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May 3-5, 2013

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Bet on Your Baby
by Chico Alexander

ABC: Saturday 8p/7C
Host: Melissa Peterman
In HD Where AvailableOfficial WebsiteFacebook
  Up first for #5 is Chris Jr. (31 mos), the son of Heather & Chris Bourne. Our first game: H2Oh-No! Chris heads to the Dome, while Heather gets this: for $5000 will the water in Baby Chris' cup remain above the line when he finishes the course? Heather's got a lot of faith, betting on yes. PERFECT!

Korynn (38 mos), the chip off of Joanna & Byron Tyson, is about to go Kickin' It. Byron goes to play coach, while Joanna plays this: for $5000 how many goals will your husband get Baby Korynn to score in 90 seconds? She thinks she's a mini-Brandi-Chastain, so she bets 6 or more. She only comes up with 4.

Third up, Rebecca & Andrew Wright and their daughter, Evie (37 mos), take Every Little Step. Rebecca's going to be the coach, trying to get Evie to mimic four out of seven dances. He'll see Evie's moves, but not Rebecca's. Andrew will try to identify those, but first... How many of Baby Evie's dance moves can you identify? 1 for $2000, 2 for $3000, or 3 for $5000? Andrew is going for it! He gets... the twist... raise the roof... and the robot for the win!

Jacob (30 mos), aka Monkey, is going to swing with parents Apolka & Jonathan Weinman. It's Snack Time! Jacob has four snacks, an apple, a cupcake, broccoli, and a lollipop. For $5000, which snack will baby Jacob choose? The Weinmans go to cupcake... which is right!

... going right into it with our final toddler Mason (25 mos), the little dancer of Gina & Lee Bowman. They're going to get Spin Cycle. Lee gets to spin with Mason as many times as possible within 30 seconds. Will Mason spin at least 7 times in 30 seconds? Gina doesn't really have that much faith in her husband. She says no. Faith well placed. He only spun twice!

Now let's bring all five families out one more time to see who will go for the $50,000 in the College Round. The challenge that will determine who plays... the kids will have to remove toys from the floor to reveal a rebus. The person who rings and solves it correctly will move on. The puzzle is... "Baby on Board". Joanna's first on the buzzer... and she's a winner for the Tyson family! The other families leave with a year's worth of Luvs diapers and a $1000 Walmart gift card.

Now it's time for Joanna & Byron to smash for cash in the College Round. There are numerous Piggy Banks on the floor, with as little as $500 and as much as $25,000. Inside one, though, is a college fund worth $50,000. They'll get up to five hits. After each one, they'll decide to keep what they win or go on. The Tysons smash... #800 for $1000. Can't do any worse than that. Well, yeah you can, but they smash #4 for... $25,000! They decide to bail out with that!


Family Feud
by Jason Huhn

Syn: check local listings
Host: Steve Harvey
Official WebsiteFacebookTwitterPlay OnlineYouTube
Andy, Haley, Susan, Jennifer, John
Roswell, GA

Victoria, Beverly, Lucinda, Deborah, Ronald
Maywood, IL

Returning champions the Grace family will try their luck again, when they now play against the Pitts family.

SINGLE: a lie a girl tells her parents about a boyfriend to make him sound better.
1. Good job/Wealthy 48      5. No sex/'til married 4
2. Smart/Educated 20        6. Churchgoer 3
3. His age 10               7. Never in jail 2
4. Kind/Gentleman 6

SINGLE: an excuse men give for not being in the mood.
1. Too tired 68             5. None/Always ready 3
2. Headache/Hurt 13         6. Sports on TV 2
3. Work/Stressed 8
4. Noodle dong 3

DOUBLE an occupation where no conscious is required.
1. Lawyer 18
2. Politician 15
3. Hit man/Assassin 9
4. Car salesman/sales9

TRIPLE: 100 women: something sexy a man can wear to bed.
1. Undies/Silk shorts 78
2. Cologne 13
3. Birthday suit 3
4. A smile 2

The Graces were unable to get the #4 on a steal on the last survey, thinking it's a costume, but the game goes to sudden death.

Sudden death question: Name something a wife does to her husband when he starts nodding off in church. Graces would retain the victory by knowing it's Elbows/Nudges him (83).

Ronald & Deborah will try Fast Money this time. Ronald thought $250 is the most received in a birthday card, but the other four answers still got him 134. Deborah didn't need to think twice of her answers and she finally got it done in three answers, to give them a three-day total of $21,415.

Fast Money #1 answers
- Something important that you should keep in the glove compartment of your car: Registration
- What's the most cash you've ever received in a birthday card?: $100 (Deborah)
- Something you see in a bathtub: Water (Ronald)
- Which is the most talked about city in the USA?: New York (Deborah)
- Something a woman saves to hand down to her daughter: Wedding dress (Ronald)


Flea Market Flip
by Chico Alexander

HGTV: Friday 9p/8C
Host: Lara Spencer
In HD Where AvailableOfficial Website
Randy & Frank
best buddy pickers
Susie & Michelle
designers & friends

Today's episode takes us to New England (The Elephant's Trunk in New Milford, CT, to be precise) in the pursuit of $5000. The teams will get a Flip List of three projects, $500 seed money, and one hour to shop at a flea market.

- Industrial Design
- Work of Art
- Ugly Duckling

Frank & Randy want to turn mason jars into lighting fixtures plus work on a dough box and an antique corn cutter. Susie & Michelle counter with a dresser, a set of windowpanes, and an industrial blue desk.

The next day, the teams head to the Brooklyn Flea to sell their wares side by side. Biggest profit gets a check for $5000.

First thing to sell is... the dresser for $200 ($140 profit). The lights go for $225 ($203 profit). The industrial desk goes for $325 ($175 profit), giving them a $315-$203 lead. The corn cutter... will have to wait for now. And.... sold for $275 ($140 profit). Those are the only things that sell today.

Final score for $5000... with each team left with one item... the lights make the difference. It's $343 to $315 in favor of Randy & Frank!


by Chico Alexander

Syn/CHCH: Friday 7:30p/6:30C (check listings)
Host: Alex Trebek
In HD Where AvailableOfficial WebsiteFacebookTwitterPlay Online
  The winner of this match will get a brief respite while we play with college players.
John Anneken

post-doctoral researcher
Mark Reeves
Bowling Green, KY
graduate student
Jerald Lentini
Silver Spring, MD

John kicks it off with $200 The Big "Board", where Jerald finds the Daily Double under $1000. He's going all-in on this: in the 1950s the Brown family took on this Topeka organization in the Supreme Court. "What is the Board of Education?" FOR THE DOUBLER, $2800! At the half, he has $8000 to $5000. Mark has $2800 and the first go in Double Jeopardy!...

... with $400 British Lit. John finds the first Daily Double under $1600 14-Letter Words. Leading by $600, he bets $4000 on this: here's Faust, with this fellow in red, who's one heck of a bargainer. "Who is Mephistopheles?" RIGHT for $16,600! Mark counters with $2000 Seeking Asylums. He fronts the level on this: composer Bedrich Smetana died in asylum in this world capital. "What is Prague?" Correct for $13,600! It's going to be a close one with John at $15,000 to $13,600 for Mark. Jerald could play spoiler with $11,600.

Final Jeopardy! in "Science": for a 1953 paper Odile Crick drew the diagram showing the structure of this. Correct response: what is DNA?

The challengers are right. John... IS RIGHT as well! He's got $27,201, giving him $60,112. He plays for tournament on May 20. Meanwhile, we host a tournament of our own as College Championship action begins Monday.


Let's Ask America
by Mike Klauss

Syn: check local listings
Host: Kevin Pereira
In HD Where AvailableOfficial WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTube



Let's Make a Deal
by Jason Block

CBS: Friday 10a/9C OR 3p/2C on CBS
Host: Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne & Kat Gray
Official WebsiteWatch OnlineFacebookTwitterYouTubePlay Online

Marco - $23,246(traded from $8,399)
Tanya - $20,605
Amanda - $8,357
Jorge - $4,190
Laura - $3,516
Ramona - $2,928
Jacqueline - $2,049
Michael - $700

Big Deal Choice 1 - 22
Big Deal Choice 2 - 74
Big Deal Choice 3 - 52
Big Deal Location 1 - 62
Big Deal Location 2 - 38
Big Deal Location 3 - 48
Big Deal Wins- 45/148

Total: $65,591
Total for Week 32- $218,051
Total for Season - $6,023,441
$6M Passed - 05/08/13
We end the week strong by starting off with sombrero lady Tanya playing for a new Hyundai Elantra GLS worth $18,605 by playing GO BIG or GO HOME. She has to get around the game board without hitting a GO HOME SPACE. If she does, she GOES HOME. If she hits GO BIG she will win the car and any cash and prizes she wins while traveling the game board. Any space she lands on that is a cash/prize turns into a GO HOME SPACE. She starts off with 4 and it's $1,000. She goes on and rolls a 6 and wins $1,000 more. She has $2,000 and rolls on. She hits a 6 and WINS THE CAR!!!!!!!! She has wins the car and $2,000 in cash for a total of $20,605 in cash and prizes!

What a way to start! We move on to two friends and they are pro wrestlers Marco and Michael(Cobra Commander/Link). They have Curtain 2(water not included), Small Box(entertain friends) or Big Box(it moves). They eliminate the Big Box which is a BATHTUB ATV(ZONK). Marco gets the Curtain and Michael gets the small box. Will Michael take the small box or $700? He takes the money and passes on ZONK SOCK PUPPETS of LMAD(ZONK). Will Marco take Curtain 2 or $1,000? He takes the Curtain and wins a new Yamaha WaveRunner worth $8,399!

Jacqueline the Card Table who is a truck driver/legal secretary(and can rap too)! She starts with the LMAD Billboard and a $1,649 Cuisinart collection of Small Appliances along with Mystery cash. Will she take it or Curtain 1? Leftovers go to Laura the Explorer. Laura gets the Curtain and passes on $900. She wins a new Dining Room from apt2b.com! It's worth $3,516! Will Jacqueline stay with the billboard or take Curtain 3? Leftovers go to Ramona the Grapes. Ramona gets the Curtain and she can take it or $1,000. She takes the Curtain and wins new fitness equipment including an elliptical trainer from workoutworldusa.com and inversion table from Teeter Hang-ups along with $500 from Lady Foot Locker! This package is worth $2,928! Jacqueline can take the LMAD Envelope or the board! She takes the board and passes on a trip to the Mexican Riviera for 5N at the El Dorado Royale worth $7,300! She adds $400 more cash and her deal is worth $2,049!

Jason the 70's afro dude has Curtain 2 with a poetic clue from Jonathan and Wayne. Will he take the Curtain or the Big Box which has no clue? He takes the Curtain and passes on a 42" HDTV and streaming speaker system worth $2,846! He wins a ZONK FLYER(ZONK).

Amanda(as Psy's Assistant in Gangham Style) is playing for two prizes. She is playing JUST THE FACTS for either a trip to Grenada at the Flamboyant Hotel for 7N worth $8,357 OR a Kia Soul worth $15,175! We have two years and three facts. The two years are 1981 and 1987. The facts are: FOX NETWORK HITS PRIMETIME WITH "MARRIED....WITH CHILDREN", MTV LAUNCHES WITH VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR" and ESPN DEBUTS WITH VERY FIRST SPORTSCENTER. One of these is 1981, 1987 and some other year. She  will pick a year and the prize associated with it. If she matches the year, she will win the prize. She picks 1987 and it's the trip. She says Married With Children. Wayne offers her His/Her Burberry Accessories worth $1,833 not to go for the trip! She goes for it. MTV was 1981. Wayne re offers the accessories and $500. She goes for it...AND IS GOING TO GRENADA! ESPN is 1979!

Last deal involves Jorge the Barista. He can take Curtain 3 or $400....$1,000....$1,100...$1,300...$1,500...he takes the Curtain and wins a V-Star 250 Motorcycle worth $4,190!

Who trades for a shot at $23,246? It's Marco with his WaveRunner! Wayne opens Door 1 which is the LMAD Vault. He picks 2. 3 was a new BBQ Grill package from FireMagic with Smoker and Tools worth $6,415! #1 was only $2,332! He wins the BIG DEAL and the LMAD World Heavyweight Championship(ok, not!) It starts with a 7N trip to the Phillippines at the Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic Bay along with 2 Ipad Minis, a Digital Camera and an HD Camcorder.....and we add EVERYTHING IN THE DEAL including the Grill Package and the cash! He wins $23,246 in cash and prizes!

And with that we pass $6,000,000 in cash and prizes earned by contestants!

The Price Is Right Kids Rule Special
by Chico Alexander

CBS: Friday 11a/10C
Host: Drew Carey with Manuela Arbelaez,  Amber Lancaster, Rob Wilson & George Gray
In HD Where AvailableOfficial WebsiteOfficial WebsiteWatch OnlineFacebookTwitterYouTubePlay Online

Record today: 2-4
Record this week: 11-18-1
Record this season: 371-473-31
Total today: $56,062
Total this week: $297,032
Total this season: $9,865,980
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 0/1
DSWs/DOBs: 3/14
$9M Passed: 4/17/13
Imagine for a moment that you're 9 years old. You're home in bed with the flu. You've survived Sesame Street and at least two talk shows. Then 11 arrives, and it's time to turn it on to CBS, get a PB&J sandwich from the kitchen, and watch "The Price Is Right". 

This is where the dream ends and the game begins. It's the (slightly delayed) Kids Rule TPIR Family Spectacular, where for the first time ever, kids get to play the famous game show! They will be allowed to give their input, but ultimately, the adults will have the final say.

First up, Erin & Trevor Payne; Marc, Amanda & Danielle Schwartz; Caridad & Francesca Pfeiffer, and Tracey & Ethan Crates start us off with a WiiU/Xbox/PS3 package. The $1567 games go to the Pfeiffers, who'll scream "I'm going to Disney World!" if they win Balance Game. The bags: $317, $3000, $5000, and $9000. They go with $8317... WINNERS!

The Paynes win a $1480 all-in-one PC, but can they win a Jeep Compass Sport. Let's Let'em Roll! They get a pair of rolls. First up... $4000 and one car. They roll one more time and win... $1000.

Suzanne & Jacquelyn Zamora win a $1900 pair of smart phones. Are they smarter than $50,000? It's PLINKO TIME! With chips from Drew, a $a $25 donut hole maker, a $30 Ninjago playset, and a $40 iPod, they win $2500. They'll have a chance to add on in the Showcase.

The Schwartzes take a $1559 trampoline. Now bounce to this, kids... it's a quartet of bikes, an HDTV, and an air hockey. Of course, we couldn't have kids and not play Eazy as 1-2-3. The air hockey: $700. The bikes... $$1480. The TV... $2400!

Christian & Carter Reid go down and up thanks to a $1472 quartet of iPads. They'll also win a Nissan Juke if they find the Secret X. The freebie goes down left. They get another one with a $50 ice pop maker. That one goes top right. The Secret X... BOTTOM.

Last shot for the Crates comes with sporting goods. The price: $1010. The winner... Sarah Castle & Sally LaVenido. Can they add on a pair of dunebuggies in Side by Side? They're either $9855 or $5598. They go with $9855... Sorry. They get another shot in the Showcase.

First up, adventure under the stars with camping gear, a trip to San Diego, and a ski boat. Top winners the Zamoras pass, and Sarah & Sally bid $25,000. The Zamoras get a trip to Jamaica and a Honda Civic. They bid $27,000. Actual price... $26,661. Actual price of Sarah & Sally's Showcase... $30,523 to win $31,533 in prizes!


Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block

Syn: check listings
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
In HD Where AvailableOfficial WebsiteFacebookTwitterPlay Online

Total for Today: $36,520
Total for Week 33: $186,280
Total for the Season: $8,296,168
Bonus Win Percentage: 65/165
Gooseeggs: 23
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses: 17/1
Mystery Round Prizes won: 12
Car Wins: 18
1/2 Car Wedges hit/total wins: 219/16
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 3/4
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins: 0/0
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used: 43/165/6
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used: 85/165/24
Bonus Prize Wedges hit/won: 66/36
Gift Tags won: 37
Free Play Hit: 136
Jackpot wins: 11
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 16/165
$8M Passed: 4/24/2013
Best Week: Week 15 $377,702
Last day of Week 1 of our NYC tour! The $1,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. Lou Bornstein from NY solves CENTRAL PARK. He is a web actor/improv actor/writer. Amanda Hordoz from NY is a married optometrist with a 4 mo old daughter. She donates to Locks of Love. Derek Simmons, Jr is from Scotch Plains, NJ. He is an actor/entertainer.

The $2,000 Tossup is THING. Amanda has $2,000 with FAN FAVORITE and starts the Eggland's Best Jackpot Round but we add this to the wheel. It's an Aer Lingus Vacation Store trip to Ireland worth $5,500! It's SHOW BIZ. She hits 2 $500 Jackpot T's and quickly dominates and solves MOVIE & TELEVISION STARS for $1,700. She has $3,700.

Derek gets his shot and starts the Mystery Round which is BEFORE & AFTER. He misses on the $3,500 Wedge. Lou hits Lose a Turn. Amanda hits a $3,500 N but loses $3,000 on Bankrupt. Derek Bankrupts as well. Lou hits 2 $3,500 S's but loses $6,750 on Bankrupt. Amanda hits 2 $500 H's for the $1,000 GC to see "Matilda on Broadway" but loses it on Bankrupt. Derek hits 3 $3,500 R's but hits Lose a Turn. Lou hits a $500 1/2 Car Chevy Spark W and solves LAW & ORDER OF HASH BROWNS for $1,000. He has $2,000.

He also starts the Prize Puzzle Round which is PHRASE. He picks up the 1/2 Car for 2 $500 H's. He dominates and solves BREATHE IN THE CLEAN FRESH AIR for $3,750 in cash, a $13,920 Chevy Spark along with a trip to St. Lucia at the St. James Club Morgan Bay worth $7,150! He is up to $26,820 in cash and prizes!

The $3,000 Tossup is EVENT. Amanda misses and Derek has $3,000 with WINNING STREAK. He starts PLACES and we go right into a $1,500 a letter FINAL SPIN. Lou seals his win with BRIDGES AND TUNNELS. He wins with $29,820 in cash, car and trip! Amanda leaves with $3,700. Derek leaves with $3,000!

The pre-bonus round total is $36,520! How will Lou end the week in the bonus round? He lands on the R in AMERICA'S. His category is PHRASE. With the RSTLNE and his choices of M C H O

_ _ _ _ L E
O _ T

This is what he did. He lost $35,000 on FIZZLE OUT. But he leaves with $29,820 including a new car!

$5K NUMBER: SB3727133

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
by Don Harpwood

Syn: check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
In HD Where AvailableOfficial WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTubePlay Online
  Eamonn Campbell (Manchester, VT)
He hasn't had a vacation in 15 years.
Vacation: Q8

He goes into this with $5,000...

[Q3 - Video Vault]
In 1986, when MTV was must-see television for music videos, which of these songs was a #1 hit despite lacking a music video?
A: Heart's "These Dreams"
B: Starship's "Sara"
C: Boston's "Amanda"
D: Berlin's "Take My Breath Away"

Eamonn asks the audience, and 39% say D, with 30% saying C, 20% saying B, and 11% saying A. He says he remembers watching a music video for D. With that, he jumps this one. The answer is C, and he won't get... $25,000. Ouch.

He makes it up to $16,000 before jumping the 6th, which only had $500. He then sees this...

[Q7 - Party Time]
Who often experimented on himself, including swallowing cocaine to prove it would stave off hunger and fatigue, as noted in the book "Cocaine Papers"?
A: Sigmund Freud
B: Karl Marx
C: Jonas Salk
D: Benjamin Franklin

Though he's leaning towards C, Eamonn walks with $8,000. A good move in this case, because it's A.

Liz Turella (Philadelphia, PA) - Retired realtor
In the past two years, she began taking lessons for art, piano, and ukulele, and she even joined a bowling league.
Vacation: Q1

She does get the vacation from that 1st question, which also had just $100. She soon jumps the 3rd, which had $7,000. She then faces this with $4,100...

[Q5 - What's in a Name?]
In 2012, a countersuit against what rapper resulted in him owing over $2 million to the producers behind "The Carter," a documentary about his life?
A: 50 Cent
B: Lil Wayne
C: Drake
D: Mos Def

Liz needs help from the audience, and 58% respond with B. She goes with that, and it is indeed B, putting into her bank... just $500 more for a total of $4,600.

She then jumps the 6th, which had $2,000. Some big money along the way brings her total up to $44,600 heading into this...

[Q9 - Titillating Taxonomy]
Which of the following animals could rightly be called an undulating ungulate?
A: A wiggling weasel
B: A dancing duck
C: A wobbling wildebeest
D: A swinging seabass

Unsure of this, Liz walks with $22,300! As for the answer, it's C.