So You Think You Can Dance
Season 3
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Today is

The Vegas Round (or "Are we All-In or just Bluffing?) - June 5/6

They've broken through, now they'll conquer Vegas. The choreographers are taking on an assault of routines thrown at our dancers in this week-long atlasphere and by the end, the eliminator will choose 20 to go up the wall and reach the top where a somewhat Powerball jackpot of $20,000 is at stake. Now let's go survive the gauntlet and see who'll be cut tomorrow.

On to our first challenge which is hip-hop and Shane Sparks tells the troops what to do. Everybody in group of ten is prepared. If there are 3 votes, he/she is safe, but if there's 2, it's danger, and I don't mean Will Robinson either. The teacher Katie Watts and the student Ashley Keegan are ready, but this time, the student drops out....and so too is the teacher. Can somebody please tell them where the principal's office is? Anyways, the judges trim down more dancers like a lawnmower and Michael & Evita are the last ones to dance. The super silly number made the judges laugh, and the laughed all the way to the bank as they move to the next round. After 62 dancers got cut, Mary Murphy puts them to work in the samba round. Pasha makes them look easy while his partner Janet makes them...uh, look cool. But for Kaylin & Jay, they should've taken notes. or 2. Jay says that he wanted to carry that group and did dragging across the floor. But Kaylin thinks it may be a drag race, so she flunks out. Half are gone, and 1/2 are moving on.

One dancer lovesto be worked with Mia Michaels. Well, whoever said that was right, because they get to do a routine. Michael & Evita were shocked by the judges split, because Michael was cut and Evita stays put. So does Yessie Gonzalez. Mia saw Ricky Palomino's performance and they put him through to the next round. With a few staying alive, Twitch was one who did a solo performance that wowed Mary Murphy and put him through. Then a man named Jamal got ready for a tap dance. But he decided to his socks. That doesn't cut it and he is gone. With 63 dancers left, they split into 15 groups and they'll have a CD for a group routine.

It begins on a somber note. Hannah Lee, who is one in the group, sprained her ankle, and with Olivia, Dallas, Kevin and Lauren, she stays put while all 4 go through. With the ankle, she fought to survive with a solo routine, and it's enough for Shane & Mia to go through, but Mary & Nigel give Hannah the old axe.

And that'll do it. Tomorrow, 20 contenders will be made, and pretty soon, only 1 will become the gladiator. It's a deciding joust you don't want to miss. Good night.

Making the top 20 (or "A knife in the Meat is like....watching Arena Football....with Amy Lee")

Over 100 dancers survived the maze of routines, and many can't find the way out of the gauntlet. Now it's time to hang tough. Only 20 will take the sky track to LA, and the rest will give them the whiplash of their life.

Danny Treadwell is the first up. He has a big ego problem, but his ego is turned off as he goes through. Next up, Ashlee. After a little downer comment from Mia, Ashlee's confidence went way up as she goes through. Dominic Sandoval is next. Shane Sparks likes him, but will like him more as he goes through to the top 20. Cedric Garder is the next victim. Since he couldn't pick any partner styles to deal with according to Nigel, he'll try and do that as he goes through. With more people going through, Anya & Pascha are up. Anya knows that he has the facility for the job by Shane as he goes through. So did Pascha. Mia says he's only 1-dimensional, but he'll be in 3-D as he goes through. Faina is up. She took a big collapse, but tumbles ahead to stay alive in the race. They were many people that think they won't get cut, but can Lauren Gottlieb be one? No. She goes on. B-Girl Sara is up and Mary knows she's just outstanding....and she will be as she goes on. And she does a victory dance. More people made the cut, but Heather....she got cut out. Despite her group night efforts, it fell just a wee bit short. Jessie's up next, and Shane was shocked by her, but she'll give more shock treatment as she goes on. People sent home like the end of work, and Catlian didn't give way as she was out. And then there were 4. The guys go first. Hok or Twitch will be decided. Despite a bad performance in group routines, they choose....Hok. And Twitch is gone in a flash. The Girls are next. It's down to either Lacey or Kristen, and it was tough as they choose....Lacey. Kristin is out of here. So now, you have your top 20.

Top 10 Guys

Top 10 Girls

So with that, we put this puppy on ice and zap out. Next week, everything's going nitro as the storm of the top 20 go all turbo and cut laser-perfect routines. And soon, after 19 go down in a blaze of glory, only 1 will take the gold. Hope to see you soon, Bye!


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