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Simon Cowell returns to enlist three more industry heavyweights to find the next great pop act.

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Auditions 4: Newark & East Coast
September 29

The road to boot camp is about to reach its harrowing climax as the X Factor takes a bite out of the Big Apple. Is there any talent left in New York City? ... Well, Newark, technically.

Prudential Center

Just so we are clear, this is not the Izod Center in East Rutherford that USED to be the Prudential Center. Now that that's settled, let's face the music.

Brian Bradley (14, Brooklyn!) is here with his mom and stepfather. He loves music, and he wants to be bigger than Jay-Z and Kanye West. Give him about five more years. Let's see how he does in the next five minutes. He blames politics for not having a record deal. He'll have no one else to blame but himself if he fouls up tonight. He drops a rhyme called "Stop Lookin' At My Moms". He's good... for 14. Simon calls him arrogant and obnoxious, but very talented. It's a sweep with a mop on top. And if you don't know... now you know.

Kelly Warner (22, hair dresser) sings "Hallelujah"... and the judges say amen. Aaron Surgeon (27, store manager) doesn't want to miss "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"... and he misses one yes. Good thing he needs but three. The next few acts... take it all in. Liliana Rose Andreano (26, office worker) is the sunshine behind "You Are My Sunshine".

Next up, Andy Silikovitz (43), actually a good friend of this site and of mine and Gordon's. His ambition... to have a house on an episode of Cribs. And he's hoping that he's going to get a girlfriend out of this. He tries out "Hero" by Mariah Carey. And... he gets a quick exit, but that took brass ones to get Paula's digits, my friend...

Josh Katzman (22, college graduate)... not nearly as charming. Clarissa Cheatham (27, Philadelphia office worker) goes by "Cashmere"... She enjoys karaoke... so she's right at home with her rendition of "Always Be My Baby" by Mariah Carey... and she can't even get past the opening scats without blowing it. Also blowing it: Nouf Taraman (21, bartender), Jean Loup Wolfman (42, life coach), or Maya Lehmann (58, teacher).

Cari Fletcher (17, HS junior) is going to make the most of this audition. She says that it's important to her. How important? We'll see when she sings "Alone" by Heart. VERY important, apparently. She has the dynamic to hit the notes, but will she have the approval? Simon thought she was boring. But she ends up sweeping the panel cautiously. Joining her: Joshua Blaylock (30, PR manager), Emily Michalak (12, student), and Dorit Yehudai (48, office manager).

Next up, Austin (15) and Emily (15). Together, they're "Awesome".... Sorry, "AusEm". They met at a production of a school play. They've brought out more than a few tears, but will they be awesome together with "Jar of Hearts" from Christina Perri. They're a bit weak on the vocal (but hey, they're 15). And they nail their target demographic. That's "AusEm". LA thinks Austin is a hero, but Emily... needs work. Will Nicole ever come to a decision? She will... she says YES! And Paula makes it four.

And with that, Newark is a done deezy... or is it? It's time for...

The Best of Whatever's Left

Tora Woloshin (21, Tucson, AZ) is going to school to be an auto tech. Will she drive us to victory lane or spin out on lap 4? She goes with "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5ive. Tattooed, race cars, and can sing... I think Simon's doing something other than judging right now... But he loves her, as does the rest of the panel. It's a sweep.

Next, Jor-El Garcia (22, personal assistant) says he can perform his butt off. He calls Madonna his pop goddess. He's nowhere near her in "Lucky Star". Good luck siring Superman. Take John Duff (21, student), Darlene & Sherone (22), and Ric White (45, artistic director) with you.

Next, a group of besties from Houston called the Stereo Hogzz. One of them just had a baby, and he's in line for the baby. How will they do on stage, though? Dallas seems to like them, but it looks over-rehearsed. But they get the requisite three yeses... and then some.

Brennin Hunt (26, Nashville) is a graphic designer, musician, and a model who will blame any failure today on being too good looking. He wants to rule the world. Will he? He sings an original, "How We Make It". Risky. He can't write a song to save his life, but he sounds good. The panel likes him, so he's in it.

Hoping to join him is Paige Elizabeth Ogle (18, secretary) with "Yo & I"... and the judges. Hoping to join HER is Leroy Bell (59, song writer) with "Lean on Me" with Bill Withers. The judges lean on him. The Brewer Boys hope to feel the "Rhythm of Love"... and they do. Nick Dean (14, student) wows with "Walk Away".

Devon Talley (21, New York) works at a retail store, but today, we're going to hear "Seasons of Love".... I want my 525,600 minutes back.

Final contestant to take to the stage is Jazzlyn Little (16, HS sophomore), who... is freaking out right now. She only posted one video on YouTube, and it got 500 hits. So obviously she's a bit frazzled. Will she freak out in front of the judges with "Upside Down" by Mary J. Blige? Let's hope not, or else the result may get more than 500 hits. But after hearing this, she may get more than 500 either way. Talking 500,000 hits, 200,000 likes, and about 145 Facebook links. This lady might just have the X factor. The judges make it official and send her through to boot camp in one of the easiest decisions Miami had coming to it.

And with that, auditions end. Next week, we separate the good from the spectacular in Boot Camp. Thirty-two will survive, the rest will fall by the wayside. Who will the judges pick to mentor their way to the live shows? We'll see you next week.

To see extras from this episode and a Pepsi Precap of the next episode, visit thexfactorusa.com.