So You Think You Can Dance
Season 4
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Today is

The Vegas episode (or "Lani Misalucha in a horror movie? That's cool!") - June 5, 2008

What did we learn so far this season? Dancers try to act cool, but if you mess up, you become a Youtbe laughingstock. But we're not gonna laugh as the dancers who made it to Sin City get one shot at making the top 20.

Phillip Chbeeb gets the "Hey camera man, what about me?" award for not having the cameras turn on him. Come on, why are the editors out of their minds? Everyone stayed up and not a 40-winker came on. Bianca Revels, Jason Glover and Derrick Spears all got the axe, while Brandon Bryant, Evan Kaspariak, Kelli Asuka gave them the heave-ho.

Paige Jones tried to do the fox-trot routine by Jean-Marc Genereaux, but they pick her off like a real beauty pageant. But like the same thing, the judges narrow the field down to 20 and they are:



William Wingfield

Gev Manoukian

Joshua Allen

Mark Kanemura

Chris Jarosz

Joshua Allen

Matt Dorame

Chris Jarosz (not to be confused with Elizabeth from "The Apprentice")

Thayne Jasperson


Comfort Fedoke (Is that her real name?)

Jessica King

Rayven Armijo

Chelsea Traile

Marquis Cunningham

Katee Shean

Susie Garcia

Kourtni Lind

Courtney Gailano

Jamie Bayard

and as for Philip...well, he's gone, but in a short recap's notice, FOX will need some camera time, but our time is up. Tune in again Wednesday as our top 20 fight, claw and nail their way to the title. So long, cats & dogs!