So You Think You Can Dance
Season 4
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Today is

The Charleston/Washington, D.C. audtions (or "Capital Critters")

Ah, what a road trip it has been so far on "So You Think You Can Dance," and tonight, we hit the nation's captial. But first, we head to....


It was there before, but now it's on again. For the 2nd time this series, the show hits auditions in the capital of South Carolina, where the hopefuls are ready to bring their game up. TYce Diorio was up to join the judges and the ones off to a good start were Sheila Kaiser and Jeremiah Hughes. Sheila, who is a student of engineering, plowed full steam to Vegas for her father. After an injury in season 2, Claire Calloway comes back with a vegance and with her light routine, she comes through to Vegas for the first time today. And then came the bad, including Jason Looney. Need I say more? Nevermind. A bunch of dancers went to Las Vegas, and we go next to the nation's capital.


Soon in 2009, you'll see somebody take BUsh's spot, but we don't here on this show. 16 dancers made it to Vegas. Brandon Bryant came from the Lauren Sanchez year. This time he's in the limit and impresses them all. He's off to Vegas! Another one was Markus Smith & Deona Ball who are swing dancers who swung back to the exits after round 2. Uh oh, you know who is here. It's Anthony Bryant. He came back for revenge against the judges and made it, but didn't get enough for a trip to Vegas. After that, it was a swearing whirlwind. What is wrong with him? So that's the skimmed episode of our show, considering why I search Google, but that's the way it goes. Tune in again as we go to one last city before he head for Sin CIty. Good Night.