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Sixteen men from across the Americas travel to Las Vegas with one dream, one goal – to become The Ultimate Fighter.

Determination. Discipline. Excellence.

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN


Willa Ford
Coaches: Matt Hughes & Rich Franklin
Packager: Zuffa, LLC; Spike TV
Airs: Mondays at 11:05pm ET on Spike TV

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Knees And Elbows, Elbows and Knees - October 10

Much appreciation goes to Spike TV for their assistance in this recap...

At the UFC Training Center, Rich Franklin and Dana White congratulate Seth Petruzelli on his win over Dan Christison. Dana tells Seth he could have easily finished Dan off and pocketed five grand any time after the first round. (With the damaged groin? I don't know?) Rich tells his heavyweights that he will probably have to send one of them over to Team Hughes now that the teams are uneven again. He apologizes to them in advance and says not to take it personally. That's a classier move that Matt did last week with Jason.

Team Franklin launches a water balloon ambush on Team Hughes as they return to the house. In retaliation for the surprise attack Team Hughes pummels them with watermelons and squirts an entire bottle of ketchup down Anthony’s shorts. The maturity level is astonishingly low.

Big Dan’s poor performance in the Octagon has Mike worrying that anybody can be thrown off their game plan in a fight. He tells Joe that he’s afraid it might happen to him. Joe assures Mike that he’s just too good and he can’t let his nerves get to him.'s a clue. Fight your fight and you will win. If you compete thinking you will will lose.

The two teams report to the gym for the Right Guard Extreme Welterweight Challenge. Challenge Coach Randy Couture explains the rules for “Randy Says,” a challenge that will test their ability to execute technical MMA combinations and moves. The rules of the game are based on “Simon Says.” The competitors must complete every move Randy calls out accurately, but only if he says “Randy Says” first. Jason only lasts one round, sprawling on a command not preceded by “Randy Says”. Anthony’s
concentration fails him when he tries to hammer out a combination. Team Hughes is declared the winners and will get to pick the welterweight fight.

Dana White sits in on the Team Hughes meeting and reminds them that there will be millions of people watching them when they fight here. He doesn’t want to see anyone else waste this opportunity by not putting their heart into the fight: “If you’re gonna walk out of here a loser make sure you leave it all in the Octagon like Jorge Gurgel did.” Amen and hallelujah.

The teams gather at the house where Dana announces the match up for the welterweight fight. Luke Cummo will fight Anthony Torres. Dana tells
Rich he has too many heavyweights and he has send one over to Team Hughes. Rich decides to give up Brad Imes. Brad sees it as an advantage for him to be coached by both Matt and Rich, plus, he will have the benefit of training with all the heavyweights in the competition and knowing how they fight before he has to face them in the cage. Smart move, Brad.

Anthony has a lot of questions about Luke’s fight skills and he tries to get some answers from Sammy Morgan. Apparently Sammy has no problem giving up his own teammate’s secrets and gives Anthony pointers on how to fight Luke. But could Sammy be helping or hurting?

As Luke trains for his first fight of the competition he’s confident that his standup skills will serve him well. He wants to end this fight with his fists and collect that $5000 bonus. Anthony’s game plan for fighting Luke is simple: outwork him. He will use his upper body strength and years of wrestling experience to break Luke.

Dana thinks anyone who judges Luke by his nerdy appearance is in for a rude awakening. He expects this fight to play out like a classic “grappler versus striker” match-up. If Anthony can get Luke on the ground he should be able to submit him. If he has to fight Luke on his feet he’s in a lot of trouble. These are the matches I love to see.

Luke’s believes his all organic diet gives him strength and allows him to outlast his opponents who load up on red meat. Anthony might come out strong at first but he won’t be able to match Luke’s endurance.

Fight Day. Dana wishes the fighters luck as they enter the Octagon for the last welterweight bout before the semi-finals. Anthony gets Luke into the clinch in the first minute but gets hit with some brutal knees as he slowly works to get Luke on the ground. When he gets Luke on his back he tries to push him against the cage but Luke is pounding him with fierce punches and elbows. Anthony succeeds in keeping the fight on the ground but Luke just keeps pummeling him from the bottom for the rest of the round.

In the second round Luke nails Anthony with flying knees and elbows. Anthony stomps Luke’s foot and manages to break away from him. He hits Luke on the chin with a huge left hand but it just gets Luke more fired up. They end up back on the ground where Luke breaks out of a choke and hits Anthony with elbows to the face and neck. The round ends and the referee warns Luke that he is getting too close with the arms and elbows to the throat. Matt brushes off the warning and says there will be hell to pay if this gets stopped over an elbow to the throat.

Round Three kicks off with Luke punishing Anthony with knees in the clinch. Luke pushes Anthony into the fence and hits him with an elbow that opens a gash along his eye. The ref stops the clock so a doctor can check Anthony’s cut. Bloody and Brutal footage there.

The doctor says it’s deep but lateral to the eye and clears him to keep fighting. Anthony gets in a couple of good punches but Luke overpowers him and ends the fight with a kick to the face. Luke is declared the winner by unanimous decision and advances to the semi-finals. Luke just killed him in this fight.

The Season Finale will be live on Spike TV on Nov. 5! 2 Contracts on the line! We are almost week...the heavyweights are back!

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