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Season 3
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Today is

The Atlanta auditions (or "The Brave Little Thrasher") - May 31

Last year, we went south to Charleston, SC. This time, we're going furter south into Atlanta, Georgia. This is the last stop of auditions before we head to a big week in Vegas. Let's get to it.

With freezing cold temperatures, the Fox theatre warmed us up and Nigel, Mary & Shane Sparks were ready to turn up the heat. First up, Ashley Simpson. No, Jessica wasn't along, it's acutally a different Ashley. She danced, and goes to Vegas with tears of joy. Kippery Rigsby isn't related to Eleanor whatsoever, but his hip-hop skills, well they were bad. He's gone. Brian Gaynor isn't related to Gloria either, but will he survive this audition? Despite having a bad disease, he does popping, but the judges love him so much, thye let him stay for round 2. Miles Johnson was a football star, but he broke his leg his senior year, so he took ballet to rehabilitate himself. After a good routine, the judges let him break through to choreography. Will he conquer it and go to Vegas? Chris is a cowboy who grew up on a farm and later became a Marine in Iraq. Back in America, he does a line dance, but his honky tonk badonkadonk was knocked out by the judges. After so many crazy people dancing, Brendan comes in with clogging mixed with a but of hip-hop. Sounds like Sandra Colton from 2 seasons ago. They let him stay. Tony does a routine so impressed....the breaker from Atlanta goes through to Vegas. After so many went through to Round 2, we end the audition round. Everybody who made it through went home, and everyone that didn't hit the highway. Now next week, the people who have made it to Vegas will survive a grueling week of routines and a final cut that'll make your top 20. So long, everyone.

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