So You Think You Can Dance
Season 4
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Today is

The Milwaukee auditions (or "Beer, Anyone?")

It's time for one last audition city in the "So You Think You Can Dance" season book. This time, we're off to Milwaukee. It used to be where County Stadium is, but now they're invading the summer show in the country. Let's begin the fun, shall we?

With a guest judge joining the judges, Yesenia GOmez & Phillip Couter are up first. Yesenia has a bum knee and it overcame when they danced. The judges give praise for it, and they go straight to Vegas for this tag team. He's a stay-at-home, I'm not talking about Kevin Federline, I'm talking about Michael Kim. (Is he from ESPN? He does some good popping and and they took him to Vegas. Straight up. Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaderde are up doing a Cirque-De-Soeil-type routine and Katee Shean does something with her hands. I'm hoping it's not a clench fist. Even her roommate Natalie Reid did a little bow-legged straddle. And they all went to Vegas.

James Davis learned his homework from watching dance movies of the past. Unfortunately, it was an "F" on his report card. Better luck next time zone, James. Victor Campos has an arm that reminds me of the MOTM days and did a little pop dance. Note to Victor: Go the exit door. Travis France has some costume...but small enough for a 9-year old. Not enough for him to go. Hau Hou's tribal dancing became a no-no and even a few more dancers like Tom Kozal did a fun one, but not enough to stay safe.

2 tap dancers tap Las Vegas. That would be Bianca Revels and Lizz plott. But why is Lizz wearing a tap shoe with duct tape? Haven't I worn a tennis shoe with duct tape before? Nevermind. Anyway, Evan Kasprzak did a Fosse-style number and even Cooper Zamorano did the same, too. Don't tell him it's not Zambrano. One moment of the night: Raymond Love arguing with Nigel for failing to connect with a partner. But they didn't argue as a bunch of dancers went to Vegas. And that's just about it. That's the last ones to go to Vegas, because in 22 hours, we reveal your top 20. I'm Pierre Kelly, have a nice night.