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November 21


It's a puzzle game with a twist, as players compete not for themselves, but for the unsung heroes in their lives.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Chris Harrison
Co-Host Brooke Burns
Announcer ?
Creator Dick de Rijk
EP Chris Coelen
Jeff Krask
Dick de Rijk
Michael Schmidt
Kathleen Burns Rohr
Emma Conway
Melinda Zoltowski
Packager Kinect Content
Origins Culver Studios, Los Angeles
Web abc.com/shows/you-deserve-it
Airs 9p ET Mon, ABC

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Alice & Ja'ire
November 28

This is Alice Hattley, a mother and community leader who could use a hand up in helping to build up their South Central LA community. Assisting in that endeavor, her daughter Ja'ire.

Alice Hattley and her husband started a nonprofit out of their home church, helping out with food and clothes. Three years ago, Alice's husband passed away, leaving the nonprofit's future in severe doubt, especially when they lost her house. But even as these dark forces surround her, she still continues to help out those less fortunate than herself.

Simply put... Alice Hattley... We're playing for thousands of dollars in cash tonight, because.... YOU DESERVE IT!

Here's how it works. There are five who/what/where puzzles, worth, in order, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $250,000. In total, there is $435,000 to be won, and every penny of whatever she wins goes directly to Alice. Each puzzle has 10 clues. The first one is free, but the others will have to be bought with a portion of the total puzzle's value. You will have one - and ONLY one - guess at the puzzle. If you are correct, whatever money is left is yours to give no matter what. If you are wrong, you forfeit the rest of the cash.

The clues to be bought will be assigned to a random dollar value. She will have to pick a clue and give back the corresponding dollar amount in order to see it.

$10,000 ROUND: WHAT

FREE CLUE: Holiday Decoration

Ja'ire can't think of garlands, so we're going to split up the cash.

$100 - $200 - $300 - $400 - $500 - $1000 - $2000 - $2500 - $3000

CLUE #2 - $100: Inspired Many Songs

Now she's thinking about Christmas trees...

CLUE #4 - $400: Courtroom

... not thinking about Christmas anymore.

CLUE #7 - $3000: Red & White Stripes

Starting to think about the flag.

CLUE #6 - $300: On the Moon

Ja'ire locks in AMERICAN FLAG... For $6200.... THAT IS CORRECT! (other clues: Stars, Uncle Sam, Pledge Allegiance, Betsy Ross, Patriotic Symbol). That is money in the bank, no one's going to touch it. But let's add to it.

Right now, Alice is getting her hair did for her big moment to come later in the show.

$25,000 ROUND: WHAT

FREE CLUE: Over 50K in NYC

She thinks about people and cabs, but it isn't cabs. There's only 13,000 of those. Thanks, Ben Bailey.

$100 - $200 - $300 - $400 - $1500 - $4000 - $5000 - $6000 - $7500

CLUE #2 - $100: Stop and Go
CLUE #5 - $300: Some Have Windows
CLUE #6 - $6000: 11, 12, 14

We've gone from cabs to subways.

CLUE #4 - $400: Vertical

Cab cars.... Subway cars... ELEVATOR cars? Remember, no elevators have a floor 13, because it's considered bad luck. But is it good luck for Ja'ire? ... IT IS! (Other clues: Shaft, "Love In An...", Lift, Instead of Stairs, Going Up?)

ROUND TOTAL: $18,200
GAME TOTAL: $24,400!

$50,000 ROUND: WHO

FREE CLUE: Famous Couple

Starting with a clue, but first, the values...

$500 - $1000 - $1500 - $3000 - $5000 - $6000 - $8000 - $10,000 - $15,000

CLUE #6 - $1500: Teens

I'm sorry, but Justin Bieber and his hair doesn't count as a couple.

CLUE #4 - $6000: Family Drama
CLUE #3 - $15,000: Italy

Now how the French do you get Jay-Z and Beyonce from "Italy"?

CLUE #9 - $500: Leo & Claire
CLUE #1 - $8000: Tragic Ending

She starts to think about Romeo & Juliet... it's a $19,000 play... She continues...

CLUE #7 - $5000: Balcony

Now Ja'ire is locked on to ROMEO & JULIET... For $14,000... CORRECT! (Other clues: Classic Play, Shakespeare, Star-Crossed Lovers)

ROUND TOTAL: $14,000
GAME TOTAL: $38,400!

And I know we're only on show #2, but it looks like ABC is prepping for a best-case scenario. That said... if you would like to play for a deserving person in your life, go to abc.com/casting for the details.

$100,000 ROUND: WHAT

FREE CLUE: Hot Trend

Nothing there, so we split...

$1000 - $2000 - $3000 - $4000 - $10,000 - $12,500 - $17,500 - $20,000 - $30,000

CLUE #3 - $30,000: 1971
CLUE #2 - $2000: AM Traffic
CLUE #4 - $12,500: Over 50 Countries
CLUE #8 - $20,000: Chain
CLUE #1 - $17,500: Mermaid
CLUE #6 - $10,000: Tall Is Small
CLUE #5 - $4000: Frappuccinos

Now we're thinking about Starbucks. .... and we're locking in. STARBUCKS... IS RIGHT! (Other clues: Seattle, Coffeehouse)

About Clue #1: the Starbucks logo features the image of a mermaid. Technically a siren.

GAME TOTAL: $42,400!

$250,000 ROUND: WHO

FREE CLUE: Top 5 on Twitter

That whittles it down... in more ways than one.

$2500 - $5000 - $7500 - $15,000 - $25,000 - $30,000 - $40,000 - $50,000 - $75,000

CLUE #2 - $5000: Basketball Player

How about Kobe... or Lebron... or Lamar Odom...

CLUE #3 - $75,000: Best-Selling Author

(C-Note: I'm playing along here... Barack Obama?)

CLUE #5 - $40,000: #44

(C-Note: .... Barack Obama.)

CLUE #7 - $7500: Columbia
CLUE #8 - $50,000: Leading Man

All of a sudden, she's thinking Barack Obama. This is a $72,500 play. We're lighting it up. BARACK OBAMA... for $72,500... YES WE CAN! (Other clues: not given)

That gives us a game total of $114,900! And it's all yours, Mama Hattley. And why? Because YOU DESERVE IT!

We salute another hero next time.

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant, go to www.abc.com/shows/you-deserve-it.