a season. After that bloodletting, Brian and Chad are moving on with 11 and 13 respectively. Chris is going back to Jersey with 8

Schwab, by the way, has 16.

Coaching Ladder: after round 1, Brian leads it, 5-3. Final score,15-6 in favor of Brian!

But can he stump the Schwab for $5000? The Schwab Showdown: The categories are... Milwaukee's Best (Brewers), Preemies (early entrants into the NBA Draft), Grand Slam Thank You Ma'am (tennis's Grand Slam), and This is Howie Do It (great sports figures named Howie).

Schwab gets his first strike on Grand Slam Thank You Ma'am for 3. Brian gets his first in This is Howie Do It for 3. Final score: tied at 9. Tiebreaker time!

The question: Beginning with the 1958-59 season, the Celtics won eight straight NBA titles. How many regular-season games did they win during those eight years?

Schwab says 369. Brian says 430. Correct... 461. Brian has stumped the Schwab... again! And this time, he's got another $5000 for $8000 total! No exhibition indeed.

Wheel of Fortune by Jason Block, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
On the eve of my new job, we have the midweek "Great Outdoors" recap on WOF!

The $1,000 Tossup is EVENTS. Mary Beth Crobetta is from Ponchatula, LA. She is an assistant principal who solved THE FOUR SEASONS for $1000. Tamika Smith is from Pinehill, NJ. She is a junior at Smith College who wants to go into marketing. She is also is a hip hop choreographer. John Mantequi is from San Diego, CA. He is a financial analyst with 2 kids.

The $2,000 Tossup is FOOD AND DRINK. John quickly solved APPLE MARTINI for $2,000. We add a ski trip to Whistler, British Columbia worth $4,852 to the wheel. We start with BEFORE AND AFTER. John starts. He hits Bankrupt...over to Mary Beth who misses. Over to Tamika. She also hits Bankrupt...back to John. He misses...back to Mary Beth. She misses...Tamika gets another shot. She hits Bankrupt again...over to John who hits Lose A Turn...back to Mary Beth. She solves LUNCH MONEY MANAGER for $1,400. She has $2,400 in a tough round for everyone.

The jackpot round is sponsored by BrandSource. The category is THE 70'S...and a PRIZE PUZZLE. Mary Beth starts. She controls the wheel for the entire round and solves CLASSIC DISCO HIT ROCK THE BOAT for $5,350. And you dont want to do that on your cruise of the Caribbean! It's a Star Clippers Caribbean Cruise with airfare from It's worth $6,990! And if you have the SPIN ID of SJ03025, you have the cruise! And if you have the SONY have $50,000! That round was worth $12,340 and she has $14,740 in cash and cruise!

The mystery round prize is $10,000. The category is ON THE MAP. Tamika starts. She picks up the $1,000 Coleman Outdoor Gift Tag. She hits and picks up the Whistler Trip. She misses...over to John who hits Bankrupt. Over to Mary Beth. She solves CAPE COD NATIONAL SEASHORE for $2,500. She has $17,240 in cash and prizes!

The $3,000 Tossup is PEOPLE. John is up to $5,000 with BARGAIN HUNTERS. He starts this round which is PHRASE. And look it's Bankrupt again. Over to Mary Beth. She loses $1,950 on Bankrupt. Over to Tamika who misses...over to John who solves IT'S A VERY LONG STORY for $1,800. He has $6,800 and we have time for...

...another round which is PLACE. We go right into a $1,600 a letter FINAL SPIN. Mary Beth guessed VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT and she was right for $9,600. She wins with $26,840 in cash and trip! John leaves with $6,800. Tamika had bad luck on the wheel and we give her the gooseegg award of $1,000.

Can the assistant principal make the grade in the bonus round? She lands on the C in CASH. Her category is PLACE. With the normal 6 and her choices of C P M A we have:

T _ E
_ A _ R _ A _

If she was a golfer, she would have had THE FAIRWAY. And she lost $25,000. But she leaves with more than that in a total of $26,840 in cash and Caribbean Cruise.

Total for today: $34,640
Total for Week 3: $117,445
Total for the Season: $609,669
Bonus Win Percentage: 6/13
Gooseeggs: 5
Toss Up Sweeps: 1
Mystery Round Prizes won: 2
Car Wins: 1
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host: Meredith Vieira
Yesterday, Shani Malloy (Bellport, NY) started on her way up the ladder, getting to $300 without a problem.

Shani planned to cram the night before this taping in preparation for this, but her sister ended up buying a bunch of clothes, and she spent the time deciding what to wear here. Her sister is in the audience, by the way. Anyway, the game resumes, and she secures the $1,000. Then, she soon gets to this...

A villain from "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" shares his name with what member of The Monkees?
A: Davy Jones
B: Mike Nesmith
C: Peter Tork
D: Micky Dolenz

Shani hasn't seen the movie yet, so she asks the audience. An astounding 96% goes with A. She trusts them... and of course, they're right! A couple more questions later, and she faces this...

The Spanish name "Paco" is the equivalent of what name in English?
A: Jim
B: Tom
C: Frank
D: Pete

Thinking that it might be D, Shani uses the 50:50. Guess what? D is gone, as B and C remain. So, she decides to call her dad, Stuart, who is sure that it's C. With that, she goes with C... and thanks to her dad, she has $25,000! On to the upper tier...

In the 1927 novel "The Bridge of San Luis Rey," where is the bridge of San Luis Rey?
A: Mexico
B: Peru
C: Spain
D: Philippines

Shani isn't sure, so she switches it out. After seeing that it was B, this pops up...

[$50,000] (Q)
In 1999, NATO forces entered Kosovo to protect civilians from the army of what Balkan region?
A: Bosnia
B: Croatia
C: Serbia
D: Albania

Again, she's not sure, but it's a free guess. So, Shani says C... and she's right! Next question...

What car model was named after a type of warship in the British Royal Navy?
A: Corvette
B: Eldorado
C: Boxster
D: Bonneville

Shani has no clue, so she walks. After seeing that it was A, she gets her check for $50,000!

Next up is Gary DeAngelo (Holliston, MA). It turns out that the day of this taping happens to be the birthday of one of his kids. Brady, who turned 8 on this day, wasn't exactly happy about him not being home for the day. Well, maybe a million bucks could make up for it... With that, Gary starts by knowing that a student who is favoured by a teacher is often known as a "teacher's pet" (and might get called other names as well, including "stinkbreath"). He sweeps the lower tier, then makes it to $4,000.

And there's the horn. Gary will return tomorrow for more.
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