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Season 3
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Today is

The LA/Chicago auditions (or "They're not just cubs, they're Dodger Cubs") - May 30

Last week, we hit the east coast, and today, a quick trip to the west coast follows by a ride through the midwest. And it will be 2 hours long before it's over. Watch now as we head into our first city.

Everyone came to the Orpheum Theatre to witness it all, and along for the ride, Nigel, Mary and Wade Robson. First up, Lauren Gottlieb, 18. Last year, she used to assist with Tyce Diorio. Today, she doesn't need any assistance as she does a contemporary routine. Without help, the judges send her through to Vegas. Up next, EJ Sierra. Despite being overweight, he does a lyrical routine complete with, uh, a split. They thought they let him go, but they took him to Vegas. Collin Wheeler is up next. He's a blood scientist who analyzed Anna Nicole Smith. But does he have dance in his blood? Doing a techno dance, he almost loses his pants. Very funny, but it doesn't count as they take him home. Still, good enough for YouTube. From the wacky, we turn to the serious. Olivia from Santa Clarita knew that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Risking everything on the line, she does a routine that sent her to tears. That'll let her stay by the judges. Now from the "rejected by WCW" files come "Gold Inferno." Do I need to explain who this guy is? Anyway, he does a routine that's like jumping rope, without the rope. What's not to love? Anyway, they let him stay for the main event. Here's an odd couple you'll really love: a ballroom couple named Dia, who winks, and Kirk, who does the hiccups. It made the judges laugh, and it will be no laughing matter as they stay for round 2. Round 2 started and after a predetermined choreography, the odd couple and Olivia go through to Vegas along with EJ and Lauren.

On the 2nd day, God created this man: Jesus, a wine-maker from California. Doing a routine to make up last year's goofs, the judges send him through, and it was good. You remember Hawk's VISA card incident from last year? Well, he's back doing a new routine. The judges did a standing O and they send him through. Dominic Sandoval is up doing some aerial acrobatic moves. And the judges send him flying to Vegas. Last year, you watched as Benji Schwimmer took the crown. This year, he brought a sister named Lacey and doing a routine with him, she's not afraid to show it. Lacey heads to Vegas. After many have gone to Vegas, we leave the city of movies and head for the city of sports.

In Chicago Theater, the judges changed hands....literally. In the rotating chair, it's Shane Sparks. Morgan Larson is up first. She knows the show since Lauren Sanchez welcomed us all back in 2005. But know it's 2007 and a different host. But can she dance? Heck yes. Send her to Vegas. From the "nerd" files come Phillip from Houston, TX. he does popping in front that made this geek chic as they let him to Vegas. Now from Grand Rapids, MI come....a brother & sister krumping team. The brother goes first, but for the judges...nothing doing. After that, the younger sister, who loves Shane...really, improves and heads to round 2. After round 2 was over, she celebrated and went nuts. This is why we ended day 1.

Michael & Evita, a swing couple gets gets started, and after that....they swung to Vegas. BTW, Evita's boyfriend was at home, so her bf is proud of her. After so many dancers going straight through to Vegas, Quincy is the last one left. 2 seasons ago, he did the suicide flip, but unfortunately, a motorcycle accident cost him his leg. A new artificial leg gave him a new start as the judges like him so much, they let him stay. Quincy in round 2, he faltered and with tears he hits the highway. And with so many going to Vegas, we hit the highway, because sadly it's time to go. See you in 24 as we hit Atlanta before we head to Vegas. Good night.

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