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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $250,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host Cat Deeley
Judges Nigel Lythgoe
Mia Michaels
Adam Shankman
Announcer Mark Thompson
Creator Simon Fuller & Nigel Lythgoe
EP Barry Adelman
Simon Fuller
Nigel Lythgoe
Packager 19 TV & dick clark productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/dance
Airs 8p Wed & Thurs, FOX
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Round of 4 (or "A Dangerous Fatal 4-Way")
August 4

4 people are left. The chances of being America's Favorite Dancer are now slimmer as ever. 4 dancers enter the month of August with hotter temperatures and even hotter dancing. Let's get the show started!

Kicking things off is Lauren teaming with Pascha for an Argentine Tango. After a few leg circles by both, Lauren did a split spin and it was steamy than a sauna.

What Adam said: That was art, baby.
What I said: It was really, really hot!

Before we head on to the next segment, Lauren was a high school cheerleader and student body vice president. Talk about extra-curricular activities.

Adechike & Lauren will now perform an African Jazz routine to "The Path" by Ralph McDonald. Lauren took a flying leap for a good move and both were flapping their arms about. Adechike was acting wilder an did a baseball slide at the end.

What Mia said: I wasn't fond of that.
What I said: Oh come on, Adechike was doing well.

Next up, Robert & Anya doing a vienesse waltz to "Lost" by Anouk. Anya did a split and did some twirling. There was a lift...no point taken, but the whole thing was done by DWTS favorite Johnathan Roberts.

What Adam said: You were brillant.
What I said: Breathtaking!

Robert shows off his goofier side and one of his roommates is Channing Cooke from last season.

To end the half, Kent & Courtney do a disco dance to "WHen Love Takes Over" by David Guetta w/Kelly Rowland. Both do arm work and even more later on. Courtney did a split and did a floor spin. More arm work came in and a helicopter spin was brought by Courtney.

What Mia said: The worst performance for me this season.
What I said: It was cheesy.

We get to go to Ohio where Kent lives, and he tells us why he quit soccer for dance.

The first half has extended. Lauren & Ade do jazz to "Hide U" by Kosheen. They portray super spies for this intriguing routine. They even did fast handwork by the middle of the song, but Lauren gave the kiss of death to Ade and knocked him down.

What Adam said: I want to hire you.
What I said: I like that!!!!

Adechike & Kathryn do contemporary. Adecike was proud of this routine when his 2 mentors gave us the routine, but seemed to have lost it towards the end.

What Tyce said: I want more width & depth.
What I said: I think Adechike could do better in contemporary.

Speaking of him, he describes what life was like in Crooklyn. Maybe he could he the winner, or someone else could be the winner, like....Robert, who is next.

Robert & Dominic do hip-hop to "Scars" by Basement Jaxx. This time, they were clowns. No clowning around for them, however, they did serious hip-hop moves and had fun with balloons. Not one was popped. Okay, there was 2.

What Mia said: Dope.
What I said: Word.

The last routine of the day goes to Kent & Neil who went from baseball players at one time to best buds getting shanked like in prison. They do contemporary to "How it Ends" by Devotcka. When I saw the routine, there wasn't any fighting whatsoever, but it compelled to the story as the routine went along.

What Mia said: It's the first time I can't find words.
What I said: These 2 guys are awesome!

That of course, was the show and we're gone for now. The public will send one of them off tomorrow to make it 3. Will Lauren be the last girl standing, or will the guys knock her off? The answers lie in 23 hours. Nighty.


To see this episode in its entirety, go to www.fox.com/dance.