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Twelve teams will make custom rides from ordinary vehicles for a shot at $100,000

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts/Judges Lou Santiago & Andrew "ACP" Comrie-Picard
Judge Chip Foose
Announcer Rick Pasqualone
Creator Tod Mesirow
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Frank Sinton
Tod Mesirow
Chris Rantamaki
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions for Discovery Communications
Web discovery.com
Airs 9p Mon, NBC

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Four-Wheeled Wheelie Machines
ly 19

Last time on the Showdown, it was the first of two Motown Showdowns, as Alternative Auto's double-headed car left Team Z seeing double. The end result, they're moving on to face the winner of this week's collision course...

Voodoo Choppers
Eric Gorges, owner
chopper cycles
Monkeywrench Racing
Matt Price, owner
part fabricators

This week, Lou, ACP, and Chip will judge as both teams try to turn two offroad motorcycles into one wheelied warrior. Voodoo Choppers start out with a pair of Kawasaki KX250s. Monkeywrench Racing gets its hands on a couple of Yamahas, one 650 from '77, and one 750. You have four days, $4000 cash, and a credit at Summit Racing to turn these bikes into a dual-engine wheelie hot rod. Scoring will be based 25% on visual design (it has to look the part) and 75% on performance and handling (it has to act the part), with the most points going to the longest wheelie.

Winner moves on to the next round. You have 40 hours to build... FROM NOW!

Chad, the youngest crewmember for Monkeywrench, will drive their machine. Now they have to make their machine, a rear-end classic dragster.

- Add training wheels
- Balance front and rear
- Mount second engine on top
- Add braking system

Over at Voodoo Choppers, they decide to strip the bikes and then keep the weight on the back.

- Long, wide chassis
- Install big tires
- Mount engines behind driver

Now that we have the plans, let's strip the bikes and see what we're dealing with.

Monkeywrench decide on a new plan...

- Extra large wheels on rear
- Hang chassis below axle
- Install braking system
- Mount second engine on back.

Is this even doable?

Voodoo is starting to lay out the chassis. They try to keep things as simple and as smooth as possible. They have a solid axle in the back, but they want to have separate brakes. ACP knows how to fix this... Does Voodoo? That axle is going to have to go, and in its place, a differential.

Mike over at Monkeywrench is now considering... a THIRD build-plan. Lou sees a problem... and the solution: KISS. Keep it simple, stupid.

Voodoo finds their differential in a junkyard from a 2004 Jeep Liberty. The only thing is... someone forgot to close the tailgate. After doubling back to get their driveshaft, they're back in the hunt.

Build plan #3 for Monkeywrench...

- Used ATV for front & rear end
- Motorcycle chassis in middle
- Second engine behind driver

And that is day 1.


Game on, as Voodoo starts testing, while Monkeywrench starts building. While Monkeywrench is trying to turn their bike into a car, Voodoo is going the opposite director. Voodoo is taking a big risk by connecting their two engines to one driveline. Across town, Chad at Monkeywrench is getting some ride time.


While Monkeywrench's parts are coming in today, Voodoo is fabricating everything in house. Monkeywrench's parts come in and are mounted. They hope to finish early so that Chad can test.

Then... with 15 minutes for Chad to test his machine... something goes horribly horribly wrong. One last wheelie and... CRASH. Luckily, Chad isn't hurt TOO much.


Eric and the crew at Voodoo have yet to start their engines. That will change today... but first, ACP notices a leak in their gas tank. Over at Monkeywrench, it's almost over but a third testing... and it does what it's supposed to. Back to Voodoo, which has an hour to start the engine. They.... can't do it with half an hour remaining. They may have to pull-start tomorrow. If they can't get it started then... it's game over.

... and TIME! Tools down. Let's paint it. Handling the honors are Big G Kustoms & Bishop Designs for Voodoo, while Brothers Custom Auto handle it for Monkeywrench.

The scores are...

as judged by Chip Foose
First attempt: FOUL
- bouncing and leaking radiator

Second attempt: 258 ft

Two chances to pull as long a wheelie as possible on a 3/4-mile strip of tarmac
First attempt: 63 ft
- pulls to the left

Second attempt: 147 ft

38-27 in favor of VOODOO CHOPPERS. They're going to move on to the battle for Detroit against Alternative Automotive Technologies. Who'll have the need to speed a tank through a swamp? Stay tuned.

For more information on the teams and the tournament, go to discovery.com.