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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $250,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host Cat Deeley
Judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy
Announcer Mark Thompson
Creator Simon Fuller & Nigel Lythgoe
EP Barry Adelman, Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager 19 TV & dick clark productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Weds & Thus, FOX
Available In High-Definition Where Available

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Round of 8 (or "Please Don't Feed the Mob")
July 22

Eight are left and that's good news, but what's even better is tomorrow's show will be the 100th episode. That'll be in 25, but first, we gotta get to this performance show which!

Joining the most wanted panel in America is talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Never in the show's history has a celebrity joined a panel of a reality show. Let's get on with it. First up, an entire group of 8 dancers in a rave done by "Dance" alum Travis Wall. It has costumes that can light up when the lights go dark. Nice.

Just a reminder, the winner will get $250,000 and be on the cover of "Dance Spirit" magazine. Another reminder is on the 100th show, Katie Holmes will do a tribute to Judy Garland. With that said, let's get to single routines. Evan will dance with Janette and they'll do a Sonya Tayeh Jazz routine to "Move" by CSS. They are both angry, and in it, they try to keep quiet. See?

What Ellen said: I compare to the wine I had earlier tonight.
What I said: I compare that to Vault. They were cool.

Next up, a solo by Kayla to "The Moment I Said It" by Imogen Heap. If you keep watching, her grandfather is crying. Wow again. Next up, Janette & Brandon performing a waltz to "May It Be" by Hayley Westenra. It was very pretty throughout the routine.

What Ellen said: It was fantastic.
What I said: That was pretty nice.

Ahead is Jason doing a solo to "Slowdance on the Inside" by Taking Back Sunday. It took a few leaps than frogs. Now Melissa & Ade reunite to do a Tony & Meredith Cha-cha to "Yeah" by Chino Espinoza. They put a little fire in their hips.

What Ellen said: They nailed it like carpenters.
What I said: They overdid it, but hung in there.

Here's Janette doing a contemporary solo to "Seduces Me" by Celine Dion. To wrap up the round, Kayla & Jason doing a Broadway routine to "Mr. Monotony." Kayla took control throughout with a few leg extensions.

What Ellen said: They want to come over and hang pictures, because they're good nailers.
What I said: They did it pretty well.

Ade will wrap it up with a solo to "Hater" by Various Productions Artists by Kandle. But we like the show so much, we decided to give it more.


Kicking things off, Janette & Evan doing a Tony & Meredith rumba to "Heartless." Originally done by Kanye West, it's now by current AI winner Kris Allen. It's very smooth & hot like coffee in the morning.

What Ellen said: I love Evan's face.
What I said: I love the whole thing in a nutshell.

Melissa does a solo now, with combines ballet with a little more contemporary. Janette & Brandon come up next and do a contemporary routine to "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks. They dressed in warrior costumes to fit the routine.

What Ellen said: They are just unbelievable.
What I said: They got warriors in their spirit.

Evan will do a solo to "Old Devil Moon" by Jamie Cullum, and it's in the style of Jazz & Broadway. Next up, Jeanine doing her won thing to "Let The Drummer Kick" by Citizen Cope.

We have another couple dancing, and it's Melissa & Ade up doing a contemporary routine to "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell. It's a dedication to Tyce Diorio, whose friend is on cancer alert.

What Ellen said: It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
What I said: I'm crying right now.

Brandon does a solo to "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" by Robert Randolph & The Family Band, and to wrap the whole show up, Kayla & Jason do a Shane Sparks routine to "They're Everywhere" by Izza Kizza. They use a zombie act to make it more good.

What Ellen said: It was amazing.
What I said: It gave me nightmares, but it was cool.

That was just it, but there's more where that came from tomorrow. It'll be the show's 100th episode, where we revisit you favorite routines, and a whole lot more. Goodnight, and we'll see you for this historic night.


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