So You Think You Can Dance
Season 2
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Today is

The round of 6 (or "It's More Than Just a Game of Chain Reaction") - August 2

The final 6 are about to be formed, and are ready to be in place. One week away from the final four that will determine who's the greatest dancer. Let's Rock & Roll!

Nigel. Mary & Mia are ready to rock and the first couple belongs to Natalie & Ivan who picks 2 styles: The Jive and Contemporary. The Jive will be up first, and dancing to "Route 66" from Cars, they ditched the jive outfits and went with a "street" look, complete with the best jive moves throughout the number. Was it really a green flag moment?

What Mary said: It was just regular gas instead of hi-octane.
What I said: Hmmm, why were they off the radar?

While Natalie & Ivan try to recollect themselves, let's enjoy a solo from Travis doing contemporary to "You & me" by Lifehouse.

Benji & Donyelle are ready to go Broadway to "Le Jazz Hot." They'll to hip-hop later on. As for Broadway, they did the unstoppable to prove it, including a dog-to-owner move. (pretty fancy, huh?) Now the judges say (and follows comes me)...

What Nigel said: Benji is beginning to outdance Donyelle.
What I said: Why did Donyelle lose the energy? It was like a battery running low.

Travis & Heidi will do pop later on after they do a Smooth Waltz to "Flying." Heidi did twirls and an air move, followed by a jump over. All of this ended with a copter move. Last time Smooth Waltz tried, it was bumpy. Will it happen again?

What Nigel said: Heidi is the most improved girl.
What I said: Heidi has made her mark on the competition so far.

Let's enjoy Ivan now doing a hip-hop solo going robotic. Wow!

Donyelle & Benji are up as Round 2 starts with a Shane Sparks hip-hop routine to "Hotlines" by Ciara. Donyelle went downstairs as the camera followed and Benji came down later. Both did sit down moves, and worked to the stair area, and went back to the stage. Donyelle wrote the number to Benji, but got a slap slam move. How did that go?

What Nigel said: It was fun aggression.
What i said: This was what happened when the finals started and now they're repeating with a different look.

Heidi is doing a Latin number now to "I Like It" by the Blackout Allstars, yes the original, not the remix you want to hear.

Natalie & Ivan want to give good moves by doing a contemporary routine and they need it now to "Everytime We Touch." (the slow version, not the one you hear on radio) Ivan went on Natalie, and did a quick hug and walked out were the best highlights of the routine. Did they make a comeback?

What Mary said: It wasn't great or extraordinary.
What I said: I think it's over for them.

Benji's ready to do "Reet Petitie" by Jackie Wilson, and does spins, kicks, leg lasso moves and a split.

The last couples dance of the night goes to Heidi & Travis for the Pop routine, and as they work with Wade Robson, we see them out on the floor starting with swerves from Heidi and got African throughout the number. Was it the best for them?

What Nigel said: Best routine of the night.
What I said: They were tough to do pop, but they did.

The last solo goes to Donyelle doing a contemporary routine, and that'll end the night.

Before we rock on out: (based on the judges opinions)

The Top and bottom of a 7-word chain: Heidi & Travis
Stuck on a Bicycle chain: Donyelle & Benji
Break The Chain: Natalie & Ivan

And it's not over yet. Tune in tomorrow for the results show. Gotta run. See Ya!

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