So You Think You Can Dance
Season 4
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Today is

The Salt Lake City/Dallas auditions (or "Mailmen on Arrival)

Mormons. They live by the rules, they play by the rules. Most of them reside in Utah, and for this, the first of 2 stops on today's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance," that's where we are heading. Today, they get out of the snowy chill to watch hopefuls go to Vegas. So let's begin the show.

Joining Mary & Nigel is Mandy Moore, who did the routines for American Idol, and the table dance of Sabra & Neil from last year. Up first will be Chelsi Hightower. She grew up with 5 brothers and lost several cars, but she found a partner and drove away to a ballroom dance. And the judges drove her off to Vegas, and we're off & rolling. Next, Brett Bradford. He has down syndrome, but he got down to a hip-hop routine. Apparently, the judges were'nt down with that.

Michael, not the "sicko director," our next participant, belongs to the Indians. Instead of an Indian rain dance, he does a hip-hop dance. Mandy knew the routine was most of the problem, and so they cut him out into the cold back home. What about Richard Castaneda? Same category, but he's wasn't good. So was Robert Taylor. He did a mis-step doing a street dance and stepped off. Next up is Lindsey Judkins. She does a contemporary jazz routine. Nigel wants her for round 2, but's Vegas for her!

If the song "We Are Family" is no indication to Utah, then these dancers who have a family have, such as Nicole Downer, a supermom with 4 kids. And she flies away with good dancing....if only a 9th grader can handle it. Nigel said it was fun, but the fun's over for her. But we keep it going with Kelli Baker. Her mom was in "High School Musical" who won an award for her work. Is it time for her to add another? She does a contemporary routine and Mary called it a "wow" moment. And that "wow" deserves a trip to Vegas. Round 2 came and Travis Wall got to work to those staying. Guy, a season 2 casulaity in auditions, finally got the chance to go to vegas along with 18 more people. Let's see who day 2 stacks up.


Naomie Christensen is 31, a year over the age limit, is in finace, but does worse dancing. Oh well, it's back to the old 9-to-5. Even more dancers want to prefer to stay at home than take a trip to Vegas. They're working class dogs, but in the nuthouse is Ryan Race, who is a strip club DJ. he once had a girlfriend who was a dancer, but now he dances alone to a hip-hop routine. The judges take him off...take him all off to round 2 and Matt Dorane is up to do a contemporary routine. Nigel said he's a great dancer, and the judges are great enough to go to Vegas. Thayne jasperson did the same thing, and it was ditto for him, too. Best friends Kortney Pearson & Michelle Stringer are up. Michelle will relax for a bit and let Kortney go first. She does a hip-hop routine in hopes to get her dancing back. She's off to round 2, but what about Michelle. She plays it safe with contemporary and joins her in the process. With 19 staying for round 2, both went to Vegas, along with Ryan the DJ and 16 others. So we're out of the cold and we're moving to warmer weather down south.


Blue Star is an ointment company, but it's a symbol of the Dallas COwboys and that's where we're headed. Adam Shankman ropes them in as guest judge. He brought "Hairspray" to the movies and our show. Bryan Davidson is 30, the end of teh age spectrum is up first with a straight face, but the judges want him straight gone. Chad Agnort trains fighter, and believe it or not, he's a ballroom dance instrctor. Talk about a life you live. But before he goes on stage, an injury report tells us he's pulled a hamstring on his left leg. Wait a second, he goes to the stage...and overcomes it, but the judges don't buy him in either round 2 or Vegas. Paige Jones is one of the few people to live in an all-pink house, and is a beauty pageant queen. As she dances, Nigel said it was a bit dance school, but they advanced her to the next exam.

The judges noctice Josua Allen remindind of somebody. It's Jamile from the Lauren Sanchez era. They take him to round 2. cassidy Corder does a hip-hop dance but Mary said it was too "manly," so she's out. Brianna Gardner did a monster move, but they sqashed her out. Even Kayleigh Darling did worse. What about John Dix & Arielle Coker? They did a contemporary routine, but Nigel called them "Beauty & The Beast." They decided to let John stay here and take Arielle to Vegas. Finally, Steven Amer who does a chair dance, but he felt lost, and thanks to a verbal response to Mary, they were told to get lost. 72 didn't get lost for round 2, and John Dix was long gone. but Paige opened another chapter in her quest for the gold as she went to Vegas, and Josua Allen climbed the ladder to success too, along with 38 more. Well, that's about it for the program, but do come back in 23 hours for more auditions from D.C. and Charleston. See you soon.