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Three style icons come together to judge who is the truest of 10 beauties... inside and out.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host/Head Judge:
Vanessa Minnillo
Nole Marin, Cheryl Tiegs
Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher
Denise Kramsey, Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, Karey Burke, Rod Aissa, Lauren Armstrong

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Origin: The Production Group Studios, Los Angeles
Airs: Mondays at 10p ET on ABC

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Red Carpet Mamas
February 16

The field has been cut in half, as things got hot between Billy and Laura, the beauties got fit, and Laura and Ray got the brunt of the abuse. Ray was sent from the Hall of Beauty, leaving four to compete.

Laura says that the judges see potential in her. Billy's hoping that Smalls comes back... and here she is, a 21-year-old girl ready to play her like a 31-year-old man. And no one's happier than... the 31-year-old man.

The next morning brings the sunshine... and the primping... and the next challenge... in a limo. Everyone get ready to go... no place in particular.

They arrive at a salon... where Vanessa gives them...


You and your date will attend a high-society function in your honor. They'll work the room with their beauty and personality. And of course, there's a twist... we've selected the dates for them.

Laura... say hello to your momma, Barb!

Joel... say hello to your momma, Maria!

Julia... say hello to your momma, Nameless!

And finally... Billy can't say hello to his momma, because she pulled out at the last second. Now... say hello to your daddy, Bill!

They'll have to get all glammed up to achieve a red carpet look. They'll have the help of stylist Jordan Feldman, but ultimately, your parents will have the final say. The judges will declare a winner and a bottom two to meet them in the Hall of Beauty.

What they DON'T know is that Jordan, aside from being a heck of a stylist, is also a heck of an actor. Will the beauties sell our their competition to him for an edge in the challenge? That's for HIM to decide.

Private consultation time. Billy thinks that everyone is on the same playing field. PASS. Julia... same thing. Joel... has a gay man touching his rear. And a gay man listening to him rag on Billy. FAIL. Laura talks about her boobs... and Billy. She'd throw him under the bus in a minute. EPIC FAIL.

Joel just wants his mom to be pampered, while Bill gets... just a little bit plucked.

Now to pick dresses... and suits. Everyone seems to be a little bit adept at this... except for Smalls, who complains that a short green number "won't do her any justice at all."

Okay, the party... They'll arrive and what they don't know is that there will be a secret judge... Ashton Kutcher's mom. She'll meet the contesti and report back to the judges.

We start with Laura hamming it up on the red carpet, while Billy is as natural as possible. They have a genuine interest in people. Billy doesn't even remember what he said. Laura notes that he uses the same "small-town vitamin guy from Idaho" spiel.

Laura... has an issue with vocabulary. Joel ... "T & A will only get you so far." He wants to give two minutes to everyone in the room. That is enough to tire anyone out. And finally, Julia and her mom talk up a storm. ...  and HEY! IT'S FRANKLIN RUEHL!  As for Julia and mom... "They weren't really genuine."

?Now for one final test... A hired party guest is having a wardrobe malfunction and a killer buzz. Will anyone save her from embarrassment? Yep. Julia's mom.

Now for the final report... Diane (Ashton's momma) is very impressed by Joel. He was just cruising this whole night, but at the same time, we saw the softer side of Joel. Julia and Billy... were trying to sell themselves. That was Billy's schtick. As for Laura, the prettiest one this evening... other people ran the conversation. She seems very into herself.

But we have to crown a winner. Tonight, that winner... is Billy.

Now to see who will meet the judges in the Hall of Beauty tomorrow. Those people are Laura... and Joel.

Laura thinks that the judges are not seeing the big picture. She doesn't really know what to change here. She's going to fight to the death. Meanwhile, Joel says Laura has been given opportunity after opportunity to show her personality... and she never delivered.

One person who will be sad to see her go... Billy.

The judges think Laura is pretty... but they're tired of all curves, no brain. Joel is hot, but the judges disagree on his personality. Vanessa thinks that he's tender on the inside, while Nole thinks that he's a little bit rough. Cheryl... sides with nobody. She says that it's time to focus on inner beauty.

The house is feeling more and more empty as Joel and Laura head over to...


... no Final Straw this week? Well, it is the second time being here for both.

Laura didn't expect to be here tonight, but she thought having her mother by her side is important.

Joel says that he was here for all the right reasons. He doesn't think that looks alone will win this competition.

Nole says that Joel needs to have that certain "je ne sais quoi." Cheryl was hoping that Laura would interact better with the contestants.

The person leaving the competition tonight... is LAURA.

But what would happens when Laura learns of the secret twist of this whole competition? "I just don't see how I'm in this position right now. I thought I showed personality last night. Apparently Joel did."

Next week, we're bearing all in more ways than one, en route to naming the most beautiful person inside and out.