So You Think You Can Dance
Season 2
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Today is

The round of 6 Results (or "Chain Link Fence Blues") - August 3

The opening dance done by Mia Michaels and features dancers with black suits with their names and words that pertain to the TV show "Endurance" doesn't mean we don't want to see a dancing suhmadi on Broadway. It's the final results show before the big finale week. Let's have at it!

Highlights strat with Natalie & Travis who went for the Jive, but had no fun. So they tried contemporary, and alas it wouldn't work. Donyelle & Benji did Broadway, but Donyelle fissed out on Benji, and he stole it with a hip-hop routine. Heidi & Travis werer last up and the Smooth Waltz made Travis step up, and ended the night with an african Pop routine. In between all this, each dancer did solo, but how will it be doing in the solo round?

Natalie did a walk to start, and did a flip and one more in a contemporary style.

Heidi was up next and got energetic to do latin complete with a split.

Donyelle is up next, and she'll be doing an Indian hip-hop routine.

Travis will be up doing spins and a jump in a contemporary style.

Ivan is up next doing hip-hop, and he even took his jacket off.

Benji will ve last up doing shakes, jive kicks, a slide, and faster spins, even fun on the stair area in a swing dance.

We'll get to elimination in just a bit after we hear from Omarion doing "Entourage." He has his own dancing and even his own backup dancers.

The girls go first and we know it's not Heidi, and it won't be Donyelle......It's Natalie. And she says a greek word to the audience for goodbye. The guys are up next, and Travis is not out, and so is Benji......It's Ivan. And he dances out of here. Next week, the swells of "One Shining Moment" will be crowned to either Heidi, Donyelle, Benji or Travis. We'll see you then. Bye!

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