May 3, 2006
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Today is

Family Feud by Chico Alexander and Chris Tufts, GSNN

Air time: Check listings or
Host: Richard Karn
A trip to Mexico and $120,000 is on the line as Burton welcomes us to the Feud's "Lovable Losers Tournament!" In the first semifinal, it's the City of Oaks vs. the Windy City...
JACKPOT: $40,000
Parker (Margie, Victor, Tania, Judy, Alisha) from Raleigh, NC
Kobus (Janice, Sarah, Alyssa, Beth, Irene) from Chicago

Round 1: a reason why someone would leave a house through a window (6). Janice gets #4, a locked door. Sarah sneaks out for #3. Alyssa shouts FIRE! for number 1. A burglar also makes the survey. The Parkers try to steal with hanging decorations.... Not there! The Kobuses have  94. Other answers: being chased, broken door.

Round 2: something a wife tells her husband to get rid of (full board). Sarah's clothes beat Victor's magazines, 1 to 5, but the Kobuses go no further. The Parkers try old friends to steal... Not there! The Kobuses are up to 137. Other answers: pet/animal, trash, mistress, adult videos, car/convertible, bad attitude.

Double Round: a place where you were so nervous, you made promises to God (5). Alyssa gets #2, church. Irene gets #1, the doctor's. The Parkers go with court for the steal... Not there! The Kobuses have 237! Other answers: airplane, jail (said!), job/interview.

Triple Round: a reason you don't allow your children to swim in the ocean (4). Beth gets #2, afraid to drown, while Judy gets the top answer with SHARK!. The tide is high, but the Kobuses have one more shot with too deep... Not there! The Parkers are on the board with 234! Other answer: polluted water.

Sudden Death: a state where you'd expect to find cactus. That's Alisha.. "Arizona." The Parkers win, 420-237.

Back on the Fast Money spot are Judy and Victor, as they fail to add $20,000. But they'll be playing in the finals for up to $100,000 and a trip to Mexico.

I've Got a Secret by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time: 11:30p ET/10:30p CT on GSN
Host: Bil Dwyer
First up on tonight's party is Stephanie Curtis! She moved to San Diego from Bil's hometown, Chicago. Her secret: "I can blow up 2 balloons with my nose." Suzanne gets that a prop is involved. Frank gets that it involves the head. Billy, in a rarity, comes up empty. Jermaine gets a nose. He calls conference... and they get blowing things out of her nose. Almost... Stephanie wins dinner for two and $1000.

Next from Springfield, IL, it's Steve Jenne. His secret... an interesting piece of historical memorabilia. It's not a body part, but it is from the 1960s. It's a singular thing found that isn't made of metal. It's political, but you wouldn't find this in the White House... or WOULD YOU? It has something to do with a President...

His secret: "I have Richard Nixon's half-eaten sandwich." Actually, this is from when Richard Nixon was vice-president. We see the sandwich, amazingly kept well.

Finally, a proud military mom, Victoria Pettigrew. Her secret: "I make bikinis out of dog hair." Billy gets that it has to do with women's fashion, and the material is unique. Jermaine gets hair. Suzanne gets it. With a little help from Bil.

To end the show, we see a fashion show with some of Victoria's suits in action...

Jeopardy! by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check listings or
Host: Alex Trebek
Laura Brown (psychologist from Seattle); $17,500
Luke Walkter (oncologist orig. from Lawton, OK)
Robbi Rogers (respiratory therapist from Corsicana, TX)

Laura didn't chance the game for a big paycheck, as she had a big lead going into the Final. Can she do the same today?

Laura starts up with $200 New York Times News of 2006. Laura gets a bit lost for words when she misses a clue about the Cascades (she lives by there, as Travis can tell you), but still leads, $3000 to Luke's $1800 at the TV time out. Robbi is still waiting to break out.

Luke finds the Daily Double under $800 Fountains. Leading by $800, he bets $2000 on this: unveiled in 2004, the Hyde Park fountain that memorializes her is a deceptively simple-looking oval granite ring. "Who is Princess Diana?" Right for $6200. He takes $8600 into the next round, while Laura has $4400. Robbi, who finally gets off the zero mark with $2200, gets to go first in the Double Jeopardy! round...

... with $400 Literary Thrillers, finding the Daily Double under $1600. Robbi bets $3000 for the lead. Here's Sarah: "A 1981 thriller by this author opens with the discovery of 3 faceless corpses here in the title setting, Moscow's Gorky Park." "Who is Martin Cruz Smith?" Right for $7600! Robbi also finds the second Daily Double under $1600 American Places. in the lead by a wide margin, she bets $2400 on this: named for an Army chaplain, this city near Phoenix boasts more than 200 sunny days per year. "Who is Flagstaff?" Nope, it's Scottsdale, leaving her with an even $22,000.  Seems like we say this a lot lately, but it's her game to lose with $22,800, while Luke has $9000 and Laura has $7600...

Luke and Laura... heh. Anyway...

Final Jeopardy! in "People in Space": in 2005, as the shuttle Discovery prepared for landing, NASA played a Dexy's Midnight Runners son in her honor. Correct question: Who is Eileen Collins?

Complete washout, but Robbi leaves to prepare for tomorrow with $20,800. Laura leaves with $18,500.

Lingo by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7:30p ET/6:30p CT on GSN
Hosts: Chuck Woolery & Shandi Finnessey
Couple Jon (musician) & Cristiana (marketing)
Business partners/literary managers Anthony & Monique

The fiesta will only begin once someone wins $30,000 today...

Jon & Cristiana get an A to start, but Anthony & Monique AVOID them to steal. They follow with WATER, BLAZE, and the Lingo for 125.

Jon & Cristiana get a J for JOINT. That goes into DREAM and PINCH, but Jon draws a stopper. They get the draw back with CONGA for the Lingo, giving them 150 to the Red's 125.

Anthony & Monique tie the game with H for HANDY. They follow with BROIL and another Lingo to go into the half in the lead, 225-150.

Jon & Cristiana start with an L for LIMES. Anthony & Monique steal SALTY, but Anthony comes up red. They get the draw back with ADULT. That's enough for game for them, 325-250.

Bonus Lingo for 30 G's. With three Bonus Lingo letters, Anthony & Monique get CANDY, VOICE, MANGO, WORMS, GRAND, BLANK, and TOAST for $700. Time for the final board. The money ball is 20. Monique get... 30. They get the $5000 on pull 5.

Next up, $31,000 in the jackpot.

The Price is Right by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  11a ET/10a CT on CBS (markets may vary)
Host: Bob Barker
With this, we wish a Happy 3rd Birthday to our friends at Happy happy, Marc & co.!

Where's Victor Calderon? We find him, Molly Norton, Alicia Switzer, and Nathan Minnich-Weber as we start the day off with his & hers ski/snowboard equipment. It all costs $2834. And it all goes to Alicia, who gets a chance to strap all of that swag onto a new Chevrolet Malibu. The game is Five Price Tags. The first prize: a food grater. Is it $29? She says false. It's true. Is a digital compass $40? She says false... True again. Is a jukebox radio/CD player $55? She says false... It's $90! Finally, is a cereal dispenser $55? She says false... $40! So she has two choices of the five tags. She chooses $15,480... NO. She chooses $18,558... NO. It was $16,990.

Molly takes an $1180 gemstone globe as she gets a shot at a spa playing Bonkers. The price is not $8453. She goes low, high, high, high... and it takes her a while to do it... And it's not even right. Should've gone low, low, high, high.

Christina Alexander (C-Note: No relation) wins a river bench worth $625. She can decorate it with $10,000 if she wins the Grand Game. Target: $7. Products: Viactiv chews, Hot Pockets, Bayer Low Dose Aspirin, Carnation malted milk, Blue Star ointment, and Fiji bottled water. She goes with the water... $1.59! She goes with the Hot Pockets... $2.49! She goes with the malted milk... $4.39! She's going on with the ointment... $6.19! That's $10,000 for Christina! And that's all for her, because Molly beats her out in the Showcase Showdown.

After two overbids, Nathan wins a CD stereo worth $430. And he takes it to a Clearance Sale, where he tries for a pair of banjos, a Joust/Robotron cabinet, and a fireplace. The clearance prices are $599, $1300, and $2650. He goes with $599 for the banjos, $1300 for the game, and $2650 for the fireplace. The banjos are... $1148. The game is... $2995. Ooh... Bob tries to throw it to break, BUT doesn't. The fireplace is... $1499. D'oh!

Mavy Chadwick wins a $599 pair of patio heaters. The 911 dispatcher from San Diego now gets a chance to play Cover Up for a Ford Ranger. The board...

       5 4
     9 8 0
   6 7 6 1
 1 4 2 9 8
 3 0 8 1 2
$2 8 1 3 5

First try: $14,790. Two right, the 1 and the 0. Next, $16,950... 6 is right. Next, $16,280... 2 is right. Finally, $16,210. Right!

Last chance for Victor to take the stage with a curio cabinet. Price: $2295. Winner: Irene Brodbeck. Now she plays for trips to Canada and Cabo. Toronto's marked at $4703. Cabo San Lucas is marked at $3764. Should they be Switched? She says Switch! Did she make the right move? No. Did she make it to the Showcase? No. Mavy does.

First up: spoiled dogs. They're fed off of dinnerware, walked on a treadmill, and taken out on a travel trailer. Top winner Mavy passes to Molly, who bids $14,000. Mavy gets a new bedroom group with sleep set, new swimwear, and a new jet ski. She bids $15,525. Actual price: $17,009,  a difference of $1484. Actual price of Molly's Showcase: $17,137. Close, but $3137 is beaten by Mavy's bid. Mavy goes home with $33,818.

Wheel of Fortune by Jason Block, GSNN

Air time:  Check listings or
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
I am in the need of a Rocky Mountain not that--the Wednesday edition of Great Outdoors Week on WOF!
The $1,000 Tossup is PHRASE. Mirage Trams solved I'D RATHER BE FISHING for $1,000. She is from Centennial, Colorado. She is a standup comic and stay at home mom. Kelly Gibson is a teacher's aide from Sterling, Colorado. She gets booed from Broncos fan. Tyler Holden is from Littleton, Colorado. He is studying at the University of Wyoming Sports Broadcasting and plays wide receiver for the football team.  
The $2,000 Tossup is FUN AND GAMES. Tyler solves MATCHBOX CARS for $2,000. And we add a trip sponsored by Dreamworks's new animated feature "Over the Hedge" with the voices of Bruce Willis, Wanda Sykes and Steve Carell. It's a trip to Beaches in Jamaica with airfare from Air Jamaica worth $9,270. The category is THING....and a PRIZE PUZZLE as well. Tyler starts. He picks up the Free Spin. He picks up the Jamaica Trip. He misses and uses the Free Spin. He controls the wheel for the entire round and solves ROADSIDE WATERFALL for $1,250. He is going to Jamaica and he is going to Hawaii as well! It's a trip to the Waikoloa Beach Marriott on the big island of Hawaii worth $4,708! And if you have the SPIN ID of CJ02020 you have the trip...and if you have the SONY CARD you have $50,000 as well. That round was worth $15,228 and he has a huge lead of $17,228 in cash and trips.  
The jackpot round is sponsored by Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort Powder. The category is ON THE MENU. Mirage starts. She hits and picks up the $1,000 Body Glove Gift Tag. She misses...over to Kelly. She hits and picks up the $1,000 altrec Gift Tag. She hits and picks up the $1,000 Gift Tag from Goode Ski. She hits 4 $3,500 L's and solves DOUBLE-CUT LAMP CHOPS WITH MINT JELLY for $15,150. With the prizes she has $17,150 and she is $78 away from the lead!
The mystery round prize is $10,000. The category is SAME NAME. Kelly starts. She loses $4,150 on Bankrupt. Over to Tyler. He hits the mystery wedge and risks $1,800...and he hits the $10,000! He keeps spinning and spinning, but can't seal the deal. He says I don't know and the audience groans in pain. Over to Mirage who solves MUTUAL ADMIRATION & AUDUBON SOCIETY for $600, which we bump up to $1,000. She has $2,000.  
The $3,000 Tossup is ON THE MAP. Mirage is up to $5,000 with PUERTO RICO...and we go right into a FINAL SPIN which is $6,000 a letter! The category is OCCUPATION. And Kelly adds a ton of cash to her total with SNOWBOARDING INSTRUCTOR. She wins $36,000 and has $53,150 in cash and prizes. Mirage leaves with $5,000. Don't feel too bad for Tyler as he is going to Jamaica and Hawaii with a total of $17,228!
The front game gave away $75,378 in cash and prizes. Can Kelly add even more...she lands on the 4th 0 in $100,000. Her category is PHRASE. With the RSTLNE we have:
_ _ N ' T
_ _ _ E  _ _

She chooses D P M O and we have
D O N ' T
_ _ _ E   _P
And she tells us one of the greatest lessons in life...DON'T GIVE UP. And that lesson paid off in $40,000! So she leaves with $93,150 in cash and prizes! A huge win tonight!
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Air time:  Check listings or
Host: Meredith Vieira
Last time at Walt Disney World, Tiffany Hurley (Tulsa, OK) made it to $16,000. Will she add to that?

As was mentioned yesterday, Tiffany left her kids at home while she came to WDW, along with some other ladies (seen in the audience). They again mention that if she gets to $25,000, her family has a deal where they'd all go to WDW. If she doesn't get that much, then no deal. So I guess this next bit will essentially decide whether it's Deal or N- Oops, wrong show. Anyway, the game resumes with this...

The first U.S. presidential votes are traditionally cast in Hart's Location and Dixville Notch, tiny towns in what state?
A: Maine
B: Rhode Island
C: Massachusetts
D: New Hampshire

The 50:50 leaves C and D. Tiffany then calls her husband, Matthew, and she just asks for what state Dixville Notch is in. Matthew says, "New Hampshire." So, Tiffany goes with D... and she has the $25,000! Now that a future trip has been locked in, she approaches the upper tier, and after a good guess for $50,000, she gets to this...

True to his word, General Douglas MacArthur returned to what country in 1944 to liberate it from the Japanese?
A: Philippines
B: Korea
C: Thailand
D: Indonesia

Tiffany has an inkling, but it's not enough for her to risk it, so she switches the question. After seeing that it was A (which was what she was thinking), she then faces this...

[$100,000] (Q)
Taking place in 1981, Muhammad Ali's final professional fight was nicknamed what?
A: Showdown in Motown
B: Thunder Down Under
C: Drama in the Bahamas
D: Tussle in Brussels

Tiffany is thinking D, but she's not sure enough, so she walks. It was actually C, so she's glad she took the $50,000!

Minnie brings out the next player, Amy Low (Greenwood, IN). She's happy that the last player won a lot of money, but now, it's her turn. So, Amy starts by knowing that kids are commonly taught that the vowels are "A, E, I, O, U" and sometimes Y. She sweeps the lower tier, then soon enough, this comes up...

On the TV series "Cheers," who had a never-seen wife named Vera?
A: Woody
B: Coach
C: Norm
D: Cliff

Amy asks the audience, and the polls favour C (83% of the studio audience; 41% of the AIM users). Amy trusts them... and they're right! Another question later, and she has this...

Before their 2005 NYC debut, the Country Music Association Awards were always held in what Southern city?
A: Nashville
B: Atlanta
C: Dallas
D: Charleston

The 50:50 leaves A and B. Amy was thinking A, so she goes with it... and she's right! Moving on...

Naproxen is sold over the counter under what brand name?
A: Advil
B: Aleve
C: Bufferin
D: Motrin

Amy says that she actually bought some the day before, so she says B... and she has $25,000!

That's all for today. Amy goes into the upper tier tomorrow.
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