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Season 3
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Today is

The round of 18 (or "A Family tradition...And sometimes a curse") - June 19-20

Oh, so you arrived just in time, well good for you, because our 18 dancers will perform, and oh yes, have the judges cut 2, just like Ashlee & Ricky did last week. So let's get it going!

With Mia Michaels in the 3rd chair, we start off with Lauren & Neil. Lauren was a tomboy who inspired her mom to dance, while Neil's twin brother let him start dancing. The first routine is.....Hip-hop. Dave Scott will put them to work. Doing "The Way I Are" by Timbaland, Neil did a slap on the bum gesture, and Lauren did a flip over and a kick Neil gesture. How did that go?

What Mia said: It was a heck of a lot better than last week.
What I said: It's good to finally have Neil do good moves this week.

Pascha & Jessi are up next. Pascha started dancing since 8 while Jessi started it in front of a fireplace. They're about to warm up with....Jazz. Tyce Diorio will put them to work. Doing "Stiff Jazz," Pascha started slinking down the stairs while both did a tumble & jump move. Jessi used Pascha as a springboard and both did a romantic ending in front of the stairs. Wasn't that cool?

What Mary said: I thought it was terrific.
What I said: It felt more like a real-life cartoon.

Jamie & Hok will be going next. Jamie's sister danced longer than her while Hok started dancing as a teen in Japan. They're going for the...samba. Jean-Marc Genereux and his wife will whip them into shape. Doing "Bang Bang to the rock & roll," Jamie did a falling dip and some whiplash hands of her own before doing a split at the end. Was that a bang or a bust?

What Mary said: It was good, but it didn't cut the mustard.
What I said: I think Jamie controlled the hands the whole time.

Sabra & Dominic are ready. An average joe in school, Dominic started dancing, and it didn't get the ladies to impress him. What?! Sabra, however, had a friend who ws a dancer. and now....Contemporary. Mandy Moore, yes the choreographer, not the singer/actress, will give them time to train. Doing "I'll stand by You" by The Pretenders, Sabra did a drag with her foot and even a soft tug in the ear and also, a soft tap on the leg and even a disattach move. Going to the judges now:

What Mia said: I'm so glad Dominic's not the bad boy.
What I said: Sabra did very good not hitting hard.

It's now time for Faina & Cedric. Faina owed all the dancing to her mom while Cedric's hip-hop style pushed his frustrations out. And its a....Fox Trot. Hunter Johnson will whip them into shape. Doing "You're The Boss" by Elvis & Ann-margaret, Faina switched Cedric's hat and tossed it later. She also did kicks, plug a leg han & hold to end it. Now let's see who boss around here.

What mary said: I did not feel Cedric was wonderful.
What I said: Faina did very well to fox trot.

Lacey & Kameron will be next. Lacey has a history of swing dancing in her family, including Benji, last season's winner, while Kameron's sister, who was 4 started dancing. And they get...Broadway. Tyce Diorio will put them to work. Doing a song from the play "Chicago," Lacey did a hat toss and kameron did some flips, while Lacey did kicks. She even did a split and kameron did a tumble. Was that very hot?

What Nigel said: It showed the pizzazz.
What I said: That was powerful!

Anya & danny are up. Anya started dancing at 10 and Danny took dancing to avoid being a troublemaker. Will they make trouble on the....Vienesse Waltz? I don't know, we'll find out. With a routine done by Hunter Johnson to "You & Me" by Lifehouse, Anya did a back kick and a ballerina spin while she did mid-air spins and a slow split to end it. So, how did it go?

What Mary said: It stepped out of a dream.
What I said: That arm & head move reminded me of pro wrestling.

It's Shauna & Jimmy's turn. Shauna's mom started it while Jimmy started it in junior high. They're getting ready for.....Hip-hop. And Dave Scott will use the routine to these 2 dancing to "U Sexy Girl." Jimmy went through backwards while both did hand moves and when the music stopped, both did some greek stepping and the music was back on to resume dancing.

What Nigel said: So much fun.
What I said: That'll make them a good couple for the top 10.

Last up, Sara & Jesus. Sara started dancing through a group of friends who are breakers, while Jeuss went for a different type. The last routine of the night....the paso doble. Jean-Marc Genereaux will put them to shape. Doing a remixed version to "We Will Rock You" by Queen, Jesus carried Sara and it went to remix mode. Both did dips and step overs while Sara did a kick over. Did it rock or what?

What Mary Said: It did step out the box a little bit.
What I said: I think the music guy played coy to find a song for a routine interesting.

And before we go...
KINGS & QUEENS OF THE CASTLE: Lauren & Neil, Pascha & Jessi, Sabra & Dominic, Lacey & Kameron, Anya & Danny, Shauna & Jimmy
LONG-LOST COUSINS: Jamie & Hok, Sara & Jesus

And this family-oriented show is not done. We got a results show to kill in 23 hours. See you then, Bye!

Our 2nd results show...that the whole family will love

The opening dance meant street ballet. Does that mean "Step Up" or "Save The Last Dance?" Nope, it's the results show. Time to see who cuts 2. And I mean 2. Let's go. With last night's show a blast, let's get to cutting up. First up, Lauren & Neil...and boy did they love them, they're safe! Could Pascha & Jessi do the same thing? Nada, they're in the bottom 3. What about Jamie & Hok? They too And with thath, bring on the next 3 couples. Up first, Lacey & Kameron....they're safe. Next up, Anya & Danny....of course, they're safe. and finally, Sabra & Dominic....what an escape! They're safe. The last 3 couples are up now. Only one of them is safe, and that's.......Sara & jesus. That means the other 2 must brace themselves, becauseit's time for the solo round.

Jessi will be the first to "Hurt So Bad" by Kina. Watch part of her dress pop off before the horn sounds. Pascha will be up next to "Ain't Nothin' Wrong with That." Interesting title. Third, Shauna doing a modern routine to "Everything" by Lifehouse. We're now going to Jimmy dancing to "Veins" by Charlotte Martin. Faina is up doing "Do You Love Me" by The Contours. Lastly, Cedric dancing to "Hide & Seek."

While the judges go hide to pick a loser, we seek a performace from Daddy Yankee. The girls are first, and with out fail, it's wasn't Shauna or Jessi, it was....Faina. Now the guys are up. With Pascha already a lock, the judges get.....Jimmy to go home. Cedric stays safe. Now it's down to 16. Only 2 more will go home next. We'll see you next week. So long everyone.


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