March 8, 2005
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Family Feud by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings or
Host:  Richard Karn
Champions: Dang (Neeti, Deepi, Dolly, Sunny & Sameer); $550
Challengers: Spees (Kelly, Michele, Sheila, Lisa & Tracy)

The Spees are representing Houston again, as they trail by only seven, 137-130, going into the Triple Round: something Shaquille O'Neal probably has to bend down to do. Sunny gets O'Neal's number one by putting his shoes on. Also on the board, hugging somebody and picking something up.... and getting through the door completes the sweep, as the champions are still champions. Final score: 413-130.

It's all about Neeti and Dolly for the $20,000 in Fast Money. Dolly delivers the team to halfway there with 100 even. It takes Neeti only four questions to finish the job and several vocal chords to celebrate. She gives the family $20,550 for two days.

The Price is Right by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time: 11am ET/10am CT on CBS (times vary by market)
Host:  Bob Barker
Severe weather in the area means that we apologetically have to give the a truncated rundown.

James Anderson (who won a curio cabinet and a Chevy Aveo among other things) and Todd Tanner-Michaels (who won dinnerware, a trip to Germany, and $1000 on the Big Wheel) meet at the Showcase. James takes a "how to figure out who your real friends are" Showcase of a new kitchen, a trip to Cancun, and a Chevy Equinox, bidding $26,500. Todd overbids on a fireplace, living room with carpeting, and spa to give James the game with $46,912.

Street Smarts by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Check local listings or
Host: Frank Nicotero
Players: Bri (makeup artist from LA) vs. Donovan (game designer fro Denver)
Panel: Cristina (Laguna Beach, CA), Chris (LA) & Lindsay (Chicago)

One had a wardrobe malfunction, one wants to be a plumber, and one is forgetting who she's talking to... But all three help the players to an $1100 to $800 game in favor of Donovan going into the Wager of Death: New York, New York has been called "the city so nice, they _____ed it twice." Correct: Named.

Bri teams with Lindsay, while Donovan makes its a threesome. One more clip, as she says "they burned it twice". Wrong answer is a good bet. Bri goes up to $1500. Donovan goes up as well, to win $2099... unless he wants to risk it. "Can I get a down payment? I'm taking the money!"

Wheel of Fortune by Jason Block, GSNN

Check local listings or
Hosts:  Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Check local listings or
Host: Meredith Vieira
Welcome to you, welcome to me, welcome to Sherry Heffner. She's what you call a late-bloomer, being in the Navy at 30 and graduating college at 36. Thanks to an ATA at $500, where she asks the audience to give her a break for a Kit-Kat bar, she makes it to $1000.

She needs some more help at $2000: A popular dessert, crème brulee takes its name from a French phrase meaning what? Going to PAF Christine: "I know this very well. It's burnt cream!" She's right, and Sherry's right for going along with her.

The 50/50 leaves Platoon and Blue Velvet as possibles for $8000: What 1980s movie's story line begins when a young man finds a severed ear lying on the ground? She still is unsure, so she walks with the $4000. Correct: Blue Velvet.

So not a lot of cash for a walker. Maybe Sam Neuman of NYC will have better luck. He too needs the audience at $500 to figure out what a sky marshal does. He parlays that to $1000. But he would go home that just the $1000, as he takes a powder at $4000: The title of the famous love song "O Sole Mio" is an Italian phrase meaning what? Sam's answer: "Oh my soul." Correct answer: "Oh my sun."

Josh Cagle of Chandler, AZ takes his spot, as he makes it to $1000 without the audience. But he needs them at $2000: Which of these types of knots can be untied by pulling on one free end? a) Figure eight b) Clove hitch c) Sheepshank d) Slipknot. A whopping 86% of NYC returns with slipknot. AOL also goes with slipknot. Josh goes with it... and he takes $2000 into next show.


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