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Season 3
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Today is

The round of 20 (or "Chartbusters & Dustbusters") - June 12-13
Alright people, the wait is now over. The top 20 will now dance in front of your very eyes. Enough yammering, let's get to the real stuff.
As usual, the 20 people will be 10 couples picking routines. Jamie will be up first picking Hok to do....Hip-hop. With work from Shane Sparks, they get to do "Tamborine" by Eve. Jamie had some problems in her routine, but it's all Hok as he nails the routines. 
And the Judges say: YES!
Up next, Danny & Anya doing a...Jive. Dancing to Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend," and boy did they burn it up. Mary Murphy mentions they're hot tamales pulling into the train station. Say that again?
And the Judges Say: YES!
Now it's Lacey partnering with Kameron. Doing a contemporary routine to "Dancing" by Elisa, those 2 in psych ward outfits get themselves the first chills of the season. I would dare see that again for good measure.
And the Judges Say: NO!
Sabra gets Dominic to be her partner and they get....Disco! Working with Doriana Sanchez, they get to dance to "No More Tears" by Donna Summer. It started out slow, but it speeded up the pace just a bit. They had their hands & feet flying in the air like airplanes. Boy was that fun!
And the judges say: Maybe.
Adored by Mia Michaels, Ashlee & Ricky will be the next ones to go. The Argentine Tango will be their pick, and Alex Da Silva will work with them. Doing "Sentimero Tanguero," it had what the tango did. Me? I personally would've let them have the hold a bit more.
And the Judges Say: Maybe.
Jesus & Sara will be up next. They're ready to do....Pop jazz.Wade Robson will let them work. Doing "Cabaret Hoover," they start sleeping out on the street corner. When they woke up, it was more than just a rude awakening. Ouch.
And the judges Say: YES! (what? I thought this would've been bad.)
Pascha & Jessi willbe up. They'll do a...smooth waltz to "Come Away With Me" by Norah Jones. Jessi isn't getting smooth, but I think the judges didn't like one bit of a bumpy road.
And the Judges Say: YES!
Faina & Cedric will clash heads as hip-hop. Once again, Shane Sparks will put them to work. Doing "Get It Shawty" by lloyd, Faina was known for breaking out into qardrobe from 2 decades ago. So much for retro goodness.
And the judges Say: Maybe.
We're ready now for Lauren & Neil doing a...Salsa from Alex Da Silva. Doing "Friday Night Rhythm," what the judges saw was...yes, lacking passion, but it was all in fun.
And the judges Say: Maybe
Shuna & Jimmy get ready for...Broadway. Tyce Diorio will whip them into shape. Doing "Ease On Down The Road" from The Wiz, they stay connected, and boy the judges love that style, too.
And they Say: YES!
Before we bust out for the night:
BLOCKBUSTERS: Shauna & Jimmy, Hok & Jamie, Danny & Anya, Jesus & Sara, Pascha & Jessi
ALMOST A DRAFT BUST: Sabra & Dominic, Faina & Cedric, Ashlee & Ricki, Lauren & Neil
DUSTBSUTERS: Lacey & Kameron
That of course, does it for our show. Tune in tomorrow to see who sucked it up, and who just plain sucked. Good night.

Our first results show....To Bust out for....

The 20 people in black dressed like mimes mean they're mourning the loss of "Body Language" on GSN. Actually, it's a Wade Robson-made routine to "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" by Busta Rhymes mean it's time for our first results show of the season. Nothing to it, but to get to it.

Last night, everything went down. And with Mary Murphy seeing something weird like the Pop Jazz couple, every couple had their first chance of impressing the public. Enough reminscing, it's time to cut like a tree. Let's first start with Lacey & Kaermon.....they're safe. Sabra & Dominic are up....and they're in the danger area. What about Ashlee & Ricky? They, too, are in danger. Now here's Paschi & Jessi.....and they're safe, too! Next, Faina & Cedric....they're the last ones in the danger area. Everyone else gets to stay for now. And with that, the solo round will commence after we get Benji Schwimmer from last season to do his thing. Dropping his pants made me funny. To the solo round we go!

Sabra will do his dance to "Shine" by David Gray. Boy, is she shining?

It's now Dominc with "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind & Fire. His best highlight: Taking off his shirt and spinning on his head. Wow!

Next up, Ashlee doing a modern dance to "Cry Me a River" by Barbara Striesand. Nice jumps she has.

Ricky will be ready to dance to "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiriquai." He does a nice modern number.

Faina is next dancing to "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera. She had more shaking than a rag doll.

Cedric will round it out with "Dream Within a Dream," and he does hip-hop all his own.

Time for the judges to figure out which 2 should hit the highway. While we do that, Lloyd is up to do "Get It Shawty." Now let's see who got it, as in, getting out. The girls will always go first. Sabra is already safe, but it's down to Faina & Ashlee...and it's.......Ashlee. Bad for name dropping a celebrity, but good for making it in the top 20. The guys will go last. Cedric will continue to entertain next week, while Dominic & Ricky are on thin ice. The ice is now broken for........Ricky. We gotta break for 5 days before we return on Wednesday as 18 dancers will bust out moves better than the Sims. Nighty night, everyone.


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