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Simon Cowell returns to enlist three more industry heavyweights to find the next great pop act.

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Boot Camp Part 2
October 6

Last night, the 162 acts that survived auditions were pared to the final 100. By the end of the night, we'll have your final 32... and the judges will have their mentoring assignments. It's all on the line as we take it up... ONE! MORE! NOTCH!

Pasadena Civic Auditorium
... Still Day 2.

Five groups remain. Brennin Hunt, Equality, Marcus Canty, Matthew Johnson, Ma'at Bingham Shango, Chris Rene, and Gina Rene sing... "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye. Marcus couldn't be any more happy. Chris is, as of right now, 94 days clean. His sister Gina was talented, but not as showy as her brother. Ma'at sounds... well, like a 12-year-old. Equality forgot the words... to the BRIDGE. Marcus is great, but he needs polish.

Next up, five soloists: Matthew Slovacek, Tim Cifers, Hannah Bethel, Thomas Wells, and Jeremy Easley, team up with Kingston, singing "I Won't Let Go" by Rascal Flatts. Tim impressed in Seattle. This group will have a unique approach, coming on stage one by once. ... I can't pick ONE favorite in this group. ONE.

Final group: the Brewer Boys, Henry Bredouw, James Douglas, Emma Henry, Hannah Jackson, Ryan Sims, Kyle Corr, and Christa Collins. Brothers Nathan and Justin Brewer impressed in LA. They're going to go into this act with each other. Meanwhile Hannah Jackson and Emma Henry have a decision to make: who's going to take the third solo? The song: "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. Emma won a coin flip to get her solo... and then she squandered it.

The ensemble round is over, now the cutting begins. At the end of the day, a third of the acts will be sent home. A decision has been made...

First group - containing Emma Henry and Reina Williams... is GOING HOME. Second group, with Ma'at Shango, Tiah Tolliver, and Chris Rene... ARE THROUGH! Finally, Rachel Crow, Tiger Budbill, and Stacy Francis are joining the group through to the next stage.

So what remains for the remnants? Thirty-five songs... find the one that resonates with you as an artist. This could be the moment that either puts you through to the judges' homes... or it'll send you packing. The good news... You'll be performing in front of a packed audience at Pasadena.

DAY 3...

First up, Rachel Crow. She wants to surprise the judges with her choice of... "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce. This is what we remember from the first audition, just pouring it on like a pro. Also pulling out the stops, Audrey Turner ("Ain't No Mountain High Enough"), Paige Ogle ("Somewhere Only We Know"), and Tiger Budbill ("Billie Jean"). Josh Krajcik hopes to go from rolling burritos to rolling with the live audience punch with "Up to the Mountain" by Kelly Clarkson. He... nails it.

Simone Battle auditioned at USC, where she struts it for everyone to see. She says she's fierce, but we'll see how fierce she is with "Your Song" by Elton John... all sexed up. ... That was all sex, no lyrics. BAD MOVE. BAD BAD BAD MOVE! There's the bus back home. Take it. Following in her footsteps: 4Shore, Little Ladiez, Makenna & Brock, Siameze Floyd, and Brennin Hunt... And it all forces Simon to take five...

The Stereo... HOGZZ... are next. Will they come out guns blazing, or fall like a Hollywood cliche? They go with Michael Buble's version of "Cry Me a River". And that was something only a group can do.. like that. Hoping to follow them: Brian Bradley, Phillip Lomax ("Summertime"), Chris Rene ("Every Breath You Take"), and Nick Dean ("Somewhere Only We Know").

Stacy Francis is starting to feel the pressure. She nailed it in the audition, but went hammy for boot camp. And then.... as she arrived in boot camp, her father died. Can she regain her footing in "Summertime"? That... was balanced. Should be good to go.

Tiah Tolliver, Cari Fletcher, Drew Ryniewicz, and Caitlin Koch are not making it easy to decide on a girls' bracket.

Leroy Bell is the oldest person still in the competition at 59... and he's going to make it work with "To Make You Feel My Love" to end the round. The contestants have done all they can do in this competition... right now.

DAY 4... and 64 is about to become 32. Everyone has done all they can do. The question now... is it enough?

The judges have made their decisions.

Brennin Hunt
Brian Bradley
Skyelor Anderson
Nick Voss
Tim Cifers
Phillip Lomax
Marcus Canty
Chris Rene
Caitlin Koch
Tora Woloshin
Simone Battle
Drew Ryniewicz
Rachel Crow
Jazzlyn Little
Melanie Amaro
Tiah Tolliver
OVER 30s
Elaine Gibbs
Tiger Budbill
Leroy Bell
James Kenney
Josh Krajcik
Christa Collins
Dexter Haygood
Stacy Francis
The Stereo.... HOGZZ!
The Brewer Boys
Illusion Confusion
The Anser

Everyone else... better luck next time. And by that I mean... "Oh, and ONE MORE THING." You notice that there are only SIX groups... Yet there are to be eight. Some people are called back to the stage. The judges separate 14 of them into a quartet of girls and 10 tweens. THESE ... are your final two groups.

Next stop: Judges' Homes. But first... I'm in the mood for a party.

But it's not over yet. Not by a longshot.

Next is the call that the JUDGES have been dreading... The phone call from the producers telling them who will mentor which group. LA is waiting in his studio in New York, Paula is in her homes in the Hollywood Hills... Nicole is in her rehearsal studio... and Simon is on vacation in the south of France.

The first call goes to... Nicole. She gets the elder statesmen.

LA will mentor... the boys. "I think I just won. What did Simon get? That's all I wanna know."

Paula gets the groups. "Wow."

That leaves Simon with a bunch of girls under 30. "You've just made eight girls very very happy."

And so the competition between the acts... and the judges... is ON.

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