June 1, 2006
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Today is

I've Got a Secret by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time: 11:30p ET/10:30p CT on GSN
Host: Bil Dwyer
Today, the blindfolds are used again....

For this lady, a model from Oak Park, CA, Tasha-Nicole. Her secret: "I hold the world record for soccer ball juggling." Blindfolds up, please... Jermaine gets that it's sports related with a ball. Suzanne can't come up with the type of ball. Frank gets one ball. Billy gets the soccer ball, as well as the rest of it. And finally... Tasha can stop. This is one of four records she has as well as an envoy for peace for the UN.

Next, from Vegas, Lucas Trerice. He got "all wrapped up" in the ultimate prank. Suzanne gets that aluminum foil is involved. Frank is wrapping somebody else's something. Billy gets.. the secret.

His secret: "I tin-foiled my friend's entire house." Why? "This seemed like the most ambitious thing I could think of." He has video footage. A year later, he's still unwrapping.

Finally, a high school wrestling coach from Gulf Breeze, FL, Al Glinecki. He's been struck by lightning TWICE... But that's not his secret. This is: "I am the world's fastest cherry stem knotter." Frank gets that it's completely cockamamie and involving a prop. Billy gets that he did it in front of people really fast. Jermaine tries to connect Bil's clue. He gets food. Suzanne gets it on her first shot.

But can Al beat Suzanne at tying cherry stems? One minute on the clock.... GO! Final score: Al: 9, Suzanne: 2.

Jeopardy! by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check listings or
Host: Alex Trebek
Nathan Meyers (software developer from Medford, MA); $15,801
Kathy Daum (retired registrar and volunteer from Montevallo, AL)
Jonathan Spencer (box office manager from Alameda, CA)

Nathan was a bit lucky last time. Can he prove that Wednesday's game was no fluke?

Nathan starts up with $200 "Book"s. At the TV time out, Jonathan leads it, $1600 to Nathan's $1200. Kathy is still scoreless.

The Daily Double in this round goes unclaimed as we enter the half with $2400 for Jonathan, $3400 for Nathan, and Kathy, $400 in the red, starting Double Jeopardy!...

... as I feel like a song: There Was a Farmer, Had a Dog, Bingo, Was His Name O', "B-I", NGO. Kathy goes to $400 Had a Dog. Nathan finds the first Daily Double under $1600 There Was a Farmer. He bets the level on this: Boekenhout-Fontein is the farm of Paul Kruger, a leader of these people who warred with Britain in the 1890s. "Who are the Boers?" Right for $9000 even! Kathy finds the second Daily Double under $1200 NGO. She bets the max of $2000 on this: based in Illinois, this league with a Spanish name is trying to get mothers to put down that bottle. "What is La Leche?" Right for $3000, where she ends the round. Nathan is in second with $9400, while Jonathan leads by a grand, with $10,400.

Final Jeopardy! in "Playwrights": in 2005 Broadway's Virginia Theatre was renamed to honor this late author, the first African-American so honored. Correct question: Who is August Wilson?

Jonathan is the only one on it, as he wins $18,801. Nathan leaves with $16,801.

Lingo by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7:30p ET/6:30p CT on GSN
Hosts: Chuck Woolery & Shandi Finnessey
Coworkers/Navy family physicians Bradford & Meg
Coworkers/Navy corpsmen Richard Swiger & Sheila DiGregorio

Armed Forces Week continues on the Lingo, as we send in the Navy for spelling duties.

Bradford & Meg start with a C. They enlist a CADET for 25. They follow with FIELD, SHOOT, and the Lingo for 125.

Richard & Sheila get an L to start, as they LANCE 25 points of their own. Bradford & Meg steal MOTTO, but Richard & Sheila return the favor with BOATS, but they still trail at the half, 150-50.

Bradford & Meg steal FLAGS from Richard & Sheila's F for 50, but karma's fickle, as Bradford draws red. They get the draw back with ROUTE, as they Lingo for 350 to the Reds' 50.

Richard & Sheila need to get back in it with a P. But Bradford & Meg steal PETTY. And that's all she wrote. Bradford & Meg win it, 400-50.

With three Bonus Lingo letters, Bradford & Meg get BRING, FIGHT, DECKS, COUNT, EVERY, METER, WHEEL, ROVER, and TRACK for the guarantee of nine. Money ball is 43. Meg's going for it... She gets... 59. The only bad thing that can happen is he picks 43. And he does for $5000.

Next time, we're going for an even $30,000.

The Price is Right by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  11a ET/10a CT on CBS (markets may vary)
Host: Bob Barker
How fast can CBS put out a TPIR today? Here's an interesting fact: this show was taped on Monday. Another interesting fact, in the VIP today, host of "Trato Hecho", Guillermo Huesca. Hi, Guillermo!

Margaret Hooper, Kristin Rosado, Mareia Bell, and James Baker III get a shot at an exercise bike. The bike goes for $2499, and what a way to come out of a taping recess, as Margaret gets a shot as one... two... THREE cars! Can she complete the Triple Play? First up, a Chevrolet Aveo. Choices: $14,150 & $17,890. She goes with $17,890... NO. Price: $14,440.

Mareia wins a $1990 set of cookware. Can she win a pair of motorcycles with it? Let's go Cliff Hanging with a CD rack, a cookie jar, and a toaster. She goes with $22 for the CD rack. Actual price... $5 off, $27. Next, $19 for the cookie jar.... It was $36, putting Hans at 22. She needs to be $3 or closer to the toaster. She guesses... $47. Actual price... $50! Hans reaches the summit unscathed!

Kristin gets a $1310 night-vision package. Now onto an HDTV, as she goes Bonkers with a tag of $6532. She goes low low high low. Nope. Low low high high? Nope. Low low low high? Nope. Low high low high? Nope. High high low high? Sorry. She should've gone low, high, high, high. Price: $2999.

Mareia backdoors her way into the Showcase as we head back to Contestants' Row with a Big Green Egg. James' bid $900. Actual price: $900! James collects five Presidential flash cards as he tries for a drum set marked $1080, a shaved ice cart marked $3367, and his/hers golf equipment marked $1250. One of these prices is wrong. James thinks that it's the golf equipment... Actual price... $2011! Win!

Jason Wilson is down and up thanks to a $1497 desk as he plays the Money Game for a Chevrolet Cobalt! Here's the board...

99  85  14
16  61  49
35  15  77

Middle number is zero. He selects 15... Dollars. Then 16... Dollars. Then 14... Front of the car! Then 49... Back of the car! He gets the car and $31 for gas!

Arthur Griham of the US Marines takes a $999 fireplace and a chance at a catamaran in Pick-a-Pair. The products: Glad Press'n Seal, Space Bag, Marie Callender's Fettuccine Alfredo, O Cedar squeegee, Tums Smoothies, and Jolly Time popcorn. He goes with the popcorn... $3.99. He then takes the fettuccine... $2.99. He keeps the popcorn and goes with the wrap... $2.99. Should've kept the pasta.

James joins Mareia in the Showcase. First up: a look at the illustrious career of Frank Lloyd Wrong, as the world's worst architect crafts up a bathtub, a grandfather clock, and a Hi-Lo trailer. top winner James passes as Mareia bids $21,868. James gets a new living room with carpet, a set of luggage, and a trip to Spain. He tags it at $19,450. Actual price... $17,802. Over he goes. Mareia's Showcase is... $35,167! She wins $43,658!

Stats: breakeven, $71,411.

Wheel of Fortune by Jason Block, GSNN

Air time:  Check listings or
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
We are winding down the season...and it's the Thursday edition of WOF's Wheel Across America week!
The $1,000 Tossup is EVENT. Anisha Addison is from Kenosha, WI. She solved PLANTING A TREE for $1,000. Helen Wildman is from Tulsa, OK. She is a hairdresser. Dale Morris is from Aurora, Colorado.
The $2,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. Dale has $2,000 with BOSTON HARBOR. We add a trip to Chicago. It's a trip to the Hotel Monaco worth $4,300. Dale starts this round which is PHRASE...and it's a PRIZE PUZZLE.  He hits Lose A Turn...over to Anisha. She misses...over to Helen. She hits and picks up the Free Spin. She misses, and uses the Free Spin. She misses again...back to Dale. He hits and picks up the gift tag and solves KING OF THE JUNGLE for $1,300. And you can see the lion on your trip to Belize! It's a trip to the Maruba Resort and Jungle Spa worth $6,620! And if you have the SPIN ID of SB04346, you are off to the jungle! And if you have the SONY have $50,000!  That round was worth $8,920 and he has $10,920 in cash and prizes!
The jackpot round is sponsored by Eggland's Best Eggs. The category is SAME NAME. Anisha starts. She hits and picks up the Chicago trip! She misses...and Helen hits Bankrupt. Over to Dale. He hits Bankrupt...over to Anisha. She hits the Jackpot wedge. She doesn't solve. She hits the Jackpot wedge again and can't solve. She solves BLACK-TIE & FOREIGN AFFAIRS for $5,850. She has $6,850 in cash and trip!
The mystery round prize is $10,000 courtesy of Radisson Resorts. The category is IN THE KITCHEN. Helen starts and hits a $3,500 R. Next Spin...Bankrupt. Over to Dale who hits Lose A Turn...over to Anisha. After a lot of work, she misses a vowel. Back to Helen who solves STAINLESS STEEL MEASURING CUPS for $400 which we bump up to $1,000.  
The $3,000 Tossup is THING. Anisha has $3,000 with GREEK MYTHOLOGY. She has $9,850. And we go right into a $6,000 a letter FINAL! The category is ON THE MENU. Dale had $30,000 on the board, but Anisha wins with SPICY CHICKEN SOFT TACO and $18,000. She wins with $27,850 in cash and trip! Dale is going to Belize with a nice total of $10,920. Helen leaves with $1,000.
Can Anisha continue her hot streak? She lands on the 2nd 0 in $100,000. Her category is ON THE MAP. With the RSTLNE we have:
_ _ _ N T
_ _ _ _

She chooses C D M A and we have:
M _ _ N T
_ _ _ _

I thought this was hard. But she got MOUNT FUJI. And she wins 3,000,000 yen...$30,000 to be exact! She leaves with $57,850 in cash and trip!
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