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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $250,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancers standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host Cat Deeley
Judges Nigel Lythgoe
Mary Murphy
Announcer Mark Thompson
Creator Simon Fuller & Nigel Lythgoe
EP Barry Adelman
Simon Fuller
Nigel Lythgoe
Packager 19 TV & dick clark productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/dance
Airs 8p Wed, FOX

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The Memphis Auditions (Or "They Grit... They Grind")
June 4

Recently, Memphis had a basketball team that had a western conference finals appearance. Prior to that. SYTYCD auditions were held in the Orpheum Theater. Wayne Brady was on hand for the event. Let's see how things went down in my hometown.

Orpheum Theatre

Curtis Holland kicked off the party first and did a controlly spastic tap routine. He may be in round 2, but Tucker Knox showed us how it's done. A story with an accident after being accepted to Julliard, his routine makes a crash landing into Vegas with a parachute.

Courtney Thurston has brought something weird.....a lucky pig. Family Trade was so over a few months ago. But she came otu like a spark and goes to Vegas....without the pig. Next is Shanshan who did an actual dance with bowls....and horse milk. I would never drink that, but round 2 the dancer went.

We greet Nico Greetham who burned it up with control and he burns away to Vegas. The fire continued to roll as Elyse Frelinger, a trapeze artist, did contemporary. Looks like her moves have paid off. Off to Sin city you go. Round 2 came and both Curtis and Shanshan went to Sin City as does 6 more.


The next day, Jenna Johnson came in and a cha-cha routine got the day off to a good start. Off to Vegas for her. Novien Yarber came in and he threw his hands in the air like light sabers. He zaps to Vegas! Then came Isabel Freiberger and she did all the crazy tricks, but this crazy horse took a trot to round 2. Caleb Brauner was next and invited his ahem, undercover dad to do hip-hop. They took him to Vegas. Mystery solved!

Larry Booze, yes the last name, was next and did a swinging door move, however, it almost shown him the door, but round 2 came in. Jasmine Harper came in next and her redntion of Destiny Child's "Amazing Grace" made her a standout dancer. Vegas for her! Paige Pellicano is last up, but her dad, an Elvis impersonator since Memphis is known for many kings, sang for the peanut gallery. As for her dance, there were a few things missing, but round 2 came for her. With Mr. Booze giving the surrender flag, Isabel & Paige were gone, too. 7 found what they were missing for as they go to Vegas!

That ends all the audtion cities. Next time around, it's Vegas. One big old bootcamp, lots of cuts and we make the finalists in 2 weeks time. We'll see you later.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to www.fox.com/dance.