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March 25

Mark Burnett's singing competition takes away everything about music... except the voice.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Carson Daly
Coaches Adam Levine
Usher Raymond IV
Blake Shelton
Correspondent Christina Milian
Creator John de Mol (based upon "The Voice of Holland")
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Mark Burnett
Audrey Morrissey
Stijn Bakkers
Lee Metzger
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Blind Auditions #2

Yesterday, Usher and Shakira made their debut on the panel of coaches, but we got the same old top-level talent. Here's what things look like right now.

Judith Hill

Morgan Twins
Danielle Bradbery
Christian Porter

Mark Andrew
Kris Thomas

Jess Kellner

Adam is as picky as ever, and Blake seems to have the numbers advantage, but the blind auditions are young.

We start with a bit of friendly coach-hazing. From there, we go to Tawnya Reynolds (32, Nashville), a veteran country singer whose parents sacrificed a lot to help Tawnya on her way to her dream. She's been out there for 12 years, no label deal, and now she and her husband are hoping for a break. We open the show with "Mamma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys". Almost seems like a sure thing for Blake... and ADAM's the first to hit. Shakira follows. Blake and Usher do a little dealing... and USHER makes it three in an I'll-mentor-yours-you-mentor-mine thing. It... doesn't work. She picks SHAKIRA.

Josiah Hawley (27, Ft. Smith, AR) worships with a youth group and married out of it. His father's a jazz pianist who taught him at an early age. Aside from that, Josiah's a model, but it's not about his face on this show. He's singing "Sunday Morning". Should be an easy get for Adam if you follow. ... and BLAKE's the first! Usher wants a piece. Adam FINALLY hits it. The game goes to the men on the stage. And Josiah goes to.... USHER!

Next, a duo - Midas Whale (Jon Peter Lewis - whom you may remember as "the pen salesman" from "American Idol" season 3 - and Ryan Hayes) of Rexburg, OH. Jon's from a family of musicians. Ryan... is not. He's a geologist. Can they rock the stage with "Folsom Prison Blues"? "Midas Whale". The performance is reminiscent of Mumford & Sons. Usher's like "Midas Whale." The other guys follow suit. So they're in ... Wait, here comes Shakira wanting a piece. So with whom will the Whale sail? After a heart-to-heart en español con la belleza colombiana, Midas Whale picks up... ADAM!

Abraham McDonald (35, Los Angeles) was a very shy kid. He entered (by will of his sister) a karaoke contest at 13. All of a sudden, he's a singer in another karaoke contest. But it turned out that this was not his first. He was actually on one for Oprah. Abraham take son "Best Thing I Never Had" by Beyonce. And it sucks to be Abraham right now, because nobody hit the button. Moral of the story: don't take on Beyonce unless you... just don't take on Beyonce. Just DON'T.

Blake is... 0 for 2. Next up, Cáthia (19, Bronx, NY), whose first language was Spanish and is proud of her Salvadoran roots. Currently, she studies music business in New York City. She gets to record for free. How about that. But tonight, she's singing for cash. Her song, Luis Fonsi's "No Me Doy Por Vencido", which means "I Will Never Give Up". You'd think Shakira would be a bit faster on the trigger... She is not. At least not faster than Usher. She eventually... comes around. Smirk. Blake makes it three, even though he has NO idea what she's singing. Let's give Cáthia un momentito para cálmase. And she picks... of course, SHAKIRA.

The night's final artist is Sarah Simmons (22, Memphis), a music student at Visible Music College. She says she was born to sing, and music has been her port in the storm, especially in the face of losing her dad on and off to addiction (he's been clean for three years. Congrats on that). She closes the night with "One of Us" by Joan Osborne. Adam and Shakira hit. And here comes the chorus... and here comes the other coaches. We're going to end the show with a VERY TOUGH DECISION. She picks.. ADAM!

So after two nights of blind auditions, this is what it looks like.

Judith Hill
Midas Whale
Sarah Simmons

Morgan Twins
Danielle Bradbery
Christian Porter

Mark Andrew
Kris Thomas
Tawnya Reynolds

Jess Kellner
Josiah Hawley

But a full team is 12, and we're a long way away. Come back next week when the search for The Voice continues.

To see this episode in its entirety, or to find out how you can be a contestant, go to nbcthevoice.com.