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Four home cooks are looking for the sweet taste of victory as they compete for $25,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Guy Fieri
Judges Katherine Alford
Rosemary Ellis
Michael Psilakis
Creators/EP Jim Berger
Art Edwards
Joseph Levy
Packager High Noon Entertainment for Food Network
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Cakes & Desserts
April 11

You're going to love this episode like a fat kid loves cake, as 10,000 recipes are whittled to the final eight. The four bearers of said recipes are going to go whisk to whisk to try and win $25,000 and $5000 worth of Food Network gear from Kohl's. Duff may be the Ace of Cakes, but who'll have the winning hand tonight?

Tonight's sweeties of the sweet...

Kerstin Sinkevicius
post-doctoral fellow
Andria Gaskins
Matthews, NC
Jade Thompson
Arlington, VA
trademark consultant
Kathi Jones-Delmonte
Rochester, NY
sales representative


Kerstin: Caramelized Plantain Cupcakes
Andria: Cardamom Spiced Carrot Cake
Jade: Lime, Ginger & Mascarpone Cake
Kathi: Maple-Sweet Potato Upside-Down Cake

Round 1 is the Cake Round. Best score will have the advantage going into the dessert round. Two hours... from now!

And once again, if you want to try out these recipes, foodnetwork.com/URS... hit up the website and get in the kitchen!

Jade's a free-spirit, and she's experimenting with measurements as she's going, having only made this three times in the past. Kathi is not using parchment in her sweet potato upside down cake. Will that come back to bite her? Andria is an improvisational cook, which you don't see kicking around a cake. Kerstin's plantains aren't caramelized at all. They're more or less dry. Kinda lame for someone who has her own cooking blog.

One hour remaining...

Jade's case is still hot... and wet.

Ten minutes left to... essentially frost. Andria's case is too warm, meaning we have a little belt of frosting. Kathi's cake is ready for a flip... And we have some of the cranberries stuck to the pan. Kerstin's going for a single cake and plate... And Jade... well, she's serving a snowflake.

And... STOP! Judges time! Remember, it's 50 on taste, 25 on originality, 15 on appearance, and 10 on ease. Highest score wins.

First up, Kerstin's cupcakes. The hazelnut chocolate combination kills. Technically, though, it's not as sound as it should be. And the plate just feels a little too big for the cake.

Andria's carrot cake is next. It's a good cake. The cardamom floats... A little more time to cool would've been better, though. The icing is also missing the white chocolate taste.

Here comes Jade's mascarpone number... The icing is a strong element, and the coconut would've been better toasted. It's very smart.

Finally, up comes Kathi's upside-down thing. Rosemary was worried, but she loves the inventive way of how the cranberries came out. Chef Michael likes the play on the classic. It misses by a hair.

Kerstin: 90
Andria: 94
Jade: 85
Kathi: 95

That gives Kathi the advantage going into the...


Any dessert is fair game in this round. Just needs to be ready in two hours.

Kerstin: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies
Andria: Apple Crisp Bread Pudding
Jade: Warm Sticky Figgy Pudding
Kathi: Minted Mango-Berry Cobblers with Chai Biscuits

Again, the score to beat is a 95. Tall order.

Kathi doesn't feel any more or less pressure. Andria's worried about raisins burning. Jade is overloading her dessert on figs. The secret to Kerstin's eggless cookie dough: subbing out 1/4 cup of milk for each egg. That's safe. Andria's bread pudding... cake donuts.

Andria's bread pudding is a little wet still, while Jade's attempting a butterscotch sauce for her figgy pudding. She does this while her puddings are setting. Will Kerstin's chocolate ganache set? Will Jade's caramel finish? Will Andria get to plate her puddings or will they stick to the pan? And what about... the cobblers?

PLATES DOWN! Time to judge.

Kerstin has her brownies... It's a little cakey. The judges love the taste of chocolate and peanut butter together. The peanuts bring it to another level. Chef Michael wants more chocolate.

Andria's bread pudding is next. It's a festive dessert, and the donuts work. We're also missing a secondary taste. The sauce is a little sweet.

Jade's a tale of two rounds. The brittle was bonafide, while the dessert is a huge improvements.

Kathi's cobblers are next. She needed to pick one flavor and be done with it. The raw ginger in the cream had a bit of heat. If she pulled back, it would've killed.

Remember, the only number that matters is 95. This is for $30,000 in cash and prizes...

Kathi: 92
Kerstin: 93 - ELIMINATED

That leaves Kathi's 95 and Andria's bread pudding. She needs at least a 96 to win. Is "rock star" chef-talk for win?

Andria's score is...


98! ANDRIA pulls it out from behind to win $25,000 CASH MONEY and the title of the Sweetest of the Sweet Teeth.

Another four chefs and another eight recipes fight it out next time. Don't watch hungry.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or to check out recipes from tonight's "Ultimate Recipe Showdown", go to www.foodnetwork.com/urs.