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What do you get when you take ANOTHER set of sixteen ugly ducklings, fly them to a mansion with no mirrors, then have them undergo radical transformations including plastic surgery, dental work, fitness regimens, and life coaching, THEN have them compete in a beauty pageant for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes? A second helping of "the most unusual competition ever devised for television."

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Amanda Byram
Experts: Dr. Terry Dubrow, Nely Galan, Dr. Randal Haworth, Dr. Lynn Ianni, Debbie Siebers, Dr. Sherri Worth

Mark Thompson
Creator: Nely Galan
EP: Nely Galan, Arthur Smith
Packager: Galan Productions, A. Smith & Co., FremantleMedia North America
Airs: Mondays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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"Dore & Amy" - December 13

Down to the wire as we have one more slot on the Swan Pageant to fill. First up, Amy Williams (27; Texas), a waitress and mom who has a dream to sing, but a face for radio... and a voice to match, but Idol starts in January.  She sees a big nose from a Marcia Brady incident when she was little. She also sees loose skin, a double chin, and something weird with her teeth.

The keys to transformation: erase underachieving. Dr. Lynn wants to do that. Dr. Haworth needs to find a focal point on her face, but it's pretty hard to do, so he goes to jaw implants. As for the teeth, decay prompts a full mouth reconstruction.

Face: Brow lift, Lower eye lift, Nose job, Upper lip lift, Chin implant, Jaw implants, Eye surgery
Body: Tummy tuck, Breast lift, Liposuction: Inner thighs, abdomen, hips, inner thighs
Dental: Tooth reconstruction, 10 root canals, Laser bone/gum surgery, DaVinci veneers, Crowns
Fitness: Nutrisystem diet to lose 25 lbs, 150 hours in gym
Weekly therapy and coaching

Her competitor: Dore Weber (40; Las Vegas), a general contractor who wanted to get married and start a family. Her fertility treatments left her hormones out of whack, and as a result, she lost her baby in a miscarriage. The treatments also left their physical toll on her body.

The keys to transformation: She needs to grieve for the lost baby and the idea that she may be too old to conceive again. Also, a chin implant will help with the face and the gym will help with her body. Ideally, she would get a tummy tuck, but if she were to have a child, it was basically undo the tummy tuck.

Face: Brow/upper eye lift, Lasik, Nose job, Fat transfer to lips/cheeks, Chin implant, Liposuction below chin
Body: Breast Augmentation, Liposuction: abdomen, thighs, flanks
Dental: Zoom bleaching, Deep cleaning, DaVinci veneers, Gum sculpting
Fitness: 1200 kcal/day diet, Gym (2 hrs/day, cardio, muscle toning)
Weekly therapy and coaching

Getting started is easy for Dore, but hard for Amy as she thinks about the family she left behind.

Amy's surgical consult with Dr. H: "Her bone structure is weak, and it really gives her a plain look." She is the first Swan to get angular jaw implants, which carries with it a high risk of infection.

Dore's surgical consult with Dr. D: "Fertility treatment have wreaked havoc on Dore's body. I want to feminize her to find the beauty under her hard hat." He concentrates on the face and the liposuction. She just needs to work out a lot. Dore is anxious about her surgery. She gives us a "hang loose" before heading into the OR. Liposuction... needless to see, should not be tried at home. Dr. D doesn't endorse it. Neither do we here at the web's best. The chin is done... the nose is done... We're done.

Amy's dental consult with Dr. W: "I'm going to have to extract numerous teeth. I won't know the extent of the damage until I really go down there and see what's going on." Here you go, Dr. Sherri... the worst case of decay you'll ever see! In the end, four decayed teeth came out, and her mouth was prepared for temporary veneers. To this end, Dr. W video conferences with Dr. H, telling him that the facial surgery may need to be put off with the extent of her infections for two more weeks.

After two weeks and one frog from the family, Amy is ready for the OR. "Peace, I'm outta here!" The implants are in. The tummy tuck is done. The frog is out. And this may be a tough recovery. The day after, Amy's face is blown up like a balloon. The face will get worse before it gets better, and that's one of the advantages of not having a mirror, because if she saw herself now... Damn. Two days later, she returns to the apartment, where she needs a cheesburger. A call from home makes the program even harder.

Dore meanwhile figures that she looks like Frankenstein. She gets a birth announcement from her friends, which makes HER transformation even harder. "I'll never know what it feels like to be in this club." She goes to therapy, where she pours her soul out, as Lynn tells her to let go.

At week 7, Amy still has to puree her food and rinse out with hydrogen peroxide.

At the gym, Dore is working hard to lose pounds, but she still needs to lose 15 pounds on account of the fertility treatment.

Amy heads for one more surgery: Lasik AND a lens implant, only the second performed post-FDA approval. The test: what time is it? "11:38?" She passed.

Fastforward three months, as Amy now has a healthy smile and an even brighter vision. When she arrived, she was a droll waitress... now she's the catch of the day. The hardest part was to do the liquid diet thing. Well after the 3 months in hell, the paradise. To the Mirror of Fate, please.

"I have a waist! I have a jaw!" She has a behind, too... as the whole package just.. Bam. She won't hold back anymore, but will it be enough to outdo Dore's? She came after a ten-year war with infertility, but will she make it over the crossroads of her life intact? Well, whether she will be impregnated remains to be seen, but she certainly looks impregnable. She's ready to turn the page, and we're ready to turn some curtains.

"WOW! WOW! WOW! This is incredible! I could stay here all day!" She looks 10 years younger. "She's my hero," Dr. D says. That says a lot. But will we see her NEXT WEEK in the pageant? Remember, the experts are judging on poise, beauty, overall transformation, and... well, I'm out of jokes here, so.... Joining Jennifer Patton, Gina Davis, Erica Moore, Kari Bravada, Cinnamon Smith, DeLisa Stiles, and Marsha Meddleburg is... Amy. She deserves a chance to be in front of a crowd, but Dore is leaving with a lot less baggage on her shoulders. Will it translate into a family? Only time will tell the tale on that one, as she is reunited with husband Kurt. May they make many a baby together.

Next up, the octupleheader for all the cheddar, as previous winners complete the transformation for a chance to be crowned the Swan. Who will succeed Rachel Love-Fraser? Tune in and find out.

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