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Season 3
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Today is

The NY Auditions (or "And they took 'Cold Pizza' out for this?) - May 44

2005: Nick Lazzarini

2006: Benji Schwimmer

2007: You'll just have to wait for it.

The summer virus spread by FOX is back. The epidemic from last year returns with more moves, more dancers and more styles than you can ever imagine. We start out in NY where the Monday Night Wars first opened fire: The Manhattan Center. But a different war is about to begin. Someone will go to Vegas, or someone will go home. Let's go!

Cat Deeley leads off the parade of dancing with...Nigel Lythgoe & Mary Murphy judging along with Dan Karaty. Dancing Derrick is his name, and that fits perfectly for the start of the 3rd stanza. His shaking made him act wilder with unflappable arms and then....he was tired. Nigel said it was a lot of jumping, but jumped out of here. A medical staffer checked Derrick on what happened, while that did, 1 girl couldn't get her act together as she too is out. Jessica Diaz tried a bit of ballet after she tossed her crown, but is told to Nigel that crown has a connection to Jesus. Talk about sharing the bible with somebody. Her turn was tarnished, and despite the cold weather, Anya & Pasha turned up the heat with a latin number and Nigel knew it was so hot, they didn't need a fire extinguisher to go to Vegas. So many more flew to the gambling city and Heather Zampia has so many tattoos, she won't need markers for that. She draws a contemporary routine and the judges awarded a masterpiece to Vegas for her good work. 32 people painted a mirage of Vegas, but we look back as NIgel teaches some first-timers the basics of dancing. How many of them can you name? I hoping too many. After that, Dancing Derrick and his...uh, moves.


We start out with Jenna Degosia. She knows everything...but on stage, isn't doing something and Nigel was so upset she gets....nothing. She is left in tears, people. Chasma Wells wanted chaos by starting out a statue for a few seconds....and then....he starts moving to an African dance. But Nigel said he wasn't even dancing, so he's out. Melissa Browne acted worse and so did everybody else, but Jenna is still thinking about what happened, after all, it was Hannah Lee's turn. She was dancing to a victim of a falling floor that resulted in 24 killed and 350 injured. She was one of them. She did a hip-hop dance that forced the judges to let her stay for round 2. A group called SQ are u-p. Up first, Ernest Phillips alias E-Knock tossed some confetti and even did a leap off stage. The other, Jamal Weaver did some krumping, but is challenged by Nigel to do a swing dance. Both are staying for round 2. Jarrel Barnaba and his partner Carmen Luga are supporting because they are....friends. What?! Anyways, they did a swing dance that got the judges dancing, but all of a sudden, Mary called it so dreadful, Jarrel was gone. Carmen was left alone and after a chat with Nigel, she too is gone. Talk about a friendly nightmare. Now let's see who's dancing more, the teacher or the student? Katherine Watts is the teacher and the student will go first and her name is Ashley Keegan. Ashley did a jazz dance while Katie, that's what she goes by, watches and....goes on. Now the teacher does a contemporary routine....and she too goes on. They both make the grade with flying colors. If you remember Stanislav from last season, she has brought a sister named Faina, and teams up with her brother to do a rumba. Wouldn't you know it? Her sister goes on! Jamal and E-Knock return for a swing dance, the first attempt had a false start, but Nigel waited for the musical instruments to let them dance. Going with the old "human Cannonball" play.......and Jamal starts moving and they get themselves going. When both let the motor run, they took a pit stop to round 2. Remember Dave "Sex" Sollar? Well, he's back and not afraid to show it. He's only 33 which is past our age limit and he does a latin dance. And.....he's gone! But Dave wanted him to be a better dancing. Nigel is lying and so are we. On to round 2.

Choreographer Mandy Moore teaches the people a jazz routine and like an MTV dating show, people got the old "next" routine including E-Knock. But Jamal, Hannah and 59 others broke down the door to let them in to Vegas. Time to lock up for now, but next week, we head to LA and Chi-Town for more dancing albeit good or bad. Hope you enjoyed premiere week, and we'll see you in 7.

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