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Season 2
9p ET Wednesdays

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$500,000 rests in your ability to tell the truth... the whole truth... and nothing but the truth.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host: Mark L. Walberg
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Howard Schultz (based upon "Nada Mas Que La Verdad/Nothing But the Truth")
EP: Howard Schultz
Packager: Lighthearted Entertainment
Origin: Ren-Mar Studios, Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 2.2
June 3

Gordon: Welcome to another scintilating episode of The Moment of Truth. Hey Alex Davis, do you feel scintilated?
Alex: I'm tingling in ways that I usually need a doctor I'm so scintillated
Gordon: What about you, Don Harpwood? Are you all tingly yet?
Don: Oh, I'm feeling tingly, alright.
Gordon: This episode promises COMPLETE DESTRUCTION!
Don: Ooh, destruction!
Gordon: And as we see a lot of questions, we are guessing that she goes pretty far - but how far does she go? 'She' is a 22 year old program service evaluator from Phoenix, AZ named Conjetta Llewellyn
Don: She seems happy now, but I bet that won't last.
Gordon: Conjetta is excited to tell the truth. 'What Haven't I done?' she says. Oh boy. Joininng her is Nick (Boyfriend), April (Mom), Louise (Friend) and Brian (Friend). 6 questions to $10,000...
1 Have you ever changed into a sexier outfit after leaving your house so your boyfriend Nick wouldn't see you in it?

Gordon: She says yes, and already Nick is frowning. Conjetta doesn't want to be scolded by Nick, who doesn't want her to show too much cleavage. Conjetta says that education is very important.

2 Would you take a role in an adult film if you knew it would pay for school?

Gordon: Mark tells Nick that those are clothes he wouldn't approve of. He also wouldnt approve of COnjetta's answer - yes. April wants a little chatsky after the show.
Alex: Great line by Mark - 'You only get a 30 minute window'.
Gordon: Conjetta says that it's been a rough relationship with mom, but it's getting better. Im guessing this may be a theme...

3 Do you think mom is jealous of your looks?

Gordon: Mommy April says she is proud, not jealous. Conjetta says...otherwise and she's deemed true. Hey Alex - she seems like a winner. Go bed her.
Alex: Heh.
Gordon: Nick says Conjetta is more romantic...

4 Have you ever stolen something for your boyfriend Nick?

Gordon: Nick says he doesn't know. Conjetta knows - and she has. Conjetta says she stole earrings for Nick. Nice.
Don: Heh.
Gordon: She says work is striclty business.

5 Have you ever flirted with your boss in the hopes of advancing your career?

Gordon: She quickly says yes.
Don: Strictly business, eh?
Gordon: Nick sort of expected it, telling Mark she is flirtatious. For $10,000...

6 If Nick asked you to, do you think you could stop flirting with other men?

Gordon: I cant imagine the answer here being yes.
Alex: I'd take a good guess
Gordon: She says...yes...then no. Nick tells her to answer truthfully. She says no and Conjetta wins $10,000. Nick says he's not surprised. Frank says he's not surprised - Frank is not only a friend, but also an ex-boyfriend. Mark asks if he's cool with it. Nick nods his head, but I'm guessing it may not be so cool. Is it wrong for me to say I hope she wipes out?
Gordon: Conjetta is 5 away from $25,000. Louise says she's been friends with her for 3-4 years.

7 Have you ever passionately kissed another woman?

Gordon: She says...yes, and she gets cat calls from the audience. Conjetta says that she Nick didn't know about this one. uh-oh.
Don: Oops.
Gordon: Conjetta Tequila!

8 Are you secretly happy that your mother recently moved out of your house?

Gordon: She says yes and mom shakes her head. Conjetta is deemed true.
Alex: It's not secretly any more
Gordon: Conjetta just wants to move forward. Mom and dad are divorced. Conjetta says that her relationship with dad is also tough.

9 Do you think your childhood would have been happier if you lived with your father instead of your mother?

Gordon: She She's deemed....true and mom feels good about it. She didn't expect her to say no.
Don: I'd say it's a good thing her father ain't there, for her sake.
Gordon: I agree. They both say they love each other. AwwwwBarf. Mark says that people will judge her, based on her answer to the next question...

10 Did you ever drink alcohol while you were pregnant?

Gordon: She says yes quickly.
Don: Whoa.
Gordon: And let the judging begin. She'll be judged less if she gets this one for $25,000...

11 Did you feel that your mother deserted you when you were pregnant?

Gordon: Aaaaannnnnd...She says....yes. She's deemed true and she has $25,000. Mom comes over with a hanky and they share a hug. Mark warns her that the shocking questions are simple - but the tricky ones can catch you. We've seen that happen before. She's 4 away from $100,000. Conjetta continues and says she's good at keeping in touch with her friends.

12 Have you shared intimate details with your sex life with Nick with a former boyfriend?

Gordon: Oh look - former boyfriend right next to Nick. And with that, she says yes to Nick, who doesn't look shocked. That's deemed true. She says she shared it with Brian, who now wants off the show. Mark asks Nick if he wants to ask Brian anything. Nick says no. Conjetta wants to continue. Keep in mind that they still have the question eject button in play. Conjetta saya that Nick doesn't spoil her as much as he should. Uh oh....

13 Since you've been dating Nick, have you ever accepted a gift from a man than you were attracted to?

Don: Looking at the wording of that question, I'd think it should be an easy "yes" if she's still attracted to Nick (and as long as she got a gift or two from him).
Gordon: If she says it like that, it's an easy yes and a cop out - or she can even say Brian and Nick won't be too pissed - I wouldnt think. Of course, I don't think she'd be that smart...She just says yes and she's deemed true. Nick just nods. And it turns out she isn't that smart - She says it was at her former job as a waitress. She admits he was in the military and he was cute. Nick is still sort of smiling about it. She's 2 away from $100,000. She wants to continue...

14 Have you ever done anything with a co-worker that you know would be upsetting to your boyfriend Nick?

Gordon: And with one commecrial break between each question, we know we're almost at the end of the show.
Don: Yep...
Gordon: She says...yes. She's deemed true. She says' no comment'...then she says she made out with an employee. Nick asked if it was while dating him and Conjetta's silence is a good indication.
Don: Oh, boy...
Gordon: Mark reminds her that her answers are going to be with her after the game.. But she's one question away from $100,000. Mark says that he does not want to ask the next question. Keep in mind - they STILL have the friends and family button. She asks the family if she should go for it. Brian is the only person who says yes. She says she's blunt when she says shemade a mistake...
Alex: I cannot wait to see this last question.
Gordon: And see it, we shall. For $100,000...

15 Have you ever regretted getting back together with your boyfriend Nick?

Gordon: Now they have the button - and Nick doesn't want it to be pushed. She That answer is....FALSE.
Don: Ouch. Major ouch.
Gordon: Bye bye $100,000. Bye bye $25,000. And a good chance Bye bye Nick. She's asked why it came up as a lie. She says she doesn't know. She has said she said it, but she said she never meant it. Mark says that saying it is enough - and I'd agree. So that ends another episode. For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over, and spread the truth.