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April 3, 2009

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Deal Or No Deal
by Gordon Pepper

Air time: Check local listings
Host: Howie Mandel with Tameka Jacobs & Patricia Kara
On the Web

Wins / Losses: 109 / 56
Bonus Prize Winners: 23 ($165,750) (1 double winner / 1 No winner)
Biggest Win: $275,000 (Chelsea Drake)
Smallest Win: $1 (Marcia and Melanie)
Earliest Exit: Round of 8
Biggest Profit: $201,700
Biggest Loss: -$428,000
Biggest Case Given Away: $500,000 (Ekaterini Petronas / Stuart Ingleman / Allan Weissberg)
Perfect Deals: 17
Good Deals: 87
Bad Deals: 43
Worst Deals: 18
Selected the $500,000: 11
Gave Away the $500,000: 3
Amount Awarded for the day: $32,000
Amount Awarded for the week: $213,999
Amount Awarded for the Season: $4,718,795
Net Profit / Loss on Case Selling for the day: +$31,999
Net Profit / Loss on Case Selling for the week: -$328,998
Net Profit / Loss on Case Selling for the season: -$2,732,649.51
We finish Visine week with Shannon Buckholtz, who just turned 40 and is still single. I bet a nice $500,000 dowery will help with that - or maybe tickets to their favorite baseball team and cash totalling $7,500. Shannon had case #8, but she now has case #22 for her buddies (and doggy pals) at Narcotics Detention at the Police Office. #7 (LaToya) - $50,000. #19 (Jerry) - $10,000. #8 (Sheri). Shannon gave away....$1,000, so that could be a good trade-off. #5 (Meg) - $25. #13 (Vonda) - $25,000. First offer: $20,000. NO DEAL!

Let's sniff open 5 more cases. #17 (Ryan) - $100. #21 (Armanda) - $10. #14 (Susan) - PENNY! #11 (Nolen) - $75,000. #6 (Mike) - $200. The Top 3 are still in play, so the offer's going to go up: $35,000. NO DEAL! 4 cases to open - but only 3 big amounts left. Be careful...

#20 (Jeffery) - $5,000. #1 (Meghann) - VISINE! #16 (Christina) - $100,000. #4 (Lauren) - $500,000. Those last 2 picks completely change the game around and now the board is bordering on lethal:

$1, $5, $50, $300, $400, $500, $2,500, $250,000
OFFER: $15,000

NO DEAL! 2 cases to open. Must avoid the Rapping Dragon case.

#9 (Kelly) - $50
#15 (Amy) - $2,500. Disaster averted.

$1, $5, $300, $400, $500, $250,000
OFFER: $32,000

Shannon gets to talk to the banker, who calls her crazy if she does't take the offer. The rest of the contestants want her to take the deal. She wants to have enough money to adopt a child - and she has it. DEAL for $32,000! But could the child have had more video games? Next 2 cases...#21 (Linda) - $400 and #2 (Kara) - $500. Yes, the kid could have had more video games (OFFER: $49,000). Next case...#10 (Tiffany) - $5 (OFFER: $88,000). Next case...#3 (Kenneth) - $300 (OFFER: $121,000). Shannon's case had...$1. Shannon made a great deal and leaves with mommy money. We'll see who leaves with more money on Monday.

Family Feud
by Chico Alexander

Air time: Check local listings
Host: John O'Hurley
On the Web
Reynoso (Maria, Veronica, Jay, Karina, Oscar)
$20,775, two days
Hazelip (Amy Rae, Debbie, Tim, Karisa, Amber Lee)

Round 1 (7): something that makes exercising more bearable when you're doing it. Maria slams in music at #1. A partner, TV and results are there. But what about water? The Hazelips want to see it. Got it for 85. Other answers: proper clothes, exercise equipment.

Round 2 (5): an occasion where people might countdown from 10 to 1. Veronica fires with New Year's Eve (given by Debbie) for #1. Birthday is also there. The Hazelips want to launch a rocket... Got it for 147. Other answers: surgery, race.

Double (full board): famous man you wish would kiss and tell. Tim gets the big one, Brad Pitt. George Clooney also makes it onto the board. Will Hugh Hefner do that for the steal? Nope. Hazelips get 235. Other answers: Will Smith, Bill Clinton, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp.

Triple (4): something that to a cat would be a delicious entree. Karina gets #1, a fish. A mouse and a bird are also there. Hazelips can lock it up with cat food. No! Reynosos get 276. Other answer: liver.

Sudden Death: something that might be referred to as "pot-bellied". That's Amber Lee. "Pig." Winner, 421-276.

Fast Money: Tim & Amber Lee get 92 for $460.


by Chico Alexander

Air time: check local listings
Host: Alex Trebek
On the Web
  Diane rounds out the week defending her title.
Diane Wilshere
Manassas, VA
actor & playwright
Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta
Manchester, CT
assistant professor of English
Kevin Rainforth
Orchard Park, NY
substance abuse counselor

Diane starts with $200 Bananarama. At the TV time out, Kevin leads with $2600 to Jennie-Rebecca's $1600. The champ is currently on $400.

Kevin finds the first Daily Double under $1000 Yes. He bets $1600 on this: it sounds like you're saying hello, but this is how you say "yes" in Japanese. "What is 'hai'?" Hai... for $5000! He still leads at the half with $7800 to Jennie's $3400 and Diane's $800. Diane's score gives her the go-ahead to start Double Jeopardy!...

... with $400 "Pop" Goes the Category. Kevin finds the first Daily Double under $1600 I Like Your Style. Kevin leads out with $2200 on this: this 1890s furniture style was inspired by the wood furnishings of California churches. "What is mission style?" Correct for $16,000! Jennie-Rebecca finds the other under $1600 Zodiac Arrest. She bets $5000 on this: the Age of Aquarius follows this zodiacal age, which in the west corresponds to the Christian era. And... nothing. It was the age of Pisces, leaving her with $5600, where she ends the round. Diane has $3600, but at $16,000, it's Kevin's game to lose.

Remember, all this week, you have a chance to win one of 25 spots on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with Alex in the Galapagos Islands. All you have to do is go to and enter tonight's Final Jeopardy! category....

"Authors' Lesser-Known Novels"

The clue: a manipulative widow goes husband-hunting in "Lady Susan", finally published in 1871, 54 years after her death. Correct response: who was Jane Austen?

Everyone gets it. Kevin didn't have to bet anything. He didn't. He wins $16,000. Diane leaves with $20,801.


Poker After Dark
by Chico Alexander

Air time: 2:05a/1:05C on NBC
Hosts: Leeann Tweeden & Oliver "Ali" Nejad
On the Web
  It's been a heck of an International Week, but now we've got to find a winner!
Allen Cunningham
David Benyamine
John Juanda
John Phan
"Yukon" Brad Booth
BLINDS: $600/$1200 Ivan Demidov

Ivan just took the chip lead as Allen goes all-in with A-J. Ivan... calls it with A-Q. Flop with $64,650 on the line... 3-4-10h. Allen flops the heart draw. Turn: Js. Ivan needs a queen or a king sans heart to kick the American to the curb. River: 6d. Allen doubles up to $64,650 and the chip lead.

Allen plays A-5h against John's K-9. Flop: 6-9-K. Two hearts. John goes all-in with two-pair. Allen calls with a heart draw. Turn: 4c. Allen needs that fifth heart to knock John out. River... 6d. John doubles to $73,450.

Allen's all-in with A-Kd. John's called with pocket rockets. Flop: 10-Q-10. Turn: Qd. Jack sends the money to Allen. Anything else knocks him out. River: 3s. And John Juanda and Ivan Demidov are heads up!

Ivan's all-in with J-9. John calls with K-8. A literal coin-flip before the flop: 7-5-10. John's 2-1 now. Turn: 6s. Ivan needs a Jack or an 8 to complete the straight and force another hand of poker. River: Ac. And John Juanda is this week's Poker After Dark champion.

We're taking a break next week. Enjoy the director's cut tomorrow.


The Price Is Right
by Chico Alexander

Air time: 11a/10C on CBS & CBS HD
Host: Drew Carey with Lanisha Cole, Amber Lancaster & Rachel Reynolds
On the Web

Record today: 2-4
Record this week: 9-20-1 (30%)
Record this season: 328-437-15 (42.1%)
Total today: $79,831
Total this week: $307,665
Total this season: $8,531,309
Perfect Shows/Skunks: 1/4
DSWs/DOBs: 6/4
We've all been waiting for this... It's the ACM Special! First up, a collection of CDs with a home theatre system presented by nominee Heidi Newfield. Valerie Sandoval, Joshua McEwen, Abe Perez, and Hali Picciano start up the bidding, as Abe wins the $3465 collection. Can he haul it all away in a Ford F150? The game is Money Game...

45  37  24
87  22  52
23  75  60

The middle number: 4. The 22... Front! 60, 52, and 75... All money. Last pick is 45, and Abe wins... $232. The back number: 87.

Valerie gets a $2099 queen bed with sleep set. She'll have to stay awake for an Xbox 360 package and an HDTV. The game is 2 for the Price of 1...

6 4 0
$ $ $
9 8 9

She gets a freebie of 4. She prices the games at $940... Win!

Jason White comes down & up with a $575 cologne assortment. He'll try to sniff out a trip to Cowboy U, AKA the Arizona Cowboy College in Secret X. The freebie goes top right. The $30 police box hub gets him another, going bottom left. The Secret X... top.

Valerie gets $1000 in the Showdown. Hali gets $1140 in power tools. Now for a bar set at $3612, an ab machine at $1999, and a pair of luggage sets at $1470. One of them is wrong. She takes the luggage... and it's $1470. The bar set was $3019.

Delores Clarke gets an $810 set of cowboy duds, but can she Stack the Deck for a Chevrolet Equinox. The deck: 5 0 2 9 6 8 1. She gets all three pairings and fully stacks with a board of $__,168. The guess is $25,168... BINGO!

Last shootout at the TPIR Corral for Joshua. Larry Mitchell demonstrates the final prize, an acoustic guitar... The price: $1373. Winner... Jeff Hillbert. He'll play for a Dale Jr. pinball and a pool table in Range Game. Jeff stops the rangefinder at $8445. The price: $8395. Missed it by THAT much.

Hali gets the Showdown win in the second half, while we get a jam session with Larry and Heidi.

First in the Showcase... some news courtesy our special guest Reba McEntire! Here's the lowdown. Whoever wins the Showcase will also get as a bonus an all-access VIP trip to the ACM Awards (airing Sunday right here on CBS) in Vegas! That said, let's play. First up, the ultimate country road trip with country music concert packages featuring Taylor Swift in LA, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland & Kenny Chesney in San Francisco, George Strait in Boston, and Brooks & Dunn in Australia! Top winner Valerie passes to Hali, who bids $25,137. Valerie gets the all-American country music fan package with a grill, a Harley-Davidson, and a Ford Mustang convertible. She bids $33,000. Actual price: $40,029, a difference of $7029. Actual price of Hali's Showcase... $20,734. She's over, and Valerie's going to Vegas with $47,068 in prizes!


Trivial Pursuit: America Plays
by Chico Alexander

Air time: check local listings
Host: Christopher Knight
On the Web
Suzanne Lawrence
Charleston, WV
behavior specialist
Bryan Kessler
Las Vegas
professional poker player
Mary Patterson
Mobile, AL
Kat Stock
White Plains, NY
independent executive

Suzanne is a return tripper, as she was disadvantaged in an earlier episode.

Categories in round 1 are Places, Hollywood, The Past, Music, Whatever, and Food. Bryan insta-calls on Kat's question about the Grand Slam tournament Roger Federer never won (French Open). Suzanne gets three from Food, Places, and the Past. Mary also has the Past and Places, but Whatever gives her a ticket to the next round. It's a close game with America behind, $1850 to $2250.

America stumps twice in Hot Pursuit, but Suzanne gets her revenge with a win, 6-4. So far, she's sitting on $4250 to $2850 for America.

But will her vindication be total? In the Head-to-Head:

- Great Lakes for $500
- Disasters for $1000
- Sitcoms for $2000
- The UN for $3000
- '80s Movies for $4000
- Pop Stars for $5000

Suzanne gets Disasters, Sitcoms, and the UN. It all comes down to Pop Stars for $5000. Let's hear from Heather from California. "What singer of the song 'Just Like a Pill' recently divorced motocross rider Carey Hart?" "P!nk".... VINDICATION! For her return trip... $15,250!


Wheel of Fortune
by Jason Block

Air time: check local listings
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
On the Web

Total for today: $52,670
Total for Week 30: $200,802
Total for the Season: $7,973,124
Bonus Win Percentage: 58/150
Gooseeggs: 34
Toss Up Sweeps/Group Misses:20/2
Mystery Round Prizes won: 6
Car Wins: 8
$100,000 Losses/Wins: 8/3
$1,000,000 Losses/Wins:0/1
$1,000,000 Wedge Hit/Offered/Used: 39/150/9
Wild Cards Hit/Offered/Used: 88/150/20
Prizes added to the wheel hit/won: 79/42
Gift Tags won: 24
Free Spins Hit/Used: 83/75
Jackpot wins: 2
$6,000 FINAL SPINS: 25/150
Best Week: Week 6, $1,237,028
Week 29 to Week 30: -$166,998
$1,000,000 Level Broken: 10/08/08
$2,000,000 Level Broken: 10/14/08
$3,000,000 Level Broken: 11/04/08
$4,000,000 Level Broken: 11/27/08
$5,000,000 Level Broken: 01/05/09
$6,000,000 Level Broken: 02/04/09
$7,000,000 Level Broken: 03/09/09
Last day of Wheel's Environmentally Conscious "Going Green"

The $1,000 Tossup is THING. Lauren Barker is running on ALTERNATIVE ENERGY. She is from LA and volunteers with deaf kids. Linda Giardina is from Stoneham, MA. She is a customer service agent in Boston. Marcus Ely is from Conway, AR. He is 25 and single.

The $5,000 SPIN ID is ST09029.

The $2,000 Tossup is PERSON. Marcus quickly has $2,000 with A CLASS ACT. We add a trip to Lake Tahoe at the Resort at Squaw Creek worth $5,500 to the wheel. Marcus is dealing with PROPER NAME. And he starts with a $2,500 T. He misses and Lauren solves VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN for $1,650. She has $2,650.

The Jackpot round is sponsored by ThermaCare. Lauren answers WHAT ARE YOU DOING? She hits Lose A Turn. Linda picks up the Lake Tahoe trip and a $3,500 H. She misses. Marcus hits a $500 Jackpot letter, but doesn't solve. He loses $4,550 on Bankrupt. Luaren misses. Linda picks up the $1,000 Seventh Generation package and solves PICKING UP PRODUCE AT THE FARMER'S MARKET for a total of $10,950 in cash and prizes.

The mystery round is sponsored by Centrum Cardio. The category is A PRIZE's FUN AND GAMES. Linda starts and picks up the Wild Card. After some work, she misses. Marcus solves SHOOTING DOWN THE WATER SLIDE for $900 and a trip to Mexico! It's a trip to Ixtapa at the Beachfront Hotel Dorado Pacifico worth $5,370! If you have the SPIN ID of LD3367841, you are off to Ixtapa! Remember the SONY CARD BONUS! He is up to $8,270 in cash and trip!

The $3,000 Tossup is FOOD AND DRINK. Marcus has $11,270 with GRANOLA BAR. He is in the lead and starts AROUND THE HOUSE. He hits Lose A Turn. Lauren leads us into a FINAL SPIN worth $1,300 a letter. She solves PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT for $2,800. She has $5,450 in cash to go home with. Linda is going to Lake Tahoe with $10,950 in cash and prizes. Marcus sneaks by with $11,270 in cash and trip to Mexico!

The pre-bonus round total of $27,670 is cool. But Marcus wants more cool cash.

He lands on the E in GAME. He is dealing with THINGS. With the RSTLNE and his choices of D M C A we have:

S _ A _ S _ D S

Singing in the bathtub! He is bathing in SOAPSUDS...and $25,000! He leaves with $36,270 in cash and prizes!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
by Don Harpwood

Air time: Check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
On the Web
  Lindsay Turk (Philadelphia, PA) goes into this episode with $8,000 and 2 lifelines available.

[$16,000] (Opening Lines)
"Samuel Spade's jaw was long and bony" is the first line of what famous detective novel?
A: The Big Sleep
B: The Thin Man
C: The Maltese Falcon
D: The Long Goodbye

Lindsay calls her buddy, Ben, and he's sure that it's C. Lindsay goes with that... and it's C!

[$25,000] (Kiss and Tell)
In 2008, pop sensation Katy Perry admitted that her smash hit single "I Kissed a Girl" was inspired by what Hollywood hottie?
A: Keira Knightley
B: Scarlett Johansson
C: Mischa Barton
D: Jessica Alba

A name that Lindsay was expecting didn't come up. Of the 4, though, she's thinking B, but she isn't sure. So, deciding against using the Double Dip, Lindsay walks with $16,000! As for the answer, it is indeed B!

Justin Floyd (Gainesville, GA) - Senior at Columbia University
Lower - Take Two, Making the Brand, Birthplaces, Same Name, Proverbs
Middle - Kristi Yamaguchi, It's a Look, Special Delivery, The Caribbean, Memoirs
Upper - War Is Hell, Meet and Greet, Harry Potter, The Nobel Prize, Tenfold

Justin easily secures $1,000, then soon enough, he has this to deal with...

[$4,000] (It's a Look)
The word "diaphanous" is often used to describe clothing that is what?
A: See-through
B: Pleated
C: Cuffed
D: Wrinkle-free

Justin says it's B... but he's wrong! It's A! That sends him home with $1,000.

Kelly Bradley-Dodds (Havertown, PA) - Pediatrician; professor of pediatrics
Lower - Planetarium, Furry Critters, Blogged Down, Loaded Questions, Oldies But Goodies
Middle - Know Your ABCs, Anatomy, Healthy Stuff, TV Dads, Pampered Pets
Upper - The Mother Country, War Heroes, Social Security, Time Magazine, Sheepish

Kelly makes it through the lower tier, then moments later, she gets to this...

[$8,000] (Healthy Stuff)
Once found only in health food stores, agave nectar is gaining mainstream popularity as a substitute for what?
A: Salt
B: Butter
C: Milk
D: Sugar

Kelly asks the audience, and 90% are saying D. She trusts them... and they're right!

[$16,000] (TV Dads)
Before winning an Emmy in 2008 for his role on "Breaking Bad," Bryan Cranston played a wacky father on what TV comedy?
A: Malcolm in the Middle
B: That '70s Show
C: Arrested Development
D: According to Jim

Kelly asks the Expert, Time Magazine columnist Joel Stein. Joel says he's totally sure that it's A. Kelly goes with that... and Joel is right once again! And there's the horn; Kelly returns on Monday!